Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Search For Perfect Food

French society has given the world much including the guillotine and helping Americans gain their freedom, for which I am grateful. (Okay the guillotine is a bad joke but the French aristocracy learned dignity, human rights and self determination are universal truths.) And, French companies, research institutions and universities are a powerhouse in the fields of science. But, the greatest of French contributions may be in the art and experience of food, drink and taking time to enjoy life's pleasures. You remember those?

There is some question as to where croissants originate but it's obvious to me the incredibly talented French bakers perfected them. If you've ever entertained making croissants from scratch, you know it is easier to win the New York City Marathon. Alas, look no further than your local Trader Joe's for the most recent advancement of technology available to consumers. LCD televisions? Halo 3? The iPhone? Better. Chocolate croissants you bake at home. Blasphemy to French bakers but great for you and me. The croissants come frozen and require "proofing" or letting the yeast do its wonderful deeds but then you have hot, flaky, buttery, chocolate croissants out of your own oven. Now, I'm not a food critic but what could be better than pastry dough, butter and chocolate? Oh, and they are only 320 calories a piece. So, the average American male could eat about eight and average female about five to fulfill their daily caloric intake. Of course, that doesn't leave room for the ice cold milk or freshly brewed coffee you'll want to have with these tasty treats.

How is this related to topics at hand? Enjoying life is more important than current events? Keeping things in perspective is emotionally healthy? Trader is in the name of the company? I wish Trader Joe's were a publicy traded company trading at a discount to its peers?
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