Saturday, August 22, 2009

Larry Flynt Writes One Of The Most Eloquent Editorials Of This Crisis

Yes, the always controversial Larry Flynt. The cat is out of the bag. The American people are arming themselves with knowledge after being bamboozled for ages by a complicit media whose Constitutional role is supposed to enlighten and educate a free society. Instead the corporate takeover of the media has left us bamboozled by bullshit. People of all walks of life and all political beliefs are voraciously consuming Constitutional works and educating themselves on issues. The thirst for Constitutional knowledge has been rising substantially for over a decade according to a historian I had the pleasure of listening to some years ago. We have every day people writing eloquent editorials of freedom and liberty such as the one highlighted here. This is why the status quo is on such an incredible misinformation campaign spending billions and billions of dollars on their propaganda. This is a war for the mindset of the country. This isn't about progressive or conservative or anything in between. Those are simply divisive terms used in an attempt to divide the American people. It's really about morality, corruption and fraud. It's about elitists selling out the American people. Once again the American people are leading the charge to change the world. And we are all part of that noble pursuit. We are in fact making history.

One of the unintended consequences of trying to sweep this financial fraud under the rug is that President Obama's political advisors have set him up for devastating political failure. I am extremely confident the public outrage over the health care debate is an unintended consequence of not dealing with mounting crises in finance, employment, personal bankruptcy laws, lobbying, banking bailouts, gambling with our savings, poorly crafted trade agreements, Washington corruption, political elite profligacy and on and on and on. All issues the President promised to address during the election.

Many of the status quo partisans simply view people showing up at health care forums as political chicanery by the Republicans. Sure the Republicans are trying to stir the pot. But Americans aren't shifting their support from one party to the other. They are shifting their support from the status quo. If Congresspersons were to hold town hall meetings on any topic listed above or dozens of others, the ire would be equally vitriolic. Americans simply do not trust Washington elites. Why should they? Politicians generally have no sense of what it truly means to be a public servant or to be accountable.

The prospects for a potential dark horse candidate or third political party are lining up quite nicely for 2012's Presidential election. The only way I will change my perspectives on this topic is if we see an epiphany in Washington. That only has some chance of coming to pass if a handful of events occur such as substantial friction in global politics that unites the country, another complete economic collapse followed by a newly emboldened reformist President or some equally significant event. Interestingly, there are a substantial number of events that could turn the political mood. But we measure Washington by their actions not their words.

For me, now is a very interesting time to witness the polity and their responses to this economic crisis. Do they understand the ramifications of today's crisis? Do they intuitively seize the moment realizing the tremendous opportunity that exists? Or are they completely clueless as to the changes taking place around them? Not just in the U.S. but around the world.

From a sociological or socially anthropologic perspective, I believe President Obama needs to make the jump to becoming a leader for my views on 2012 to change. He is very young and politically inexperienced (ie Seemingly believes appeasement means your political opponents, both domestic and global, will eventually appreciate your good deeds. A naive perspective with no foundation rooted in human psychology. People seeking power are generally not altruistic. Yet we see this position embraced by many leaders generation after generation. Neville Chamberlain was a perfect example of such naivety and his political opponents both domestically and internationally buried him quicker than you can say buried him.) so he could still be getting his political legs beneath him. But he won't get any help from his political party let alone opposing politicians. Nor will he get much, if any, help from his staff.

It takes a very unique person to sense a tremendous change in trend then stand against the tide and keep from being drowned in the process. President Obama obviously has the ability but does he have the will? The will to deal with isolation? The will to deal with chaos? The will to deal with radical transformation? The will to deal with radical elements in society wishing to see his failure? The will to deal with radical elements wishing to see any attempts at change be a failure? To deal with the massive wall of money against change. All p0litical emotions and cheerleading aside, to date the reasoned answer is clearly no. In the future....?

It's important to remember politics is a brutal game played often by brutal people. George Washington put it best with his quote of government. And from it we can infer the same description of the politicians who are part of the process. Politics is a game of power and control unless checked by the soveriegn of any country.

“Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. Government is force; like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” -- George Washington
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