Thursday, October 22, 2009

White House Says Economic Stimulus Has Already Had Biggest Impact

and the future impact will decline into next year. $787 billion stimulus - $194 billion spent = a lot more money to be spent. Can anyone please describe Romer's remarks to me in simple logical terms?

I have no confidence that Christina Romer could tell me which way north is anyway. She's a little like Paul Krugman telling us government's massive debt is saving us from another depression. Government could save us from a depression but not by racking up more debt for wars and banker bailouts.

By the way, what exactly has $194 billion done for you? I didn't get any of it. It hasn't kept people in their homes. Did it go to underprivileged families to pay for rent or meals or health care? I think what it did was allow state and local governments to keep from prudently assigning dollars to necessary government services and cutting unnecessary services and expenses like the rest of us have had to.
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