Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Rigged Health Insurance Game Is Over

How health insurance companies were ever exempted from anti-trust rules is beyond me. But, the party is surely ending now that the eyes of all Americans are focused on the often heinous acts of these firms. I'm not sure exactly how any of this will turn out but the days of health insurance CEOs making $500 million while denying coverage, canceling policies and essentially in some worst case situations killing people is over. It's time for a little healthy competition.

This brings up a point a friend and I were discussing the other day. Companies are not good or bad. We don't assign human qualities to them. They are just companies. They simply do whatever the laws allow them to do in the name of conducting business. It is government's responsibility to make sure society benefits from the laws created to regulate business. So the tyranny of health insurance companies we see today is the sole responsibility of government which created the laws and allows such tyranny. If government feels as though the only way to enforce morality on insurance company executives is by providing a public health insurance option, well, that's ridiculous. If the United States ends up with a public health insurance option, there could be worse solutions. Like nothing being done. But to enforce morality of the insurance company executives, all they need to do is change the rules to the game.
posted by TimingLogic at 11:49 AM