Monday, October 18, 2010

These Bureaucrats And Their Idiotic Models Really Do Annoy Me.

Now we have Orwellian model builders trying to plan how many children are possible because of their flawed global warming models.  I think these are a few bureaucrats I would vote to kick off the taxpayer’s dole. 

I have a great idea.  Since these self-appointed geniuses are now so concerned about overpopulation and our planet, as a great act of altruism and compassion for their fellow man and for Mother Gaia, they could euthanize themselves and do the world a favor in more ways than one.   First by reducing population.  And secondly so we don’t need to listen to any more of their endless bullshit that is too often portrayed as scientific fact.   


posted by TimingLogic at 1:04 PM

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