Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Israeli Test on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay

For anyone who has read about Stuxnet, this is an amazing story about state-based terrorism and espionage.   I have little doubt that the death of an Iranian nuclear scientist some months ago was a result of murder perpetuated by the state.  You may actually support that murder.  But what if is was your father or husband or brother and he was a nuclear scientist in the U.S., England, France or Japan?   We are bound by laws to protect us from this type of evil.

We wrote on here four or five years ago that much of what is happening economically around the world today seemed very coincidentally to look like economic warfare perpetuated by the United States.  Especially with regards to China.   Now, I believe the odds of this actually being the case are very low without supporting evidence.  But, I do believe economic warfare is waged every single day by the meddling state.  Russia, China, North Korea, the U.S. and others are involved in spying, espionage, murder, internet attacks and other levels of meddling that serve the state.  I would agree some of that meddling may be necessary by our government given the amount of evil in this world, but under the current circumstances, on every level I reject the outright secrecy of a government gone mad. 

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