Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Volatility Update: Tunisians Say No More And Sack Repressive Statist Thugs Who Robbed Society Blind In First Arab Revolution. Elections Now Imminent. A New Dawn Has Arrived For Tunisians.

Link here.

As we have noted before, the state fears this type of activity because with today’s instantaneous communications, this gives courage, hope and opportunity to achieve dignity to all repressed people around the globe. 

Iceland and then Iran were warning signs across the bow.  While Iceland was the first, Tunisia will clearly not be the last instance of throwing out political stooges.   We have no idea what unexpected events will happen in a cycle of such volatility.  If we see revelations that are beyond belief, we could even see mass political resignations in the United States as happened in Iceland.   We simply do not know what we do not know.   But as time passes and others follow the examples of  courage set by others, one thing is certain.  We will know more of what we don’t know.  And that means even more future volatility as people are enlightened to the fraud,  corruption and theft around the world while countless people suffer.

The new age of enlightenment continues. 

I love the smell of freedom in the morning….

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