Thursday, January 06, 2011

Private For-Profit Health Care Crooks Seek 59% Premium Increase. This Is Now A Mandated Tax Backed By The Full Force Of The State Courtesy Of President Obama And Democrats.

When the health care bill was passed, we said on here that the health care bill would either be radically changed or overturned as unconstitutional.  Not too long ago a federal judge ruled the bill unconstitutional.  This issue is almost certainly going to be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court of Corporations of the United States before long.   

The administration and President Obama’s team are going to change their tune in their argument of this case.  They will expose themselves as directly and without question lying to the American people or incompetent.  President Obama argued many times this bill is not a tax.  But they are going to argue before the Supreme Court that this is in fact a tax and well within federal government jurisdiction to regulate and tax interstate commerce.  Guaranteed.  They have already intimated this is their defense.   So not only was this plan a smarmy back room deal that involved private payoffs of health care organizations and corporations, but it was all passed under deception.  If the President knew this at the time, and he likely did as a constitutional attorney, this bill was passed not under deceit but an outright lie.  Maybe he would like to tell us the answer.  If he didn’t know, then he isn’t quite the constitutional scholar and passed a bill without understanding of the Constitution.  If he did know, well then he has no problem lying to the American people like all of the other Washington politicians.   I’m all ears Mr. President.   

My health care costs have been skyrocketing for years.  almost forty percent premium increases in each of the last two years and large increases before that.  This last year the insurance company said it was because of the new Obama health care bill.  That is a ruse and a lie as well.  What were their excuses before?  The reality is much of the health care increase is because health care companies have rigged the market for services and can therefore charge whatever they want.  And rather than enforce market-based principles of competition, politicians have allowed this industry to also monopolize itself as our rule of law and anti-trust legislation has been dismantled. 

The Republican stance is even worse.  They have no care at all about the Constitution regardless of the rhetoric.  They want to dismantle this law because it is a game of political power to defeat the President and because their corporate masters wish them to do it.   This is clearly born out with the recent post we put up on Republicans embracing ObamaCare under a different name. 

The cesspool of corruption continues.  Change you can believe in. 

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