Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Republican Politicians Sought To Retaliate Against Europe For Their Refusal To Adopt Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified FrankenFood

I’m not going to turn this blog into a Wikileaks fest but if you don’t have a source for the analysis of what is being released, you should.  There are some very substantial releases going on and none of it is being covered in the mainstream media.  Amongst other reason, that’s because the mainstream media is beholden to the advertising revenue of the corporate culprits involved. 

We are finding out that politicians encouraged the use of deadly pesticides that were contributing to or causing the bee population implosion we have written about, even after they were told of its negative consequences.  We have found out that U.S. taxpayers paid for prostitution of small boys in Afghanistan.  We are finding out that politicians are acting as sales whores in overseas markets for arms manufacturers, drug companies, and genetically-modified food companies.  And they are using ploys of manipulation and coercion with foreign countries in an attempt to win big deals for American multinational companies such as Monsanto as is discussed on Democracy Now.    (You should watch this because they talk about the damaging effects of genetically-modified foods and what I believe is the criminal negligence of American politicians in ignoring this data.)  Why are we retaliating against anyone for concern over food safety and concern that patenting food is completely illegal as it was in the U.S. before corporations bribed our government to dismantle the rule of law?  Patenting food is a crime against humanity.  Ask the people in poor countries who can no longer collect and use their own seed but instead are forced to pay massive fees to monopoly corporations for the right to grow their own food. 

Let’s see.  Drug them, poison them and give them the weapons to kill each other.  That’s an effective foreign and trade policy.  What they receive in return is anyone’s guess.  Maybe hundreds of millions of dollars like Algore and Bill Clinton have made.   Whatever the reason, it’s not the role of a public servant to be whoring products for monopoly corporations, many of whom have products that either maim, kill or may have adverse affects on the environment or on people.  Especially when they are  receiving some sort of financial benefit.  

The good news is we have more of this to look forward to as Darrell Issa , the incoming financial committee leaders, John Boehner and others have confirmed with their panhandling for cash on Wall Street, attempts to further dismantle the rule of law, and other shenanigans meant to serve their corporate masters.

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