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The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology To Present Paper On ESP And The Ego’s Predictable Response – A Parallel To The World We Live In Today

This post is a nice introduction to a lengthy economic post I will get up before the end of the month. 

“Do not try to bend the spoon.  That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth - There is no spoon.”

The timing of this announcement is quite perfect.  In some ways I believe it was predictable but just a matter of when.   Maybe more on that later. 

I write about topics of the mind because they are relevant to the times in which we live.   Well, and they are much more fascinating and real in their impact of the future than are economic and political analysis.   The plutocracy is only able to continue to pilfer, manipulate, force society into bondage and inflict pain & suffering if we allow them.  Whether we allow them is determined by the state of our mind.  

When it comes to what is possible,  the majority of humanity spends their lives trying to bend the spoon.  Our view of what is or is not possible is generally determined solely by the sensory inputs into our brain and the false world it creates - each of us manufactures our own reality based on our brain’s interpretation of those inputs.  As an example, the mind interprets the world much differently after a childhood experience of abuse or trauma than were it to experience compassion instead.   Our mind makes our world real regardless of whether it actually is.  And given every view of the world is different, what truly is real?  

The ego or the self is capable of creating many realities beyond the physical world including stress, depression, fear,  enemies, cancer, heart attacks, war, violence, arrogance, evil, racism, hatred and countless other outcomes.    If we strip away the self and its sensory feedback from the world around us, we are left with our core being.  Some people may call that our spirit or our consciousness.  Our core being is capable of creating art, literature, science, music, compassion, acceptance, community, joy, love, peace and oneness with the world and each other.   What does it say about the status quo who, since the beginning of time, is always trying to separate society by banning music or art, or by trying to control science, or trying to divide using tactics of fear about racism or sexual orientation or hatred? 

It is no surprise that manifestations of the ego or the self  separate humanity while our core being brings people together.    That separateness of the self and the torture it creates in our mind is because it has removed us from our natural state or our core being that is part of the community of life.   In other words, the battle of heaven and hell exists within our own minds.  The separateness of the ego and its darkness creates our own living hell.   All manmade drama is a result of the ego or the self gone awry.  When we are able to overcome the self, even just for moments at a time, we are able to experience the beauty of who we all are.  In that moment we are able to jettison the self and gain a sense of true reality – we are all  perfect just as we are, we are in heaven.  How different do you feel by serving others?  By doing good?  By taking the focus away from the self?

ESP is simply a qualitative interpretation of the greater reality that exists when we no longer attempt to bend the spoon – all of humanity and all of life is part of a greater oneness and consciousness.  There is no spoon.  There is no self.   The self or the spoon is simply a manifestation of the mind.  Once this is understood, the universe around us gains new perspective and  meaning.  Our experience with other people and with all of life takes on a completely new reality.  A new reality that allows us to escape from our self-induced hell manufactured by the self.  That is, there can be no hatred or war or bigotry or any other drama induced by the self because we all share the same consciousness or spirit.          

A mind, cluttered by sensory inputs and the associated self-image and image of the world around us,  is unable to consider the impossible.   The self seeks to interact with the world through the illusion of control.  To consider the alternative, that the self truly does not exist, is a threat to the self’s very existence.  So our self or ego wages this endless battle versus our core being and that is the human condition from which we all suffer.  A mind willing to consider there is a reality well beyond our ego’s manufactured limitations  is a mind capable of realizing the impossible may actually be probable – there is no spoon.   Are you able to consider there is no spoon?  To consider the possibility I described above?  Or are you unconsciously consumed by your ego or self image? 

Enlightenment involves an awareness to the fact that our supposed “leaders” (often authority masquerading as leadership) in business and politics and often even religion, those who have been telling us all of the lies created in a false world created by their ego, do not represent truth or reality but rather represent the hell that exists within their own mind.  A mind consumed by their ego.  And the manifestation of that hell is the associated pain and suffering they seek to inflict upon those outside of the self – the self’s manufactured enemy.  These people represent lies of the mind.   Make no mistake.  Because it is a manifestation of the mind, this hell is no less real.  It feels like hell for many today and that is a primary reason why equally unstable opportunists are able to profit from terrorizing people with a message that 2012 is the end of the world.  Great power, greed and control are achieved by manipulating people and 2012 is no different.  There is tremendous profit in this fear-based terrorism.   The Mayans do not believe the world is coming to and end in 2012 and there is no ancient text or codex of any religion or civilization that equates this date with the end of the world.  More unstable minds seeking power and control.   What we are likely to see is the end of the world as we know it.  But then we have been stating that for years on here.  The battle between good and evil or heaven and hell is in our minds and the representative manifestations of the physical world both creates.  That battle is taking place with the status quo or plutocracy as I type this.  

Those who seek power and control are truly not leaders.   Power and control are manifestations of the self or the ego.  Leadership shares no resemblance to authority and power.  Leadership is driven by our core being.  By virtue.  Of creating an example based on moral clarity.  Of wishing to do good.  Everyone can be a leader.  A leader of our family, of the type of world we wish to see - leading by example, of civic and human interests we care about, by demanding a government that leads by example.    We all create the world in which we choose to live whether we realize it or not.  Do you chose heaven or hell?

I have absolutely no doubt that every human mind has an ability exponentially greater than that of the most brilliant ever to grace our presence.   We even see glimpses of this every day with people, often impaired with seemingly genius ability.  People who have unlocked what appears to be magic.   The human mind is far more than humanity is capable of understanding.  Yet our scientific study of the mind remains mired in the false reality of the manufactured world around us and the associated limitations we place upon ourselves.  

This topic has motivated me since early childhood.  I am of no doubt that we all share a spiritual energy connecting us to one another and to the universe,  both known and unknown, around us.   To some degree, the world in which we live is a false or limiting reality.  It is an illusion created by our mind.  Those who scoff and scowl at the notion of ESP or other unknown or misunderstood abilities of the human mind or of consciousness or of our spirituality are living in the prison manufactured by their own ego.  By the self.  No one is more guilty of this than the scientific medical establishment in their current view of the human brain and our mind. 

To a certain extent the bureaucracy of the medical establishment is a keeper of the faith.  Of the ideology of what is or is not possible as determined by the limitations of ideological group think and its leadership.  Is it any surprise that the status quo considers the possibility of ESP to be an embarrassment and an impossibility?  It could be no other way.     

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