Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Civility You Can Believe In - The Economy Of Political Perversion Roars Ahead As Foreclosures, Often Illegal And Almost Always Immoral, Hit Record Levels While Washington-Backed Wall Street Psychopaths Continue Record Theft From Those Without A Voice.

But, let’s be sure to refrain from honest debate and reasoned discourse (as we clearly have been for years) as elites rob our country blind and leave countless millions devastated, without employment, homeless and even suicidal.   Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of children whose parents, both within the U.S. and in other countries, who were killed or maimed by the political war machine, including countless civilians.  Where is the political outrage at these dynamics?   Where is the call for civility in these uncivilized dynamics?

But let’s be sure to appease the fraudulent and corrupt as they spy on us, destroy the rule of law, mock our freedoms and then take what they will from those without a voice.  Of course they do it with civility.  No more criticism of our politicians.  No more dissent.  I believe in civility and the rule of law but our politicians from both parties continue to destroy both. 

Civility you can believe in.   

Record foreclosures here.

House prices drop more than Great Depression here.

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