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Egyptian State Gangs Hunt Journalists And Rights Workers. Cries From Egypt - American Taxpayers Are Financing My Oppression.

“The Egyptian Government Is Employing A Strategy Of Eliminating Witnesses To Their Actions.”

Tony Blair – Hosni Mubarak Is A Force For Good.  Are you kidding me?  Is this his role as senior advisor to JP Morgan Chase with his seven figure salary?   (What the hell does Tony Blair know about banking?  How to manipulate public policy makers of course.)  The tide is flowing out and Tony Blair isn’t wearing any pants.  Of course, he never was. 

And then we have Hillary Clinton who has actually taken her daughter to Egypt as a personal guest of Mubarak, wining and enjoying the good life of endless American bribes while more than 60% of Egyptians are underemployed or unemployed and most live on less than $2 a day.   The Clintons have close personal ties with Mubarak and his wife.  During her husband’s presidency she said , “I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family. So I hope to see him often here in Egypt and in the United States.”.  How touching.  I about about to shed a tear for Mubarak’s brutality, torture and murder. 

The actions by Egyptian state thugs -attacking, terrorizing and murdering peaceful protests -are reminiscent of brutality in other illegitimate regimes including the most heinous actions of Nazi Germany.   The demonstrations may also be gaining momentum in another corrupt American puppet state, Yemen.

The status quo such as Hillary Clinton or Tony Blair or countless western politicians would tell us that their support of a brutal thug in Egypt was pragmatic or necessary to achieve stability.  They were more than fine with the Mubarak regime until the people arose to reclaim their dignity.  Put another way, the end justifies the means and if tens of millions of people suffer or worse, oh well, shit happens, I’m getting mine.  The only thing that keeps us from the same fate of the end justifying the means is a rule of law and politicians have been very busy  dismantling that for a long time.  Unfortunately, our rule of law doesn’t apply to Tunisians or Egyptians or Yemenis living under tyranny propped up by politicians who are willing to do anything to achieve power and control. 

The status quo’s foreign policies in western countries is completely illegitimate and their prior actions now threaten our world.  Not only have they been bailing out banking crooks for thirty years but they have been bailing out global corruption for just as long.   Tyranny in Egypt was bought and paid for by political stooges in western countries.  Tens of billions in aid, access to loans for political favors and military gear to intimidate its people propped up corruption.   We created Hosni Mubarak to serve the purpose of political control.  Just as our banking system serves the same purpose of control and ultimate repression.  And that type of dynamic helped radicalize the Middle East as people lost more and more human dignity and freedom.  And it also helped disenfranchise many Americans who the state now sees as enemies.   That radicalization then prophetically created an even greater demand for military spending within the United States to fight an enemy of our creation.  We have met the enemy and he is often us.   

Most people won’t see the tie-in to the collapse of globalization and global finance with the Egyptian uprising, but these events are a direct and early sign of the collapse of global finance and globalization – something we have uniquely said is imminent for a long time.  We will talk more of this tie-in in the future.  These are not random events.  They are predictable events.   Maybe not predictable on the country-specific level or exactly when but surely predictable because we predicted this very environment was coming.

I wonder how Wall Street models will respond to coming events of volatility around the globe?  Oh wait!   I think we know that answer:  And it was as though the world was behaving exactly the way it had been writ on the blackboard.  (Frankenstein finance created by those who live in ivory towers.)  And then slowly, and totally unexpectedly, a change in the market dynamics began to become apparent.  Events so improbably, they had never been included in anyone’s models.

Title link here.  And within the video below.

Sources within Egypt in the video below  – “American taxpayers are financing my oppression and my terrorization.  The international community must take a strong stance.  You must stop this immediately. “  Let’s see what American politicians do.  Let’s see if they can redeem themselves for past transgressions and become leaders over the urge of maintaining authority. 

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