Saturday, February 05, 2011

WikiLeaks - The Obama Administration Betrays Britain’s Nuclear Secrets To The Russians

Someone wake me up.  You can’t even begin to the make this stuff up. 

Our President is turning out to be quite a hustler.  I wonder if we can get a refund or trade him in for George Bush?  A few years ago, I never thought those words would ever cross my lips.  Never.

We don’t know the depth of what has actually been shared but regardless, it’s important enough to make the British press.  This arrogance and willingness to betray what many would consider to be America’s longest running ally is very disturbing.  This is just a long line of very dubious and disturbing actions by our President.  

Additionally, our government hides secrets about almost everything from the American people.  That includes spying on us.  And many Washington bureaucrats have called for the outright murder of Julian Assange for publishing supposedly classified information.  But nothing published by Assange compares to giving Russia nuclear secrets.  Our President is willing to share sensitive state military secrets with a country that is a cross between an anarchist society, a failed communist state and an oligarchy.   Umm, doesn’t Russia still have nuclear weapons pointed at the United States and we at them?  I think it’s fair to say if Julian Assange had published American nuclear secrets he may have been murdered by the CIA by now.    What other dirty secrets of the state don’t we know about?  I can almost assure you, it is magnitudes worse than this.  Somewhere between rumor and hushed tones is that Britain was going to air war crimes the U.S. committed in Iraq except for U.S. extortion.  Quid pro quo?

There is a paradox to what the President has done by sharing state secrets that he cannot effectively defend under any circumstances.  That is, if Russia is no longer our enemy then why is signing a new START agreement even relevant?   But if Russia is still our enemy, then he has given them sensitive state secrets. 

Personally, I’d like to know when public servant went out the window and our President decided he was the decider.  When he was above the rule of law as were often the actions of Bush and Clinton.  President Obama is turning out to be a good statist corporatist.  Even more disturbing is what I would consider repeated behavior that is bordering on selling out our citizens across a rash of issues. 

Remember, even before Wikileaks came into focus, we said that we are likely to find out secrets held by our government that will be revelations magnitudes beyond what anyone would ever believe without proof.   I doubt those will have anything to do with President Obama but instead of policies or events that are extra presidential.

Obama administration betrays Britain.

U.S. agrees to tell Russia of Britain’s nuclear secrets.

This is on top of Geithner and Obama’s attempted cohersion or bribe to keep the Dutch in Afghanistan in return for buying Dutch jet engines and putting American workers out of a job.  Of course, Geithner was playing God with American taxpayer money, a familiar activity for the former head regulator of Wall Street.  

And then Obama’s strategy is to give American intellectual property to China as well as relax exports of highly sensitive American technology to a communist country - more Bill Clintonitis.  And while I can’t find the link at this moment, the President also offered to help China build their own commercial jet industry. 

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though. 

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