Monday, January 30, 2012

Hoorah! Bill Moyers Returns

Bill Moyers is a insightful lion of journalism who has absolutely no issue of taking a moral stand as part of his journalistic ethics.  Moyers is a favorite of mind who  foretold of the national security state twenty five years ago in the PBS documentary – The Secret Government: A Constitution in Crisis.  (We have linked to his remarks on this topic a few times on here and the entire documentary remains available on Youtube.  The documentary is frighteningly prescient of the rise of the unconstitutional national security state that now consumes our government.) 

In a world of generally amoral, immoral and value-less corporate media, Moyers’ journalism remains a shining beacon of what is good and honest and true.  I am so glad he has come out of retirement and is back on PBS 

Moyers starts this week off by penning The Party People of Wall Street.

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