Sunday, January 05, 2020

Donald Trump’s Unconstitutional Killing of an Iranian Government Official

I want to put up another couple of posts before I get to Part 2 of the economic cycle because I have some free time and because that is a lengthy post I plan to leave up for a while.   Two posts I want to get up are some recent comments by Goldman Sachs as I believe many comments and actions by the establishment are portents of the future.  Given that my experience is the most successful people in our society are generally the most ignorant, there are some signs substantially flashing red.  That statement of ignorance is because throughout all of the history I have studied, there is absolutely no doubt that we are the most brainwashed society in history. 

I feel like I have been awakening from the brainwashing my whole life.  Each time I feel as though I have made a substantial breakthrough, something happens in the world that makes me realize how far down the rabbit hole we have all gone.  I generally find that people who are connected to authenticity realize something is very wrong with the world.  But, given almost everyone has subconsciously given up most of their authenticity to fit into society in some way, it’s a never-ending battle.

A few days ago the U.S. killed a leader of another state.  That being the leader of the Qud forces in Iran.  Not being an expert on Iranian politics, it seems this would be closely equivalent to someone killing the director of the CIA in the U.S.   Let’s not kid ourselves.  These are bad people who rationalize the taking of human liberty and life. (Both the CIA and Qud)  Both are involved in fomenting violence, suffering and outright murder around the world.  The leader of the CIA would likely be in prison if we had a functioning democracy and we held our society’s public servants to the same laws of engagement outside of the U.S. that they should be constitutionally-held-to with U.S. citizens.  Because we don’t, what we see is the U.S. at endless war with the world.  Just as importantly is the U.S. government illegally engaging in covert activities against U.S. citizens but using foreign spy and intelligence services to do it.  It may be illegal for the U.S. to spy on an American citizen, but it’s not illegal for Britain or Germany’s intelligence service to do so.  This activity goes very deep with severe outcomes of this being CIA torture centers around the world, unconstitutional regime change wars and God knows what else.  Make no mistake, the U.S. political class clearly murders people and our leaders should be investigated transparently and if the shoe fits, they should be indicted and sent to prison. 

Ronald Reagan for Iran-Contra and deregulating private capital or corporate capitalism to run roughshod over American democracy, Bill Clinton for deregulating corporate capitalism even further, NAFTA, and leading to the loss and millions of American jobs, George Bush-Donald Rumsfeld-Dick Cheney for a whole host of war crimes as well as criminal trade agreements with China, Barack Obama-Joe Biden for a whole host of crimes including tyrannical corporate-bailout Obamacare, attempting to extend criminal trade agreements, expanding Bush’s unconstitutional wars and on and on. 

If we had a functioning democracy rather than what has morphed into a non-functioning federal government in the judicial, congressional and executive branches, all of these would have been transparently investigated by the American people.  The whole process of impeachment is a political tool and a sham in both the case of Clinton and Trump.  Both men were vile but that is not a crime and in neither case were high crimes and misdemeanors proven.  Politicians, as public servants, should be investigated and tried in public tribunals that are transparently determined by We The People. 

The reality is no one wants a real investigation because we are ruled by a morally-bankrupt Patrician class just like in the Roman Republic.  Rome was a cruel and unjust society even while a republic. The rich and powerful ruled Rome and they did so mercilessly.  (Unlike ancient Athens where a true democracy by average people existed.)  There were no Roman social programs for the poor and there was no empowerment of its citizens.  This was with intent.  The ruling elites never wanted the average Roman to think they had any opportunity to be empowered in any way.  That would threaten the institutional hierarchies of power and control.  So, the jack boot of tyranny was ruthless and completely without remorse.  Rome was ruled through authoritarian control of a permanent ruling class that was merciless in its corruption and control.   This is exactly as the U.S. is and always has been run since at least the rise of corporate power with the most corrupt Supreme Court ruling in history. The ruling that turned the 14th Amendment and the freeing of slaves into an amendment that gave corporations the rights of people.  Aka Corporate personhood that allowed the Patrician class in our nation to exist without challenge.  They have been mercilessly ruling us ever since.  Without this criminal Supreme Court ruling, the current U.S. political and economic structure would be completely unconstitutional.  Corporations would not and could not exist in their exploitative, authoritarian, anti-democratic, cruel and completely Godless form of state control as they have ever since. 

Make no mistake, the U.S. derives its empire and power through economic control aka corporate capitalism.  Corporations are creatures of the state and there is zero evidence in any culture in the 50,000 years of “modern” human history that people have ever willfully submitted to anything like corporate tyranny.  I’m getting ahead of myself but the point is democracy in the U.S. is and has been dead since that Supreme Court decision 150-odd years ago.  If you think you live in this nation and are free, you have a lot of waking up to do.  Your life’s choices were made for you since the day you were born.  And, it was made by corporations created by the state.  You have the illusion of freedom and choice with every meaningful decision being made on your behalf. 

So here are my questions as it pertains to the most recent killing of an Iranian official.  This is a new paradigm for state-sponsored killing.  That is, killing a foreign government’s officials while not in a constitutionally-declared state of war.  Does the U.S. government have the right to kill another government’s officials without due process?  Do we want a society where we kill people without the ability to face your accuser?   Should all human beings be given the same regard as American citizens unless in a state of constitutionally-declared war?  Or, do we want to go around killing, torturing and murdering people whenever the ruling class tells us they are a threat to the U.S.?  What they are usually a threat to is anti-democratic U.S, empire. 

More importantly, I am asking what is the philosophical or moral code is that drives and preserves our social and ethical value system?  And, does it apply to all human life?  Or just U.S. citizens?  Or are we ruled by nothing more than murderous thugs that rule banana republics and the most vile countries on earth?  Like Iran?  What separates us from the goons and thugs or are we just the biggest thug on the planet? 

In China it was Confucianism morality, in Greece it was Nichomachaen Ethics (and countless other philosophical works), in Japan it was the Bushido code, in Europe it was the Knight’s code…. Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.  At one point in this nation and more broadly in western culture, it was Judeo-Christian ethics.  But, now that has been replaced by prosperity preachers who embrace wealth and capitalism to rationalize their own immorality at the expense of life, dignity, virtue, courage and integrity.  Not just in the U.S. but in western cultures everywhere. 

If western culture is failing, it is doing do because of the permanent ruling class created through institutionalized hierarchical systems of man.  Or, systems of the ego rather than a system of laws based on natural rights.  And, once you understand that class creates immorality, you begin to understand the root cause of our crises and why direct, local democracy without a political class is a much more desirable solution. 

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