Saturday, August 03, 2019

A World Of Unprecedented Evil

While I have essentially limited my posts to a few a year since 2016, before then I wrote voluminous posts about what was happening and what is coming.  While I don’t keep up with the news or blogosphere anymore, I’m confident no single person has predicted so much of what has and is happening around the world with very specific details.  I attribute this to a generally free mind, a generally open heart, deeply intuitive and empathic awareness, thirty years of studying the human condition and psychology and a very advanced understanding of complex systems.  In this case, those complex systems are economics, monetary theory, sociology, psychology, human behavior and the delusions of the ego or the self.  The ego or self being the most primitive, unevolved of our levels of conscious awareness of who we believe we are.   And, the twentieth century is the century of the self and all of its foibles and evils.

Almost no one saw Donald Trump’s presidency yet the day before his election I penned a post of how profoundly similar this election was to a time in Ancient Athens when Pericles became its leader.  And, how if history repeated itself, Donald Trump would win the election.

I’ve noted that Trump was elected to fight the American people’s war against the state.  The wealthy elites throughout political circles, Hollywood, entertainment, Wall Street, corporate boardrooms, the media and on and on don’t get this.  He was elected because of his honesty about how corrupt and rigged the system is.  Donald Trump was elected because he has the right enemies.  And, in war, those are the same enemies as the American citizens.  The more these elites attack him, the more the American people are galvanized against them.  The only ones who buy the bullshit of the elites are the bullshitters themselves.

Donald Trump is a different kind of evil.  And, right or wrong, the American people have hired someone who is nasty, crude, cruel and quite capable of waging their war.   The American people want the system of indescribable corruption to be vanquished.  While I refuse to vote for any of the evil in the elections, I, like most Americans, love my country but it controlled by appalling levels of evil and rot.  Donald Trump is a prime example of that evil and rot.  That’s why he was elected.  To fight evil with evil.  You may find that to be a bit dramatic.  But, if so, it’s because you are part of the most brainwashed and propagandized social culture in the history of the world. Literally. What we saw in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan is nothing compared to the level of brainwashing in our culture.  A main theme on here is most people have no idea who they are.  And, it’s because of corporate state propaganda that this dynamic even exists.

Everything in the mainstream lexicon is corrupted, brainwashed horse shit. I don’t care if it’s the Democratic Party, The Republican Party, Libertarianism or anything else.  As I’ve noted on here countless times, social values are not a source of truth.  They are corrupted, perverted and manipulated by class and hierarchy to control the masses.  And, in our society, the control needs to appear voluntary, or be achieved through brainwashing and propaganda because we have a constitution and rule of law to protect us from outright tyranny.  So, we willfully accept our own slavery to corporate capitalism.  And, many even glorify it, even though there is nothing about it consistent with freedom or democracy or a free society ruled by laws of natural rights.

I remember one time thinking that Americans really have fallen in love with their captors; Stockholm Syndrome.  And our captors are corporations and a ruling elite that isn’t consistent with democracy or human rights. I Googled that and not ironically found other people had actually written of corporate Stockholm Syndrome. Our slavery in the U.S. is nearly complete. You make decisions about what non-food food to buy at the grocery store and where you buy gas for your car.  That’s about it.   As Von Goethe once noted, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”.

I’m remaining with my long-time forecast that U.S. empire (corporate capitalism empire enabled by dollar hegemony and the largest military the world has ever seen to enforce that tyranny.)  peaked and we are in steep decline.  And, that empire will effectively be over by 2022.  Interestingly, that prediction has been out there for the better part of a decade but global events are now starting to align to a collapse in globalization aka American hegemony.   That prediction is substantially driven by planetary cycles and what I anticipate will be a completely quiet planetary energy cycle that peaks or, if one would prefer, dips, in 2022.  While we have been kept from the truth, the reality is human behavior is substantially driven by the movement of planets and the sun.  As an example, the stock market returns in the last 100 years substantially correlate to the earth’s annual geomagnetic cycle.  While I could be completely wrong, because my position is one more of intuitive art that I don’t really understand than any type of science, we shall see. 

Free thought and free will?  The older I get, the less inclined I am to believe either exists. Free to make a choice?  I’m more inclined to accept that as a possibility.  But even that is determined substantially by impacts we simply don’t understand and probably never will.  It’s like Plato’s Cave. While that allegory is really about the ignorance of social norms and values, the reality is our ignorance is likely far deeper than social brainwashing.

Anyhow, I’m going to try to push through a handful of updates before the end of the year that will show how precarious this global system is and why it is preordained to collapse.  Specifically, why corporate capitalism is already in collapse and why it’s going to get a whole lot worse.  My posts about future rising nationalism and the end of globalization back a dozen and more years ago are at our door step. 

On that note, if the United States is to survive in its current form, Donald Trump’s major policies will have to succeed either in his hands or whomever wins in 2020.  That is, getting control of our borders, returning manufacturing to the United States (and returning to our founding roots of a tariff-based economy) and draining the Washington swamp (restoring power to the people and the states from Washington’s power grab that is  needed by corporate capitalism to maintain its chokehold grip on democracy).  Otherwise, as noted on here long ago, the United States and all other large, centralized bureaucracies like the EU, China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, India, etc are likely to shatter into pieces in this cycle or at some point within coming decades.

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