Friday, April 13, 2018

Illegal Search & Seizure And The Trump Presidency

I want to get up a post on trade, tariffs and China in the coming week or so but I also want to address what is happening in our nation at this very moment. First, some quick remarks about Trump and the investigation into his behavior and then a post about Facebook and the dystopian corporate state.

I don’t see much of an appreciation for what is happening with Donald Trump and the special counsel investigating him but the heat keeps rising on this. At some point, something is going to give under Newton’s Third Law.  I want to provide a link written by a very liberal journalist on unreasonable search and seizure and how it tied into the Revolutionary War. (here)  And, why it is now part of the Constitution.  I don’t know how pervasive this knowledge of search and seizure is back in colonial times but for those who study history, it is very well known.

I despise political labels created by pathology but it’s important to understand the endless hypocrisy in our nation. Especially with people who self-identify as liberal who are pushing the envelope of constitutional rights with their targeting of Donald Trump.  I’ve lived through quite a few presidents and I’ve never seen anything like this.  Mind you, there is likely a case from my perspective that Reagan, Clinton, Bush II and Obama were in some way worthy of impeachment or worse.

I’ve noted on here for the better part of a decade that privacy is the new property. In other words, a primary issue of property rights that were hugely behind colonial revolts against the king, his standing armies, his private banks and his corporations in 1776 is now replaced by privacy as a (the) primary issue of our times. Don’t miss the fact that this is also a corporate-driven issue too. It is corporations that are behind the theft of our privacy across a whole multitude of fronts whether working for the security state apparatus, companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc or any of the other exploitations of our personal privacy.

When Donald Trump’s lawyer was raided by the FBI a few days ago, one could argue this was unconstitutional.  I honestly don’t know how it could be interpreted as anything else.  Alan Dershowitz publicly stated this again after that raid.  Can you imagine if the United States government hired a special prosecutor to invade every aspect of your life without any limits? Even if there is no concrete evidence you had done anything wrong? And, that includes your legal counsel and all of the protected conversations you may have had with him or her?  Is there anyone in this nation who would not be found to have private behavior or experiences that they didn’t think was anyone one else’s business?  Having that level of humiliation of your own basic dignities is an affront to the God-given rights of man. (By the way, companies like Facebook and LinkedIn have been brainwashing society for years by telling us privacy doesn’t play a role in today’s world. Just like gun rights are outdated.)  That right of finding any dirt on you, extorting you, throwing you in prison or whatnot was essentially the right of the king in 1776. It is arguable that Mueller is taking a similar approach. If this investigation is about Russian election tampering, then the investigation must have clearly defined boundaries. And it should have a time limit. It should also not be specific to Trump.

Mind you, there was clearly defined election tampering by China in the Bill Clinton/Al Gore campaign. To be honest, if what was reported was true, someone probably could/should have gone to prison. I remember this very well. And, when I searched for it a few days ago, I found this, which clearly points to exactly how I remembered it. In other words, this isn’t some ideological witch hunt. (link here.) This seems far more serious than the lack of evidence surrounding Trump and Russia. Interestingly, it was Bill Clinton who put the wheels in motion to send all of our jobs to communist China. As noted on here repeatedly, it is my perspective that Bill Clinton is clearly a psychopath and beyond any doubt, the most evil president in our history.

At some point, the shit is going to hit the fan. Mueller works in the executive branch.  Therefore, he works for Donald Trump.  Those are grounds for Trump to fire him. The FBI was created by Congress. Therefore, Congress believes it has oversight.  Okay, take that a step further. If the FBI was created by Congress and Trump cannot directly fire Mueller, then Trump can fire those in the Department of Justice who created the special counsel and who are managing the investigation. It’s very complicated. Who’s right? Is the Supreme Court going to have to decide? They shouldn’t be trusted either. Noted on here ad nauseam, constitutional review was not delegated to the Supreme Court by our founders. In fact, Jefferson and others thought constitutional review or what is deemed constitutional should be in the hands of the states or the people.  Constitutional review by the Supreme Court became a de facto viewpoint after the courts essentially stepped up and claimed this right within the first few decades of our nation’s existence. A claim that many didn’t support at that time.  Again, as noted on here long ago, the French actually stripped their courts of this power quite some time ago and gave it back to the people to decide.

This whole situation has the potential to be an incredibly serious issue. I can’t help but wonder if many Republicans and Democrats are using this investigation to get rid of someone who is a threat to the trillions and trillions of dollars that funnel through Washington’s theft of our individual liberties (substantially economic self-determinism of communities and people in this nation.) and the corporate state domination of our existence. Trump does threaten that orthodoxy probably more than any president since the populist Andrew Jackson.  Regardless, with the election of Trump we see more clearly than ever how much the establishment hates democracy and the rights of the average American. Because much of what Trump is doing is in support of the rights of Americans, which I generally support.  The petty and lying behavior of the press, the economic aristocracy and Washington politicians is palpable. One would think Donald Trump is the devil reincarnate when many of his decisions are more supportive of democracy than his predecessors. Yes, he is a six year old child when attacked or when it comes to his ego’s insecurities but then so is everyone else in Washington. They just aren’t as impulsive. So, they manipulate us with their contrived, inauthentic behavior.

Very interesting times.

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