Friday, April 13, 2018

Facebook’s Dystopian “Community”

I watched about ten minutes of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress and that’s about all I needed. To hear the terminology Facebook uses inside of the company and referring to its users as the “community” was very uncomfortable. When he referenced the happiness of the community, it was even more disturbing. Especially, since this manufactured culture of happiness is an overriding movement within all corporations today. I’ll be talking more about this in an upcoming post on Jefferson’s reference to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’ll expose just how f*cked up our society is and how ignorant corporations have made us. 

What was even more disturbing was how many thought police, tens of thousands, they have reviewing what is appropriate speech. Don’t delude yourself if you are a right-leaning person who holds true the ideals of your enslavement to corporations as an Ayn Rand true believer. I enjoyed Rand as someone who was a free thinker but her thinking was also incredibly flawed. She had the emotional intelligence of a lizard.  This world is her world. Ron Paul’s world. The faux libertarians in this nation who are true believers in the power of corporate capitalism over the rights of man. This is the world she waxed poetic about in Atlas Shrugged. The moochers and parasites are the rent-seeking corporations. The politicians only exist to do their bidding. It’s not the other way around as she believed and that fact is incontrovertible.

Many, many years ago I wrote that we would see Facebook eventually collapse. And, while my timeframe was very aggressive, I wrote that could happen by the early 2020s. Now, years later that outcome is starting to actually gain some momentum although early 2020s seems very aggressive. Just remember that linearity only exists in your mind. The world is incredibly nonlinear. So, when Facebook starts to collapse, it will almost certainly happen in the blink of an eye.

Facebook is a sign of the times; a very dystopian firm that steals personal privacy information and sells it for corporate marketing (manipulating) purposes.  It is completely tied to that unethical (and unconstitutional as it pertains to privacy rights) business model and could never generate enough income to sustain itself were it actually an authentic online community that experienced all of the foibles and freedoms of any community.  This comparative to the faux community that subverts free speech and manufactures dystopian, inauthentic happiness. 

Remember, this manufactured happiness is substantially because Facebook and all other corporations don’t want to offend their monied corporate sponsors, the firms they sell out their exploited victims to (the “community”) or any prospective consumer of an advertiser’s goods or services.

Don’t kid yourself, Facebook created a dystopian “happy” community but they are really no different than any other corporation. Free speech is and always has been dead in any corporation. Do you have the right to free speech at your place of work? If you have a disagreement with management or you see unethical behavior (that is often not illegal), are you going up to your “boss” or a senior executive and going to share that with them? Hahaha.

Remember, the division of labor, the concept of a boss and hierarchy that defines corporations are all rooted in their origination of human slavery.  You don’t have any first amendment rights in a corporation any more than those slaves did throughout history. Human resource departments today manufacture conformity and consent just as Facebook does. Everyone has to be happy. So, that means you can’t offend anyone by having a real conversation about accountability, performance or anything else. Let alone, you can’t say anything on social media or about the company or any other serious topic regardless of how truthful.  The minute you do, someone is offended.  Most likely, you will be fired. The Constitution is completely without any merit in corporations. Our founders are surely rolling over in their graves re corporate domination and destruction of democracy and freedoms.

That type of limiting speech now transcends our society. But it started in corporate America.  Instead of going to prison as you would in a banana republic, speaking out lands you in some place worse. You become a social pariah to corporations, you become unemployable and ultimately begging for meals and shelter. At least in prison you get both.  When do you ever see anyone successful publicly speaking out about the rot of this system? Almost never. Because the system will destroy you. More importantly, it takes away your seat at the table of gluttony and Godless cruelty.  It is really that bad out there. I see it every day.

There is a book that was written in the 1960s and for the life of me I can’t recall its title. But, the premise is that in the modern corporate world we all live in a manufactured image. Everything about our life is nothing more than an image. That there is nothing authentic left.  As a result, there are no authentic conversations, no authentic connections, no authentic community and no authentic freedoms.  It has all been obliterated by corporate power. Everyone who is successful surrounds themselves with like-minded people who are all brainwashed by the same image. Our society is f*cked up beyond your wildest imagination. I can’t even begin to appreciate all of the ways we are brainwashed and I could literally list every aspect of my life.  The fact that most no one who is successful sees how literally everything is a lie shows that we are far more brainwashed than even the Germans under Hitler; something else noted on here many times.

By the way, this is why Trump is so popular. Because, regardless of his endless foibles, which all authentic people experience, he’s authentic. There’s no manufactured image or contrived lies about the world, our society or who he is. Because he is impulsive, you see it all laid bare. There’s no manipulation or deceit. His impulsiveness is in many ways his appeal because it’s authentic and unfiltered by the manipulating, deceitful ruling class.  That’s one reason why they hate him.  

In closing I’d like to go back to someone cited on here quite a few times over the years. That is, the imprisoned Soviet dissident, Natan Sharansky. In his book, Fear No Evil, he talks about a simple test to determine if one lives in a free society. Can you stand on the street corner and protest your rights?  Or, will you be arrested? Now, forget about the United States society or whether you can do that. In some situations you now actually need a permit to protest. And, depending on what you say, many countries around the world, including the United States are moving towards taking away your speech if it is deemed inappropriate. Of course, the state determines what is inappropriate rather than your natural rights granted by your Creator.

Instead of U.S. society, let’s apply that litmus test to being an employee for a corporation or being within the Facebook “community”.  Human resource departments now create cultures or societies within corporations.  They are wildly more dystopian than U.S. society.  If you applied Sharansky’s test, you are immediately fired for speaking truth to power within any corporation. Every single day most people turn a blind eye to injustices at their employer out of fear. Think you are different? Give me five minutes with you and I’ll show you what a self-deceiving hypocrite you are just like everyone else.  Let me count the ways. Facebook isn’t the biggest abuser of your freedoms. That’s hilarious.  It’s corporate capitalism itself.

Our country is wildly immoral. Corporations (class and hierarchy) are the form through which manufactured consent, manufactured happiness and conformity are enforced. Dumbed-down corporate work is the mechanism through which we are held in a constant state of fear to manipulate and control us. To force us to live in this brainwashed “image”.  Fascism is alive and well.

The human awakening continues. 

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