Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Corporatist President Obama Tells Us The Rule Of Law Is The Problem With Our Economy………..

………….Mr. President, Your Faulty Beliefs And Lack Of Knowledge Are Part Of The Problem With Our Economy. When Will You Bear Witness To The Truth? To The Economic Plight Of The People In An Environment Of Unprecedented Government Corruption And Economic Ignorance?

“The corporate state does not find its expression in a demagogue or charismatic leader. It is defined by the anonymity and facelessness of the corporation. Corporations, who hire attractive spokespeople like Barack Obama .. to bolster tyranny.”  -- Chris Hedges

This op-ed by our President is terribly troubling and very disappointing for someone who supposedly was elected on a platform of transformational change in Washington.   I believe in action not rhetoric.  Especially when it comes to politicians.  Our President is proving to be no different than the corporatist politicians before him who dismantled our economy, our social safety nets and our jobs base.   There is not one piece of legislation championed by our President that created a single net-new permanent job in our country.  This malaise that is incorrectly called a recovery, is because of the Federal Reserve throwing trillions of money to the banksters.   The difference between Obama and Bush is that the former has a better delivery to the same economically-ignorant corporatist message.

Contaminated drinking water, poisonous food, unsafe medicine, unsafe nuclear power plants, mercury dumped out the factory door, disease and illness caused by pollution, predatory banksters bilking society, Wall Street manipulating commodities….  This is the world I long to perpetuate.  This is the dystopian world of fascism – the blending of corporate power with a bought and paid for government of fraud. 

If the government is going to be the arbiter of private markets, private interests must be removed from the political and decision-making process regarding those markets.   In sports, one of the teams are not allowed to comingle with the referees to determine the outcome of a game.  The same holds true in working markets.  Our President should instead announce no more private concerns are going to rig markets with the help of politicians.

Wake up, Mr. President!  Regulations are the necessary rule of law applied to economics.  They are the rules to the game of a working market.  We are a nation of laws.  Contrarily, red tape is a favorite game-rigging exercise of Washington politicians paid for by  corporations. (Something our President has already shown a high affinity for given he signed a corrupt financial rigging aka reform bill and a bureaucratic for-profit rigging mandate to line the pockets of a fraudulent health care system.)   Your position, Mr. President, is anti-competitive, anti-democratic and anti-working markets.  The only question I have is if politicians support these beliefs ignorantly or by conscious choice.

Is it really any surprise that our corporatist President now labels regulation as the problem with our economy?   That is absolutely hilarious.  It is an extension of the dismantling of the rule of law that has gone on for decades courtesy of Washington meddling and corruption.  But the Democratic Party’s existence is bought and paid for by corporations.   Unless our President is going to dismantle the red tape created by him, his party and their corporate masters over the last four decades, his no-op ed in the Wall Street Journal will have zero positive impact on our economy.  Now with fundraising for 2012 elections a primary concern and his propensity to appreciate the rigged legislation he has already signed, what is the chance President Obama or the Democratic party has this as their intent?   Somewhere just south of zero.

Our President was certain of what the problem was when he took office two years ago.   Two years later, with a higher number of people unemployed and tens of trillions of dollars of additional Washington foolishness to pay for, he now tells us his initial plan wasn’t the right plan.   By implication, that he didn’t understand what he was doing.  So now he’s certain he now has identified the real problem and has a new plan to continue dismantling our rule of law.  That won’t work either as we’ll find out when he comes back throwing another random dart at the wall at some point in the future.  More Orwellian political meddling by politicians who know little or nothing about working markets but know everything about how to serve their corporate masters.   And let’s be frank, while President Obama is a likeable person for many, he doesn’t know shit from Shinola about what he is or isn’t doing to the economy.   If he did, our economy would be screaming ahead.  At least the Republicans had some idea what they were doing.  They knew they were dismantling democracy, regulations and our economy.  I’m not sure which is worse.

It’s time for politicians to start raising money for the 2012 campaign and all we need to do is follow the money to find the truth…. The President’s op-ed has been spoon fed to him by his corporate masters. 

In closing, the opening line to the President’s op-ed is, “If the FDA deems saccharin safe enough for coffee, then the EPA should not treat it as a hazardous waste.” is a scientifically-dubious statement of a corporatist beholden to a product with many safety concerns.  Especially since the FDA is one of the most corrupted corporatist agencies in the federal government with countless decisions based on bribery and fraud including the patenting of food, a crime against humanity and an illegal act what was once a rule of law in this country.  Saccharin has been shown to be a potentially very toxic substance from the scientific research I have seen.  I suspect the EPA has a point.  But the EPA doesn’t pay for President Obama’s campaign.

There is no recovery. 

Change you can believe in.  Excuse me.  Market that civility and change you can believe in.

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