Monday, January 30, 2012

Panetta: Decision to Kill Americans Suspected of Terrorism Is Up to Obama

As sentient beings, we are all granted certain freedoms by the grace of our existence, God, nature of whatever power that has created human life.   Giving man dominion over the freedoms and literal life or death of another human being is never legitimate.   There can be no exception to this universal truth.  Only the dominion of the rule of law and reason over man can ever be legitimate.  Every human being has a right to confront his accusers. 

A nation of laws has been destroyed.  We are now a nation of men and all of the possibly frightening dynamics that history hath wrought with it.    In America today, that includes state-sponsored murder.  The Minority Report has become a reality.  Albeit a substantially more crude, heinous and error-prone one.      

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