Monday, June 25, 2018

The United States Continues Down The Rabbit Hole Under The Guidance Of State Liberalism And The Death Of Individual Liberty

First off, I have a post written on the “trade wars” we are witnessing today but I need to shorten it a bit. Trade tensions are not going away. For the last dozen years I’ve written extensively of what was coming. It’s now here. The status quo and the economic aristocracy are both fighting to hold onto what they have gained albeit often ill-gotten.  They will fail.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” - C.S. Lewis

I wanted to put up this quote as the introduction for this post because when I think of state liberalism and what is happening today in this country, that is exactly what I think of. We live in a class-based society where the most vile people have risen to the top as they always do whenever it comes to power.

I have talked endlessly about politics being a relic of the past. That we don’t need politicians and we don’t need political parties. I’ll try to put up a part two of this post to highlight those aspects again and share some more specifics.  But this dynamic also applies to corporations and other institutions. The elites view politics as the natural state of man. That he is naturally political. Ahem. The ego or our lowest form of self is naturally political or insidious. But, I hope we can all aspire to something greater than our worst foibles.

I’ve posted on here as to why institutionalization is a precursor to social collapse. And, how everything is institutionalized and, thus, corrupted by pathology and those who serve no purpose to the common good. All of our institutions are wildly corrupted by special interests seeking to politicize everything for their own self-interested power gain. I want to link to a Foreign Policy article written some years ago about the fall of the Soviet Union. It plays into this conversation perfectly.  (link) It highlights that Gorbachev’s advisors realized there was no way to reform the system. That literally every institution had become corrupted and the only possible outcome was essentially that the system was going to collapse. This was realized after attempts at liberalizing the system from above as Trump is attempting re global trade, Washington corruption, self-interested institutions, talking about corporations being too powerful, etc. (That’s why they protest so much. He’s threatening the establishment.)

A quote from Gorbachev’s prime minister – “[We] stole from ourselves, took and gave bribes, lied in the reports, in newspapers, from high podiums, wallowed in our lies, hung medals on one another. And all of this — from top to bottom and from bottom to top.”

There is a lot of truth to this as it pertains to the United States and all forms of institutionalization around the world since the beginning of time. Every institution in our nation has become corrupted whether it is Monsanto, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, a government agency or a non-profit. Everything is a lie because of it.  Thoreau noted this immorality and self-deceit in Civil Disobedience-

“The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens. Others- as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders- serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few- as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men- serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.”

Most recently what we see is not just institutions being corrupted for self-interest, but in my estimation, elements of political ideology being a primary driver of it. And, those people oftentimes hate the United States. Not necessarily the failures of the United States but of the founding principles. They have no respect for natural rights, freedom or human dignity. Many seemingly have overtly communist viewpoints. Mind you, I’ve railed against all kinds of isms on here as all of the same forms of state control – communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, etc. But there is clearly something new happening in our society. We know what fascism looks like. Our government has operated under some substantial degree of fascism for a long time. Let’s me honest. The United States government props up much of the economic elites in this nation because our government is captured by corporations and private power. As noted on here in the past, the British crown waxed of their admiration of fascism and Adolph Hitler before the state of WWII. They saw it as a bulwark for the economic elites and birthright nobility of dukes, barons, earls, princes, kings and against the onslaught of communism. It’s not some radical viewpoint that the state and corporations are in alignment. Corporations are creatures of the state. Created by the state. Propped up by the state. We know what fascism looks like. We see it every day. But most of us don’t have firsthand experience with communism. At least, until the last dozen or so years.

I don’t know that one particular ideology is responsible for the insanity of the world but I do see clarity clearly developing on one of the long-time outcomes anticipated on here.  That is, the coming collapse of both political parties in the United States.  And, as noted in past posts, I anticipate the Democratic Party will be the first to collapse.  There is no truth in politics, an institution of control, but liberal elites are so disconnected from reality that they are creating their own demise. That’s good. It’s interesting to watch one of the “party” elders excoriate the Democratic Party as disgustingly elitist.(link) That has been a long-time theme on here that the Democratic Party is the party of state liberalism as opposed to true liberalism or libertarianism or the primacy of the individual over the state, corporations, etc. And, that dynamic is really nothing more than a party aristocracy that believes in its intellectual superiority to the point of dictating how others should live.

The recent outrage over our immigration policies is politically off-the-charts. And, it isn’t generally driven by real empathy but rather the politicization of the issue aka the grab for power over the social narrative with an intent of destroying Trump. Where was the Democratic Party immigration outrage when Obama was president? He had essentially the same policies. If the Democratic Party cares about childen, why did it allow Obama to kills untold tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people (including children) with a massive drone campaign? If the Democratic Party cares about children, why don’t the lead an effort to fix our horrendous educational system? If the Democratic Party cares about children, why don’t they raise awareness of social issues that has led to tens of millions of abortions in this nation?  If the Democratic Party cares about children, why don’t they put pressure on China to stop using child labor to make all of imports they consume and stop China from hundreds of millions of abortions? (I’m not judging women for having abortions. No one jumps up and down for joy at the thought of an abortion. But rather it’s because of a bad relationship, hopelessness, poverty, no support structure, etc. But,  I am judging the cruelties and immorality of a society that oftentimes forces a woman to make that kind of choice on a large scale basis as happens today. But, let’s also consider that, at least in China, women and men are clearly making intentional immoral decisions about abortion under the one child communist policy which is acting as a form of de facto state-sponsored eugenics.)  Need I continue? The hypocrisy of the elitist left is disgusting.

Interestingly, the elitist left finds it expedient to share a similar immigration political view with the corporate right. That is, a borderless world. This, even though, both Clintons, Obama, Schumer and others are on video record stating that illegal immigration needs to stop and we must protect our borders.  Illegal immigration supposedly benefits the artistocratic left with new voters (this will fail and I’ll share why in a part two post.) while it also serves the Chamber of Commerce and corporate fascists on the right who seek to flood the United States with cheap labor. Those who refuse to see the economic component don’t understand or acknowledge that every great civilization in history was built on slave labor. Now that outright slavery is outlawed, we now have a permanent underclass of people in the United States that are prime candidates for eugenics or other crimes against humanity that have been defined by state liberals in past societies.  That is, those who either aren’t working or add marginal value to the work force and, thus, cannot be fully exploited by corporations and serve no purpose to the state become a burden that the aristocracy would love to rid itself of. Right now we simply hear the words overpopulation from state liberals. Of course, we don’t hear the word eugenics yet but it’s just another stepping stone from overpopulation to this conclusion.  Give it time. Modern corporate capitalist society and the state are Godless. 

How many state liberals have you seen in the last month who have presented solutions to our immigration issue? Zero for me. Frankly, most  Republicans have stonewalled reform as well. Their anti-democratic corporate masters love slave labor.

The fact is the current United States government policies, all of which are because of past political decisions, encourage this massive form of child trafficking we are witnessing at our border. The Washington Democrats keep laying this at the feet of Trump but he is 110% accurate that it is the responsibility of the Congress to legislate and pass clear, actionable laws.  But, Congress has abdicated its responsibility for generations, thus creating an imperial presidency in this nation – Congreess is and has been responsible for no objective reality and, thus, the collapse of the objective rule of law. 

It appears some substantially large number of parents are sending their kids to the border by themselves. What kind of parent does this?  As a result, there is massive human trafficking, rape and exploitation of children. This is the result of United States government policies and laws. If we are talking personal responsibility, what role do these children’s parents play by abandoning them? Don’t they have some responsibility? This activity all happens because the ruling class in this nation encourages it. The left for different reasons than the right. But, then the left swamps our legal system knowing these people will be released into our society while waiting on a court hearing. And, they won’t show up for the court date.  There is massive corruption and manipulation in this process and it’s making many elites in this nation wildly rich. Whether it is the law firms or lawyers flooding our judicial system, or the corporations exploiting poverty or the corporations building and managing temporary holding facilities. I have seen numbers as high as $150 billion a year in expenses to American citizens. I’d say it’s likely wildly higher when one takes into consideration depressed wages, the illegal drugs coming into the country, the social impact of the drug trade, the need for more law enforcement, the exploitation of children and whatnot. These issues happen because people seeking power benefit from this system regardless of political affiliation.

The answer is very easy. We can’t assimilate all of the people in this world into this country.  No longer can you cross the border illegally and be considered for political asylum or residency. How do you enforce this? It’s simple.  We need to be working with countries to encourage stable governments and encourage their own local economic development. (Which is not what American corporations want. American corporations want imperial economics and colonialism of Central and South America.) And, we need to offer some type of proof of citizenship or right-to-work like the e-Verify solution that’s in Congress. Finally, if employers are caught hiring illegal immigrants, they need to be fined. $100,000 per person? $50,000?  It needs to be enough to threaten profits or even the business’s viability and it needs to be applied to wealthy individuals who exploit poverty to landscape their homes, raise their children and do their laundry.  It’s the rich who want illegal immigration. That’s why we have had this problem for the last fifty years. Right now the people who are hurt the most are the poor immigrants and poor Americans. The solution needs to lay the burden on those who create and perpetuate this poverty, the economic elites.

I actually saw someone on CNN this past week, on Morning Joy, a horrible show with a horrible excuse for a human being as guests and host, (I tuned in for the first time to see if it was as bad as I was told and it is.) state that we need to be having conversations about whether we even have a right to defend our borders. You can guess - this person was an uber state liberal transplant from the former Soviet Union. This is clearly a communist or corporatist perspective. It is both communists and corporations that seek a borderless world for different reasons. One, for the exploitation of comparative financial advantage and the other to create sameness of all people.   Which brings up another issue. A culture can only assimilate so many people at a time before that culture is lost. America may not be perfect, and it clearly has benefited from violence in its past, as has literally every nation state,  but how many other instances of a society with a 200+ year old constitution that guarantees inalienable rights exists in the world today? That would be zero.  Our culture is certainly in crisis but managing immigration is important to perpetuating the American constitutional experiment. But, then, when was the last time you ever heard any elite cite the Constitution? They hate guaranteed natural rights. It keeps them from achieving their faux intellectual class rank, entitlement and privilege.

This all points to a new form of social violence at a very elevated level. That is, elitist state liberals grabbing at power in an attempt to redefine the class-based narrative that has always controlled our society. At least since the rise of powerful political parties and a permanent economic elite through corporate domination.  And, that grab involves the politicization of everything in our culture.  This brings to mind the comments on here from past posts that Obama was almost certainly a communist. He gave us ample evidence of this through his associations and comments. Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett’s parents were or are communists and Obama has associated with and made positive remarks about communism many times.  And, now that the Democratic Party has been remade in his image, or that he is the torch-bearer of the current incarnation of the party, we see all types of communist elements starting to play out. From the growing dehumanization of men to the attempt to view men and women as the same (not equal but the same) to trying to force social outcomes based on gender and race as opposed to merit and ability to the nonsense of white privilege to the attempt at destroying the United States through various memes including the open border one.  These are all variables of forced comformity that will always lead towards social collapse or revolution or some type of similar social violence.

We are completely losing the moral capacity and values that this nation and our constitution were founded on. That is not a political statement. It applies to both parties and the concept of institutionalization that forces us into conformity in a system with no moral compass. That includes the Judeo-Christian value of personal responsibility. Not responsibility for things you can’t control, which are many, but really your personal responsibility for ones own emotions. And, when one seeks to have others take responsibility for their emotions, that person immediately falls into victimhood.  That defines literally every major meme perpetuated by state liberals. That’s no surprise because these inhumane, vile people, regardless of party affiliation take no responsibility for their lives. That’s one of the benefits of class and hierarchy be it corporate executives, politicians, the talking heads in the media or whatnot; others take responsibility for your behavior.

There is no objective reality or any objective acceptable behavior in our society.  The rule of law has been replaced by anarchy.  There is no protection of the weak, which is the primary responsibility of any government.  This is substantially driven by the left and by corporations.  One I truly find hilarious is the endless war on men for being men.  Are men allowed to pursue women for romance, courtship and marriage as nature intended? Or are all forms of pursuit to be considered sexual deviance, sexual harrassment, forms of violence or whatnot? Rape is rape and using power to exploit people is unacceptable whether that is Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump or whomever. But, we are now trying people in the court of public opinion based on emotions rather than any acceptable, objective behavior allowed by men.  Instead of substantive, objectively-defined wrongdoing we now crucify people hypocritically because of how someone feels.  There is no truth in feelings. In fact, a self-aware person recognizes the limitation of their feelings and how their past experiences destroy the ability to objectively live in the present moment being led around by our feelings.

In closing, the Constitution is dead. So is democracy. The only question is if we can regain our individual rights and our individual power from institutionalized class and hierarchy.  So too are socially-acceptable norms now dead. Anything goes regardless of the harm it does to society or to people in it.  There are no basic rules from which society operates. And, that creates an environment where feelings and emotions become our delusional reality. There are seven billion people in this world and seven billion sets of emotions and feelings. Only the wounded self or the most primitive part of your unconscious existence interprets its experiences through the ignorance of feelings. 

What does all of this tell us? 

Modern corporate capitalist society and the institutionalization of power continues the death drive towards collapse.

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