Monday, August 19, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein: What A Tangled Web He Weaved

The story of Epstein is incomprehensible on one hand yet given the perversion and evil of those controlling our society, completely expected. 

At this point, it’s implausible to believe anything about this story given the public names associated with Epstein’s vile pedophilia.  You don’t get off with a slap on the wrist as Epstein did a decade ago without very powerful people or organizations pulling levers outside of the views of democracy and the rule of law.

Based on the mainstream, institutionalized dynamics of modern American society, it would not be surprising to find the most concentrated forms of pedophilia perversion to be in the United States.  Pathology gravitates towards power and the United States has halls of power in spades. 

These depraved people who have a primary intent of control and ameliorate those demons by seeking power outside of themselves, manifests itself outwardly as dominion over others.  There is ample evidence most of these people hold a conservative sociological view of the world.  In some shape or form, they adhere to a falsely created conservative narrative because conservatism is the least offensive social narrative.  And, those most willing to outsource their thinking are more inclined to blindly follow conservative social value systems.  (Discussed in detail in the book The Authoritarians.)  We see this quite regularly with conservative politicians who often portray a family man image and are caught in the bathrooms with little boys or having transient gay experiences. 

Who portrayed this conservative image more than the Reagan administration whom I’ve noted had more of its members end up in prison or resigning in disgrace than any other presidential administration in American history.  And, as noted on here in the past, was caught in a call boy prostitution ring that was stuffed under the rug immediately but not before it was a front page headline in the Washington Times or reported by the major evening newscasts.  (Don’t kid yourself.  All people who seek power outside of themselves are driven by evil and I’ll share that dynamic in detail by the end of the year.)

This pathology is the greatest threat to our democracy, a natural-rights driven rule of law and our social fabric.  The threat isn’t gay people, having free college tuition or making a living wage a human right. (It’s also a natural right.)

It’s no surprise that we find incredibly wild forms of self destruction, sexual depravity and the like within our country because these precepts are fundamental drivers to corporate capitalism.  The intent of control or seeking power outside of oneself is the very basis of corporate capitalism.  Additionally, because of that, corporate capitalism has no morality.  It doesn’t distinguish between selling pornography or selling chewing gum.  And, selling pornography is doing much better than chewing gum.  It is our founding’s Judeo-Christian values and our highest good as sentient beings that makes that moral distinction.  And, because class and hierarchy through corporations has removed religion and spiritual morality as a roadblock from what is socially-acceptable, perversion and deviance has gone mainstream in our country.  Hence, the endless rumors and facts of sexual perversion in all halls of power; politics, Hollywood, political royalty in numerous countries, corporate executives, Wall Street, The Vatican and on and on.   Power rules with wanton abandon in this world while democracy and the human spirit is extinguished. 

Where am I going with this?  It’s really a setup for a video I’m linking to below. 

The people and organizations behind Jeffrey Epstein are likely more grotesque and damning than any of us could ever imagine.  One of my favorite news sources, linked to often on here, The Real News, has a very interesting interview with a reporter that has recently printed three stories on Epstein and his organizational ties.  She doesn’t draw conclusions but raises awareness to what should be investigated.  She shows the Epstein connections to organized crime, the CIA, government and many powerful people.  It doesn’t mean our government is categorically endorsing pedophilia but it does mean it could be turning a blind eye to a pedophile because of the benefits it receives from blackmailing powerful people.  The video is well-worth the 16 minutes to watch and it will definitely open your eyes to what may be possible without any conspiratorial or paranoid nonsense.  We’ll never know without an independent investigation.  And, given the government is wildly corrupt, that will likely only come from individuals like the journalist in this story.  And, if you want to read her stories, her affiliation is in the video Epstein May Be Just One of an Intricate Network of Sex and Power.

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