Monday, August 05, 2019

Quick Remarks On China And Free Trade Brainwashing

I’ve written a gargantuan number of posts on China.  That includes what is coming.  It seems on our door step but we shall see how quickly things unfold.  Why in God’s name are we trading with China? They steal our military secrets, they steal our university research through financial extortion, they steal American company secrets, they produce most of the counterfeit goods that cost Americans millions of jobs, they are a communist nation that murdered 50 million citizens, they have death vans that come to people’s houses to murder them, their one child policy has led to the murder or abortion of tens of millions more, they happily took our jobs when offered to them by American corporations, they are wildly corrupt and tyrannical and on and on and on.  Why do we trade with them?  Because our corporate masters are greedy, thieving criminals. 

By the way, the United States holds all of the cards in this trade conflict; something I laid out in excruciating detail of how it would unfold.  There are really only two choices for China. One, devalue and start a trade war or two, collapse and start a real war.  Now, that’s an oversimplification of what I’ve written, but the Nash Equilibrium between the U.S. and China is over.  Forever.  Trump may have broken this equilibrium but it was mathematically destined to happen. 

By the way, to the useful idiots who ignorantly shill for their own enslavement, the loss of their own economic determinism, Wall Street corruption and their own corporate domination, there is no such thing as free trade.  Our country was founded on a mercantilist, tariff-based system. It’s what made America the richest nation in history.  Free trade is what the American Confederacy espoused leading up to the Civil War.  They didn’t want to buy domestic American goods. Instead, they wanted free trade to buy the slave-created, cheap goods of the British Empire.  That was a major driver in the Civil War.  Thomas Jefferson noted that the primary form of taxation should be tariffs as the rich generally benefited from trade beyond our borders so they could afford it.  Again, his statement is consistent with the Confederacy which was a system controlled by wealthy land barons.  Alexander Hamilton created the economic policy of our founding through protectionism for domestic industry.  If you believe anything other than this, and most successful people believe in free trade, you are a brainwashed useful idiot.  That includes nearly every financial blogger, Republican, corporate libertarian, Wall Street crook, Corporate elite and financial pundit.

By the way, if we are going to pay reparations to descendants of slavery in our country, and I’m open to the conversation, are these decendants going to then turn around and pay reparations to their slaves?  Because American corporations use the same tactics as the British Empire to enslave people around the world to make American consumers cheap products.  Every decendant of African slaves living in this nation has their own slave today.  Most are Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian or whatnot.  Do you think those girls living in Chinese Holocaust-style concentration camps making our phones and electronics are doing so because they are living a free or self-determined life?  If they were free, they’d be making phone for themselves. Especially living in those conditions.  They were sold to American corporations by Chinese elites in the same way elites in Roman Empire’s conquered lands exploited the people in their lands.

The Roman Empire and its Caesars or kings, bought off the population of Roman society by lavishing the riches of empire on them.  The spoils of victory in war, pillaging and conquering were used to bribe the Roman population for the support of empire’s violence, exploitative enslavement and murder of peoples throughout the empire.  Do you think the US is any different?  The poorest of Americans has more junk and gadgets made possible through American empire’s pillaging than most any place on earth. These are all spoils of corporate empire.

The US dollar is propped up through violence.  More than 50% of engineers and scientists in this nation work for the empire in the war and weapons industry.  That’s possible because we hold a gun to the rest of the world’s head and force them to make everything for us.  So, we don’t need engineers and scientists to do anything except make guns big enough to keep the world enslaved.  Do you think those engineers and scientists think they are doing God’s work?  I suppose they do.  Of course, so did Goldman Sachs’ CEO leading into the 2008 collapse they created.  The largest military the world has ever seen is here for one reason. It’s not here to protect the US.  It’s here to pave the way for global economic domination of American corporate capitalist empire. And to use any means possible to force nations to comply with our wishes.  Without the world being forced into a dollar trade settlement system put in place after WWII, the dollar would be worthless.  We make nothing.   Well, we make guns and dollars.  Guns to force people into dollar submission.  The World Bank recently pegged China as making about 30% of the technology exports in the world today.  The US was at 7%.  Most of that manufacturing in China may be American corporations but while we work at Walmart, Chinese engineers and scientists build the latest technology for our masters.  We sell the Chinese scrap steel and toxic GMO corn, they sell us telecommunications gear and computers.  And, the American stock market bubble, the largest in history and far larger than the bubble leading into the Great Depression, is a manifestation of the massive looting and pillaging of empire profits at the expense of freedom and self-determinism of other peoples around the world.  Corporate profits are repatriated pillaging of empire.  Just like the Romans.

The United States has no choice but to reindustrialize.  Something I said years ago.  That capitalists would try to pivot us from financial renter capitalism back to industrical capitalism.  That’s exactly what is happening.  Multinationals want to come back to our hemisphere and make cheap goods in Mexico or pay Americans cheap, slave wages after decimating our economy and our society by sending tens of millions of jobs out of our country.  I say fuck them.  Let them die along with the mess they created.  They most likely will anyway when China devalues their currency and they start to experience supply chain shocks or the bullwhip effect.  

Democratize capital formation and banking and allow American entrepreneurs to start new industrial businesses to replace these monster Soviet-style state institutions that served no purpose other than to extend American capitalist empire into a global system of pure rot and violence. 

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