Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Rot That Is The United States Government–Bill Binney Interview On The Hoax Of Russian Meddling

Bill Binney is the former NSA whistleblower that the U.S. tried to prosecute for exposing the unconstitutional spying on Americans.  Unfortunately, he was too smart and had covered his actions with tapings and whatnot that forced the corporatocracy to back off.  Binney just gave an interview on the abuses of the FISA court and the investigation into Trump.  It’s very compelling and I wanted to post it.  Part 2 of my prior post is forthcoming.

Here’s the Youtube link.

A decade ago, I foretold on here of the coming collapse of both political parties in this nation.  And, that the Democratic Party would be the first to collapse.  I don’t have any opinions or insight into how this current investigation into Democratic Party/FBI/CIA corruption around Russia will play out but I would be shocked if prison isn’t in the cards for some participants.  Will it be enough to collapse the party?  We shall all learn together. 

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