Sunday, January 24, 2016

Of Oil, Electric Cars And The Clinton Family Pathology

For those of us that are old enough, if one opens their minds and hearts to what is unfolding around the world, one realizes how profound the endless chaos and volatility before us really is.  We look forward today to a world that is in the midst of incredibly powerful change.  Literally nothing will likely survive without some substantial crisis, transformation or outright failure.  I've had friends and associates who used to roll their eyes or laugh when I would talk about what's coming and, to a T, all of them are now worried about their fate.  The key is "their".  This global system, modern corporate capitalist society, the state and all of the manifestations of social dynamics they have created around the world today are almost exclusively defined by the ego and all of the neuroses, selfishness and outright evil it can muster. There is little room in this world for good. Evil reigns supreme.

The first thing I want to say about oil is what a clown the founder of Tesla has been exposed to be across a lot of fronts. I would classify Elon Musk as a poster child for the faux intellectualism that props up a global system of ignorance.  Just because you have a degree in physics doesn’t mean shit from shinola in this world.  I have nothing against Musk but I certainly have little empathy for ignorance.  The more this guy opens his mouth, the more he looks like a clown.  Whether that is is asinine attempts at motivating his employees by public threats of firing them or the absolutely idiotic statement that humans will become intelligent computer's pets or the asinine business of building electric cars.  (Something talked about here in the past is that humanity has no capability to create sentient life because it doesn't even understand what it is. And the mocking of mental midgets who tell us we are on the verge of creating computers that will eventually view humanity as pets. There is zero chance of artificial intelligence becoming self-aware or becoming "human" without a profound leap in human knowledge because science has absolutely no idea what the mind is, what the brain is or how the mind creates, invents, loves, expresses itself uniquely as individuals or achieves a state of mind that is beyond the self or is selfless.  Frankly, most of this capability likely doesn't even reside in the human brain. These belief systems around bullshit science are pernicious delusions created by the ego's perceptions of its own brilliance that are really nothing more than incredible ignorance and a complete lack of respect for that which the ego does not understand. Ignorance is a state of mind that is always punished by karma.)  

I’ve talked about Musk's rise to fame by essentially participating in the loot-fest of the no-earnings, no business model, non-existent sham companies in the 1990s Clinton administration-created fraud bubble.  Musk parlayed essentially useless, unproductive misallocation of capital into becoming one of the richest people on earth. And who was left holding the counterparty bag of this theft? That would be society.  You.  The Clinton 1990s were the institutionalization of massive fraud and corruption of our political and financial system.   Then Musk received most-favored status with liberal idiots who told us the world was running out of oil. As a result of that, he received a massive, privileged (fraud) government handout to build electric cars while countless millions of Americans couldn’t get a loan or funding to save their own lives.  Literally. 

Now, in a national survey this past few days, oil was down to $1.21 a gallon in one of the top markets in the U.S.   I filled up my gas-guzzling vehicle for $17.  When I was first writing that oil was headed to $10 a barrel and gas to $1 a gallon, that fill-up would have cost me 70-odd dollars.   We are now only 21 cents away from that magical dollar per gallon I was writing about when the price of oil was in triple digits.  You now pay 10x the price of oil for sugar and 40x that for your Starbucks specialty drink.  People looked at me like I was a complete idiot when I used to say oil was headed back to the 1998 lows of $10 a barrel and $1 a gallon for gasoline.  And, by the way, that the global economy would wipe out all of the gains from 1998 and before.  Don't worry, oil is telling you that's exactly what is happening if you really understand why it is collapsing.

Now because of misguided, idiotic policies by Obama, electricity costs in this nation are at an all-time high. Home electricity energy costs have exploded and people with low income and fixed income are being terrorized by Obama’s electricity policies. Literally.  I know people with 1200 square feet, all-electric homes who live in the Midwest that are paying $700 a month in winter electricity bills with their thermostats set at 62 degrees.  So, now electric car owners are being raked over the coals for energy costs while internal combustion car owners are living large and oil is going to drop even further. By the way, wait till all of those pathological thugs in OPEC countries can't pump oil fast enough to keep their fiefdoms from collapsing.  Just as I said would happen long ago. Guess what? They are then going to flood the world with their gold holdings to raise liquidity and destroy the price of gold. Another outcome written of on here many years ago.

You mark my word, we are on the verge of a social dynamic where owning a Tesla and paying out the ass for the electricity to run it versus owning an internal combustion engine and paying $1 a gallon for gasoline is going to be a badge of complete stupidity. Electric car owners are going to be mocked and chided as buffoons for believing in the liberal brainwashing of Peak Oil.  Everything is a lie.  Peak Oil, humanity behind global climate change and every other state-created lunacy of social brainwashing.  Like I said long ago, electric-powered Tesla’s will eventually be used as boat anchors. This is not a company long for this world; a long-time theme on here. In the end, the universe will expose Musk's ignorance.

I want to point to a few links in the press recently as it pertains to oil-

The world is drowning in oil
Davos chief warns plunging oil will drive more migration
Gasoline is already 46 cents a gallon
Crude oil is worth less than nothing
Big banks are holding the bag on cheap oil

Again, I’m not a big fan of conspiracy. Wall Street and the investor class are going to be punished mercilessly with the price of falling oil. Depending on how oil-related financial instruments were synthesized by hedge funds and banks, the collapse in oil has the potential to be like the collapse in the mortgage market. This goes way beyond just oil firms and banks to entire countries being impacted.   Russia is highly dependent on oil and basic material exports to keep its oligarchy afloat.  We can expect that to collapse too.  Of course, that has already been discussed on here ages ago.

Let me say something else. Everyone points to conflict in the Middle East as a tinder box for the price of oil to skyrocket higher.  That is generally bullshit that may have worked when the global pathology was in control of the horrible world they had created.  Those days are over.   The reality is all of these Middle Eastern puppet governments, including ISIS, are propped up by arms sales from the United States, Russia, China and other states. These backward fiefdoms aren't capable of waging any war other than on horseback with swords (which is a good thing) because they suppress economic development as a method of holding their tyrannical grip on humanity. So, they must pump every ounce of oil they can to get their hands on the dollars necessary to protect their pathological interests - buying weapons, bribing their citizens into passivity, paying off their thug armies and on and on and on.. They have no option other than to pump even more oil the lower the price goes.  And, mind you, with the global economy in the early stages of collapse, it's going to get a lot worse for oil and gold...... and everything else.

Finally, I want to talk about the Clinton family. I've noted on here many times that Bill Clinton is the worst president in American history. If you really understand what happened in the 1990s, and how the U.S. economy was collapsing under Clinton, you can appreciate that statement. Gold collapsed to $250 and oil to $10 a barrel under Clinton in 1998. Both were alerting us to coming global deflation. The world was deflating under Clinton and that is the only reason why we had the U.S. stock market bubble. That bubble wasn't about the brilliance of the U.S. economy or Clinton's brilliant leadership.  It was because the U.S. was collapsing. More on that another time but Reagan deregulated private, class-based capital or corporate capitalism and turned the U.S. citizens into slaves of private, class-based economic interests.  But it was Clinton who deregulated the borders of private, for-profit, class-based capital and turned the entire world into a loot-fest for corporate capitalism and the world's economic aristocracy. Bill Clinton exhibits all of the signs of incredibly severe pathology.  In spades.
Bill Clinton stalked me repeatedly after raping me
Top Google search – Will Hillary be prosecuted?
Bernie Sanders - Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble
Linda Tripp – Bill Clinton had thousands of affairs including other women in his administration

It appears questions about Clinton's misogyny, hatred of women and sexual violence against women started in college at Yale and followed him to Oxford where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar.  There appears to be evidence Clinton was accused of sexual assault numerous times during those years. And it has followed him his whole life. This is the exact same behavior as Catholic priests who actually sought out positions of authority as priests not to help humanity but to prey upon them.  Pathology always seeks out positions of class and hierarchy.  Pathology created class and hierarchy in the first place. The predators who destroy the lives of countless people as trusted spiritual advisors are the same as those drawn to political and corporate power who are in the midst of destroying the lives of humanity. Mind you, this type of behavior is potentially systemic in circles of the aristocracy's primary intent of control. Rumors and accusations of pedophile rings in Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere are commonplace in political circles.   And, much of this is now starting to gain some legs in Britain. Link here.  When one understands the ego's primary intent of control that creates institutionalization and its birth children, class & hierarchy, one appreciates that pathology, which has a primary intent of controlling others, and is the basis for pedophelia, rape, endless war, kyriarchy, misogyny, violence against women, bigotry, racism, the faux feminist's war against men and other violent crimes against humanity, are indeed manifestations of class-based violence.  Our country is not racist or bigoted or anything else. I reject that completely out of hand.  More white Americans are on welfare, in prison and on food stamps than any other profile based on race.  Everyone who isn't part of the club of class-based privilege is exploited by class.  In a system of class that forces humanity into competition for servitude to economic masters, one must either be on the receiving end of violence or be perpetuating it, often ignorantly, for the ruling class.

As I have noted time and again, our country's violence is a result of the institutionalization class. And it is class that perpetuates violence of all sorts against humanity and turns our brothers and sisters against each other in an endless manifestation of manipulation used to keep us fighting with each other so that we don't see the truth.  That is, we are all terrorized by class & hierarchy. Private, class-based capital or capitalism, corporations, privately-created money, the welfare state, debt, private banks, the military-industrial complex and on and on are all manifestations of this institutionalized, class-based violence.

Hillary Clinton is no authentic supporter of women's rights or democracy or any other manifestation of human dignity. It is often noted that one marries or chooses a spouse with the same level of emotional dysfunction or function.  That she has turned a blind eye to the behavior of her husband over decades gives us some indication of her pathology as well.  With the endless drama of the Clinton family pathology, and new revelations about both Bill and Hillary's behavior, the American people are getting a first-hand look at what it would be like to have this sickness and Godlessness  back in the White House.

I'm highly confident as noted on here over the years that both political parties (institutions of the ego or manifestations of class and hierarchy) are going to fail. And as noted in the past, that the Democratic Party will likely fail first.   I find it rather humorous that many in the Democratic Party view the rise of Donald Trump as the tinder to potentially create the collapse of the Republican Party.  At the same time they gloat about their candidate, Hillary Clinton.  What they don't yet understand is the rise of Hillary Clinton will have the exact same effect on their own party.  The ego is the perfect deceiver.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016–The Final Crisis Of Capitalism?

Over the years I have pointed to three future dates that are on my radar screen. Honestly, these dates are very powerful long-term cyclical astrological dates. As I’ve noted in past posts, there is ample evidence this is the most powerful period of cleansing and transformation that has existed in thousands of years, if not since the start of civilization.  The first of those three dates was 2013. When that date in Scorpio passed, I wrote that the battle between good and evil had begun. Interestingly, that’s when gold stocks and futures started its current collapse, currencies around the world started collapsing, ISIS started to gain an upper hand against Western states, oil started its current implosion,  high yield debt started its collapse, puppet governments in the Middle East started their crises and on and on.  Coicidence or simply correlation? Who knows. But I expect the entire Middle Eastern Islamofascist orthodoxy to fall.

I’ve already noted 2022 is a future date that I believe will be the date by which American empire will disappear. The ramifications for this are extraordinary and well beyond anyone’s comprehension. 

All that is left of those three dates is 2016. And, now that it is here, you can pretty much imagine what I would suspect is in store given my last few posts.  I suspect it will usher in corporate capitalism’s last and unrecoverable crisis.  That is, liquidity around the world has never been this tight. The behavior of global stocks will portend massive crisis for capitalism and the world economy. The stock market is one of capitalism’s funding mechanisms and the primary source of wealth for renter capitalists today.

People who believe we live in a post corporate capitalist world are clueless.  We are living through unprecedented days of glory for capitalism around the world. Fascists embrace it, communists embrace it, socialists embrace it, fiefdoms embrace it and on and on. Globalization is the ultimate manifestation of capitalism.

2016 is going to be an interesting year.  We already see that the world pays little attention to the U.S. empire. Obama speaks from his king’s pulpit but the world doesn’t listen. Republicans are horrified. No one respects or listens to the U.S. anymore. So, they promise more wars, more bombing, more beligerence and more dead.  They promise a return to the glory of being feared. But what they are missing is that the empire is in collapse. When outright physical violence is the only mechanism through which the United States can push its agenda. the end is nigh for its corporate capitalist empire.

For anyone who hasn’t been around since before 2008s collapse, all of it was predicted on here.  And, then in late 2008 I wrote that the Federal Reserve could print a substantial amount of money without causing inflation and that is exactly what they preceded to do. Then in early 2009 I wrote that the seeds of a rally were building and we had an unprecedented rise in financial assets that now appears ready to start its unwind.  With central bankers printing or handing out tens of trillions of dollars, still the world liquidity situation is dire beyond precedence. This is the worst start for stocks to a new year since the Great Depression. And, this should be no surprise because only twice on here have I issued dire warnings about coming liquidity shocks.  Once was before the 2008 collapse and again over the past year or so.

Over the last ten years I have noted a tremendous amount of what is coming. Below are but a handful of those anticipated outcomes, all of which are based on mathematics, complex systems analysis and the intuitive science of astrology.  The world is unfolding exactly as I wrote it would. In fact, there is no one anywhere who has written of so much well before anyone else. And, still, so many of my anticipated outcomes still aren’t on anyone’s radar screen. But, I certainly do expect all of them to come to pass in some form or another.  I say this because of the unprecedented levels of indoctrination, brainwashing and ignorance that exists. Not because I’m Albert Einstein.

Sample anticipated outcomes that are now in some degree of revealing themselves-

-The overarching them of the times in which we live is that this should be coined a cycle of volatility
-The world as you know it is finished. It is never coming back
-Most aspects of the state are already in collapse but they are simply being propped up through spiritual, emotional and physical violence.  For now.
-Class, hierarchy and resultant institutionalization of privilege is how evil and violence are perpetuated by the state – religion, corporations, communism, capitalism, political stooges, the economic aristocracy, Hollywood, Wall Street, central banks, debt-based money, the military-industrial complex, standing armies, faux intellectualism, state liberalism (as opposed to true virtuous liberalism), the media, etc. (Insitutions of the ego written of ad nauseam on here.)
-The back end of the 2008 crisis will be global and economic rather than financial.
-China and the U.S. is in a Nash Equilibrium that is going to shudder and shake when broken. The west is likely to dump a massively criminal China like a bad habit soon enough. Trade wars, outright war, and a huge breakup of this ludicrous economic “partnership” are coming.
-Institutions of the ego are going to see wholesale crisis and collapse
-Corporate capitalism is not compatible with democracy. It is an economic control system just like communism and every other ism. Capitalism glorifies the ignorance of corporate work and corporate careers in order to enslave humanity to forced state control.
-These social control systems are inherently unstable so they rely on greater and greater force or violence to maintain some semblance of stability.
-The only method through which anyone can consume more than they produce, be that a nation, a person or a corporation, is through some combination of emotional, spiritual and physical violence.
-The world is experiencing unprecedented violence today and most of it is emotional and spiritual.
-Ignorance is the birth child of violence and the world is experiencing unprecedented ignorance today. Most of which is with those who are successful economically who turn their gaze from the violence they support by saying nothing.
-We are in a war cycle and that war is likely between humanity and the state
-Globalization is finished. Localization will be the future.
-Wall Street will disappear
-The Federal Reserve will disappear
-The stock market and bond market may disappear
-This is a crisis of capitalism and not a housing crisis
-Wal-mart will disappear
-Google will implode
-Retail space in this country will collapse by at least 80%
-Every great “career” or well-being job in sports, entertainment, politics, banking and the like is going to see a massive collapse of up to 90% in salaries
-There will be a wholesale debt repudiation by humanity
-The global financial system will collapse
-Corporations of all types only exist in perpetutity by extracting rent whether that is debt or whether that is by creating prescription drug addictions or anything in between
-Every thug and crook imaginable will rear their ugly head in a power grab around the world as U.S. empire collapses
-China’s currency is worthless and it will either collapse against the dollar or be devalued
-China will burn through its dollar holdings and end up with a currency crisis
-China will collapse
-Russia will collapse
-Saudi Arabia will collapse
-India will collapse
-Brazil will collapse
-Canada operates under massive economic fraud and is toast
-The Middle Eastern puppet governments will implode
-Large states could very well disappear – That includes the United States
-The EU will fall appart
-Large corporations will fall like dominos or substantially become smal images of their former glory
-Oil will drop to $10 a barrel
-Gold will collapse
-The S&P is headed for $200-450 or worse, it may disappear.
-Money will likely become useless
-We will see a return to barter as a form of trade settlement
-Both political parties will collapse
-Politics as an institution will disappear
-The Vatican will collapse
-State’s Rights will re-emerge
-The military-industrial complex will collapse
-The medical-industrial complex will collapse
-The industrial food complex will collapse
-The U.S. empire will disappear

Never in the history of humanity has there been this degree of violence in this world. Never. But many people can’t see the violence because it is emotional or spiritual. It’s hidden in plain site. Therefore, it is so much more sinister and thus relies on unprecedented degrees of willful ignorance.  That is, turning a blind eye to that which exists in plain sight.  Especially within those who serve that evil.  Which, frankly, is anyone who is living large in the global economy. Literally. You can’t be successful economically in today’s world without serving the state in some manner. Even if it is a second or third order of servitude. There is literally no economic freedom in the world today. 

The karmic fate of this system has been set. It’s fate has been sealed. Karma is now starting to reveal itself on a massive level as humanity continues its awakening to the horrors that lie before it.   Or put another way, as humanity starts to reconnect to its own Divinity and, thus, rejects the evil, rot and corruption that dominates the entire world.

There is a thin veneer of faux intellectualism that props this system up. In the U.S. it is corporate executives, the senior military elite, the politicians, Hollywood and the state religion which is some kind of f*cked up Christianity that espouses a bombing for Jesus doctrine. But, beyond the veneer of faux intellectualism is the truth.  Intellectualism today isn’t intellectualism at all but rather a self-affirming ignorance.  The most brilliant and capable people in society are kept under the jack boot of tyranny while a small elitist aristocracy mocks anyone who threatens their own self-interested economic and political success. The ego is perfectly pernicious. Those who have found their way to the table of gluttony and excess stolen off of the sweat and intellectual capital of humanity deceive themselves because for them to see the truth would require all of these parasites to acknowledge their own part in perpetuating mass injustices and great evil against all life on this planet.  The ego creates a perfect blind spot to our own willful ignorance.  All of us.  As noted on here ad nauseam, the United States looks exactly like England in 1776 with its global corporate capitalist empire supported by the violene of its private banking cartel and it’s indentured military. 

Literally everything in this world has been corrupted by class and hierarchy. Individual liberty, intellectualism, reason, compassion, science, religion, education, leisure, medicine, government, all social constructs, money, democracy and on and on and on.  But, make no mistake, this system has already collapsed. It’s being propped up through all manner of institutionalized violence.  Class and hierarchy that is corporate capitalism and the state can only exist by those of self-appointed privilege literally pilfering and thieving everything from humanity. They have stolen literally everything from us. 

Stealing has openly become accepted as a social norm in the U.S. Something that surprises me beyond words. But really it shouldn’t surprise anyone because capitalism’s class-based concept of surplus value is how the ruling class steals from humanity to maintain their power over us. Stealing is how class and hierarchy maintains its grip on humanity so of course it has become accepted.

It’s good to be the king. Not much longer though. 

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