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Today’s Employment Data: Corporate Capitalism Is Choking On It’s Own Vomit

There’s a ton of things I want to post but I seem to be unable to focus long enough to put them up. But, I do want to make a few comments about the “state of things” as it pertains to the US economy given the recent employment numbers.  I’ve noted numerous times over the last dozen years that 2008 was the end. And, I’ve noted many of the dynamics behind that. 

Today we announced employment numbers.  Let’s take a look at a nontraditional method of looking at employment. But beforehand, let’s build a baseline for the punchline. 

I’ve noted numerous times that multifactor productivity has been negative or flirted with negativity in the US and Europe post 2008.  To most people, that remark or even the data behind it is going to mean nothing without context. As I’ve remarked, that essentially means doing less with more.  Or, it takes more money to accomplish work than profit on the back end; the system is devouring massive amounts of money to sustain itself. (Ample evidence US productivity since 1970s is pure fiction. I could cite numerous data points on this but nothing points this out more accurately than when debt swung well north of output in the chart I posted relatively recently.)  This is hidden from the public in the form of corporate looting in the financial and debt markets by issuing more debt, issuing more shares, institutionalized financial fraud and on and on.  This is a direct result of corporate capitalism’s contradictions and ultimately gives us an indication when the system hits the “knee of the curve” of endless debt printing that becomes necessary to avoid collapse. (If you believe the political theater and false narrative of left versus right are the defining moments in time, just remember the ruling class who entrances useful idiots in this dynamic never see what is coming. They never knew the Roman Empire, the USSR and countless other societies were on the verge of crisis they created. You’ll never understand what’s really happening by listening to politicians, corporate bureaucrats or the corporate media who enriches themselves by entrancing you to their manipulative evils.)

This dynamic of hitting the knee of the debt curve, of which there is no return, has been exacerbated by market fundamentalists who allowed private capital to devour our democracy under Reagan.  Reagan planted in the minds of his cult worshippers, mostly corporate capitalist cult worshippers,  that government is bad and the “free market” is good.  What this means in simple language is that democratic oversight of private capital should be and was gutted and corporate capitalism will do a much better job of allocating capital than any government oversight that attempts to steer capitalism into areas that benefit society and democracy. In other words, we are now living through the neoliberal world of Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and kooks who lapped up their horseshit.  The reason Americans hate their government is because it has been devoured by private capital and serves absolutely zero needs of the common good. It’s a syphoning system for the rich and corporate elites.  Joe Biden has mouthed changing this but it’s all hand waiving and horseshit.  Biden’s programs seek to re-establish the same neoliberal policy that turns government into a syphoning mechanism for private capital to look taxpayers. His green policies would do nothing more than line the pockets of the corporate thieves who line up at the taxpayer trough to loot our democracy. (Not that I am against sustainable initiatives and research that benefit communities and individuals at the community level.)

People don’t understand the scope of this massive disaster we call the US economy. For more than forty years, private capital has been dismantling democracy and allocating capital to serve itself rather than democracy.  As a result, we live in a society that is devolving.  The end result is a world that is completely unbalanced and unsustainable.  Capitalism’s misallocation of capital in the US alone amounts into the hundreds of trillions of dollars over half a century. Biden attempting to spend a few trillion on infrastructure over a decade is like using a flyswatter to kill an elephant.  There’s nothing the establishment can do to avoid its self-created fate.  There’s no Great Reset or communism takeover attempt or other histrionic paranoia created by what is the carnival of private interests manipulating public perception to perpetuate their own entitlement.

So, let’s take a look at the employment numbers released today.  Total employment data I’m citing below is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Total debt is available from the Federal Reserve.

So, since 2008, without massive increases nearly annually in the Federal Reserve balance sheet, unprecedented debt increases in non—financial corporations, massive misallocation of non-value added resources in finance( a stock market with 200x value-added economic leverage, misallocations of debt/democracy’s resources, mergers & acquisitions, private capital buying real estate and houses, playing endless useless paper pushing games, etc), and the massive increases in government debt to prop up corporate capitalist empire, we would be in an economic depression or worse. In fact, we are in a depression. It’s simply being papered over with massive non-productive and no-economic money so the system of entitlement can continue to protect its own interests.

Since Donald Trump became president, if we take into account total job creation and total debt added to the US taxpayer, every job created has cost taxpayers between $7-10 million depending on debt dynamics used.  If one simply uses federal government and corporate debt, it’s $7 million for every new job.  If we add in future obligation to the cost of creating those jobs, it is staggeringly higher.  Corporate capitalism did this.  Not poor people who are vilified by useful idiots and pathological capitalist elites for receiving $20,000 on unemployment; a modern day attempted form of eugenics.  The US would be better off paying people to watch TV while eating bonbons than creating more useless corporate make work. The system is in dire trouble and Washington’s answer is to vilify China after Republicans overwhelmingly voted to send half of our economy to China. (Democrats are no better. They aren’t demanding an end to US empire but instead also continue supporting policies of empire overreach.)  More attempts at creating boogeymen so useful idiots continue to support US authoritarianism.

I’ve noted on here that we are now in the stage of capitalism where we will simply mound more debt upon debt and there is no way out.  And, one of the long-time themes on here is the Federal Reserve will eventually be forced to bail out the world and at that point will itself require a bailout. And, thus will likely be vanquished by the American people. Don’t kid yourself that the Federal Reserve is the cause of all of our ills.  The Federal Reserve is there to prop up corporate capitalism which cannot exist without a central bank. It isn’t the Federal Reserve who sent jobs to China or created endless economic bubbles or endless despair in the US and globally.  Private capital misallocated all of it.  ALL OF IT. ALL OF DEMOCRACY’S RESOURCES.  More than ever, it appears my long-time theme that we are likely in the end days of corporate capitalism is revealing itself.  And, if that happens, federal government’s all consuming power (which is derived through the control system of corporate capitalism) as well as corporate capitalism’s funding mechanisms, including equity markets, will also disappear.  The only question is when.

Humanity will look back on the twentieth century with horror.  What type of world do we live in where the role of a supposed democratic government is to throw people to the wolves of profit-driven private capital and tell them to sink or swim? And, for half of the citizens, be forced to take job that actually makes them poor while enriching private interests?  The US is a death cult created by private capital devouring democracy.  (And for those who get caught up on technicalities, a republic is a form of democracy. Although, I would clearly state there is no evidence being ruled by those who want to be the king, our ridiculous election process, is any form of democracy at all but rather is a form of authoritarian rule.)

In the mean time, our government will continue to be forced to spend millions of dollars to create every new job in the private sector.  Because the private sector is a disaster due to deregulated private capital’s reckless misallocation of capital that has served as economic elite’s looting of democracy, society, the working class and the poor. 

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Friday, May 07, 2021

US Employment Recovery Collapses With Today’s Employment Data Release

Employment numbers were 75% less than expected. Last month’s employment was adjusted down 20% as well. All this while new US unemployment claims remain nearly three times higher than 2019. 

For those who buy this garbage that the problem is the poor and unemployed who are getting rich off of unemployment, I’d like to see you live on less than $15 an hour, often for part time work.  This is part of the endless propaganda of corporations that Americans are lazy and without daily beatings by their corporate masters, they would rather lay in bed all day.  This type of thinking comes from people with long, dark, subconscious shadows who have an insidious self-hatred that drives such views of humanity. It’s the type of hated that produced the like of Adolph Hitler, Donald Trump and countless others in between.  Those who complain about the poor when it is corporate capitalism and their lackey political stooges that do their bidding that have destroyed the US. 

Arbeit Macht Frei (work will set you free) as the Nazis pummeled into labor camp workers. (Many of which were run by corporate capitalism.) Remember, when we were declaring war on corporate capitalism in 1776, British economic elites and their government were putting people in prison for being poor, sending prisoners and forcing the poor to America as a form of social expungement so they didn’t have to share their wealth with the useless eaters, were putting the poor in debtor’s prisons, forcing the poor to pay for their own imprisonment or be released under forced work contracts, were put in poor houses, work houses and the like to be forced to work off their poverty for corporations and the elites and on and on and on.  Eugenics is a creation of corporate capitalism. It came from England for centuries, and later to a lesser extent, capitalists in the US. They wanted to rid themselves of those they couldn’t exploit for profit.  They were a drain on their wealth.  Hitler and the Nazis were simply following the ideals of corporate capitalism as practiced in England and the US.  Poverty is a crime under corporate capitalism. But it’s created by corporate capitalism.  Nary an advocate for corporate capitalism I’ve ever met has been able to explain how it creates more poverty than wealth. They don’t even understand that is a FACT.

These are the reasons we spend more on domestic law enforcement than the rest of the world spends on their military and house the largest prison population by far.  For most of US history, and definitely since Reagan was elected, US citizens are more and more on the receiving end of the same violence the US uses to run empire.  The world’s police state inside our borders, running concentration camps for Muslims and prison labor to make our corporate capitalist goods around the world, and waging endless war on the world that dissents.  All propagandized under democracy that was devoured by private capital long ago.

One of the long time theses on here is that 2008 was the end.  And, depression level government spending by Obama and Trump (Trump really blew the doors off of government spending.) and continuous Federal Reserve bailouts of our insolvent, criminal corporate capitalist banking system have propped up the illusion of recovery.  Endless economic measures collapsed post 2008 and have never recovered.  Small business creation collapsed by 50% and continued its collapse started under Reagan.  Manufacturing continued its collapse since Reagan was elected. Nearly 8 million Americans have been kicked out of their houses since 2008 while our criminal banking and financial system has then bought upwards of 25% of all houses to then rent back to citizens as a parasitic example of renter capitalism.

Humanity is and has been devolving in the US.  We continue down the path towards revolution, economic crisis, humanity’s war against the state or the other outcomes discussed on here for the last sixteen years.   

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Mainstream Media Reports US Economy Soars 6.4% In First Quarter- Reality Is A Continuation Of Empire Collapse

Just a quick comment on GDP and employment numbers reported this morning.  

GDP was reported up $544 billion in the first quarter.  Yet, government transfer payments in the first quarter were up $2.3 trillion.  That means the economy actually collapsed in the first quarter (annualized rate down nearly $8 trillion) without back door bailouts to corporations in the form of transfer payments to American citizens.  Remember, US citizens then turn around and use that money to pay their debts to corporations and to buy goods made by corporate capitalism.  Otherwise, we’d be seeing companies fall like dominos or shrink massively in size.  (That’s still going to happen as a long time thesis I’ve written about on here. The Federal Reserve and our corporate devoured government can’t create illusions forever.)

The real unemployment numbers including pandemic unemployment relief reported today are nearly 700,000 new unemployment claims.  For one week!  That includes both traditional unemployment as well as pandemic relief.  In other words, the economy is still imploding and if it weren’t for trillions of free money inserted in every orifice, we’d likely be in the midst of a revolution or collapse of society or both.  The US has really two choices.  One, it must repatriate US private capital that is devouring the world or it can continue its arrogance and hubris and hold onto corporate capitalist empire and ride it until it meets its own fate as determined by capitalism’s endless contradictions.  The hubris and arrogance of US society(In the form of behavior of citizens, corporate executives/politicians/military drunk with power) is palpable so we can expect the latter. 

I’ve noted on here the real unemployment rate is much higher than reported by either U3 or U6 government statistics.  Two research firms, ShadowStats and Ludwig have reported the true unemployment rate in the US is around 25%.  But, government statistics don’t capture much of anything beyond a year unemployment.  Ludwig goes even further in its research and states that 50% of Americans live on less than $20,000 per year.  That number could be off by 50% and still be staggering.  Anyone who doesn’t live in a gated community can see entire swaths of the US look like bombed out third world countries. That data puts the US right up there with other economic superpowers like Mexico, Kenya and Bangladesh.  Biden talked last night about the number of jobs created since he became president as a record. Well, that’s because we had 30 million people (government numbers) out of work and the US has spent nearly $40 trillion since 2008 propping up Wall Street that has misallocated hundreds of trillions of dollars of capital over the last forty years. (The $29 trillion in 2008 I have reported in prior posts plus massive Federal Reserve bailouts in every year since 2008.) 

The US corporate state doesn’t give a shit about poor Americans.  Anyone who doesn’t directly contribute to corporate and investor profits is thrown to the world of despair and chance.  And, we train our citizens to yell “get a job” at anyone who isn’t serving the corporate state.  It has been this way since Reagan took office and replaced democratic government policy with throwing Americans to private capital and telling them to sink or swim.  The poverty and despair in this nation is incredible.  That the government is now handing money to people left and right should be because we live in a democracy where our mutual fates are intertwined and we care about our fellow man.  But, make no mistake, if corporations weren’t on the verge of collapse, the government wouldn’t be helping people with anything. Just as they haven’t for the last forty years.  Well, just as they haven’t for most of our history. 

What people don’t understand is who this hurts the most.  It’s China and global markets.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Underlying Global Financial System And Global Economy Are In Serious Trouble

I want to put a place marker in here in case I don’t get any posts up within the next two weeks.  I’ve written for the last decade of three future dates that hold significance with regards to the devolution of this cycle with the final one being 2022; where I anticipated the US to lose its empire.  The roar is deafening right now that the US economy is going to explode higher and there have even been magazine covers recently comparing the next ten years to the roaring twenties of one hundred years ago. The US financial media, the US financial system, the economics profession and political governance in this nation are all filled with gross incompetence and institutionalized fraud on a scale that rivals the most horrendous examples of such societal risk and instability in human history.  Don’t kid yourself.  It’s no better anywhere else.  US empire has made the world in its image just like the Roman Empire.

The economic and financial worlds are likely entering a phase of risk not seen in the history of human civilization. And, as noted in one of my first posts sixteen years ago, when this cycle ends and US empire ends, the entire world will literally shudder and shake.  Cracks are starting to show and I expect the early effects of 2022 could start to reveal themselves as early as May of this year.  China and Asia’s credit default swaps are starting to rise (The Chinese economy like the US, EU and other corporate capitalist economies is a train wreck), global currencies have been falling against the dollar for years and many have started crashing against the dollar (those predicting the collapse of the dollar have absolutely no idea how the global economy works), short term rates (a sign of distress) have reached their lowest levels and the US banking system is a disaster regardless of the profits just reported by Wall Street. (Their core business is a disaster that has been bailed out and shoved full of continuous liquidity since the 2008 collapse and banks are minting money destroying the US economy and our society via corrupt financial trading (rigging/stealing), underwriting massive toxic investment banking and IPOs and destructive mergers & acquisitions.)

The US, and by extension, global financial system is a Ponzi scheme of the worst kind.  And, it has been building since the corporate takeover of our society more than a century ago. 

Just a reminder that one of the outcomes I am anticipating (with substantial analysis behind it), is that the stock market very well could disappear. And, that quantitative finance has left nothing more than mega corporations batting bets back and forth with quadrillions of dollars of useless paper derivatives. All enabled by endless non-economic Federal Reserve liquidity first provided under Reagan’s criminal tenure.  This and other dynamics could make stock market redemptions under major duress a near impossibility.  In other words, the last remaining mechanism that has propped up corporate capitalism, the illusion of paper wealth in the stock market, gives an appearance, but actually may become unredeemable under duress.  I’m not stating this will happen, but mechanics make it a possibility.

More on all of this in promised upcoming posts. 

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George Floyd And The Tyranny of The Corporate State’s Law & Order

I want to remark about a few words regarding George Floyd.  Parts of the establishment system has done everything possible to demonize him. Then I saw Nancy Pelosi yesterday remark that George Floyd died for justice.  Well, I would say he died for the injustice of our society and people like Nancy Pelosi who created and enforced its order.  George Floyd is a microcosm of the cruelty of our society.  A society where the lives of millions are tossed away with nary a thought.  A society that devours the entire world and will destroy any and all life in it for the sake of private capital’s profits. 

In order to really appreciate what is going on, one needs to have a perspective that is never discussed by any mainstream news source.  First off, law and order is code word for establishment tyranny.  The Nazis loved law and order.  The British Empire loved law and order.  Corporations and ruling elites love law and order.  They created it. And, they fund the police state to enforce it.  Law and order is not the same as the rule of law based on natural rights or rights granted by our Creator as discussed ad nauseam on here. Law and order is whatever force is necessary to maintain the existing often rotten and outright evil power structure.  To appreciate this, corporations have won upwards of 90% of the speech laws in this nation.(Winkler) And, as a result, they have written most of the law and order legislation in this nation to protect private capital while it devours democracy.  To be honest, I could care less about law and order. I’m much more of a chaos person. One who supports lack of conformity to law and order and the freedom of human expression and community that comes with it.  I care about the rights of individuals as granted by our Creator; natural rights and the rights of the community or common good.  Those words scare the shit out of the establishment because the two are most often diametrically-opposed. So, when Trump stood up last year and squealed about law and order, it was reminiscent of every puppet government in history that has exploited humanity.  But his followers lapped it up.  The establishment was more worried about the very uncommon burning of private property when it could have cared less about George Floyd or anyone else who didn’t serve its profit motives. Ever. In the history of our nation.  People were in the streets revolting because private property is and has always been valued more than their lives. Torching private property is a manifestation of this feeling that so many have.  This store or that person’s wealth is more important than I am in the eyes of society and the law.  I don’t endorse any of that behavior but I certainly empathize with how many feel the impulse to do so. 

Additionally, as written countless times on here, the US is a police state.  The US spends more on domestic law enforcement than any other nation spends on their military. That includes China. And, our prison population dwarfs the world’s.  Must anyone even ask why this is so?  Because corporate capitalism needs the state to enforce its violence against humanity to survive; again discussed on here many times.  How else would private capital devour democratic government, natural rights, community and the dignity that comes with them?  It is a natural right or right granted by our Creator to be able to partake of the fruits of the earth, including everyone having their own shelter. A participatory, democratic society would embrace these values and allow all who wish to participate to be granted those rights.  Yet, private capital, lays claim to all of the land and its resources and forces humanity to buy it back at a profit.  That is the foundation of economics.  Let the corporate state or the ruling elites steal, through law and order, everything from humanity and sell it back to them at a profit. And, if possible, for the collection of rent in perpetuity.  Don’t kid yourself that it’s any different than that.  The police exist to enforce the establishment. They are there to protect the theft of labor and property rights of the ruling elites.  And, anyone who understands anything about history, should easily understand this going all of the way back to ancient times. I’m not talking about property rights as a meager home someone may rent from the state. (And, you NEVER own your home. You rent it.  Even when paid off, taxes, financial judgments, unpayable debts, unpayable healthcare bills, etc ensure that fact.)

So, while we certainly shouldn’t abolish the police, we need to understand the limits of their usefulness to democracy and how they should be deployed differently than in the past. Deployed to maintain civility and to capture violent offenders like corporate capitalists who rob humanity blind and, as a result, create a society where poverty, inhumanity and the laws of the jungle, social Darwinism turn people into animals who are focused on survival. 

Certain personality types are drawn to the power of law enforcement. Many are dangerously unpleasant. How else would police have been able to manipulate the laws so they are able to regulate their own actions without citizen oversight. As Thoreau noted, most people including law enforcement serve the state as they would serve the devil.  I’ve noted ages ago this needs to change and law enforcement needs to be accountable to citizens.  And, because our dystopian corporate society has devolved into the depths of social violence, we need law enforcement. But, they should be trained with different skillsets, serve different laws and have psychologists and counselors take certain types of calls with them. And, the intent of that call should not be to create greater tension, to use force or violence or to escalate the situation as happens all too often today. Do law enforcement officers have the right to defend their lives? Certainly. But, they have become part of the dystopian jungle of social Darwinism and are often a large part of the problem.  Law enforcement in the US is too often not serving communities, citizens or democracy but rather serving the corporate state.  That needs to change. 

Few in America really have any idea what is happening to our society.  It has absolutely nothing to do with anything being reported by any news source.  Those that push the false left-right narrative, that I’ve remarked for a dozen years is going to collapse this cycle, and the useful idiots who blindly follow them, are diddling while the contradictions of corporate capitalism crumble before our very eyes.  Rome burns while the establishment is engaged in their power games.  The underlying dynamics of our society have absolutely nothing to do with the bickering and fighting between power structures seeking to “take out” each other.  Or, gain an upper hand. I have to laugh at the idiocy that communists are driving BLM. Since McCarthyism cancelled the left more than half a century ago, no one in this nation dare think or ever associate with anything other than the free market where human beings are bought and sold into day labor slavery.  No, what is really driving the riots in the streets is that Black Americans are on the low end of the totem pole and often have no purpose in life other than to subsist at the level just above death.  And, they have no more in common with the founder of BLM, who is now cashing in on her corporate entitlement, than poor and working class white Americans have in common with corporate executives and Fox News; although countless millions of minions mindlessly serve both. 

There are tens of millions of people in this nation who serve little, if any, purpose to investor profits.  The disposable society I have written so much about.  If one doesn’t serve private capital’s relentless drive for profits, they are thrown away. Veterans, the poor, anyone who cannot find living wage work, entrepreneurs, small business owners, anything that has to do with public policy or democracy, etc.  But, those who serve private capital are the most successful in our society.  Those that work for investor-owned corporations, Wall Street, political stooges, the war state, etc.  They do the bidding of evil.

I cannot believe so many Americans support a system where the government, which is supposed to be the will of the people, (and tells us something about the morality of voting Americans) literally throws people into the clutches of private capital, where there are no Constitutional rights nor rights granted by our creator, and told to sink or swim.  Throw yourselves onto the alter of the profit gods and mammon.  History will look back on the United States as the most powerful nation ever yet one that enslaved and literally murdered humans in droves as they fall upon the alter of profits.  That includes American citizens who die from the diseases of poverty and exclusion as well as those around the world who seek to chart a self-determined path and thus feel its wrath and judgment. 

What kind of world exists where every citizen in our nation and every nation in the world is forced to compete for private capital and profits to simply survive?  Is it any wonder the US is at war with the world?  Serve the interests of private capital or feel its wrath.  It’s literally the same as every empire.  When is peace, harmony and sustainability possible under a system where everyone in the world has to compete against his fellow man for survival?  The system American voters continue to support regardless of whether it’s the Democratic or Republican wing of the corporate party.

I’ll tell you what kind of world.  A world in which George Floyd lives.  A world without a common good, a social contract or a breath of humanity.  George Floyd fell through the cracks because there is no will or money or public policy (democracy) to catch him from falling into the gutter of human despair.  George Floyd may have been a drug addict. He may have had a police record.  But, he was someone’s son. And, there are millions more where he came from. 

We will continue to devolve into greater and greater violence that requires greater and greater force.  Because as noted endlessly on here, corporate capitalism is a control system that requires these dynamics to maintain its grip on humanity.   It should be of no surprise that it appears the law and order forces of the state appear to be responding with greater and greater force to maintain the corporate state’s death grip on humanity.(Link) The corporate state must continue to cancel any dissent if it is to survive.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

A Rigorous NIH Epidemiological Review Of CV19 Vaccine Efficacy Shows A Much Different Conclusion Than Corporate Science and Corporate Media

I’ve talked about risk a lot on here. It’s a scientific discipline that really seems dead in our culture.  Someone I respect very much sent me towards this epidemiological analysis. I thought I would post it.  Most people either aren’t going to understand much of the jargon or aren’t going to tread through its technicalities.  Be patient. It’s a worthy read. You’ll need to have a remedial understanding of relative and absolute risk reduction and number needed to vaccinate to prevent a single infection.  The paper provides that.  Let me provide a little guidance to simply peruse the initial baselining of terms and explanations in the report and then focus on the discussion and conclusion sections. Regardless of your understanding of statistics or industry-specific terminology, you’ll be able to clearly understand these important sections.  

The net is that CV19 vaccine absolute risk reduction was not provided nor is not being reported.  And, it’s very different than what is being pushed by the establishment. The author concludes in more technical terms than I’m going to state that the public has been misled in a breach of scientific ethics.  No surprise here. A long-time thesis on here is that true science is dying courtesy of the corporate state.

I don’t chalk this up to conspiracy or some boogeyman out to get us.  Corporate capitalism is working exactly as it should; virtuous (ahem) self interest.  It’s simply a reflection of a society and democracy devoured by corporate capitalism. There’s no profit in identifying standardized treatments, foods or minerals to then use that data to determine who really needs a vaccine.  But, there’s upwards of hundreds of billions of dollars of global profits vaccinating anything that moves, including small children, pets, etc.  The data for any contrary analysis was never developed, not because of a boogeyman out to get us but because our system only operates on one incentive mechanism- investor profits.   Politicians and doctors as a generalization certainly don’t understand any of the analysis reported in the below link. But, they are good at doing what they are told by corporations; that’s their normal course of action every single day.

Link here.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Corporate Capitalism's Debt Machine Hides A Much More Insidious Reality

My upcoming post or possibly few series of posts will be an economic update. I noted in pretty substantial detail pre-coronavirus that the US economy was rolling over well before 2020.  The cat was recently let out of the bag in Congress that during 2019 and into 2020 the Federal Reserve was bailing out the banking system at a far greater rate than they publicly documented.  The secrets and fraud to keep our criminal banking system afloat are staggering.  On that note, there is a lot of nonsense and conspiracy reported out there on many popular financial sites.  I get all of my data directly from the Federal Reserve.  But since so much isn't reported by the Federal Reserve or anyone in the press, I use pretty much exclusively to help me piece together that the Federal Reserve, Congress, the SEC or other regulators are misrepresenting or misleading us about.  Pam and Russ Martens have literally no equals in reporting on our financial system.  It's based in fact. They understand central banking, finance and monetary policy.  I get no money or have no affiliation on this blog. I don't even know Pam and Russ.  It's purely based on my indepth understanding of finance and their unique insight and journalistic excellence.  

I noted countless times post 2008 that the US would never see an economic recovery under the current economic system. And, that the world we knew before 2008 is gone. Forever.  The world is far different than anything that anyone will ever learn on Fox News, CNN, from Wall Street or from politicians. Over a lifetime, I have come to appreciate the palpable ignorance of the establishment.  It exists in science, in politics, in corporations, in the successful classes of corporate capitalism and in large segments of our population who rely on these sources.  This certainly doesn't mean people are stupid.  Far from it. Many of the most ignorant people are very bright by many measures. But if any narrative has become  mainstream, regardless of what ideology or doctrine, it is almost certainly fundamentally based on ignorance. And, the establishment elites arrogantly believe in their own ignorance regardless of any facts that may exist to the contrary. These are the effects of belief systems, or lies we tell ourselves, that I have written about incessantly. The ego will do anything to perpetuate its own belief systems. That includes look directly at an outright fallacy that is part of my belief system and rather than recognize my own ignorance, incorporate into my own faulty beliefs. This is why magical thinking and conspiracy theory abounds so much with White Americans and the professional class Americans being the two most predominant. They are the largest targeted population classes that suffer from a hive mind mentality that results in them lying to themselves so much they don't know who they truly are or what reality truly is.

As noted in prior posts, I'll be addressing all of this in detail in 2020 as these dynamics played a major role in my voluminous anticipated outcomes written of on here for the last sixteen years.  And, they are almost all in play or have already come to pass.  

We are never going back to the world that existed. And, never is a long time.  The revolutionary (the working poor and those most exploited by corporate capitalism) and counter-revolutionary (Trump supporters) forces that exist in our society are here to stay. Corporate capitalism is not and cannot mathematically recover.

For now, I want to simply highlight a topic discussed ad nauseam on here for sixteen years.  That is, US wealth creation peaked around 1980, capitalism can't pay its own bills, we don't live in a democracy but rather a corporate plantation and corporate captured government, capitalism is in systemic and likely permanent failure post 2008, I'm projecting US empire to end in 2022 and the US has spent hundreds of trillions of dollars (in today's dollar terms) bailing out corporate capitalism over the last four decades at the expense of democratic programs and the common good.

There were huge political and economic changes that happened in the last 70s and early 80s that I'll be discussing this year.  Those were generally driven by a radicalized fascist Republican Party and corporations.  As capitalism started losing its control and domination of democracy, it's strong adherents circled the wagons and started a multi-decades effort to destroy its democratic opposition.  One of the first of these efforts is the Lewis Powell memo I have mentioned numerous times on here; a blueprint for corporate capitalist to dominate democracy. (Link.)   (Powell was a radical right wing corporate fascist with incredibly undemocratic views that Nixon eventually nominated to the Supreme Court, which has been the most egregious violators of democracy and individual rights while legislating from the bench unconstitutional corporate laws.  If one does the research, they will find out this memo started the flood of dirty Republican corporate money that led to the endless wall of corporate money in politics, neoliberal trickle down economics of Reagan, right wing fascist think tank propaganda and resultant fascist changes in federal government policies and Federal Reserve policies. Both political parties in the US have long since adopted these stances.)  

One must realize that corporate capitalism is an economic control system just like communism, feudalism, mercantilism or any other ism dreamed up by the ruling economic-political class. And, that what is happening in the economy today was driven by inputs that may have happened a decade or a century ago. Constant rigging and handouts to corporate capitalism, Wall Street and the ruling class are ongoing in the endless bribing of government and stealing of wealth from the poorest and working class in our society. There is no such thing as the free market. There's only policy and handouts created by politicians at the behest of their corporate-investor class donors that transfer money from the working class, the poor and democracy to the corporate class.

I noted some posts ago about the many examples of the massive corporate capitalist bailouts over the last forty years that amounted to well north of $100 trillion. And, I haven't even scratched the surface with that post.  It's far greater than what I highlighted. In a similar vein, the Rand Corporation recently did an analysis that the top 1% of the corporate capitalist class stole $50 trillion dollars from the working class in the last forty years. Their analysis is completely different than my highlighted thefts but does intersect on some level. Their analysis is way too small.  The looting by corporate capitalism is far, far greater.

In the graph below, we see the total US corporate & economic debt versus GDP since 1975.  It's obvious that we aren't on a trend to ever pay back these debts. Ever.  And haven't been since Ronald Reagan replaced intrinsic demand from citizens with ever-increasing government spending and debt to prop up corporate capitalism, which required endlessly cutting democratic programs and social safety nets.   

What I want readers to take away from this graph has nothing to do with debt itself. It has to do with what's behind the debt that I have talked about repeatedly over the years. Debt is a myth. It's an illusion.  And, because US debt is all dollar denominated, we owe it to ourselves.  It doesn't matter if China holds our bonds or if a retired citizen in Detroit holds them.  (More on this later)  Debt is and can and be vanquished continuously around the world every day. 

What you should start thinking about is what would our economy have looked like without that buildup of corporate debt.  The simple answer is it would have collapsed alongside the Soviet Union, with similar timing.  Lenin told us communism was nothing more than state capitalism. And, in reality, they are extremely similar in how they are used to control the masses.  The US simply lasted longer because of its reserve currency status.  So, if we have had ever increasing debt for the past 40-odd years, that means what our economy has become during that time is completely unsustainable. Because, it obviously cannot repay its debts.  It also tells us the free market that Ronald Reagan and radical Republicans ushered in is nothing more than enslaving citizens to private corporations and debt that left society holding the bag on ever-increasing debt while the political and economic class pillaged democracy.  Mind you, this has been discussed time and again as a major driver behind the American Revolution in 1776 and our Declaration of Independence from the king's corporations and his corporate bankers.

The Federal Reserve can keep the debt Ponzi scheme going for a long time.  What it can't do is control the behavior of a global system with trillions of moving parts. It cannot control human behavior and it cannot cover over gross corporate capitalist incompetence forever.  

What this graph also points to is that corporate capitalism and Wall Street have grossly misallocated capital. That it has not served society or democracy but that corporations and ruling elites do just the opposite without democratic oversight.  They have allocated what served them best while leaving democracy in a debt-enslaved society where our only reason for existence is to service their entitlement. This chart alone shows you that corporate capitalism has plundered and looted society and left them with nearly a future $100 trillion dollar obligation in corporate debt alone. All while they deny Americans healthcare, living wages, the fruits of their labor and destroy their communities and democracy. This after receiving massive government subsidies that required cuts to democratic and social programs. This is why the wealth gap is so great. Because the top 10-20% have cashed out trillions while leaving the rest of society holding the bag on massive corporate debts.

This dynamic is why the government is now giving dollars to American citizens to survive. Because citizens have been looted and pillaged by corporate capitalism. But, even those checks are only enough to pay the corporate debts and endless bills that we are all enslaved to.  So, once again, these are backdoor handouts for corporations and banks that will receive nearly all of these payments to citizens.

So, what is behind this debt?  Massive physical global overcapacity and overconsumption. When you understand this, you appreciate the elephant in the room isn't debt. As noted ad nauseam, its the massive misallocation of capital by corporations (the mythical free market) in excess plant, equipment, consumption, retail, consumerism and the like that hasn't balanced with society's ability to intrinsically consume corporate capitalism's output for four decades. So, the biggest concern should not be debt but the physical imbalances behind it.  Because if those are taken out, then we will see massive global unemployment. Massive. As noted many times, it could be upwards of 70% in the US.  A few sources who calculate real unemployment recently put total unemployment in 2020 at nearly 50% during the height of the pandemic.  That has again fallen to around 25% but the pandemic exposed the risks to the system when shocks are absorbed.

And, the debt bubble isn't just a US phenomenon.  The US has saddled China with even more debt as it has plundered that country. China's total government, corporate and private debt is now over 400% of GDP.  The US has pillaged China and left it in a disastrous situation as noted countless times on here.  

This is almost certainly the final days of corporate capitalism.  Whether it fails in one fell swoop or slowly grinds its way to nonexistence through a series of continual shocks remains to be seen.  

Until the next time. (You can click on the graph for a larger image.)

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Germany, France and Italy Suspend AstraZeneca CV19 Vaccine Due To Complications

This was reported by the AP.  This suspension is due to one of the issues I linked to in the last CV19 post where doctors sent a letter to the European equivalent of the FDA raising this concern.  I can imagine the first thing we are going to hear is that this isn’t the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.  Yet, my last post highlighted increasing medical and scientist concerns and risks to both.  Both types of vaccines target the spike protein we’ve all become laymen experts about. Both trigger the body to respond similarly with potentially substantial yet-t0-be-uncovered unknowns and risks. Why would it not be plausible that side effects could be similar without scientific research/validation to the contrary?  The virologist who actually used to work for the Gates Foundation (for those who hate Bill Gates), said something very profound in the link I provided. That science didn’t take the time to understand the virus and how it was reacting with the human body before creating a vaccine.  So, we ended up not understanding our enemy and going to war with the wrong weapons.  There is merit to that perspective. That we didn’t do scientific diligence and quantify risks. Does that mean the vaccines are dangerous to most?  No. But, we are still learning about the virus and the vaccines so what the governments of nations should have done is be honest with citizens and tell them we believe these vaccines are safe but that there are risks.  And, we will monitor their impacts and transparently share that data.  But instead we are treated as infants or politicians fear telling us the truth.  Either way, this doesn’t represent the consent of the governed.

American medicine in particular lacks a scientific research mindset. What a surprise. We are a nation that rejects science. We ship our science jobs to China, Mexico, India and Vietnam. Or, let the Europeans do it for us.  As I noted back in February in 2020, more than a year ago as it pertained to what was potentially coming re this virus, US medicine often looks more like witchcraft than science.  What I mean by that is we lack a rigorous data-driven infrastructure to validate medical procedures, outcomes, approaches and treatments.  To this day, we don’t have a national data-driven effort to capture effective CV19 treatments, CV19 short and long term medical side effects or CV19 vaccine short or long term side effects.  Thus, we just piss against the wall and hope for the best.  Doctors and nurses are left to make things up and use word of mouth for successes and failures.  They have done an admirable job by cutting death rates.  But, it’s poking in the dark as opposed to using data-driven science to achieve those goals on a national level. 

It is my perspective that a substantial reason this exists is that doctors are not scientists; something noted on here for years. So, they don’t think like scientists. Many, especially general practitioners are often little more than legalized drug pushers. There is no incentive for them to be scientists. 

There was once a time when Europeans were pioneering medicine by offering or even requiring PhD science degrees in concert with MD degrees.  The US has never done that.  Although I believe there are a very small number of US schools that now offer this approach. I don’t stay close enough to this point to speak authoritatively on who is currently offering what but I do know the US isn’t focused on producing scientists as it pertains to doctors. That doesn’t mean US doctors aren’t capable. But it does mean the thought processes behind treatments, outcomes, drug usage and the like are too often void of data-driven science. It’s an awareness, rigor mindset more than an intelligence or capability issue. 

So, while US medicine is busy ramrodding a never-before used vaccine approach, with two months and 20,000 trial participants, numerous European nations have been and continue to raise issues about what the vaccine is actually doing in the body. And reporting negative outcomes including what the implications are for a vaccine that actually doesn’t vaccinate people but rather is some type of a booster shot. (My last CV19 post)  This is because they are capturing data and, more importantly, rather than conforming to a profit-driven corporate healthcare edict that only exists in the U.S., they are asking and raising serious scientific questions.  Just imagine how many other healthcare dynamics enforce this conformity in our nation? This because private profit is the primary intent of the healthcare delivery system. I’ll give you another dynamic just as it pertains to CV19.  The number one correlation of CV19 hospitalization and death appears to be obesity.  Who’s responsible for the obesity epidemic in our nation?  The for-profit, investor-owned industrial food complex hooking us on high-profit, low nutrition food that has addictive qualities. Where’s the healthcare system demanding accountability on nutrition? They are owned by the same corporate investors as healthcare.  And, the corporate media and on and on.  People would be fired for speaking the truth against corporations and investors.  This already happens everywhere in medicine where employees are muzzled and terminated for speaking the truth.  We lie to each other in this nation so much we don’t even know what the truth is.

As I noted in prior posts, our society lacks an understanding of risk analysis and risk management.  That includes the appreciation of future risk.  Poverty, lack of healthcare, lack of education, lack of employment, lack of community, lack of social support structures and the like creates incredible risks and ends up with a fragile society.  That is the United States.  This is consistent with the cheerleading of a vaccine where two months of clinical trials on a very small participant data set of generally healthy individuals. The real world was not reflective of those trials nor the profile of participants.  And, what’s even more disconcerting is more than a year later the US has no national data capture system for CV19 treatments, CV19 short or long term side effects, or CV 19 vaccine short or long term side effects. Even though we see disturbing trends on the very underused CDC VAERS site.  How is this much better than witchcraft?  Yet, Fauci comes out last week and blames Republicans who want to see more data, which we are now getting and it’s not good, on not wanting a vaccine.  Well, I’m not a Republican and as I’ve noted, I will not be getting the vaccine. That is an open statement that may change with new treatments or more data but to-date, the data isn’t moving in the right direction.  The first thing that should happen is a house cleaning at the CDC that builds transparency, operational expertise and a data-driven science mindset.  None of which seem apparent today.

Do you know why these risks exist everywhere in our society?  Because spending money to build a resilient society takes money out of corporate profits or raises taxes on corporations and the rich to pay for that resilience.  Who hates America?  Corporate capitalist criminals and the rich who embrace profits over the common good.  Even if it means sending all of our science, technology and capital-producing industries to communist and third world countries.  Thus, killing Americans with poverty, stress and loss of livelihood. 

The United States is a death cult enforced by corporations and the investor class and both political parties, corporations themselves.

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

While The Mainstream Celebrates The End Of CV19, Major Risks Remain

Back in my January update on how disastrous the US response to the coronavirus is, I talked about delaying second shots and trifling with the virus opened the doors to mutations.  And, thus, the possibility of making this situation even more disastrous.  Interestingly, a top vaccine advocate, link below,  has come out and talked about the possibility of attempting to vaccinate people during a pandemic could create a horrendous monster.  And, with the vaccine permanently altering our immune response, the potential for a mutated strain to overrun our immune system.  In other words, regardless of whether the vaccines work and to what degree, exposing the virus to vaccines in the midst of a pandemic where the virus is jumping from host to host gives the virus a chance to become exposed to the vaccine and mutate around it.  Thus, creating a potentially deadlier situation that is potentially unstoppable.  Right now, these are risks based on sound science as opposed to guaranteed outcomes.

While some of this scientist’s assertions are yet to be validated in outcomes, and are open to being challenged, this dialog brings up a good point that many people don’t seem to grasp.  Risk management and risk analysis and absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  As an example, countless people including those with sciences training view death graphs or infection graphs and see cases going down. Thus, they conclude the pandemic is over.  Or, people see that many have some substantial degree of immunity or show few symptoms and conclude this is just like the flu.  This happened in the 1918 pandemic as well.  And, years later countless health issues arose.  This isn’t a political issue.  It’s an issue of science and a lack of understanding of risk analysis.  Even conservative doctor Scott Gottlieb has talked about how without modern medicine this virus could have been as deadly as the 1918 pandemic.  Lack of understanding and quantification of risk is everywhere in this pandemic and in our fragile society.  Everything is politicized.  $15 an hour minimum wage is attempting to deal with a risk of a fragile society.  Providing healthcare to all in society is an attempt to create a resilient society.  Helping those during the pandemic is an attempt to address a risk of a fragile or non-resilient society.  Not helping communities and small businesses creates a risk in a fragile society.  The lack of public policy enforcement in Texas’s energy debacle creates risks and fragility.  Global supply chains and globalization creates incredible risks and fragility across countless outcomes.  The list of risk and even a lack of rudimentary understanding of fragility, lack of resilience and associated outcomes defines our horrendously corrupt corporate government and our wildly fragile society.  The United States is one shock away from massive crisis.  Yet, rather than discussing real and substantive issues, all of these and more are turned into political issues that the US doesn’t have money to deal with.  Or, that one party or the other is attempting to gain an upper hand.  This is fundamentally due to the lack of democratic public policy embracing a common good and the outcomes associated with Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan and Chamber of Commerce fundamentalism that places faith in corporations to provide in lieu of democratic public policy.  Our nation is literally run by corporate and political idiots.

This was actually exposed by Trump who has a third grade understanding of science, zero understanding of risk and absolutely no understanding of mathematics.  Projections on where the virus may be going are useful but as we’ve seen, they are often wrong.  Deaths and cases are lagging indicators. By the time someone thinks we are past the virus, new cases could be rising.  So, there is no way we are ever going to tell when this is over.  Does this mean we should shut down every aspect of our lives ad infinitum?  No.  We have learned a lot about transmissibility and how to protect against it.  What we have not learned is risk analysis or risk management and using actionable data to manage it; a concept that seems to not be understood by policy makers, the medical establishment or US citizens.  There are many reasons for this that I’m sure I don’t fully appreciate but a few are 1) the US hasn’t had to deal with crisis in ages so we don’t understand the concept of risk, 2) We make almost nothing and have outsourced science, so we are simply science illiterate, 3) Our educational system is horrendous on purpose and so we don’t education people to think in terms of risk analysis, creating a sustainable democracy(As the liberal arts were created for this purpose by the ancient Greeks) across any spectrum of society, 4) No one is willing to listen to true experts because they believe the entire system is stacked against them or are so close to being completely destabilized by authoritarian corporate government that they can’t afford to contemplate anything.

Below are three timely links worth reviewing as it pertains to remaining risks associated with the pandemic, the vaccine and lack of a data-driven, scientific policy view on behalf of the benefit of democracy and every citizen.

A Brutal Attack on Scientific Dissent link – This is nothing new but timely. I’ve noted for ages that junk science defines so much of our reality. This is substantially driven by the diminishing standards of science created by the corporate (for profit) funding and corporate takeover of US science.  Rabid attacks against those who question the authority of institutionalized entitlement is part and parcel to our hierarchical, institutionalized society.  I’ve talked about this in the posting on credentialism versus competence.  Entitled careerists whose self-interest trumps seeking truth use verbal assaults and attacks against truth seekers who have legitimate questions on policy or science.  This is a form of what is now being called cancel culture that has existed for ages in our culture.  Feynman discussed this generations ago.  So, did Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn in his criticism of the conformity of US corporate culture including its science nearly 60 years ago.  Cancel culture, shouting down dissent and conformity are part and parcel to corporate capitalism and  institutionalized entitlement.

Open letter from scientists on vaccine safety link – Nothing highlights the level of ignorance in our nation more than the rushing of a new form of vaccine that has absolutely no long term or even short term safety data during small, two month clinical trials.  The complete lack of risk analysis, risk management and data required to make actionable risk decisions is palpable.  These questions are serious concerns about the potentiality of unintended consequences and lack of critical risk assessment of a rushed vaccine.  Corporate medical science in the US is often less about science and more about profits. We lack even rudimentary data in nearly every aspect of our healthcare system.  And, the vaccine safety data NOT being captured except for voluntary submission to the CDC’s VAERS database shows how we are literally flying blind.  Even so, the number of deaths, late term pregnancy losses, Bells Palsy cases and anaphylactic cases is far greater than projected.  Harvard did a study some years ago that VAERS data is so inaccurate it captures an incredibly small amount of true data points.  This doesn’t even take into consideration there are absolutely no longer term reporting systems available to track potential long term effects of either the virus or the vaccine.

Vaccines during pandemic unintended consequences and risks link – This is the video highlighted in the above paragraphs with a vaccine developer who is concerned about rolling vaccines in the middle of a pandemic may allow the virus to mutate into a strain that is far worse.  This is scientifically comparable to bacteria developing resistance with improper use of antibiotics.  At this point, I would classify it as a major risk rather than a quantifiable issue.  But, with vaccine rollouts just starting and policymaker decisions to delay second shots, the opportunity for the virus to react to the vaccine and mutate is definitely real.  Given the world will likely be vaccinating for the next few years and that the vaccines may not stop transmission or infection, the potential for viral mutation is a major risk.  And, in a worst case, as this scientist notes, new vaccine boosters may not accomplish anything as we have permanently changed our natural immune response with the introduction of a vaccine that doesn’t actually vaccinate people but rather limits worst case outcomes.

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

What Really Happened With Texas Energy Grid?

We’ve learned a lot over the last year. That includes almost all American politicians are scumbags, liars and manipulators.  Gavin Newsome, Kristi Noem, Brian Kemp, Ron DeSantis, Gretchen Whitmer and Mario Cuomo top the list at the state level.  Catching up quickly from behind is Greg Abbott from Texas.  The level of stupidity of our politicians is palpable. Some time in the next few months I’m going to do a little introduction to compare how the ancient Athenians ran their society.  They didn’t have politicians. They essentially purged those who lorded over them and instituted direct democracy.

I’ve talked endlessly on here that we don’t need politicians to run our society. That they are a leftover from an era whose time has passed.  And, that those that seek dominion and power over others are exactly those who shouldn’t be given it, whether it’s politicians, corporate executives, academia, the military, religion and so forth.  We are ruled by pathology.  There can be nothing more clearly understood from 2020.  There is no such thing as a public servant that serves at the consent of the governed and there never has been in our nation’s history. Our leaders are chosen by powerful corporations and economic elites.  We have no more participation in our self-rule than the CCP or the USSR.  We vote for who the party selects and we are told to go away while they lord over us and tell us what to do, how to live our lives, what work is acceptable and on and on.  If anyone happens to slip through the cracks and do the will of the American people, they are quickly terrorized, demonized and their policies attacked and if needed, eventually overturned.

Greg Abbott is a scumbag blaming everyone else for the Texas energy debacle.  And, trying to blame it on windmills and solar panels. For God’s sake. This guy has no remedial understanding of energy grids, energy distribution, resiliency planning, business continuity planning or anything else.  That’s why he’s a politician rather than a scientist or an engineer. Or, for that matter, any discipline or craft that requires some modicum of intelligence. 

You know when people really don’t know what they are talking about when they seek to politicize anything and everything.  That’s all the media and politicians do. That’s the basis of the entire false left versus right meme that I’ve written about ad nauseam is heading for collapse.  What would most politicians do if they weren’t in politics, fundraising, lobbying or whatnot?  Most would probably be traveling evangelists looting unsuspecting marks. 

Let me just say this about the Athenians. Every citizen was invited to the Assembly. Every citizen was encouraged to participate and speak their piece.  And, every citizen voted.  But, when issues were debated, you had better know more than a soundbite or what you found in a Google search.  Because, if you didn’t know what you were talking about, you were told to shut the fukc up.  That would preclude nearly every politician and media talking head in the US today from ever talking. And, it would preclude those who blindly listen to them. Greg Abbott would be told to shut the fukc up at the Athenian Assembly. 

How different would our society be without half wits and morons seeking power and fame while lording over the rest of us?  If we participated daily in what our government, community and society would look like because we were the government? If a mom who is an expert in autism or a backyard farmer who is an expert in sustainable food practices or a citizen who is an expert in any of life’s issues could tell the people who today lord over us yet have no greater knowledge, if any at all, to STFU because I’m here to talk authoritatively as an expert due to my experiences.

Below are links to two engineers who explain what really happened in Texas.  These issues have existed for years and again point to the profit motive being the failure to so many of our social ills and lack of social resilience. 

Let me close by repeating something else I’ve written ad nauseam on here.  Not having enough money to do this or that or offer healthcare or provide shelter or access to society’s resources as is so often done is a pathological lie.  As long as their is labor, materials and intellectual ability (science/engineering), money is an artificial limiter imposed on us by pathology.  The US has a hundred million people who are underemployed or unemployed.  And, we have the science to solve enough of society’s issues that are only limited to the labor of those one hundred million people.  That includes making our energy grid more resilient, creating massive research programs for alternative energy, healthcare, social resilience, food resilience, shelter for all Americans, new forms of transportation, rebuilding localism and communities, empowering all citizens to greater levels of actualization, abolishing poverty, etc.  What our world is capable of being is far different than what corporate capitalism, communism, fascism or any other ism (control system) tells us is possible.

Link to engineer number 1.

Link to engineer number 2.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Cancel Culture And Censorship Are As American As Apple Pie

Another unplanned post before I continue with the prior thread of professional class magical thinking. It’s coming but right now there are two posts I am thinking of beforehand. This one and an update on the global economy, which is in tatters.  By the way, on the note of the economy, there is no “Global Reset” contrived by elites. More magical thinking and conspiracy theories.  Again, more on that in my economic update post.

I often go where I see something completely missed by the mainstream narrative in posts on here.  And, what is missing from the mainstream narrative is the hugely hypocritical,  brainwashed propaganda narrative of the Republican Party and conservatives.  American society has huge blind spots in its psyche due to incredible levels of corporate brainwashing.  Conservatives can’t see this hypocrisy while they can clearly see that of Democrats is because their hypocrisy is already normalized into generally accepted US beliefs.  Or, to be more blunt, they’ve already been conditioned and brainwashed their whole lives so they cannot see their own hypocrisy.

There is a mild level of awareness growing within some conservative minds that the Republican Party doesn’t reflect their values. But, the blame is still being focused on anyone who thinks differently than they do. And, especially their hatred of the left.  Americans need to learn to punch up.  Not to blame their fellow citizens.  This process is completely different to what we’ve been brainwashed to do.  So, it’s going to take time and effort.  And, to be honest, just like in 1776, most conservative Tories defended England to the bitter end.  

Tribalism is very common within conservatism (as noted in prior posts, both political parties in the US are conservative and support the establishment) in the US.  For those who believe human beings are tribal and this is normal, I have an epiphany for you.  Tribalism is based on the ignorant cult-of-self society that defines America’s genocidal corporate culture.  Tribalism is the ignorant, egocentric perspective of self love.  Those who espouse tribalism love fawning all over themselves in the metaphorical mirror, just like the story of Narcissus.  Ego-driven tribalism loves reflections of itself in that it validates its own toxic self-adoration and its resultant belief systems.  This is tribalism.  That is, narcissism that views anyone who looks, thinks or acts differently is a threat to that bubble of self-adoration your ego has created.  So, instead of people really waking up in this nation, we still see blame shifted to others rather than taking responsibility for their own hypocrisy.  This isn’t just a Republican issue but it is generally associated with a conservative psyche.  And, mind you, the Democratic Party is also a conservative party.  Nancy Pelosi is a massive hypocrite.   No one in the US takes responsibility for anything except for the poor and those who suffer the consequences of decisions made by class and entitlement.  And, most of that entitlement is driven by corporate capitalist class.  That includes our corporate devoured government.  In other words, the basis for this hypocrisy is class just like England’s feudal economic and corporate lords in 1776.

The hypocrisy of the Democratic establishment is sickening. It’s hard for anyone who isn’t completely brainwashed by party ideology to not see it; seeking to destroy anyone in their path.  White privilege, white male privilege, toxic masculinity, microaggressions and other endless bullshit attempting to manipulate and control others for the benefit of class privilege . But, this has ALWAYS been the game of class.  The Democratic Party is trying to cancel and censor those who oppose them.  That’s the entire premise of capitalism and as a result, our culture.  And, it’s also the entire premise of the Republican Party. 

Without spending a lot of time on this, I’m going to whip out a handful of examples to highlight the massive hypocrisy of the conservatives who loves to paint the left as the cult of censorship, cancel culture and ignorance.  Actually, since the end of the Civil War, that crown clearly goes to the Republican Party.  So, let’s look at a few highlights off of the top of my head.  If I sat down and thought about it, I could create lists of conservative hypocrisy all day long. 

  1. Conservatives(defining establishment Republicans and Democrats) cancelled and censor the poor, and that includes Black American’s legitimate grievances.  Who in the Republican Party gives two nickels about the poor?  They are so heartless they had to create a propaganda meme of “compassionate conservative” to overcome their Godlessness.  More than half of all Americans make less than $20,000 per year.  Do we ever hear anything about how to fix this?  Or, any of the ills that define poverty such as education, entrepreneurship, helplessness in forms of addiction and suicide, the death sentence of poverty’s many health maladies that kill untold numbers of Americans with no money and no access to healthcare.  This is corporate capitalism.  It’s not communism or socialism that created America’s poverty despondency.  In fact, recently Republicans can’t get enough hate in as it pertains to raising the minimum wage to a measly $15 an hour.  Let’s let anyone who opposes this be forced to be accountable for their beliefs and let them work for $20,000 a year. I’d rather pay someone to sit at home and play video games than to force them to work in a job paying starvation wages.  Actually, to be serious, I’d rather pay them to start their own businesses, strengthen their communities, grow their own food, etc.  But, these are threats to corporate profits so that’ll never happen.
  2. The Republican Party in particular has cancelled all US culture through the acts of corporate genocide. The US is a very conformist culture. Very. I’ll be talking more about this in my upcoming post on magical thinking of the professional class but conformity is enforced by class through the control system of corporate capitalism.  The US easily assimilates people of all cultures because in the US only one culture exists.  That is the dumbed-down culture of forced corporate work.  And, since there is little leisure time for most, there is no culture. But, where there is culture, it’s derived through corporate profits.  Our leisure time is spent consuming corporate media, corporate sports, corporate leisure where the elites are capitalizing on our leisure.  Leisure is the basis of culture. Corporations have killed individuation and individual and community identity.  Black heritage and identity is lost. Native American heritage is being lost.  Various white identities and cultures are lost. Both our European heritage and our American heritage. Appalachian heritage, midwestern German heritage, upper midwestern Nordic heritage, southern heritage, southwestern Mexican heritage has all been devoured by the corporate state.  The corporate state’s cancel culture and identity censorship is driven substantially by the need for the entire mass of humanity in our nation to consume the sameness of corporate-created news, music, entertainment, food and on and on.  Blues, country music, rap, rock-n-roll, folk music and on and on, as just one example, are all dead. In its place are corporate-contrived musicians who lack any identity and reflection of any authentic cultural experience in their expressions of music, art, literature and economy. No community is in control of its own culture or identity. We’ve all been assimilated into the corporate capitalist plantation.  Nothing is more dystopian and disturbing than this massive cancel culture and individual censorship.
  3. The Republican Party created and continuously censors massive economic corruption. This dynamic is everywhere and could write an encyclopedia on it.  But, let me focus on a recent dynamic that is reported regularly by conservative media as a victory for conservatism and free market capitalism when in actuality it is capitalist plantation economics.  Recently, it has been hailed by conservative morons that companies moving from the liberal cesspool of California to Texas are a sign of the sickness of Democratically-run states.  While I have no love for Gavin Newsome or the Democratic Party, here is the reality. Taxes in Texas are very low.  And, there is no state income tax.  As a result, Texas ranks in the bottom five in healthcare, poverty and education.  In other words, the Texas plantation owners like to make sure the poor stay poor and democracy be damned.  Multiple parasitic corporations have extracted tax subsidies out of Texas to move there.  What this really means is the poor in Texas will again be paying the taxes for socialism for corporate capitalism. Not only are they already getting a horrible education, working for slave wages and dying from the diseases of poverty without healthcare, now they get to pay taxes for wealthy corporations moving to Texas to squat off of their labor.  This dynamic was predicted by many more than a century ago as something that would happen in the final days of capitalism.  That rent-seeking parasitic private capital would extort whatever it could from whomever was desperate enough to pay the extortion.  That’s what’s really happening in Texas and around the world.  And, it is only possible with the deregulation of private capital and corporations that is driven by the US and specifically by the adoption of neoliberal, trickle down economics espoused by Republicans.
  4. The Republican Party cancels any opposition to the endless corporate war state.  By shouting down people who oppose the war with control statements like “You don’t support the troops”, they create a society of censorship of free speech and free will. Anyone with dissenting views is terrorized by this tactic.
  5. The Republican Party has cancelled all opposition to corporate domination by terrorizing anyone who opposes corporate capitalism as a Marxist or a socialist when corporate capitalism itself is unsustainable, can’t pay the debts it creates and relies on socialism for the rich.  They’ve pulled this McCarthy form of terrorism for 70 years and done so very successfully.  Mind you, the primary reason we are the only nation of any degree of advancement that doesn’t have national healthcare is because of corporations.  If we had national healthcare, people would drop out of the corporate job market like flies to start new ventures that compete with said corporations.  They need to keep us all herded in corporations for investor profits. Now, back to Marxism.  Karl Marx was an economist not some evil threat to freedom.  And, he was far smarter than anyone who shouts Marxism hyperbole in this nation.  Far smarter. He had blind spots and I don’t support the majority of his conclusions but I certainly appreciate his many framing of the social issues created by corporations and class.  And, his framing of the issues is alive in many parts of the world today because other nations have meaningful dialogs on real issues that our cancel culture and censorship precludes.  Germany, as an example, considers itself a market socialist economy.  Marx had a profound effect on his native country of Germany and citizens have massive economic rights and powers, although US neoliberalism is whittling away at them.  If you hadn’t noticed, Germany is kicking our ass in science and standard of living.  Ditto for Japan that rejects corporate capitalism and instead has an economy based on cooperation and the common good.  Even though the US has tried repeatedly to get Japan to dismantle their system in favor of ours so our corporations can plunder their society.
  6. Ditto with opposition to any mainstream economic or societal narrative controlled by Republicans.  Republicans cancelled opposition to the plutocracy they created by shouting down people with control statements like “If you don’t like America, you can leave.” that censors the right to democratic activism, free will, participatory democracy and free speech.
  7. Conservatives(defining establishment Republicans and Democrats) cancelled tens of millions of high paying US jobs and the resultant middle class. Regardless of who was president at the time, it was Republicans in outsized numbers that passed NAFTA, CAFTA and normalized Chinese trade relations that destroyed the working class. When Reagan took office the US had a balance of trade of essentially zero.  Now, the US has the highest balance of trade deficit in history as corporations have sent our jobs to corporate slave labor camps around the world.  If Republicans and like-minded Democrats were responsible for their actions, all of these people who voted for these trade deals would be investigated for crimes against humanity and put on trial for treason.
  8. Conservatives(defining establishment Republicans and Democrats) cancelled democracy. It was Reagan and the Republican Party who deregulated corporations and then convinced the American people that democratic government was bad but the free market controlled by wealthy feudal lords (corporations) would make better decisions about society and the economy than democracy. And, that trickle down economics would work because the rich would be making so much money that they’d freely shower the money down to workers in this virtuous world of Ayn Rand’s Satanic book the The Virtue of Selfishness.(Seriously, Rand’s ideology adopted by Libertarians and Republicans were inspiration for the largest Satanic cult in the world.  How do I know this. Direct from the mouth of its leader; I give them Ayn Rand without politics.) The Republican Party is a death cult that places corporations, property, money, power and their own entitlement over the natural rights and lives of living, sentient beings.
  9. Many conservatives are hooting and howling that Google and Facebook are not advocates of free speech. But, actually, it is the unconstitutional spying powers of the state that were passed under Republican leadership that are the root cause of this. It is Republican leadership that engaged corporations to spy on American citizens and to steal privacy data unconstitutionally.  Not only that, but what kind of braindead moron believes corporations are synonymous with democracy or free speech?  When was the last time someone went to their corporate boss and told them they had no idea what they are doing?  The threat of forced conformity and loss of free will defines the very reason corporations were created in the first place.  Corporations are anti-democratic, anti-free will, anti-free speech and anti-natural rights.  It’s no coincidence communism, capitalism and fascism (systems of social control and social engineering) all use corporations to control humanity.
  10. Similar to Texas but a different dynamic, we have states like Kentucky with toxic Republican leadership such as McConnell and Rand Paul who are leaders of the Republican death cult of cancel culture and censorship.  Paul and McConnell hate anything democracy and are leading advocates of neoliberal free market hooey.  In other words, throw citizens into a cauldron controlled by wealthy corporations and economic elites and tell them to sink or swim.  If you can’t swim, don’t come crying to the government (democracy or community) for any relief.  It’s sink or swim for you.  Kentucky is number two in per capita payment mismatches with the federal government. In other words, Kentucky’s economy sucks because they don’t educate their citizens, doesn’t provide capital for entrepreneurship or provide any social safety nets.  So, the state doesn’t generate any payments to the federal government yet relies heavily on federal government handouts, which is generally true of Republican-controlled states. In other words, most Republican controlled states are at or near or at the bottom of every poverty statistic.  But Kentucky Republicans wish to cancel the poor entirely by cutting even more federal social programs.  This allows Republican politicians to control citizens through handouts rather than allowing them to flourish under their own power and collaboration with other citizens.  Mark my word, as noted many times, is moving towards democratic credit and banking.  So, rather than being slaves to corporations, citizens and communities will have access to democratic credit to start and maintain local, community-owned, employee-owned, family owned and entrepreneurial businesses rather than the slavery of corporate capitalism.
  11. The Republican Party has cancelled history.  While academia is often a shithole of Democratic Party rot, the Republican Party has played a key role in cancelling and censoring history.  And, for that matter, effective education.  Throughout the first couple of decades of the post WWII era, Republican governors and party officials played a key role in erasing the real history of our nation and replacing it with what many today call white supremacy. They normalized and trivialized slavery, the role of minorities and the role violence plays in our past.

These are just a handful of examples.  But, my point is it doesn’t matter if it’s corporations, the military, or political parties, they are all part of America’s cancel culture.  And, our palpable ignorance enforced by massive brainwashing and propaganda props it up.  We are all complicit in our ignorance.

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Robinhood Traders And A Quick Reality Check That Is The Disastrous, Unsustainable, Fragile US Financial System And Humpty Dumpty Economy

I noted on here in at the beginning of the year how horrible the economy was before the pandemic.  In fact, since 2008, real GDP has broken its regression uptrend for the first time since the Great Depression.  In other words, growth of real, not nominal, GDP has stalled.

If we take away Trump’s deficit spending, the real economy contracted in each of his years of service.  That’s a little bit different than the hooey fed to you by Fox News.  In fact, if I take away Obama’s deficit spending, take away the balance sheet of debts the Federal Reserve had to purchase from Wall Street banks during and after the 2008 collapse (that the Federal Reserve still has on their books), and Trump’s deficit spending, the US economy had collapsed before the pandemic. In fact, it has never recovered post 2008.  And in 2008, I wrote that globalization was dead.  It is.  China’s debt to GDP rocketed from nearly nothing in 2008 to now 400% of GDP.  This same dynamic is playing out in Europe and around the world.  2008 was the end.  Employment participation in the US collapsed and never recovered.  Small business creation collapsed and never recovered.  If I add in negative multifactor productivity which simply means it takes more than a dollar of money to produce a dollar of goods, and I add in the massive corporate debt explosion since 2008, its even worse.  If you subtract the $29 trillion (link here) bailout of Wall Street criminals in 2008 while five million Americans were kicked out of their homes……… We are in humpty dumpty land.

Why doesn’t MSNBC, Wall Street, politicians or Fox News tell you any of this? Well, first of all, no politicians or news outlet would actually would have any idea what they are talking about.  With this week’s shenanigans with Reddit and Wall Street hedge funds blowing up, I think its safe to assume you know why Wall Street would never utter anything.  Free markets, free speech, free elections, free press and your freedom have always been a myth.  Always. People can’t believe the rot in today’s world because they are just waking up from a stupor of brainwashing.  It’s always been here.  And I can prove it scientifically.  And, will soon enough. But, right now, I’m just sitting down at my computer for a few minutes.  I’m not ready to type up any details behind these statements.

Curiously, in addition to the sample of efforts above to prop up corporate capitalism since 2008, how much lower would GDP have been if we took away tens and tens of trillions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions over the last few decades?  If we hadn’t seen retail space per capita increase by 600% since Reagan to be now 1200% TIMES THE PER CAPITA rate of Germany as an example?  That’s not a misprint. 1200%.  If we backed out forty years of building corporate commercial real estate for this unsustainable retail, and take away all of the corporate employment it and retail, logistics, distribution and the like have created, how many trillions would this slice off of GDP?  What about without the seven trillion dollars of wars since 2001 that kept US corporate factories going?  Or the more than ten trillion dollars in defense spending, which goes into corporate pockets and is now well over $1 trillion dollars when including defense, veterans expenses and costs into other agencies such as the NRC? US GDP is a farcical number based purely on lies.  The United States is not the richest nation on earth.  It isn’t even close.  Without the world’s reserve currency that enslaves most of the world and steals their wealth, we’d be living in caves and eating dog food.  Poverty in many states has left the life expectancy in many states, not neighborhoods, is equivalent to that of Ethiopia. (Published rates). Half of all Americans are forced to live like animals or close to it. And, that is why many outwardly act like animals in scenes we see on TV.

This is corporate capitalism.  It’s not corporatism. That’s not even a real thing and I’ll expose that myth too. Corporate capitalism, socialism for the rich, (easily provable) requires endless policy riggings and taxpayer bailouts and that is mathematically provable.  If you don’t understand that, I would suggest you brush off your investigative skills and start to learn about the reasons corporations were created and what their intent is and why our founders fought the Revolutionary War against them.   And, how they destroyed small businesses, municipality-owned businesses, employee owned businesses, cooperatives, family owned businesses and how corporations create our money, fund our wars, control our media, have destroyed our healthcare and devoured our government just to name a few examples. That didn’t happen under Obama or Trump. It has been happening since World War II. And, it caused the Great Depression and had a hand in the Civil War.  And, business creation with employees has collapsed by 90% since Reagan’s policies allowed for the completion of the corporate takeover that devoured whatever was left of democracy. The world didn’t just end up here because Sean Hannity or Joy Reid told you it did.

The Robinhood traders, Taco Bell workers forced to make $7.25 an hour, taught the masters of the universe a lesson in the last few days.  Blowing up their monopoly on credit and money.  Now, I don’t condone this act because it’s no different than stock pools, boiler rooms and other criminal rackets used to attack specific stocks for inflation that then contributed to massive collapse in the Great Depression. But, let’s be clear.  Wall Street does this every day and a government devoured by corporate capitalism and the mythical free market does nothing about it.  Wall Street is a criminal racket of corporations that loot democracy for the investor class and rich elites.

Many groups of Americans are partying like its 1999.  The stock market is up and their “investments” ahem are making them rich.  I noted many years ago I pulled out of financial markets and would never return because of the gross level of fraud that exists.  In 2021, its being exposed. And, like everything else in American society, it’s normalized.  So, we accept the grift that’s everywhere.  Or, at least those who believe some version of propaganda put out by corporations, the media, the military and either of the two political parties. Is the actions of others that are outraging us or that we aren’t part of the grift?  American society created by corporations is morally-challenged.

So, here’s something to ponder that again, you won’t read anywhere else.  GDP was traditionally calculated by value add.  In other words, you had to make or provide something where value was added.  Turning coal to electricity.  Making the turbine to capture the steam created by burning the coal.  Creating a machine tool to manufacture the turbine components.  In that calculation, finance provides no value add.  Nor do its profits.  It adds nothing to GDP.  Trading stocks, mergers & acquisitions, providing millions of corporate Wall Street jobs to enslave society to monetary debt, etc, etc, etc.  But in some dystopian nightmare, finance is added to US GDP.  So, what’s the real GDP of the United States when excluding non value add?  And, how does the government rig this statistic to capture economic value add by corporate finance?  It’s normalized fraud.

So, let’s look at the stock market.  Everyone thinks the economy must be great because stocks are doing great.  What would the stock market be if trillions of dollars weren’t spent in stock buybacks since 2008? And, if the Federal Reserve wasn’t continuously buying Wall Street’s debts and fanning the bailout flames of asset prices by giving them even more money to spend on frivolous financial scams and schemes?  What is the value added price to earnings, price to book, free cash flow, price to GDP, etc of the stock market?  Well, a quick blush calculation tells us its 400% higher than the stock market was in 1929 before corporate capitalism collapsed and stocks fell 90%.  If I take a swag at normalizing those earnings for the dollar reserve currency or globalization, it may possibly be upwards of 800% higher than 1929.  Just using GDP, which has become a magical number, the US stock market went from 30% of GDP before Reagan was elected to office to 200% of GDP today.  That’s stock market expansion against a static baseline.  It’s much higher than that if one actually understands economic sustainability and how unstable our society and our economy is thanks to corporations.  I’m curious, what would your pension or our society look like if that fraud never occurred?  I’ll tell you.  Like everything else I noted above, we’d have already had a revolution.  The world is in the biggest bubble in history and its creator is the US and the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. 

I’ve written endlessly on here that US wealth peaked around 1980.  And, my goal in 2021 is to piece together sixteen years of postings into a mathematical understanding of why that is so. And, how corporate capitalism and its propagandized manipulation of our citizens destroyed the United States.

The economy, republicanism and the financial system are confidence games in both sense of the words.  They are both con games and they rely on confidence.  I noted on here years ago that when both political parties eventually fail the American people, the confidence game will be exposed.  And, here we are. The masses are now “woke”.  And, regardless of the manipulation to divide us, the grievances of every American are exactly the same.  And, it’s just a matter of time until they coalesce around that truth.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Live From Davos–“Capitalism As We Know It Is Dead” Just As I Predicted Capitalist Elites Would Attempt To Do.

Just a place marker for future comment. But this is very, very important.  I’ve uniquely noted for more than a decade on here that corporate capitalism is dead. And, just a few weeks ago I noted that I expected corporate capitalism to try to usher in a virulent form of socialism.  Well, as of today we had two incredibly wealthy capitalists at the Davos summit of elite criminals note that capitalism is dead.  The former Rothschild banking criminal, and right-wing, corporate neoliberal President Macron of France and the CEO of both made this pronouncement. And, what comes next in the world won’t be pretty.

This is directly tied into my recent place marker post that corporate capitalists will try to usher in a virulent form of socialism. Needless to say my powers of prediction haven’t diminished over the last sixteen years.  If you understand what is happening in the world, it’s very easy to anticipate outcomes.  The people of the world are in serious trouble.  And, thanks to conservatives (libertarians, Republicans and Democrats) in the US who have mindlessly followed the yammering idiocy of Reagan, Rand, free market dunces and corporate captured politicians from both parties, they have brought us to the door of a very, very dangerous time for our democracy.  Fascism won World War II.  And, the US is clearly a fascist state and has been ever since World War II.  And, to be honest, even before.

I’ll be expanding on my place marker comments soon enough as I continue my posts on the insidious nature of corporate capitalism. And, you’ll soon see exactly where this is headed without a revolution of understanding and knowledge by the people.  The good news is that all of the dynamics are in place for a new Age of Enlightenment and that has been a strongly pushed narrative on here for more than a dozen years.  That in fact, we are in the midst of a new Age of Enlightenment. 

As noted, enlightenment is not a switch that goes off in one’s head.  It is a process. And, in that process, there are trials and failures in understandings and truth. Ignorance can be replaced by ignorance until humanity awakens to a level of understanding that unites us.  It is a chaotic process and the world’s people are in the midst of that process.  In the end, corporate capitalism and whatever virulent form of socialism that corporate capitalists will try to usher in will fail.  And, I’ll be writing exactly while a palpable evil in this world attempts to maintain its grip on humanity. 

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