Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Trump Administration And CIA Talked Of Murdering Julian Assange… And More

Michael Isikoff is a legit journalist.  This story is almost certainly well researched and substantially accurate.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks are the greatest journalistic heroes of the twenty first century.  It should be no surprise the US government will do anything to destroy him. Why does the CIA hate Assange so much? Possibly because he exposed how capitalism works and specifically how it works in the US(link). Endless war, not successful war.  This is the history of capitalism and its underlying roots.

The megalomania of US banks, corporations, our corporate government and the ruling elites has many historical precedents.  None are good.  Whether it’s coming totalitarianism or the hubris of overreach and collapse.  The US is headed for a major event. And, that has been an overriding theme on here for a dozen years.  Most likely determined by kickback by its citizens when they are awake enough to see the enemy isn’t their neighbors, as the corporate state endlessly tells us to divide us on petty line but rather the ruling class propped up by corporate capitalism’s plunder of our nation, our treasury, our citizens, the poor and the entire world. 

By the way, in a few days the US has to deal with the debt ceiling.  There’s a lot of political wrangling around this.  Republicans, who love spending other people’s money on corporate bailouts, corporate handouts, the national security state and the military that paves the way for capitalism’s plunder of the world, is stating they won’t raise the ceiling. Instead, they want to cut social safety nets as they have done for half a century.  Let citizens suffer the diseases of poverty while continuing to transfer wealth to elites and corporations. 

While I don’t know how to place odds, it is a possibility the US could selectively default on debts and sending the world into a tailspin.  And, I would not be surprised if it was coordinated by leaders in both parties with political gamesmanship for the masses. The National Security Council has been driving US policy for decades which is why Biden’s China policy is no different than Trump’s.  And, they are targeting China.  If the US selectively defaulted on China’s debt under the guise of us being “broke”, and being broke substantially because of China’s unfair practices, that could start a chain reaction that destroys China economically.  The US would suffer consequences but nothing like China. The US holds all of the cards in this relationship and the fact that literally no one understands this shows how completely ignorant the world is regarding complex systems, finance and economics.  This would start a chain of events that would ultimately consolidate US power around the world and make it even stronger relative to the rest of the world.  I will explain this soon but for today, I just want to put up this place market.  It’s not inconceivable and it is something I wrote a decade ago could eventually happen with the US getting a sympathetic public support because “China has stolen our jobs” and other endless horseshit jingoism pumped by the political right who actually voted three to one over Democrats to send our jobs to China. 

The next few weeks may end with a whimper but I mention this again after many years because the timing is now drawing near and it’s now relevant.

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Newly “Discovered” And Potentially Damning Documents On US Funding Of Coronavirus Research

It’s imperative we follow the data on the origins of CV19.  If no data exists, then one has to be skeptical of all theories while also considering every possibility.  I want to give credit to journalist Alex Berenson who played a role in exposing these documents to the masses.  Alex is possibly the best global reporter on CV19, exposing potential misinformation, lies and fraud by pharma and governments by following data.  Alex writes on Substack after being kicked off of Twitter for telling the truth and questioning narratives by using data not ideology or conjecture. I’d highly finding his Substack site.

Here’s the link to newly available data, if accurate, on what unsavory things the U.S. corporate state has been involved in as it pertains to coronavirus research.  It’s detailed and lengthy.  It’s also another link in using data and facts to determine what happened.  It should be no surprise the term DARPA lies at the top of the document. DARPA, or the research arm of the US military-industrial complex is a massive force for funding all types of dystopian research and has since its inception long ago.

The US military runs this nation. That includes the CIA, of which it is a part. Not in the manner that is some dystopian world where we are presented a false reality and behind the scenes, others pull the strings with a gun to the head of politicians.  But, pretty close to that. The President is our Caesar and the National Security Council comprised of the corporate state and military-industrial complex, is his chief advisor.  To not take their advice is to suffer a propaganda storm against you.  And, given all politicians are stooges, that essentially never really happens.

The paranoia around this being some global hive mind reset coordinated by every single government, corporate and public health official under the spell of Klaus Schwab is preposterous.  The Great Reset, if anyone has read it, is nothing more than ramblings of a group of elites on how to fix what they perceive are issues facing the world.  Elites have been doing this since the advent of civilization. And, most assuredly, their solutions generally fall on the masses to suffer the consequences.

If CV19 did come from a lab, it was likely a mistake or a policy decision by scientific bureaucrats with no accountability that turned bad.  What a surprise if this is the case.  I’ve written substantially on here over the last 15 years that we will eventually create one hell of a mess or even some type of extinction event with our meddling with the crown jewels of the universe and institutionalized science’s arrogant posture on meddling with forces they don’t understand.  Those arrogant forces of institutionalized science are everywhere thanks to the profit motive of capitalism that respects nothing other than mammon as it leads us down the path of dystopia.

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Now We Will See America’s True Soul

Joe Biden is a disaster. Worse than Trump? I have no opinion on that one. I’ve labeled every president since Reagan as a criminal on here over the years. And, to be honest, I’m not a fan of having the concept of a president or an executive branch.  And, for most of our history, we can point to countless reasons why. Our president is an emperor who rules by decree over empire.  Our Constitution is dead. Has been for most of our history as well.

I’ve probably irritated a lot of readers over the years by stating the US is the most brainwashed and propagandized civilization in history. Far worse than the Nazis. And, make no mistake, we’ve done our fair share of butchering and enslaving people just like the Nazis. Most have been outside of our borders but Americans are fine with that. How do I know? Because we all pretend that ugly reality doesn’t exist. And, boy do we love to be told what to do. That’s why the system has perpetuated itself since our founding. By system, I mean private capital controlling our government and subverting inalienable rights, natural law and democracy.

I’ve noted the US lost its way soon after its founding with a counter-revolution that subverted the principles of inalienable rights that formed the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. Soon after the Articles of Confederation, our founders secretly met in private, sacked the Articles and instituted a federalist (all powerful central government) bureaucracy because elites needed an all-powerful authority to enforce their economic interests on the masses. This isn’t some hairball perspective either. It has been well appreciated in many circles since our founding.  The Constitution was to protect landed gentry’s property rights through the force of the state.  Inalienable rights or natural law discussed on here ad nauseam… those are and always have been dead.  Law and order defines our society. Law and order is maintaining the system of power that oppresses inalienable rights.  Rights to the land and its riches that the Constitution subverts.

Modern economics is far different than any kind of free society’s historical perspective on commerce. Modern economics is the state (corporations, elites, banks, politicians) stealing all of the land and resources and selling them back to humanity through forced work and debt enslavement that ensures their entitlement while the masses toil without end. 

Every president I am aware of supported the tyranny of our authoritarian system. Most every politician too.  Definitely every governor in the US today. Every single one.  If politicians don’t, they are attacked and marginalized until they are cancelled out of the system.  Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are really the only two I can think of who had a streak of purity to their existence that never waivered. Others have had some degree of virtue but in the end, they feared being cancelled more than being virtuous and thus conformed.

The data from around the world clearly shows the vaccines are failing or worse.  Who’s going to line up for three boosters a year with the side effect data we now see?  The CDC and politicians appear to be either run by anti-science apparatchiks or they ared craven authoritarians who are going to double down whatever the data tells them or they are literally just plain f8cking stupid.  I generally support the latter. There’s no contrived Great Reset that requires every single nation, every single politician and every single corporate executive to be of some hive mind controlled by Klaus whatever his name is.  It just comes down to people who seek power and dominion over others are pathological.  Those who seek power should never be given it. Yet, that’s the insanity of our system in academia, corporations, politics, the military and the like. This outcome was guaranteed centuries ago. It’s just now decimated all opposition.

The vast majority of the world isn’t getting access to the vaccines and doesn’t have the infrastructure or resources to vaccinate everyone three times a year.  But, a handful of nations are literally run by idiots who don’t seem to understand that even if the vaccines did provide the initial claim of 95% effectiveness, the vast majority of humanity is never going to be vaccinated due to lack of resources and vaccines. I believe Singapore is the first nation to state that it has stopped the policy of attempting to vaccinate its way out of this.  More will certainly follow with public proclamations while their policies are already supporting this position. So, while we keep trying to ramrod a failed strategy that is literally destroying everything and everyone in its wake, at some point we too will give up on this strategy. But, in the mean time, do as you’re told regardless of what the science says.  Even the FDA has internal fighting apparently with some scientist rejecting the endless booster nonsense. And, while it’s anecdotal, I’ve seen some people comment that the third booster has had serious effects for them. Much more serious than the probabilities of their health profile would be for serious sickness from contracting COVID.

We’re going to find out what America is really made of at some point. Evil around the globe has learned through many failures over the centuries how to control the masses without outright killing them by the millions. Capitalism is very, very good at accomplishing this sinister control.  We are a very pacified, isolated, separated, divided and manipulated society where we attack our fellow man for protesting his grievances over legitimate concerns. White conservatives ruthlessly attacked Black Americans last year for protesting their legitimate grievances. Then, Democrats attacked conservatives for their legitimate concerns in the Washington march this past January. We play the role of useful idiots for elites with zero awareness of class consciousness that is destroying all of us.  You don’t see this in Europe where society has learned to organize against elites.  You see people of all walks of life organizing in brotherhood in defiance of ill-placed power.  In France, they never miss an opportunity to stall work and march in the street.  It’s eerily quiet in the US because of the fear and control used to manipulate us. 

I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no expectation that Biden’s diktats will illicit any type of organized resistance by the citizens in our society. We’re too busy masturbating, overdosing on drugs, cheating on our spouses, obsessing over entertainment, blaming each other and drinking ourselves to death.  (These all showed large upticks in behavior during the 2020 lockdown.)  We have much more awakening to do.  And much more recognition that our neighbors aren’t our enemy.  The ruling capitalist class and their toady politicians are.

America, like all powerful societies, is built on a very well-developed mythology.   The Nazis developed this. The Romans had it. The Soviets, the Japanese, the British, the Greeks and on and on.

The American myth of our founding by rugged individualists who created a free society. A nation created and perpetuated by great individual men. A nation of exceptionalism. A nation where everyone could live a dream existence. It looks great on paper but it’s all bullshit.  The only time in our history where the average joe had a chance was courtesy of FDR and a very small group of men who generally supported a principle of a nation of the common man. In fact, that was the title of one of the greatest speeches in US history given at the time.  It was killed immediately after Roosevelt’s death.  But that short period of time led to a highly organized, collective power of the common man against private, powerful interests who have always ruled this nation with an iron fist with the force of the state by their side.  Every other time in our history, powerful elites were plundering, plotting, rigging and contriving our manipulated reality. 

Will the real America please step forward? For that to happen, the mythological belief systems have to be rejected.  So, that Americans can see our history within the context of the travesty of our existence today.  It’s always been us versus them.  Our history is replete with cruelty, domination, tyranny and the dehumanization of our citizens. And, we’ve been too afraid or too entranced or too controlled or too immoral to do anything about it.  And, the “them” are the ruling elites who own everything including each of us and our government.

I’ll know America has found its path and its reality when citizens of all colors, creeds and political affiliations coalesce around Enlightenment philosopher JJ Rouseau’s comments. That is, when the people have nothing left to eat, they’ll eat the rich.  The rich who have taken everything from them. Their freedom, their democracy, their communities, their dreams and in many cases their lives or lives of those close to them.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Best Video I’ve Ever Watched On Why The US Is Really In Afghanistan- Pathological Plunder

I want to post this as a follow up to my Putin video from last Friday. I’ll get into more detail in a coming post but the follow-up to that post is that there is ample evidence the US had a soft coup in the early 1960s.  Truman and Eisenhower warned us of their fears. Then, fears were possibly realized with Kennedy’s death.  If this is anywhere near accurate, the end result of that coup possibly led to the election of Ronald Reagan and every president since; who have bludgeoned democratic government and replaced it with a monied political class who does their will of transferring taxpayer money to corporations and banks under the guise of soft eugenics like cuts to Social Security, gutting unemployment, shit wage jobs, killing communities, selling off and privatizing democratic institutions and public resources and sending our economic determinism to global capitalist slave labor camps.  In some ways, I would classify most politicians and every president since Reagan as some level of both economic and war criminals; not a new characterization on here.  We are living through the free market of corporate capitalism that Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, Lewis Powell and other psychopaths so idolized.  A world where corporations act in perfect self-interest without being held back by democratic government.  I’ll cover more of that in another follow-up to the Putin video later but for now I want to post this video of a British military veteran.

This video is quite disturbing but pulls the mask of the war criminals, banking criminals and corporate psychopaths who lead both British and US nations.  It also makes me wonder how many Afghanis are fleeing because they fear retribution for the crimes they committed in concert with occupying forces. This is an angle I had not thought of before but is clearly evident. So, how many of the most pathological “supporters” of the crimes committed in Afghanistan are being brought to western countries as refugees? Something not being discussed at all but worth considering.

The narrator makes special mention of the CIA and its atrocities.  The CIA played a(the) primary role in Afghanistan for at least the first part of our involvement. They were the first forces in Afghanistan.  The CIA is an organization that most Americans I’ve ever talked to simply don’t understand. I think they look at it with suspicion but not enough suspicion to actually do anything about it.  Just like all of the other corruption.  So, instead, the corruption becomes normalized over decades and even centuries.  That’s probably because the CIA plays a massive role in the propaganda machine that creates US citizen passivity, division and brainwashing.  Most people have no idea the CIA was created in the 1947 National Security Act I’ve talked about numerous times over the years.  But, more importantly, the National Security Act created the CIA under the genesis of plausible deniability for politicians (Reagan used endlessly for his crimes) as they had no oversight by any government officials written into the law.  So, they essentially became a terror policy arm of our government.  This is important to understand as the CIA exists to handle the request of corporations that are too unsavory for politicians.  The deep state is the corporate state.  It is capitalism. Some small number of people understand this as they have labeled the CIA as Capitalism’s Invisible Army.  Does anyone actually believe the government created this and countless other legislative actions without the corruption of bankers and corporate barons? The rot in the US goes back centuries.

I’ve read so much about the CIA over the years that it all runs together but when watching this video brings one particular quote to mind that I’ll never forget.  I’d ask viewers to consider a statement make by one of the former CIA leaders made in the twilight of his life.  There’s a quote from book I once read from James Jesus Angleton, one of the biggest criminals in CIA history.  “Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, Carmel Offie and Frank Wisner were the grand masters. If you were in a room with them, you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell.  I guess I will see them there soon.”  This is the kind of person runs covert operations at the CIA. And, who likely ran covert actions in Afghanistan.

The US didn’t spend $2 trillion in Afghanistan to build a nation or catch one person. It spent $2 trillion because capitalism uses wars to transfer wealth and power upward to our masters.  And literally sacrifices the lives of the common foot soldier who believes in democracy and his nation to accomplish it. Hundreds of thousands dead and maimed in Afghanistan. Many women and children.  The US has invaded, destabilized or overthrown nearly half of the nations on earth since the creation of the CIA.(Around 80 documented cases) There’s even plausible rumors they have their own dollar printing press to fund massive terror and destabilization efforts. And, researchers and journalists have uncovered many domestic plots and endless manipulations of the American people on domestic soil. Remember, this is in service to corporations just like other capitalist nations and their secret governments. There’s overwhelming evidence the US has destabilized (or worse) the lives of tens of millions, if not billions. They didn’t do that for any other reason than capitalism and its evil worship of mammon; greater power and profits.

What we are witnessing is nothing new. It’s been far, far worse dozens of times. What’s new is you are watching The Bay of Pigs or the debacle Vietnam in real time and with real-time reporting by anti-establishment individuals, figures and organization on social media and the internet so the system can’t control the narrative. But, it certainly could if it unplugged the internet.  The system killed and maimed millions in Vietnam without any mandate to ever win the war. Because the goal was not to win the war. It was to saddle democracy with debt and transfer the plunderings of war to military contractors, corporations and banks. Just like Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and on and on and on.

This is exactly how the Roman Empire worked. Exactly. And, the masses were bought off with propaganda of Roman exceptionalism, the wealth and plundering of war and other civilization’s riches, slavery and the brutal subjugation of the world.

Video link here.

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Simultaneous To COVID Vaccine Approval By FDA, Researchers In Japan Publish Report That Mutations May Make COVID Vaccine-Resistant Or Worse

Research paper link referenced in title here.

The politicization of COVID is a staggering thing to watch. I’ve noted on here just like every other topic, the left versus right framing of narratives around the virus are literally living in something far more dystopian than anything I could ever have imagined. If anyone in the establishment, be it media, politicians or whatever, be it Fox News, ONN, CNN or MSNBC ever told the truth about any topic, not just COVID, the system would collapse. Everything is a lie or a spin or a trick by the corporate state and that has been a major theme on here for a dozen years.  If I turn on Laura Ingraham, as just an example, it’s easy to note how she’s framing an issue to politicize it. While missing the actual root cause or ignoring it to feed red meat to her ideological(conformist) base.  Ditto with Rachel Maddow. These people make a living dividing people. We are a nation suffering from endless identity disturbances.  No longer are we humans. We are Republicans, Democrats, gay, straight, bisexual, consumers, workers, capitalists, bankers, politicians and on and on.  This division is why America uniquely has almost no concept of class consciousness. These labels keep us fighting each other rather than recognizing our slavery to private capital.  And, recognition that the issue isn’t your neighbor, its the propaganda machine that brainwashes both you and your neighbor.  There are certainly millions of Americans that never bought this. Hippies, artists, poor people, seekers of truth, those whose lives were shattered, those who awaken from the propaganda and generally those who either chose not to or were chosen not to benefit from this system. 

The COVID topic is really quite simple. Nature is the perfect psychopath. Trifling with nature is a fool’s game.

There are certainly many reasons why people are rebelling against the establishment. Little of it has to do with COVID.  A lot of it is something along this line. First I was told I lost my job to some shit hole overseas that will sell its citizens into US corporate wage slavery for a cheaper price. Then, I was told I would have to retrain into some useless f*cking job, most of which are consumption related. Then, I was told I’d have to take out a loan to retrain.  Then, I was told I would have to sell my house because I don’t make enough money even if I found a job I retrained for.(Which may not have happened.)  Then I was told my kids would have to take out loans that are never repayable for most from private institutions to go to college. Then, I was told I had to pay trillions of dollars to bailout Wall Street criminal fraud while they paid record bonuses. Then, I was told I was a racist.  Then I was told I needed to be reprogrammed for my racism. Then I lost my business during COVID while big corporations were bailed out again at my expense. And, now I’m being told all of this means I am privileged.  Your neighbor isn’t making this stuff up. They’re just like you. Buying the ideological Kool-Aid that supports your ignorant belief systems.  Belief systems that are generally a result of propaganda.  Propaganda created by the capitalist class to exploit, manipulate, steal and destroy you and your neighbor.

The world isn’t on fire because of COVID. It’s on fire because of the global rebellion against evil, tyrannical and psychotic capitalism I’ve said is coming for the last decade.  This isn’t corporatism or the government destruction of the purity of free market horse shit.  This is capitalism. Investor-owned corporations and banks has absolutely nothing in common with a local community where spontaneous commerce pops up to serve the needs of a community. They are creatures of the state created to control and exploit humanity.

So, let’s look beyond people in the US beating each other’s brains in on this topic and every other while the ruling class maintains and even tightens its grips on our freedoms. (Mind you, if the system attempts to usher in a new form of authoritarianism, it will be done by capitalism. Not communism. More Pavlovian responses of propaganda.) 

I don’t know and can’t prove or disprove any of the COVID events are a conspiracy. And, no one else does either. Conjecture and hypothesis serves a place but without data, we need to assume the most simple explanation. 

What do we know?

  1. COVID is real. 
  2. I know people who have died from it. 
  3. Masks serve a purpose using science’s precautionary principle indoors. Obviously a diaper on your face has limited effect. The better the mask, the better the protection. This literally idiotic view that virus particles can get through the mask is wearing thin. Virus particles are contained in larger saliva and moisture particles that are stopped to some degree by a mask. Until science can prove how many virus particles are needed to make someone sick and how many virus particles are shed by individuals and on and on, masks serve a precautionary purpose. Hanky masks? Probably not.
  4. The vaccines have substantial side effects for some unknown number of people. And, I know people who have been severely harmed and died from the COVID vaccines.
  5. Vaccine efficacy lasts only a few months to half a year. There are some scientists who have done efficacy tests that show antibodies after vaccines are gone within two months.

Here’s what many hypothesize based on sound science

  1. Vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic gives the virus an opportunity to mutate against the vaccine
  2. The viruses are mutating substantially because of the vaccines. There’s some substantial data showing how mutations exploded only after vaccinations started. That doesn’t mean the vaccines are the cause but it fits with predicted hypotheses.
  3. Prior animal tests(forgone in these vaccine trials but shown in independent 2021 studies) show mammals can essentially see their immune system turn against them and make any reinfection worse.  Thus, possibly even causing more severe outcomes and more deaths.
  4. Some initial data over the last few months seems to be pointing to this as starting to develop.
  5. There are known and unknown side effects to getting COVID and the vaccine. Some are very serious.  The longer term implications are also unknown.

Here’s what we don’t know.

  1. Realistically everything.

This is the point that is very important for all of us to understand.  COVID is a continuum where data and events are forever changing. Declarative statements today, be it by the CDC, pharma, or any news source, are being rejected by science and data tomorrow. In two years we could have ten million or one hundred million vaccinated people dead due to ADE, new strains or mutations that essentially cause our immune systems to turn on us.  Or, higher infectiousness we are seeing in newer strains could cause spread to burn out and the virus becomes a low-level threat.  My point is that people who are making declarative statements are ignorant. And, they aren’t following any type of scientific process.  I don’t care if that is the CDC, some half-wit on conservative media or some equally half-witted monster on liberal media threatening people to get a vaccine that carries with it substantial unknowns. (The US is like the final days of Rome where the entitled patricians squabble over petty grievances because they don’t see the system is collapsing. And, because it was a class-based society, the plebes, being reliant on the patricians for their economic livelihood, were drawn into the lunacy. All while real dynamics within the social and economic system crumbled but since patrician privilege was provided by others who made the gears turn, they didn’t have the knowledge to see their arrogance and hubris was their blind spots. Cult of self America is exactly the same.)

Risk and lack of understanding isn't appreciated by the corporate and political science apparatchiks who are using diktats rather than data and science to make decisions. 

There’s a concept in this world called ‘maximum pain’. It’s often seen applied to financial markets but in my experience, there appears to be something to it in every aspect of our lives. That includes, as an example, the lies we tell ourselves or our belief systems or America’s belief systems or social brainwashing that keeps people from experiencing reality.  This concept of no one lying to us more than we lie to ourselves allows contradictions and failures to compound themselves to the point where maximum pain is the outcome. In other words, we’ll deny, deny and deny truth until the pain is overwhelming at at its maximum effect.  It’s karmic. 

Nature is the perfect sociopath, even more so than corporate and banking executives who have dehumanized and destroyed humanity and the natural world for centuries.  I am concerned COVID may be marching down this path of maximum pain inevitability as well.  It is acting as a truth serum. And, every lie, every lack of data-driven science and every mistake that corporate science and the political class makes regarding COVID are giving it greater and greater strength and ability to inflict its truth until we wake up and question why are we vaccinating people with so many side effects? Why are we not talking about mutations and the interplay of vaccines? Why are we not taking masks seriously?  And, that the virus may continue down its path with greater and greater lethality or maximum pain to society, the world and humanity. 

Don’t believe the bullshit pushed as a narrative by many politicizing this that each new strain is going to be less lethal.  The first HIV transmission was half a century before it became an epidemic.  The fact is we don’t know.  And, don’t believe the lies that hospitals and nurses aren’t experiencing substantial crises.  I know someone who needed a hospital bed recently and within a few counties, all hospital beds were filled with COVID patients. 

The hubris, arrogance and ego-centric thumbing our finger at nature is palpable.  And, nature punishes ego without discretion.  Karma.

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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Courtesy Of The US, Millions Could Die In Afghanistan. Here’s Why.

I want to put up a short post based on comments and scenes in the last 24 hours.  It’s important to note that Afghanistan is not a small population nation. It has 40 million citizens. Some people say it’s not a nation. That it’s full of remote tribes. Yes, it does have disparate and diverse ethnic tribes. But those tribes have been united in the past and there is no reason to believe they cannot unite again with a distributed form of rule rather than a centralized authoritarian rule instituted by the US. (Because the US can control a central authority. Who cares if it serves remote Afghanis?)  And, there are also major cities in Afghanistan. The characterization as backwater goat herders and incompetent masses serves a purpose from those presenting it as such.  Not the least of which is US elites rationalizing why we failed in Afghanistan. If it weren’t for those dumb goat herders. Sound familiar? Those dumb Trump supporters….

Before US meddling, Afghanistan had a functioning government and universities in many cities that taught science, the arts and expertise its nation needed to survive in a very tough climate. And, it had been surviving since the beginning of time. To the tune of 40 million people. Afghanistan had a functioning government where girls went to school, girls didn’t wear burqas and people weren’t beaten for the reason of the day before Reagan armed a group of radical thugs, the Taliban, who have been terrorizing tribes and cities ever since.  The US has a history of radicalizing the Middle East. Burqas were never seen in many nations that have become radicalized by US neoliberal policy over the past half century. It doesn’t help that the US turns a blind eye to radical Wahhabism exported by US puppet state, Saudi Arabia. Because oil.

Here’s why this is all important.  There are calls from unaccountable Ivy League, academic, media, corporate and political idiots in the US for us to allow millions of Afghanis to emigrate to the US. First off, that isn’t going to fly with citizens in the US who prop up the parasitic corporate state.  US citizens fight the for-profit wars, die in the wars, fund the wars and then the ruling US elites plunder and become rich in the wars. Then elites tell Americans we need to pay the taxes and sacrifice what few jobs exist for war refugees to come to the US when elite pillaging has reached its finality. (More of this bullshit used at the border. But the children.  Our border situation is a mess and children are brutally treated but its US economic policy of NAFTA and CAFTA and propping up puppet governments in the Americas that is often the cause. The US should have a policy to empower democracy in these nations, but that would threaten US corporate pillaging in the Americas.  And, mean governments that can’t be controlled by the US.

But, more importantly, here’s a greater consequence of the idiocy of US elites when one considers society as a complex system as I’ll highlight below.  And, no one is talking about this because the diverse voices of democracy and consequence are not heard in the corporate state where corporate, academic and political mandarins and apparatchiks rule.

The scenes in Afghanistan who masses of people who want to leave. There are certainly various reasons for that. It’s a poor nation and the US handed out money like candy so they see a chance at having a life of greater leisure and an opportunity for a better life. They remember what it was like under the authoritarian Taliban who beat people for pleasure. The list of reasons is long and I probably don’t appreciate many of them. But, if the US and NATO evacuates millions of Afghanis or they end up migrating to refugee camps surrounding the nation, social structure could collapse and millions could die.

I would classify this as human capital flight.  The Taliban inherited a functioning government and educated society when it gained control over the nation decades ago. The Taliban itself has no skills to actually govern beyond forcing government officials, the educated elements of society and the productive citizens to do what they tell them to do.  They don’t know how to distribute power, electricity or water.  They don’t know how to educate children to become productive assets in society.  They don’t understand how to ensure a food supply.  They are simply thugs who insert themselves as a parasite on top of those productive people.  Or, on top of the human capital that they parasitically control.  If a critical mass of that human capital leaves…. where are the skills going to come from to keep civilization going?

This is no different than corporations or the ruling parasitic elites in the US who have inserted themselves into the authoritarian position sucking the life out of US citizens.  A minimum functioning bureaucracy is needed in any society but it should be in service to society, not sucking it dry. As an example, we need a credit system.  But, an all-consuming debt-based credit system like Wall Street run by private entities that sucks both democracy and citizens dry is no different than the Taliban. I’m completely serious on this point.

So, if the true expertise who educates the children, runs the universities, distributes the power, produces the food and the like leave Afghanistan as many in the US and Europe advocate, we could see social collapse.  Or, even if there is a mass refugee migration or a panic that continues to spread for months and there is no functioning government and expertise across a broad range of outcomes either leaves, or succumbs to a panic or other disruptive events, basic services such as electricity, food production, clean water and on and on could could collapse. The global food supply at any given time is 90-120 days. Miss a season of crop planting in Afghanistan and the entire population disappears without outside help. That includes the Taliban.

If this happens, the global community could not likely feed 40 million people. Or, 20 million. Or 10 million.  It would depend on the level of disruption and human capital flight as to how many lives were at risk. The Taliban certainly doesn’t have the talent to do this. They are simply thugs. Maybe a few of them have some skills but it’s not the Mensa Club. Their abilities lie in brute force and control. Telling those with skills what to do. (By the way this is what corporate and banking thugs also do in the US.)

If that comes to pass, what are our options? Let millions die? Or, go back in and restore some degree of civilization? Possibly by sending back the human expertise that western elites want to drain the country of.  Would that even be possible? 

This crisis has much higher risks than anyone is talking about. Colin Powell told George Bush before his pathological invasions that propped up the failing US economy with war and plunder that if you break it, you own it. We broke Afghanistan and now we just want to walk away with no responsibility.  While I do not support a military occupation for another twenty years, we shouldn’t have to.  But, this keystone cop withdrawal endorsed by the military elites, politicians and the state department apparatchiks is another example that shows how grossly incompetent the US parasitic bureaucracy really is. The country was functioning on what would have likely been a $10 billion US budget in 2022.  And, reforms could be instituted that grant regions more power to take control from the US while we continued our support role.  It’s a bald-faced lie that the Afghan army didn’t fight. They’ve died in much, much higher numbers than the US military’s deaths.

The US has been a horror for decades. Watching the horrors of Katrina with citizens floating on a raft of shit, the endless profit-driven wars, the endless loss of life and dismemberment of front-line military personnel, the tens of trillions of bailouts of psychopaths on Wall Street, the ungodly comedy of COVID19 response lining the pockets of the plundering class, the sending of tens of millions of science and manufacturing jobs out of our nation to authoritarian nations to line the pockets of corporations, the shithole educational system that has become that largely because elites don’t want to fund public education, the massive debt enslavement to education, the massive debt enslavement to the corporate military racket, the austerity enforced on us from criminal bankers and corporations that dismembered our government, the toxic shit we call food that makes us sick and fat, the debt enslavement to healthcare corporations, and on and on and on. 

Afghanistan is just the latest in the gross incompetence of the US corporate state.

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Afghanistan, Why We Really Don’t Win Wars And Vladimir Putin On “Powerful US Bureaucracy & Puppet US Presidents”

I think we must consider that Afghanistan is on the verge of becoming a humanitarian crisis. That the press will either seek to avert our eyes from the horrors created by the corporate state or that we will witness Afghanistan become a massive refugee camp where millions could die if not saved by the global community.  While Biden today has promised assistance, his is a reactionary response to the dependency that the US has forced upon the Afghanistan people over four decades. To the chaos that the US has created.  It’s too early but the telltale signs of massive future crisis are there. The US government is lying through its teeth about everything. That is more than just the Biden administration. The military, prior administration personnel, the media by mischaracterizing this mess and on and on. 

Before Ronald Reagan hosted the Taliban forty-odd years ago in the Whitehouse and armed this fringe, radicalized element to be exploited as puppets in the US war on the USSR, women in Afghanistan didn’t wear burqas, women went to school and there was an imperfect but functioning government that provided some degree of infrastructure and civilization for the people.  The Taliban was hated by those in the city and most remote tribesmen.  Then came the US corporate war machine, the truly pathologically evil CIA and our chaos-creating, profit-driven military escapades that over 40 years literally returned the country to the stone ages. And, replaced human rights with the power of might makes right with the ultra-fundamentalist Taliban.

I’m going to post a follow-up to this post that shares a few more details but for now, I simply want to post two videos.  One from the last couple of years and one from 1963. And, to think about the world as seen through the lens of the US that has progressed from that day till this.   

 This video would never show up in any type of format where a mass of Americans could view it.   Forget about whether Putin is a boogeyman. When he opens his mouth, sometimes there is something intelligent unlike most corporate-captured politicians in the US. There is something to learn from everyone. Well, most everyone.

Then, watch this address by JFK in 1963, which may be the most profound speech by an American politician. Ever.  Certainly not like any US political speech in my lifetime.

Next I’ll share some thoughts on what one could almost certainly consider a coup that has taken place in the United States.

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

America Is Back: U.S. Gross Deceit, Incompetence And Fraud On Full Display In Afghanistan

Update: 6pm Sunday. Apparently Joe Biden issued a public statement yesterday.  Link here. In it, Biden blames Trump for the fiasco we are witnessing. Yet, just saying a matter of weeks before the Afghan military was 300,000 members strong and would protect the country.  His public statement is pathetic.  This is a warmonger who has never seen a bombing campaign he didn’t support.  He’s ramping up bombing around the world as I type this. And, is allocating even more money than the massive increases to military spending that Trump approved. Biden is substantially responsible for us being in Afghanistan. And, he approved whatever handoff plan and exit plan that has been executed under his watch. That the capital fell in a few days and the Taliban now has billions of dollars of US weapons allowed under his withdrawal plan is on him. Apparently, the Taliban has pulled people from their homes and murdered them while returning the rights of humanity, women and children to the stone ages.  I believe it was Colin Powell who told George Bush, “you break it, you own it”.  Another miscreant who got us into this mess.  Biden exhibits the same disgusting lack of responsibility that pervades corporations, government and other entitled elites. While average citizens are forced to take responsibility for elite decisions with losses of jobs, no healthcare, poverty wages, porous borders, destruction of ethics and debt serfdom amongst the endless incompetence of a ruling corporate state class. Biden was correct a few months ago when he said the US is back.  It certainly is.

First I want to link to a video showcasing the absolutely gross stupidity of Joe Biden just a month ago. Biden, literally not years ago or decades ago, but just weeks ago is so misinformed, ignorant and incompetent and fed so much bullshit by entitled “experts” in the military and foreign policy that everything is on display as a comedy.  The US military lies endlessly to politicians about the state of operations in Afghanistan. Endlessly. This has been documented by numerous sources over twenty years.  Military leaders are often liars covering their own asses, building their own little empires of power and becoming wildly rich off their affiliation with for-profit military contractors and corporations.  Even Lawrence Wilkerson notes this in my last post.  The US military has this mythical reputation created by endless corporate state propaganda. The military is successful only through brute force of having more bigger guns and more propagandized brainwashing of those who blindly follow them.  And, don’t think this isn’t everywhere on earth. It is.

The US never should have gone to Afghanistan; where the British Empire and the USSR went to die.  Interestingly, the Great Depression started almost immediately after the British Empire left Afghanistan and the Soviet Union collapsed within a short time after leaving. Will the US empire, driven by arrogance, hubris, ignorance and incompetence follow history?

And, Afghanistan has absolutely nothing to do with nation building. George Bush let the cat out of the bag during his presidency when he was quoted as telling foreign leadership the US economy benefits from wars.  Look at the last twenty years in Afghanistan.  Countless hundreds of thousands dead or wounded, yet military contractors, military leaders, banks, corporations and the like minted trillions.  Far more than the official $2 trillion spent in Afghanistan.  When the system had sucked Afghanistan dry, it pathologically left any attempt to protect those who helped the US and left without any apologies or remorse.  This is exactly the same actions American citizens are and always have been on the receiving end of from the US corporate state plutocracy.  What I have remarked as the disposable society; a form of perverse eugenics.  Purely evil.  And, has been happening all throughout US history.

How in God’s name did and do we ever support a system that doesn’t involve direct democracy at the local level in lieu of granting pathological power all forms of control over us?

I’ve written endlessly about the gross incompetence of institutionalization; corporations,  Wall Street, Washington and the like. Events since 2008 have exposed how endlessly incompetent and corrupt the fascist corporate state is.  It’s far, far worse than imaginable. It’s been the basis of our society for 150 years and it continues on a continuum to grow, grab more power from citizens and local communities and enslave us to authoritarianism.  I have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes but we’ll all find out as the system continues to devolve.

Are we awake yet? Recognizing we as sentient beings need to have direct say over our fate?  And that starts with democratic credit and direct democracy at the local level.  That the concept of politicians is a relic from ages gone by?

Citizens being informed, involved, debating and determining their fate directly via direct democratic vote at the local level.  And, any government in some far off land like DC should be limited to providing for defense and basic administration of social contracts and the common good decided by citizens, not politicians.  Everything else stripped from their responsibility.  Or are we still blaming this on a particular political party or whatnot?  An economic, political, academic and military system where those who seek power and dominion over others are eventually granted that by stomping on the face of their fellow many will not, can not, and has no desire to ever seek truth and service to democracy or humankind.  It’s purely driven by cult-of-self grabs of power and wealth. It’s purely driven by control. The system almost certainly will not be reformed. Instead it is more likely to reach its preordained fate of a showdown with humanity. Hence, my long-time thesis that World War III could very well be humanity’s war against the state.

US CEOs, Wall Street gods of finance, military leaders and generals and politicians are all cut from the same cloth.  And, they are generally the absolute worst people who should ever be granted any position of power to make decisions for democracy. Those who seek dominion over their fellow man should never be granted it for that very reason.  They seek that power to ameliorate their own demons.

A very unique perspective that is a long-time thesis on here is that hierarchical institutionalization that subverts inalienable rights, free association, free will and free thought is the precursor to collapse. For purposes of this post, let me state that it is my perspective after a lifetime studying evil, and understanding how evil organizes and gains control over humanity is that institutionalization is the creation of evil for evil with the intent of controlling humanity. Corporations, political parties, the hierarchical components of religion, the hierarchical components of academia, standing armies and on and on.  It’s no coincidence all of them have been attacked endlessly on here.   

Institutional hierarchies create permanent, unnatural entitlement that subverts truth for the purposes of control. No human being has any right to have power over any human being. The only power over any human being should be the rule of law based on or drawn from inalienable or natural rights. Essentially rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics of not not harming another, committing murder, lying, stealing, cheating and the like.  And extensions of that to protect us from toxic chemicals, toxic food, and the like that threaten inalienable rights and the common good.  I reject law and order and the pathology behind it.  There is absolutely no need for any hierarchical institutions to enforce inalienable or inalienable rights. 

The showdown of corporate capitalism and private capital aka wealthy and entitled elites who use academia, the military, government and corporations to do their will  is inevitable.

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Friday, August 13, 2021

As Has Been Writ On Here For The Last Dozen Years: Paul Jay, Daniel Ellsberg And Lawrence Wilkerson On The Threat of Coming War Between The US And China

I have a hypothesis that humanity started its dehumanizing devolution with the Industrial Revolution. This itself isn’t surprising and is probably shared by many who think about such things. But, I have developed this hypothesis enough for it to be the topic of a book. At one time, I considered taking much of the writings on here and doing just that. But, couldn’t muster the focus because of the overwhelming sickness and horror of the hypothesis. 

While the establishment extolls the new age of the Industrial Revolution, there’s ample evidence in how society viewed as a control system, is a far different story.  To summarize a book’s worth of writing in a paragraph, the Industrial Revolution allowed private for-profit capital(capitalism) to meld military/central banks/and for-profit production into a eugenics/killing/dehumanizing machine for elites.  The details behind this are very important and insidious but that’s not for this post.  One may wish to consider the only reason for humanity’s existence under corporate capitalism is to consume capitalism’s output for the sole dehumanizing purpose of transferring profits, power and unimaginable control from the world’s working poor and masses to powerful private interests.  (This very dynamic is exactly how evil psychopaths seek to control their victims. In this case, humanity would be the victim.)  And, when destabilizing dynamics presented themselves that resources become constrained, when production capacity becomes overbuilt, when natural resources become constrained, when debt slavery becomes tenable, and when the system becomes unstable for any reason, and when challenges are made to the system, various forms of control, including soft eugenics such as manmade poverty, austerity, joblessness, slashing democratic social contracts, soft wars, resource wars, economic wars, outright wars and the like are used to lucratively and profitably cull the population and cleanse the system of excesses by whatever means are possible. Eugenics has proven to be historically far more desirable for evil than freely sharing those profits and power with all of humanity. 

I’ve talked numerous times about the darkness of the twentieth century with the rise of the corporate state, its violence, endless war, economic exploitation and outright crimes against humanity in a mass and consistent scale.  Since the Industrial Revolution, democide or state created murder of its own citizens and of peoples around the world are unprecedented, normalized and staggering. But, what’s even more insidious is the propaganda that convinces the mass of humanity to accept their own slavery at the hands of private for-profit capital.  In the US, it’s glorified as a mythical religion of free markets and exceptionalism just like Nazi Germany, British Empire and Roman Empire mythology that allowed the ruling elites to commit mass genocide, slavery and atrocities everywhere it gained a toehold.  And, outside of the transparency of humanity, private corporate media, corporate advertising, captured politicians,  Capitalism’s Invisible Army (CIA) and the like pulls the levers of social deception and propaganda while secretly waging war on the world’s population and governments to ensure interests pliant to US (Insert various other nations here) corporate power are propped up in US controlled puppet regimes.

We think nothing of the mass atrocities in this world. Or our complicity.  In fact, large percentages of populations of even average citizens do the bidding of the system without exercising any free will or free thought. Ever.  Every American, European, Chinese, Japanese, Australian and on and on and on does exactly as they are told every single day. From cradle to grave.  Essentially the entire global population is controlled by private for-profit capital in ways people simply don’t understand and generally don’t seem to care to understand.  Who even asks what or why employers, corporations, banks, governments or military do in our names?  Ethical decay is necessary for a system of evil to survive. And, as noted in prior postings, evil must organize to survive.  Behind this is the massive growth of hierarchical institutionalization that now controls every aspect of our existence. Where once communities, small businesses and entrepreneurs drove the US, for the last 150 years it has been growing power of corporations, central banks (We still don’t know what private banks own the Federal Reserve regional banks straight from their web site.)  and corporate-created debt money owned by the globes wealthy elite investors.  And, they have purposefully devastated communities, individualism, the common good, entrepreneurs and the like while devouring and gutting democratic institutions.  This isn’t just happening in the US.  The Europeans tamed private for-profit capital to win concessions ages ago, but for decades those institutional interests of private investors, investor-owned corporations, central banks, private bankers and the like have been waging war on destroying those gains in Europe.    

Where once the American dream was to be free, the now propagandized dream is to be a careerist for an investor-owned corporation. And, to do what you are told by those investors without an ounce of free will or free thought every single day of your life. Today’s American dream is to be a member of a corporate cult controlled by private for-profit capital that bowls over democracy without even a small fight from its employees, who once used to be called democratic citizens with inalienable rights.  Corporations are the rule of man that subvert inalienable or natural rights.

This dynamic is substantially behind my voluminous posts on the coming China and US war, proxy war, economic war or whatever conflict eventually arises as written on here over the last fifteen years. And, it’s also behind by very unique perspective that has been discussed for the last ten years that World War III could very well be humanity’s war against the state and its institutions of corporations, central banks and wealthy elites.  A perspective that many would likely rolled their eyes at when first mentioned but no one is rolling their eyes now. 

I’ll break down some more detail behind this in 2021 as I dig further into my long-time theses for 2022 and why capitalism will collapse, or will need a global bailout, or will attempt to enslave us to a new system, but for now, I simply want to provide the above as context to why I’m posting the discussion over China with Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay. You’ll appreciate more when you are watching this very disturbing video. 

Any long time readers who are left may recognize Jay as he was the founder of The Real News, which I linked to repeatedly. 

In this interview, I think Paul Jay is searching for the cause that is driving this system of psychopathy (which is a term he actually uses) and gets close to my hypothesis as the answer.  That is, since the Industrial Revolution, humanity has served one dehumanizing purpose in societies that have embraced the profit-driven means of production as its form of social construct. That is, to consume anything and everything it makes. And, uses debt, central banks and propagandized coercion to accomplish it.  Then, as productivity, automation and borders of private for-profit capital are reached, and there is an excess of humanity that is too poor or unable to consume its production, that it uses various forms of eugenics such as poverty, destroying democratic social safety nets, wars and a favorite form of eugenics in the US, austerity for the poor and masses.

And, there is ample evidence private for-profit capital in the US and potentially in conjunction with private for-profit capital in Europe and US-controlled satellite states are aligning against the disaster they have created in China. Just like they did with Nazi Germany that was funded and built by mostly US and British corporations and banks while humanity was left to clean up the mess.  60 million dead, (eugenics?) mass capitalist capacity taken out and an incredible opportunity to restart global capitalism once again in the wasteland of World War I & II, thus minting private capital incredible riches beyond imagination until the next major cleansing. War mints private for-profit capital incredible power increases and profits.

Is that next profit-driven cleansing here? And, what will it be? Jingoism in the US is reaching a fever pitch against China, the monster created by private for-profit capital in the US and Europe.  At a minimum, private for-profit capital wants to ignite a new cold war to use to scare the American people and the west into supporting their outrageous plunder of humanity with more for-profit overproduction.

Interview link here.  It is well worth it to appreciate how psychopathic many of our nation’s leaders truly are.

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Monday, August 09, 2021

14 Israelis Contract COVID A Week After Third (Booster) Shot

Link here.

I love how Democrats are using their bully pulpit to terrorize people into getting this vaccine. Even though much of the science is collapsing right before our eyes as noted in the last post. But, what I really love because it’s much more nuanced, insidious and manipulative is Republicans telling us that government shouldn’t mandate the vaccine.  And, that it should be up to the “private sector”. Not individuals. Not democracy. The private sector.  This is part of the incredibly dystopian narrative that has been normalized for 150 years and has allowed evil to gain a grip over our nation, devour democracy, and is thus a blind spot for corporate libertarians, conservatives and Republicans that support this narrative.  That is, if democratic government, supposedly the will of the people, doesn’t have the right to enforce this vaccine, how exactly do wealthy private interests have the right to force democracy’s citizens to take this vaccine? Simple. We are and always have been under corporate rule since the Industrial Revolution. Private capital has devoured government and politicians are the stooges there to enforce corporate rule. The government itself has no power. US power is contrived and projected through corporations, corporate profits and enslavement to for-profit corporate-created money.

The doubling down on the narrative that the unvaccinated must get their shots is losing steam with people having immediate access to information outside of the corporate-ruled United States. While the Internet is a disaster, if one has any ability to sift through the garbage, the democratization of information is destroying the ruling class of corporate and political apparatchiks.  People wonder if there is a boogeyman out to get them or is this vaccine some attempt to murder a large percentage of the global population. While rich elites and capitalism certainly have an illustrious history of eugenics and attempting to kill off huge numbers of people (often successfully), I tend to discount that as a conspiracy as it would require a global cabal of unprecedented coordination. A hive mind of essentially every governing body and every corporation on earth.

There certainly are conspiracies of wealthy capitalists and politicians in play today but I tend to doubt this is anything other than pure political incompetence and capitalist greed.  Gross incompetence of supposed experts.  Something I have railed against repeatedly. Even writing specifically about this as the title of posts including credentials versus competence in a post a decade ago.  Just as quoted in the last post, “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”. (Feynman).  What we are witnessing is supposed experts in the form of corporate apparatchiks, institutionalized science and academic apparatchiks, captured regulatory apparatchiks, endlessly idiotic bought-and-paid-for political apparatchiks and the like telling us to do as we are told because the experts told us.  (Reagan broke the flood gates of private capital and really is primarily responsible for creating the USSR-style apparatchik society. More on that later.) But, science (hypothesis, empirical data, re-hypothesis if necessary, empirical data and conclusions.) is now rolling in and telling us the emperor has few if any clothes.

A few more choice links for anyone interested to consume.

Pfizer COVID vaccine contract de-mystified.  (Video)   This is an excellent review of Pfizer’s contract with governments. It was banned by Twitter.  This analysis has the potential to prove that the reason why we don’t have any treatments or protocols for COVID is that corporate contracts appear to legally forbid it if I am interpreting the contract correctly. In other words, the possibility exists that some large amount of people died from COVID because of corporate contract subverting democratic society around the world creating this dynamic.  There are plenty of other very disconcerting dynamics surrounding this contract as well. That includes what appears to possibly be required silence on side effects of the vaccine.   The world of democracy has been devoured by corporate capitalism. And, hopefully, people are beginning to see it more clearly. It loves authoritarian government.  In fact, it needs it to survive. This is the only reason why the Articles of Confederation were overturned in secrecy by our founders and replaced with a powerful centralized government.  Because private capital needs an authoritarian state to enforce and slavery its will onto the masses of humanity.

There are probably not a lot of long-time readers left since I’ve been writing for 15 years but long ago I noted that I would not be surprised to see extrajudicial Nuremberg-type trials in the US at some point due to the massive fraud controlling every aspect of our society. Extrajudicial because the court systems cannot be trusted to mete out justice.

A second review of the same topic in print form.

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Friday, August 06, 2021

COVID-The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I don’t have any idea how many people follow the science of what is happening with COVID or the responses around the world. Literally nothing is reported in the US. But, what is happening is what Robert Feynman, probably the last great scientist, stated as “science is the belief in the ignorance of experts”.  In other words, as it pertains to today, the experts told us all kinds of things regarding COVID and now the science is revealing the truth about the vaccine, side effects and COVID.  Let’s take a look at a few recent events.

All of the information below is readily available online. I am not drawing any conclusions just reporting recent data and events.

The Israeli government has announced that vaccine efficacy is now 38%. The vast majority of people in the hospital in Israel are vaccinated.  And, while I don’t know if it is yet an official position of the Israeli government, it has been reported in mainstream media outlets that doctors are now stating if you are over 60, the vaccine has no more protection than being unvaccinated. This is consistent with data noted on here months ago where absolute risk reduction of the vaccine trials showed it took vaccinating upwards of one hundred and forty people to stop the virus transmission to one person. Of course, this wasn’t included in any CDC data shared with the public.

About the same time Robert Malone, a member of the team who invented mRNA vaccine technology noted that NBC apparently reported the CDC stated viral loads for vaccinated individuals are now higher than the unvaccinated.  If true, or if this develops in the future, a well-known outcome noted as ADE would tell us that the vaccines will actually make people sicker upon reinfection. In other words, making the virus potentially more deadly to some number of the population of vaccinated. This was predicted by many scientists and noted on here months ago. The data is inconclusive but the trend outcomes is headed in the wrong direction.

The Israeli government data is now showing the majority of people hospitalized and dying from COVID are vaccinated.

There is research in 2021 that shows ACE receptor implanted mice and rhesus monkeys that were vaccinated showed brain spongiosis or what we know as Mad Cow disease.  This would have been found out if the vaccine went through normal safety protocols. There are numerous scientists who are stating that the spike protein is responsible for this and, thus, it is possible that also getting COVID could lead to this outcome.

The CDC is telling us the delta variant is what is making the vaccines ineffective. Yet, the US does not sequence any data of those infected on any scale. So, this may or may not be accurate. It’s just as plausible to conclude without any large scale data that the vaccines never worked as expected and/or efficacy is only a few months.  It could be the delta variant or it could be something else.

UPDATE: I wanted to add this as I simply forgot. I noted in a prior post with a link to a virologist’s work that he hypothesized variants due to an attempt to roll out a vaccine in the middle of a pandemic. And, that could have severe consequences as a worst case risk. In other words, vaccinating people with one shot and allowing the vaccine to survive in a weakened form until the second shot, or as Britain did, simply giving everyone a single shot first, could allow a weakened virus to mutate. This is consistent with everything we see in the world today regarding pathogens. Antibiotic resistance, pesticide resistance, herbicide resistance, malaria carrying mosquitos and the like eventually mutate when attacked by antibiotics or chemicals. We now have Roundup resistant weeds as nature responds to herbicide as an example. Pathogens in our gut for thousands of years typically don’t just mutate for grins and giggles.  In other words, the virus has a high probability of mutating because of the vaccine. Not because of the unvaccinated. In fact, there is zero scientific evidence the unvaccinated are causing mutations.  So, this push to force people into vaccinations simply provides more opportunity for the virus to mutate if one considers the scientific hypothesis put forth by the virologist cited above. Showing literally how ignorant the mainstream attempt to dehumanize the unvaccinated really is.

Interestingly, the Pfizer executive team had to cancel their trip to Israel to talk about booster shots because many members including the CEO were apparently not vaccinated or fully vaccinated. 

According to journalist Alex Berenson, Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects in a three month period following the release of their vaccine. This is far larger than anything publicly reported.

Nearly two years into this, the CDC still doesn’t have a protocol to treat people who become sick. It’s plausible this is why deaths were so high. After testing positive, people were told to go home and isolate without any medical guidance other than to seek medical help if it got worse.

There are many studies that show Ivermectin, a nearly free drug, is very successful at mitigating symptoms if used early.  But, apparently, the only way vaccines can be fast tracked and be given without formal approval is if there are no alternative treatments.  So, again, did money play a role in people dying because we had no formal treatment protocol?

There still is zero plan to live with the virus even though herd immunity is almost certainly a pipe dream whether that is via vaccine or people getting the virus or some combination of the two.

We have a CDC, FDA and NIH with a grand total of probably around 100,000 employs without validating that.  What the freak do these organizations do?  I mean besides serve corporations?  The CDC and NIH both created corporations in the last twenty five years called the CDC and NIH foundation that essentially allows corporations to plunder public health. That’s one thing we know they do. The US has nearly no actionable data on anything.  Approved recommended treatments, how to re-open society while minimizing risk, what treatment protocols have what outcomes, long term safety data, long term COVID side effect studies, factual and complete vaccine side affect and death data, how much the government is spending on all of this, how lives are being impacted and how to mitigate losses to individuals and their economic livelihoods, how to ensure you don’t become a debt slave if hospitalization is needed (the US has $150B in healthcare debt. The rest of the developed world combined has ZERO, etc, etc.

We can probably conclude from all of this that science is either dead or close to dead as noted many times over the years.  In some regards, the economic ideology, our criminal banking system, our social structure, corporate capitalism, anthropogenic global warming, that corporate capitalism is good and government is bad, that government must operate as it does, and the like were all presented in some ways as based on science.  At the minimum, based on sound reasoning, which in this world is often projected as science or science-like. These are all bullshit too. And, none of them are likely to survive their contradictions and scrutiny in coming years. 

Countries like Britain, Australia, France and Italy amongst others are seeing massive protests in the streets about restrictions. I really don’t think this is so much COVID as the bludgeoning of democracy that has taken place for decades around the world.  COVID was the final straw when the people saw politicians and health officials were beholden to policies for the rich and corporations. While shutdowns early on were explainable as we knew so little, the response didn’t adapt. Rather it was rigid and that tells people that it’s based more on control than public health. Interestingly, no protests in the US and no coverage of protests around the world. Really, no surprise but incredible.  No protests in the US.  I suspect this is because evil understands how to control society  and one mechanism to do so it isolating and divide people.  Especially men. Unions busted, people having no rights at work with the threat of losing your job or worse, petty grievances fomented as hatred for ridiculous things such as skin color, sexual identities, party loyalty and the like are all normalized forms of division and control used by corporate capitalism. The US is a highly domesticated and controlled society using the most advanced and all-consuming corporate propaganda in history.

People want to place conspiracy at the top of the list and there are likely many real boogeymen out there. But, there’s also much to conclude at face value. At the top of that list is private capital has devoured democratic government, especially in the US, and what remains in its place are political corporate lackeys and stooges who are there to enforce corporate rule.

So, regardless of whether this came from a lab, was a natural virus or something else, the virus has been a truth serum for many who heretofore had their heads up their ass and thought the world was grand because they were doing okay. Or, because their favorite political team was in power. Or, because they had this profound trust in corporate capitalism that has devoured democratic government around the world. 

Now, at least in the US, we see pretty much everything I have been writing is wrong with the system and why our COVID response would be a disaster.

What I find most intriguing is that the virus is essentially a truth serum. Why I find that ironic is because it is lining up with my long time project of 2022 as a shit show. And, while I’m not going to go into it right now because it would take hours to explain all of the data points used in that 2022 projection, a couple of them are astrological.  Was the virus sent my the universe to awaken humanity to the pathological evil trance they’ve been under for centuries? This is consistent with my long time theses that we are and have been living through unprecedented evil for a long time, that this is a divine moment and that we are witnessing an awakening.  To think I was writing that a dozen years ago when literally no outward signs of any of those dynamics were noticeable to anyone in the Borg.   Could the virus have been sent by the universe to wake us up to the evil trance we’ve been living under?  I have no idea but intuitively it seems quite possible. A trance that foments massive hate, divisiveness and incredible  dehumanizing destruction of spirit consciousness and the natural world. 

Evil cannot live in the light. What this virus has done for many is awaken them to how little they know. Because it’s hidden from them. Whether that is how corporations interact with government, what does government do in secret, how do the world’s incredibly wealthy capitalists rig government and the system to their favor and what things are they planning for us next?  This has all been happening for centuries. Actually, for all of civilization going back ten thousand years.  Elites have always conspired against humanity. Always. Which is a major reason why wealth taxes and maximum income levies probably should always be instituted.  Half wits and useful idiots for elite propaganda argue that everyone should pay the same tax. They don’t realize taxes aren’t always just to raise income. FDR raised taxes on the elites so they couldn’t use their wealth to buy democracy. And, Reagan’s massive tax cuts on private capital and billionaires have allowed private interests to now wield unprecedented power in human history in ways most people don’t understand. They don’t understand because evil doesn’t want them to.

I discount nothing. Although I do find many things improbable. Corporations and elites conspiring against humanity isn’t improbable.  It’s history. 

The future of the vaccines, their safety, COVID and its role in the awakening of the planet and collapsing global evil are all yet to be writ. 

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Friday, July 30, 2021

Update On A Long-Time Thesis: US Wealth Creation Peaked More Than 40 Years Ago

Above is a Chart of US total Debt owed by corporations, citizens and government minus GDP. In other words, you can see that GDP outran debt until around 1980 when debt started rising exponentially. Then, debt clearly started outrunning GDP by about 1985 till they point today where our economy is essentially a Ponzi scheme where corporations loot our public treasure indiscriminately. The US economy is the greatest wealth transfer from the poor and working class to the wealthy, plundering investor class of corporate capitalism in world history.
What is the true sustainable GDP under corporate capitalism if debt has now grown to 3-4x GDP? It's certainly not what GDP is today. But, rather a fraction of that. 
It's quite obvious that the collapse of US society didn't begin because of Obama or Trump. It happened because of you. And me. No one is immune from the propagandized ignorance that pervades US mainstream society.
While people are now awakening, as has been one of the major themes on here for the last fifteen years, we are far from woke to use a now popular pejorative. Too many are involved in the political back and forth that is created by the ruling class and entrances a large swath of the population. This is a portent and a sign of impending crisis on so many levels.  

I have uniquely written on here for the last dozen years that US wealth peaked around 1980.(And, that the system collapsed in 2008. Easily validated with data. Some of which I have discussed.)  That's an amazing reality if true because our population has almost doubled since.  It's also not something anyone else ever in the establishment understands. I like being the only person with a particular quantitative and qualitative perspective because society, especially the modern corporate societies, are deeply steeped in mass propaganda and beliefs rather than science, truth or objective reality.
I'll share some perspective from that above statement below. But, I'll hold off on a more detailed nuts and bolts data analysis of what happened until another post in 2021.  I have to post it in 2021 because of my long term projections of what I have uniquely predicted for 2022. 

First, let me start by stating that this debt graphic above is due to the massive looting of US democracy and the world (US corporate empire) by corporate capitalism. (The parasitic elite investor/property ownership class who owns the vast majority of corporations and profits by destroying wages, dehumanizing work and enslaving humanity to debt.)  They have burdened the US democracy and citizens (and the world) with unsustainable debts while looting the global and the US public treasury. This ultimately was the same dynamic that led to the downfall of Rome. Essentially a mafia society where families or Dons (The patrician class in Rome. The parallel in the US today are the investor class of parasites, corporations and corporate elites.) were highly competitive with each other. And exploited the masses and the force of the state to plunder the world.  This should be no surprise because capitalism is based on the Roman economic system.  And, the US adopted its form of rule just as the British had. Polybius infatuation of Roman society was popular with our founding fathers. You'll appreciate this more as you continue reading.

 Paul Volcker, who is a legend in much of the US, and whom I believe is a criminal, told the Congress upon his approval as Federal Reserve Chairman that the US needed to lower its standard of living. His exact quote before Congress was, "The standard of living of the average American has to decline. I don't think you can escape that."

Why should anyone be surprised that the next forty years were massive austerity for the vast majority of the country? The system from both Reagan and Volcker told us what they were going to do. And, we did nothing but conform to the ruling class elites who backed both of these useful idiot's actions.

Volcker then went on to start the greatest austerity program in the history of the United States coupled with Ronald Reagan's gutting to democratic social safety nets.  Even today, we have the general mass of useful idiots who self-identify as Republicans or Libertarians(A political movement funded by and started by corporations.) who follow the brainwashing that democratic government is bad and corporate rule aka free markets are good.
People don't understand why inflation was so high around the time Reagan took office or what he and Volcker were truly trying to accomplish. Inflation was so high because the US was more interested in playing Rome, engaging the world in corporate-inspired wars and spending massive sums of money on the corporate military and endless profit-driven wars to expand corporate domination. Inflation wasn't high because the US paid its workers too much.  But Volcker was first and foremost part of the corporate state. So, the US wasn't going to end its corporate empire to stop raging inflation. So, instead, that meant the corporate state was going to punish US citizens and communities by ushering in austerity on democracy along with destroying small businesses, entrepreneurs, unions and wages.  Reagan's policies cemented this by making massive cuts to democratic programs while ramping up unprecedented spending for profit-driven weapons corporations and unleashing a Wall Street-driven form of financial terrorism on US citizens by deregulating private capital, corporations and the banking industry.  These policies made the ruling plutocracy rich so we continue them to this day. It's certainly not because these policies are backed by science or democracy. And, a huge amount of society is now brainwashed by this madness. And, untold numbers would literally die to defend their enslavement to the corporate state.
How do I know this? Because they sign up to for military and law enforcement service that is there to enforce it. And, they keep voting for it.  Think about this-the Republican Party is now substantially comprised of working class people whose lives have been devastated by corporations sending their livelihood to global backwater shitholes with no democracy to protect labor. And, the Congressional Republican Party in NAFTA, CAFTA and Normalized Trade Relations with China(PNTR) voted by 3-5 to 1 margins over Democrats to send their constituent's livelihood to slave labor camps for corporate capitalism and leave them struggling to survive while corporations rake in record profits. Certainly the Democratic Party is a shithole too but this contradiction exposes the massive ignorance of our voluntary enslavement. And how brainwashed we are.
Additionally, at this time the government gave the Federal Reserve responsibility for employment. This is no small change. That meant the Federal Reserve should print money under Republican ideology of Friedman's monetarism and give all of the money the "free market" or Wall Street and corporations would accept. And, they would then create jobs and prosperity. Forty years of this. 50% of Americans living on less than $20,000 a year.  The US economy a disaster zone.  US social programs to provide democratic resilience are devastated.  Science dead.  People really don't understand to this level of detail what policies actually meant. But, it was the final phase of the corporate takeover of democracy that is in full view today.  

Before employment policy was given to capitalism and the mythical free markets(a term that originates from barons and lords in feudal capitalist England who wanted to produce profit-driven goods using slaves and serfdom without the king's intervention. Or, at that time, some governing force working on behalf of the poor and serfs.) the US government was responsible for employment. In the 1945 Employment Act, the Congress essentially stated that the government would use all powers available to ensure every American had good paying jobs.  What happened in support of the chart above is that corporations and banks would decide what jobs we had and how much people would be paid.  And, they misallocated capital for four decades to the tune of hundreds of trillions of dollars in today's terms.  Truly fascism and extreme repression of the human spirit at an extreme level never seen anywhere in a democracy.  

And, as I have noted, since Reagan's election, US business creation with employees has collapsed 95% on a per capita basis.  The number of banks collapsed by almost 90%. Because what happened is that corporate capitalism killed the American worker and competition from American entrepreneurs, communities, individuals and democratically-owned initiatives.  And, corporate capitalism literally started gutting democratic government programs and then transferring government spending into corporate welfare programs. 

Let me give you an example of that transfer of wealth. By the way, this transfer is massive. Government has privatized trillions of dollars of public assets and policy to corporations since Reagan.  I have a friend who is a physics professor at a major university.  He's been a professor for about 25 years. He said when he was in graduate school, 95% of all university science research requests were approved by government science agencies. Today, it's 5%. Those are, according to him, who I trust completely, directly from grant data. 

The remaining money has been transferred to corporations. This is a major reason why the US is science-illiterate and makes nothing. Basic research has no profit motive. Corporations don't invest in ground-breaking discoveries afforded by basic research. And, thus, we no longer lead in basic research. US universities and government labs used to pump out massive, and I mean massive, research and now it's nearly dead. Corporations have NEVER, and I repeat NEVER produced breakthrough inventions on any scale. They mooch off of democracy and government funded public research that's now dead. So, now science is dead.

Literally, nothing can happen in this nation without the say-so of corporate capitalism. NOTHING. Profit-driven corporations fund our government with profit-driven debt money that enslaves democratic government and citizens. Profit-driven corporations fund our military and wars.  Profit-driven corporations fund our pathetic healthcare or more appropriately sickcare system. Profit-driven corporations create our toxic food industrial complex that has made this pandemic even possible with so many obesity-related comorbidities. Profit-driven corporations lobby our government with unbridled spending to ensure they devour taxpayer dollars. I could spend the next hour continuing with this profit-driven corporate capitalism narrative.

If you think the greatest threat to humanity is some left-wing extreme view of Critical Race Theory that literally has no more membership than right-wing KKK members, you're an idiot being pulled around by your nose by psychopaths and evildoers on both sides of this narrative. 

Enough for now. More in 2021 on why this system is collapsing.  But, you will not read any of this elsewhere in this level of detail because literally no one in finance, politics or economics understands it. And, the people on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and journalists in general are literally scientific idiots. They simply frame narratives in such a way to drive viewership and turn us into useful idiots for corporate capitalism.

You can easily from the above chart that with corporate enforced austerity on US citizens and US government, we've been forced to live on debt since Reagan's initiatives kicked in.  That's government debt, citizen debt and most recently, through a newer form of elites looting, corporations are loading up on debt since Reagan.  People must live on debt because corporations now run the government and force people into profitable debt serfdom.  In fact, consider this.  Most of the corporations that exist today could never exist before Reagan took office. So, most corporations that exist today would instead be filled by small businesses, entrepreneurs and local community initiatives. What am I talking about that those corporations wouldn't exist except for financial fraud that happened under Reagan? Junk bonds.  But, with the Reagan debt mania fueling the corporate takeover, finance came up with a new form of what is now normalized fraud. That is junk bonds renamed to fit a propagandized narrative as not investment grade. 
Let me take this moment to reiterate why I hammer about why it's incredibly important that humanity understand what is happening in this moment.  If one doesn't understand the root cause, one is likely to be manipulated into false solutions and narratives that drag society further down the rathole of corporate rule.  Every mainstream narrative is funded by corporations and rich elites.  Even grass roots movements are eventually captured by corporate capitalism and morphed into a narrative that allows the system to maintain itself.  
This has happened numerous times in history. And, the US looks a lot like Germany when the Nazis rose to power. Especially with US conservatives. Maybe more on that in another post but a few comments- 
The petit bourgeoisie (establishment conservatives who supported the existing system) in Germany were abandoned by the bourgeoisie or capitalist corporate class. They lost their businesses due to mismanagement of the economy and were stuck paying reparations that were no different than austerity (Started with Reagan and Volcker and continued to this day.) and more recently lockdowns we see in the US today. They developed a bitter hatred for the left and the entitled corporate class.  They hated the left. They even called the left as leftists as conservatives in America do today.  Hitler tapped into this hatred and disenfranchisement.  Remember, his backers were a small minority of around 30% of voters.  They were easily manipulated by someone stating they were going to make Germany great again. And, they found a common enemy in Jews to blame for their issues. Just like happens with China, immigrants and leftists in the US today.  What the petit bourgeoisie did though is turn their heads to the contradictions that Hitler was backed by the corporate class. And, who benefited the most under Trump? Who received trillions in tax cuts? Who espouses incredible hate and participated in the Keystone Cop beer hall putsch in Washington?

The US is under a severe threat of voting in even greater totalitarianism than we have witnessed since the corporate takeover of our society in the second half of the late 1800s. And, if that happens, it will come from the right as it did in Nazi Germany. It's not just the Trump supporters. The Biden supporters are wildly conservative (establishment) authoritarians too and continue the policies that eventually led to the rise of disenfranchisement Hitler tapped into. 

Amazingly, I see conservatives trying to pick their new master in the likes of DeSantis from Florida and Abbott from Texas. These are two incredibly horrible men who do not care about anything but power. And being demagogues to a brainwashed base.  The answer is to find a candidate who will restore a basic social contract to the US and then allow for individuation and individual freedoms both politically and economically. No one within the system will ever allow this. As noted countless times, the US political and economic system cannot recover until we return to a system where power lies within individuals and communities. But, with the understanding of a common good and social contract; both enlightenment principles. 

In many other ways, the US looks like the final days of Rome. The political squabbling and those who participate are part of an entitled society.  I don't care if someone makes $30,000 a year or $30,000,000 a year.  Those who participate in the left versus right false narrative have the time and luxury of doing so because someone else is growing their food, making their clothes, producing their raw materials, making their electronics, etc.  In the US, we rely on slaves to do this.  It's part of capitalism and always has been.  If one had to "do their own laundry and clean their own toilets", they wouldn't have the time nor the egomaniacal impetus to waste so much effort on such hypocritical entitlement of blaming each other for their petty grievances. This is what elites have done all throughout history as they war to control civilizations.  It is what happened in the final days of Rome as ruling elite patricians warred against each other outwardly. And, because the average Roman pleb citizen was reliant on payment from patricians, they were sucked into the mindlessness of it all.
The world is far underestimating the scope of crisis that is coming. And, it will be global because the US has made the world in its image. And, it has done so for purposes of capitalism's plunder of the world's resources and the world's labor. 
One can conclude from my analysis that most every economic change within the US from around 1980 pushed us further from sustainability and a functioning society and economy. Thus, we will see a return to trend or some level of sustainability that will involve massive destruction of forty years of private capital misallocating democracy's resources via the capitalist takeover of democratic government. Nothing in the US is resilient or sustainable. It doesn't matter if it's the massive poverty that creates incredible lack of resilience, the destruction of the middle class, corporate careerism(which I noted ages ago could very well disappear), the long supply chains to avoid paying living wages and line the pockets of investors, most forms of work(that are useless to society and exist to simply allow the owner class to pillage labor), the truly evil Wall Street financial system, the price of assets, our form of all-powerful central government or just about anything else. All discussed on here for ages.  
As consequential as that sounds, it's nothing compared to the misallocations and unsustainability of the world outside of our borders. Globalization is in some regards a zero sum game.  Countries in the world today, sans a very few, didn't develop their own economies with their own laws, resources, inventions and intrinsic internal demand. They benefited from US capital(And Europe and Japan).  This is not only sustainable, but this dynamic of deregulated capital flows capitalism needs to survive created the Great Depression.  This is substantially misunderstood by every "expert" I have come across. More on that later. 
This post is just a reminder, the crisis we are witnessing isn't because a very, very narrow of Democratic Party elites believe in Critical Race Theory or white privilege. Both are bullshit. Although brothers and sisters in this nation of all race and creed are exploited and we should appreciate that in how we treat each other. 
The hate in this nation is palpable. And, a free mind doesn't hate.  It's placed there by the ruling class that maintains itself by dividing the masses. The free mind and free will are dead.
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