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Linkfest From Around The Plutocratic Empire - It’s Good To Be The King…. But Not Much Longer

Newsworthy updates on insanity, pilfering, violence, hubris, arrogance, ignorance and science from around the insane asylum.   There are some great links below but the most important link is the first because it represents a massive shift in social consciousness and awareness within the U.S. and I want to expand upon its potential impact in the repudiation of state debt.

Record number of Americans believe federal government is too powerful.   Unbelievably, in another poll this week nearly two thirds of Americans now believe the government should not lift the debt ceiling.  This, even though the survey explicitly stated that the U.S. would default without spending cuts or a higher debt ceiling.  This can be understood more clearly by another new poll that shows the same number of Americans believe the government is an enabler to theft and tyranny by the corporate state plutocracy rather than any form of democratic institution that serves society or the needs of our citizens.   In other words, default is now seen by a majority of Americans as a way to stop the repression, tyranny, corruption and stealing that defines a self-appointed aristocracy of  class-based corporate capitalism and the corporate state.   And an acceptance of potential default means those Americans don’t see themselves responsible for the debt obligations run up by a plutocracy nor do they see any substantial benefit to funding an expansion of the corporate state by lifting the debt ceiling.  

The massive U.S. government debts did not generally benefit democracy but instead benefited the war state, the corporate state, the police state, the national security state and the plutocratic political thugs who run it.   Social Security and Medicare did not create this debt.  Unemployment benefits did not create this debt.  As I have remarked many times on here,  I support nonviolent monetizing all of debt by a world enslaved to class-based fascist tyranny.  But, if the status quo continues to  enforce these debts, I am open to the consideration of a default.   There are enough anti-corporatist Tea Party members, which was a grassroots movement before Washington insiders hijacked it, in Congress to move the needle.

Think about how profound and unprecedented this social change in consciousness and awareness truly is.  How the world has changed in literally a blink of time’s eye.   You may or may not support a shutdown but that’s not the point.  In actuality, one must consider a shutdown or even a default may actually produce positive results in many ways not fully appreciated by anyone.  The moving parts and second, third, fourth and fifth order consequences are impossible to quantify.  What we do know is that the plutocracy’s evil cannot scurry back into the darkness.  Too much of it  has been seen in the light. 

The fear that the plutocracy holds over humanity is waning rapidly.  The fear mongering of terrorism and made up boogeymen, contrived threats  from third world banana republics,  the fear mongering over the debt ceiling meme,  the fear mongering over the repeal of Obamacare, and the fear of what may happen if we don’t bail out too big to fail plutocratic corporations and on and on no longer produces desired results.   Creating these contrived threats benefits the plutocracy and not most Americans.  

Fear is not effective as a lasting motivator to human behavior.   The human mind is awakening.    The mind cannot stay in a constant state of fear.  Eventually, it will habituate itself to that state of fear and thus discount it.  ie, The more I expose my mind to its fears, the less I will fear them.  With enough exposure or habituation the fear used by the plutocracy to control society will eventually evaporate.   That is what has happened with regards to the plutocracy’s control over humanity.  Through repetitive exposure of their endless terrorism and fear mongering our minds will eventually recognize that fear doesn’t produce any consequence other than the very illusion of fear itself.  

What is left for the aristocracy to actually hold sway over us?  What can they actually do to scare us into putting up with their privileged corruption, terrorism, tyranny, repression and looting?  Illusions of fear no longer work.  So, danger itself is the only tool they have left.  That is, to replace the illusion of fear with the reality of danger.  Where fear is backed up by the consequence of danger.  Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mugabe and King George-type danger. 

Will the U.S. plutocracy actually resort to willful, malicious physical violence or other forms of danger against their fellow citizens to maintain control?   Europe today tells us they may try.  Communist China tells us they will try.  History of the state tells us they will try.  But recent history tells us they will eventually fail.   The plutocracy has successfully maintained its grip through covert terrorism & violence, propaganda, feints and manipulation.  Outright, willful and malicious evil and overt physical violence would horrify countless millions who have tolerated, and even created, their own victimization because of our propagandized social belief systems.   Will we see violence in lieu of failed state terrorism and fear tactics?   Some certainly believe this violent class struggle is unavoidable.  But violence plays into the hands of the status quo who have achieved and perpetuated their success through violence itself.  Nonviolence is something the status quo is totally unprepared to deal with in the light of day that now exists through instantaneous connection throughout the world.  They have no answers for nonviolence.  What are they are going to do?   Have their lackeys run over their fellow citizens with tanks and have the whole world watch in horror?  Why do you think the corporate media refuses to cover any of the state violence against nonviolent demonstrations in Europe or the Middle East?  They fear nonviolence because they have no answer.  Their control is but an illusion and all we need to do is to nonviolently stop ourselves from supporting this violent, exploitative and victimizing system controlled by a relatively minute handful of bullies. 

Millionaires optimism at record high.  Regardless of any changes in social awareness or consciousness, the plutocracy is now confident it has successfully robbed democracy blind and is bullish on their ability to continue this institutionalized tyranny, repression, theft and wealth transfer in the future.   Umm, not all millionaires are looters.  Those who serve society’s needs in many forms including science and innovation are simply being rewarded for their service.  In our system we reward that service through money.   But with the rise of the permanent plutocracy, the number of wealthy who actually became wealthy through meritorious service to society has been diminished rapidly.

NSA surveillance beyond anything Orwell imagined.  Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mugabe and King George would be proud.  It would be interesting to hear the words from Orwell were he alive today.

Wall Street loots public pension funds.  Nothing new.  Nor is the looting new.  They robbed private pension funds in the 1990s.    More confirmation that we live in a society that doesn’t create much wealth anymore but instead where a ruling plutocracy steals it from the middle class and the poor. 

Seymour Hersh isnn’t dead yet.  The 76 year old Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist speaks out about American journalistic corruption and the lies about the Osama Bin Laden raid in an upcoming book.  He also provides his solution to fix journalism in this country.  Fire the editors and promote the ones that can’t be controlled.  That is never going to happen as long as corporations own media.  A corporation is an institution of the ego or an institution of control.  The last thing a corporate bureaucrat wants is to promote a loose cannon, a free thinker that may threaten the institution’s control.  They want obedient workers just smart enough to do as they are told.  Just like political parties that are also institutions of the ego.  The crème can never rise to the top in either politics or corporations for this very reason.  Obedience is rewarded first and foremost.  Then, possibly merit somewhere down the list.  This is why modern corporate capitalist society is so ignorant and the U.S. has been so dumbed-down.  It starts with the ignorance at the top.   Thus, the purity and essence of anything touched by a corporation or a politician will always be tainted.  Be that science, education, media, government, democracy, people……  you, me…..

ECB gets ready for another bailout as European crisis continues to metastasize.  Europe has not gotten one iota better regardless of the endless lies.  European bonds peaked months ago and continue to sell off. 

JP Morgan meets with government in attempt to pay their way out of criminal prosecution.  When you run an extortion racket with an endless supply of other people’s money, you have some large ability to ensure your own safety in an injustice system where money buys the law.

Private, for-profit prisons get guaranteed occupancy rates.  The corporate state is essentially running a massive dragnet to round up enough Americans, often on bullshit charges, to line the pockets of for-profit prison operators.  And the for-profit prison business is booming.  Hitler, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Stalin and King George would all be proud. 

Russia says sarin gas homemade and, thus, possibly created by Syrian insurgents the U.S. is supporting

Congress mandates jail beds for 34,000 immigrants.  More violence against the poor and those without a voice.  Undocumented workers exist in all countries around the world to serve as slaves for the plutocracy.

Speaking of which, Qatar’s immigrant slaves.


Climatologists wanted to melt the polar ice caps in the 1970s to stop manmade global cooling.  More of the madness of fanatics and the hijacking of the purity of science.  In 35 years the junk science has shifted from climatologists encouraging us to burn coal and produce  CO2 to just the opposite madness.

Global warming believers feel the heat.  Pun obviously intended.

Pimco shook hands with the Federal Reserve and made a killing.  This is how the plutocracy “club” enriches itself.  Through the inside game.  Through rigging rules.  Through access to information, capital and resources that no one else has.   How is this any different than what Goldman or JP Morgan does?  If you had unlimited access to other people’s money and knew what was going to happen when no one outside the club did,  you too could be a billionaire.   It’s literally that easy.  Never confuse ability with wealth.  Our citizens have almost unimaginable abilities and they are being repressed by the tyrannical corporate state bureaucrats.

Goldman Sachs says stock market is best investment deal in 25 years.  The plutocracy is wildly bullish.   Again, as cited in 2007 and 2008 as financial markets and the global economy was   peaking.

Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald team up to expose the NSA’s involvement in state-sponsored murder.

Protecting your body from Fukushima radiation.   Everyone in the northern hemisphere is getting hit hard by this.  If you live anywhere in the U.S. you probably have been exposed to substantial radiation.   You might consider taking dried seaweed supplements.  

Tanks redeployed from the theater of war to the streets of Amerika.  Might I suggest that those drawn to power, including any systematized use of state force, are not the most enlightened or noble minds in society.  Sort of like the classification of gorillas in the original Planet of the Apes.

NSA spied on MLK, Ali and US Senators.   Who actually killed MLK, Malcolm X, the Kennedys and all of the other mysterious events that defined the volatile 1960s freedom movements?  The more facts we see, the more one has to have an open mind that it might have been the corporate state.

Austerity is bullshit and so is the bullshit economics behind it.  This Rogoff and Reinhart junk economics paper is littered with scientific heresy that has absolutely no merit.  That our society can be bamboozled by this shows how ignorant and how dumbed-down the corporate state truly is.  These are literally two morons exalted in their Ivy League circles of pure ideological nonsense.

Does bacteria cause blocked arteries?  More junk science being exposed?  Bacteria plays a major role in our health and universities don’t teach anything to doctors on this topic.  What do you call a dynamic where you learn things that aren’t true?  And pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the right to have your mind filled with lies?   As Einstein said, the only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.  There is a faux intellectualism that exists   in the dumbed-down corporate state.  And, it is perpetuated in large part by college-educated liberals.  Big “L” aristocracy liberals not little “l” democracy and freedom liberals.

JP Morgan’s business is to be endlessly sued for endless corruption.  Fines at JP Morgan have to be approaching $50 billion in constant dollar terms over the last decade or so.  This is a criminal racket that would make the Crips or the Gambino crime syndicate blush with envy.

US forces prepare for air strikes in Kenya and Africa.  More geopolitical steps at expanding our economic empire to the underdeveloped, exploitable continent of Africa.  If corporate capitalism has its way, Africa is headed for another wave of massive exploitation and corporate colonialism.

Boeing shows renewed interest in Africa.  Boeing, once a company to be proud of, has been turned into one of the most predatory death dealers in the world, sending weapons of death and destruction to all corners of the planet. 

Boeing spurned in South Korean fighter bid.  The US military-industrial complex benefits from the failed North Korea state remaining in power.  South Korea is one of the largest arms buyers for the military-industrial complex.  There is some evidence to support that the U.S. knowingly helps prop up North Korea because it serves geopolitical agendas. 

Plutocrats feel persecuted.  I wonder what they would feel like if placed on trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity?

Walmart cutting orders as merchandise goes unsold.  I wrote on here half a dozen years ago that Walmart was headed for extinction.  It may not be tomorrow but they are the next Kmart.

DOE approves export of US natural gas. This rises the price and profits of natural gas domestically.  It should be illegal to export our energy security. 

Ritalin changes the brain.  More junk science revealed.  ADHD is over-diagnosed, over-medicated and is likely tied to corporate state toxicity if and when it does exist.  The unintended consequences of legally drugging a society to death are being exposed.  It’s likely far more dangerous than marijuana or cocaine. 

Scientists find black holes on earth.  The world and universe it changing rapidly.  And many of its secrets are now unfolding. 

One man’s Obamacare nightmare.  Obamacare is a corproate state nightmare and it is finally being exposed as such.

This is not the bill of goods we were sold.  Obamacare will increase spending by $7400 for typical family.  More corporate state wealth transfer to its ruling bureaucrats.   While there are stories all over the map about premiums, this system will not survive longer term in its current form.

Obamacare’s $3,000 premium tests affordability.  People don’t have insurance because they cannot afford it.  Obama’s aristocratic mandate from on-high can’t force people to spend money they don’t have.  Is he really that ignorant?  The real unemployment rate in this nation is 25% and we have a record number of Americans on some kind of government assistance.  As noted on here before, transfer payments from the government to people in need are up over 800% after inflation in the last thirty years.  There isn’t enough money in the economy to support the forced march of Obamacare.

Obama finally admits to raising taxes most Americans can’t afford in new healthcare law.   More lies and deceptions. 

Mitt Romney’s firm bets on Europe.  The predators are now starting to plow big money into a bet that Europe will recover.  This even though the crisis in Europe is at record levels.

17% of Americans would secede and 13% more would consider it.  People should have no attachment to any institution of the ego.   Personally, if the only way to escape state-sponsored terror and violence is to nonviolently declare our independence, then that should be a right of all humanity.  As a human being, I should be allowed to declare my independence from the tyranny of the state and replace it with self-rule and citizen government.  Frankly, I should be allowed to live where ever I choose in the world and abide by their laws but declare myself with citizen of the world status if I so choose.  Not so I can mooch off of their society but so that I may be free from the endless attempts of state control.   I am not the chattel or property of the state as the system now defines humanity. 

The 99% owe the  1% a debt of gratitude.   This is another sign of the dumbing-down of society.  This guy is the consummate idiot incapable of critical thought.  A proof point for the tyranny of the self.  ie, That the ego creates its own destiny by choosing to be willfully victimized.   

Power robs the brain of empathy.  The ego literally disconnects our minds from our higher power or that which makes us sentient beings. 

Amateur astronomers spot potential comet of the century.  Crack out your telescopes.

The US spies on the global banking system.  More of the endless corruption of the US state.

Alien bugs discovered in atmosphere?  ? 

Sun’s superfast plasma conveyor belt surprises scientists.  The sun is a violent beast.  And when it more violent, there is ample evidence that so too are humans. 

Is Iran the fourth reich?  The mad-dog fomenting about Iran is more military-industrial complex obscenities.  Most Iranians have more in common with most Americans than either of us have with our idiotic and often psychopathic ruling class.

More misinformation about the state of China’s economy.  China’s economy is in substantial crisis.  It is going to get much, much worse.  China has become the world’s creditor in a massive debt bubble that drove hyper-consumption.  It’s quite dystopian to actually know what is happening but not to see accurate reporting.  Of course, this dynamic is everywhere given the deafening roar of statist and corporatist propaganda that defines the world today.

China to sell asset backed securities to clear bank balance sheets of their mistakes.   The 2008 crash all over again.  The communists are not immune to their own financial stupidity.

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A Divine Update On Financial Markets

I thought I would make this post a little more entertaining than the standard groupthink everyone generally puts out.  Especially since I watched Bernanke’s comments with horror this past Thursday.   I couldn’t actually believe what I heard in the Q&A session.  Then we recently have Janet Yellen stating that she never saw this crisis coming.  And James Bullard recently stating that we aren’t in a bubble because all past bubbles were obvious.  Well,  I guess all past bubbles were obvious to everyone except Janet Yellen, James Bullard and Ben Bernanke since the Federal Reserve enabled every bubble since their inception and yet have missed all of them.   It seems the more Bernanke and other Federal Reserve members open their mouths, the more they expose how the Federal Reserve is driving drunk.  They have no idea what they are doing.  And as noted on here ad nauseam, there is no proof that any of their monetary actions will create jobs or reflate the economy; the two mandates of the Federal Reserve.   To the contrary, neither jobs nor the economy have responded in any proven and measurable way.  But there is ample evidence the Federal Reserve has actually made the economic crisis of 2008 much larger. 

The Federal Reserve and its actions are another sign of the dumbing-down of the modern corporate state.  Maybe rather than driving drunk, Bernanke should ask Carrie Underwood if Jesus would take the wheel.  Or, at least maybe she can sing that song for him.  That has to have as much effect on improving the economy as Federal Reserve doofuses with their hands firmly wrapped about a bottle of Jack Daniels while trying to drive the U.S. economy off of a cliff.  Or, at least they could have Mad Max take the wheel.    He has already proven an ability to traverse a post-apocalyptic, dystopian reality.  One that the Federal Reserve is helping to create.

So, let me make some opening remarks before I continue to the financial update.  This is something I have noted on here in various comments over the years but I want to make this point in some  greater detail as it pertains to 2013 and the “back end” of this crisis.  The coming storm is something I have been talking about since 2008’s initial collapse.   Well, before the 2008 collapse but regardless it’s coming. 

Our perceptions of reality are substantially based on repeated cyclical patterns.  Life itself is recurring and cyclical.  The cycle of life –  birth and death or destruction and renewal – that define our perceptions of reality is a fundamental law of the universe.  Everything in the universe dies or is destroyed and is ultimately reborn or recreated.  Humanity itself is born from the recycled matter of the universe or vice versa.

Perceptions of linearity really are, in many ways, the anomaly to life as we know it.   Change is imminent in all perceptions of reality.  It’s just a matter of if a particular cycle is a lifetime, a moment or a thousands of years.  We see the illusions of linearity manifest itself in the status quo’s ignorance all throughout history.  Or maybe I should rephrase that.   We see this linearity in social behavior and its ignorance.  Ignorance that involves the outsourcing of one’s beliefs to the Borg.  By the assimilation into the conformity and dumbed-down idiocy of social groupthink.  Never has this dynamic been so ingrained, widespread and systemic as in today’s world so propagandized by corporate media and marketing.  And, of course, that endless corporate money that allows corporate state politicians to make themselves into any image conceivable to gain power and control over others.  Corporations control almost every social value and belief in modern corporate capitalist society around the world.

In many ways, living in modern corporate capitalist society, especially that last 20 years, has given me an appreciation of what it it must have been like to live through many of history’s dystopian societies including the rise of Adolph Hitler or other equally ludicrous groupthink True Believer movements.  Germany was literally turned into an insane asylum where people not mindful of their own groupthink saw their actions devolve into the most base ignorance of the crowd as noted by Gustave Le Bon in his studies.    

It seems I am constantly pinching myself as a reminder to wake up from the dream or not to be drawn into the lunacy.   Outsourcing one’s thinking is the basis for all dumbing-down and ignorance.  And never before has so much of the world and all sources of information, including science, been so completely propagandized and politicized.  In modern corporate capitalist society it’s nearly impossible to stand against the avalanche of dumbed-down groupthink and ideology without tuning out all political, media and even many supposedly scientific messages.  And now that much of education has been corporatized and politicized, we are told what to think rather than how to think. 

Actually thinking for oneself is dangerous.  It creates dissent and questions that threatens dumbed-down corporate state authority’s control over our minds and our lives. We live in a world of figurative book-burning like has never been witnessed in history.  In the U.S. both Democrats and Republicans have perfected that figurative act.  It’s how they maintain control in the dumbed-down corporate state.  That is, until this cycle of linearity and illusions is broken. 

Cyclicalities can be represented by mathematical  patterns like various Fibonacci patterns seen to define nature and the universe.   They are literally everywhere from the spacing of tree leaves to the scales on a the length of the human arm to the shape of the Milky Way to the family tree of honey bees.   There are many very profound theories including some using frequency and light (we are perceived as beings of frequency and light energy by science) to describe this phenomenon but in actuality we really just don’t know.   Cyclicality can also be explained by the recurring  mundane and planetary astrological-astronomical patterns that too repeat themselves.  And, as I have noted on here before, science in many realms is re-embracing these astrological patterns and their potential significance.  All one is acknowledging with astrological patterns is that planets, the sun, the moon and other forces of the universe influence and interact on each other.  Often in cyclical patterns that we don’t understand.  And, we can clearly appreciate from Einstein’s theories that these astrological bodies are nothing more than massively concentrated sources of extreme energy that are trillions times trillions times trillions ……..  of times more powerful than any force ever created by man.   And quite possibly that all life, including the human mind, may somehow be connected to these forces.   Of course, it is quite plausible that the human mind created these forces.  That it is the human mind that is the most powerful force in the universe and is responsible for its creation.  And, thus responsible for the universe’s cycles of creation and destruction.  And that would mean we can actually change the outcome.   Which outcome?  That’s right.

These are but two esoteric cyclical patterns that I rely upon to help guide my long term projections of the future of financial markets and the social science of economics.  Well, and changes in the natural world.  Frankly, they have proven to be quite useful and often very accurate.  The cycle of volatility that the natural and social/economic world is experiencing, as coined on here over the last eight years, is a result of employing esoteric factors.  And this cycle certainly has lived up to its billing both in the natural world and the world of humanity.  Pure luck?  Coincidence?  That’s pretty lucky to anticipate such extreme volatility that, to my knowledge, has never been so prevalent on a global scale.  More likely are that cycles are, in fact, at work.

Most people will mock such attempts to understand life’s cyclicalities and mysteries.  Yet one should appreciate that science generally answers how and not why.   I support the purity and essence of what science truly is without any equivocation, even though modern corporate capitalist society, corporate state politics and the hierarchical institutionalization of science has often perverted that purity and essence.  Science has its role in the search for truth but it ultimately is lacking in a more fundamental ability to answer many substantial questions of why in addition to how.  Yet a dumbed-down, corporate-controlled world generally ignorant of what science is and what it is not, are told to place all of their faith in the false god of scientists. 

When it comes down to it, science is really nothing more than the recognition of repetitive patterns that we can then express through a language like mathematics.   Is mathematics the divine language of the universe?  At least as we perceive it?  The most important questions are not how to identify those patterns or what those patterns are but why they exist.  And, when one appreciates that science is truly lacking in any answers to why, discoverers and seekers of truth who have an intent to learn with an open mind often find their journey leads down more esoteric, mystical and intuitive paths.  But, social groupthink of modern capitalist society mocks these innate abilities.  Even though this mocking is based on ignorance.  Humanity in modern corporate capitalist society has lost its divine connection to the universe and its intuitive, mystical feminine energy.   And, thus, is often completely driven by the ego and its manifestations of rationalism and logic.

We see this ego-driven rationalism and logic everywhere.  One example is in presidents and politicians who use the propaganda pulpit of media to make pleas to bomb the world into peace and democracy.  Their arguments are based very eloquently on  rationalism and logic.  But, those arguments are void of any divinity.  Those arguments are disconnected from their humanity.   They mock our higher power or our divinity and our connections to each other and the world around us.  Essentially, if you want to characterize it bluntly, they mock God.   They mock the divine energy of the human mind, of all life and of the universe.  Their rationalism and logic is void of our innate divine values of compassion, mercy, kindness, acceptance and love for our fellow man.  This type of disconnected Godless rationalism and logic defines modern corporate capitalist society and is everywhere in positions of power over others.  

The ego can conclude any action we take is rational and logical.  The ego can rationalize anything.  All we need to do is look at Wall Street, corporate board rooms and political institutions for confirmation of these endless rationalisms and rationalizations.  But, the question is, are these rational and logical self-interested behaviors also divine?  Is the rationalism and logic consistent with our higher power or that which makes us sentient beings?  Or is it driven by the self and its perceptions of separateness?  And, as a result, self-interest.   Rationalized, willful, intentional attempts to harm others, or the world around us, is not divine expression. 

These esoteric, mystical and intuitive paths to understanding the mysteries and cyclicalities of life were embraced by people much more brilliant than anyone I am aware of who is alive today, so preconceptions and closed-mindedness won’t serve anyone well when reading this.  Especially when those preconceptions are based on ignorance and outsourcing one’s beliefs as all closed-mindedness is.   And closed-mindedness and its associated intent of control defines the corporate state.

Every successful theory ever conceived by science was first an intuitive and mystical experience in the mind of its theorist.  You may not have had that experience while studying differential equations or by studying any scientific curriculum but then you are simply learning through the intuitive and artistic experience of others.  Even in cases where those theories are clearly incomplete or completely inaccurate.  Which they often are.  In fact, the only thing we know to be incontrovertibly true is only recognized by intuitive and mystical experience; that is, I know that I am.   Our true divine identity is only experienced through intuition.  Everything else we actually believe to be real is nothing more than a perception.  An experience created by our mind.

Newton and Galileo, whom I believe are arguably the two most successful scientific discoverers to ever live, were both substantial practitioners of these intuitive and artistic methods mocked by a disconnected world we now live in.  And, yes, they are arts rather than science.  Because, while mathematical (science) or recognizable patterns may be involved, their application and interpretation are based substantially on intuition and a mystical interpretation of that intuition, ie creativity.  Just as in art, these are expressions that are uniquely derived from the connected minds of their interpreter.   In other words, in a world driven by an obsession with the bubble of quantitative analysis, we must be reminded that the world truly is qualitative. 

My point with these introductory remarks is to lay the foundation for a greater awareness of the world around us.      Part of that appreciation is a recognition that when it’s time, it’s time.   The world does not wait.   The cycle of our heart beat doesn’t wait to be told what to do,  the cycle of gestation does not wait for us to tell it what to do, the cycle of the sun rising does not wait for us to tell it what to do, the cycle of seasons doesn’t wait for us to tell it what to do, and the cycle of time doesn’t wait on humanity to say its okay to continue.  These and countless others are pre-determined cycles that could care less about what any lackey politician or corporate bureaucrat thinks or does.   Control is but an illusion created by the ego.  No one is going to control this cycle of volatility.   No one is going to stop what is going to happen.  It’s just that time.  The only question is when and what will happen as the ego’s faulty perceptions and delusions of linearity (control) continue to be exposed.  And the supposed “experts” and status quo who derive their beliefs and perceptions of expertise from linearity are found to be holding the bag. 

Let’s move on to current financial markets.  While I have never explained the significance of the 1995 pivot discussed on here quite a few times, mostly before the 2008 crash, it is integral to my remarks that the U.S. economy peaked around 1980-ish.  And, it plays a key role in some of my analysis including the downside target I have on the S&P.  This analysis is unique.  There is no one else who uses 1995 as a key date in the analysis of financial or economic markets. 

Below is a chart of the S&P 500 with the 1995 pivot being the start date for Fibonacci time zones overlaid in blue.  Fibonacci time zones, as used below, are really nothing more than  deconstructed patterns that define the universe, our galaxy and life on earth.   A hurricane’s pattern, like that of the Milky Way, is defined by a Fibonacci pattern.   It’s not a coincidence I have likened this crisis to a hurricane and that we have spent the time since the first wave of the storm, that hit in 2008, in the “calm” eye of the storm awaiting the back end to hit.  

The fourth quarter of 2013 is clearly marked on the chart as a very important date.  That date is backed up by much longer cycles that go back well over two hundred years and quite possibly a few thousand years.  What will happen yet this year?  We will just have to watch together.  Maybe nothing.  But global currencies, bonds and equities have already started to collapse this year in anticipation of what is yet to come.  Something about 2013 is different. 

Additionally, on the graphic is a long-term semi-logarithmic support line in red that has turned into a resistance line since the 2008 collapse.  That resistance line has stalled upward price movements five times since the 2008 crash.  Today, the market has marginally risen above that resistance line.  Will the markets continue their upward linear move and stay above that line?  Or is failure imminent?  In rising above this resistance line,  it has already created the left side of an abandoned baby candlestick pattern, the most ominous candlestick reversal sign. 



Let’s now turn our attention to bonds.  2013 has been a target date for some years on here.  That includes a possible target for a U.S. Treasury or debt crisis of some sort; likely a monetization or default as I have remarked.  That date was arrived at substantially by long term astrological patterns.   You are allowed to giggle here.  Of course, you might want to temper that giggle because 2013 has produced the largest percentage Treasury market move since well before the 1982-to-present bull market in equities and Treasuries even started.  In other words, something has now substantially changed with regards to debt and debt-based money for the first time in over 30 years.  Five year Treasury rates have risen 200% off their lows this year.  The ten year has made a very large move as well.  Yet, to be fair, we have not seen a Treasury or debt crisis.   But signs of something are starting to reveal themselves in 2013.

I suspect we aren’t yet done with rising interest rates around the world yet this year.  As noted on the yellow band and upward arrow in the second chart below, it is plausible we are headed to 3.5-3.7% interest rates on ten year Treasuries.  The downward arrow on the chart shows what could be a swift move to about 2.3% interest rates on the ten year Treasury before heading to 3.5-3.7%.  Of course, there is a possibility we could head directly to  3.5-3.7% in coming months.   Either way, I expect 2013 to print higher rates than we have right now as the global mini crash in bonds continues.  Or, given the percentage move, maybe I shouldn’t call it a mini crash but just a crash in bonds around the world. 

The U.S. government is expected to run out of money within a month or so without lifting the debt ceiling.  Of course, we certainly expect the debt ceiling will be raised without a hitch.  It always has been.  It has always been linear.  Well, that is, until it isn’t.   Maybe 2013 will be that “it’s just time” as I have been projecting or maybe it won’t.  We shall see.  But, if we do get a debt/Treasury crisis of some sort, that means someone anticipated it years in advance.  Not the only outcomes I have accurately anticipated.  So, are you certain that life is defined by free will?  Are the upcoming decisions as to whether to lift the debt ceiling really being made in this moment?  Does anyone really know?  Are some events and experiences pre-ordained?  Remember, cycles don’t wait.  Cycles, including many that affect our experiences, are pre-ordained and perceptions of control are just that. 

A multitude of currencies around the world are now crashing against the dollar as are these country’s bond and equity markets.   2013 has definitely started a global wave of a repudiation of debt (government and corporate bonds) and that has moved us closer to my projection of a Treasury market or debt event this year.   It’s important to appreciate what is happening with global bonds.  Viewed another way, the dollar is rising violently against these currencies; the exact words I have been writing for years of what would eventually come to pass. 



Federal Reserve tapering, were it to ever happen, and I have said many times that it never will because a service-based economy, aka a consumption-based economy, relies on endless money printing, will only hasten this trend towards currencies collapsing against the dollar.  

Of course, we are already seeing a Federal Reserve tapering.   Right this very moment.  Not in the actions of the Federal Reserve but in the actions of the global economy.  The global economy is no longer accepting Federal Reserve or other central banking stimulus.  That is why currencies, bonds and equity markets are crashing around the world this year.  There is no longer enough liquidity to drive these assets.  And that lack of liquidity is because the world’s economy is drunk on too much stimulus and can’t imbibe any more.  That means the global economy is weakening regardless of what central banks are doing.   Central banking stimulus is tapering.   Not because of the actions of central planners in central banks but because of the actions of untold tens of billions of uncontrollable moving parts around the world.  Central banks cannot force entire economies, corporations or the world’s citizens to take on more debt or to increase spending.  Be that in the U.S.,  Brazil, China, Europe or India.

People have been writing for years that China would eventually stop buying U.S. debt.  As I noted numerous times, the U.S. and China were in what could be explained as a Nash Equilibrium.   And that equilibrium would not be broken by China willfully choosing to stop purchasing U.S. debt.   That would be suicide.  It will happen because they will eventually be unable to afford to buy U.S. debt.  As I noted half a dozen years ago, the day would come when countries, including China, can no longer afford to buy U.S. debt.  Those days are now starting to expose themselves.  With collapsing currencies and collapsing perceptions of financial asset wealth in nations around the world as their bonds and equities crash, the U.S. Treasury purchasing power of these nations is already substantially diminished.  (And gold purchasing power as well is diminished too, as I noted would happen years ago; a note to the endless pumping of gold buffoons who believe BRIC nations will be an endless source of gold purchases as they believe the shiny metal will rocket to infinite.  More linear thinking.) 

This diminished Treasury purchasing power provides cover for the U.S. to possibly default selectively on foreign Treasury holdings.  If countries are no longer able to purchase U.S. Treasuries, then the U.S. government can point to these actions as a reason why it is unable to continue to meet its financial obligations.  Thus default.   That default would have devastating effects on other countries while having little lasting impact on the U.S.  or domestic bondholders.  Frankly, while it would have substantial political implications, especially globally, it could have a net positive impact on the state of the U.S. economy and the U.S. ability to fund its government operations.  That is just one possibility. 

The crisis that is starting to reveal itself means many nation’s  dollar-denominated current account surpluses are now being depleted as they start spending their accumulated dollars needed to keep their economies afloat.  Unless we see a major pickup in global growth, these currencies will eventually be left to greater crises and the possibility of running out of dollars.  Possibly even default.   And that means, not only are they liquidating their dollar positions to deal with this crisis but at some point without recovery they must start to consider selling their gold to raise much-needed dollars.   If this happens, it will put even more downward pressure on gold prices.  

This global trade settlement system is likely to freeze up, seize up or fail in some substantial way before this cycle ends.  As a result, we could easily see a global wave of famine headed our direction if, or as I have noted, when globalization collapses.   It was just years ago that the idiots who created this mess were gloating about a world of unprecedented prosperity.  How their perceptions and delusions have been exposed as ludicrous.   And so have the perceptions and delusions of those who outsourced their thinking to them.  I remember those words of unprecedented global prosperity exactly from the mouth of Hank Paulson when he was Treasury Secretary because I noted the hilarity of his ignorance on here at that time.  Paulson is just another corporate bureaucrat whose success had absolutely nothing to do with competence but instead of being part of the class-based aristocratic club of corporate capitalism.

Of course, all of these moving parts no longer working in a predictable, linear fashion comes the mirage of corporate balance sheets being pummeled as American firms and the American aristocracy (the same has happened in countless countries around the world) have parked tens of trillions of dollars in other nation’s currencies or in supposed safe havens like gold.   That money will, more than likely, be taking a dirt nap at some point.  And if the world’s currencies are in crisis, what exactly will we all be purchasing from our corporate masters?  Well, other than credit default swaps from Wall Street criminals. 

Party on.  The cycle of volatility remains in full force.

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Pope Attacks The Global Economic System For Worshipping The God Of Money

Similar to my long-time remarks of the disposable economy, where citizens are tossed aside when their economic value has been usurped and destroyed, we have the Pope’s throwaway culture -

"To defend this economic culture, a throwaway culture has been installed. We throw away grandparents, and we throw away young people. We have to say no to his throwaway culture. We want a just system that helps everyone,"

I couldn’t agree more.  This global system is predicated on the widespread adoption of evil. 

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bizarre Alignment Of Planetary Nebulae At Galactic Bulge … And Other Stuff

Bizarre only if you believe the universe is not connected in any way.  That each collection of matter or planets or solar systems or nebulae or whatever in the Milky Way are not impacted in any way by other collections or the Milky Way itself.  Which, of course, is perpetuated by current institutionalized scientific beliefs.   Science now rightly concludes there is some unknown energy force aligning these bipolar configurations.  It certainly points to the galactic core.  This would be the same as iron filings dropped into a table with a magnet that align in a bipolar configuration.  Or the way magma ridges on the ocean floor aligns with the magnetosphere’s field. 

Modern science in many fields, is changing at a rapid pace because of new discoveries.  Much of what has been accepted for decades or longer is going to collapse or already has.  Yet, the institutionalized “knowledge” is always the last to change.  This holds true with all institutionalized “keepers of the faith” including economics and politics.     

As I have noted on here many times, once you institutionalize knowledge, you make it a religion defended by the high priests whose self-interest benefits from existing ideology.   Institutionalizing anything involving discovery and truth has the ability to set humanity in backwards motion.

Some additional links from around the web. 

Climate scientists told to cover up temperature evidence.  Need I draw the corollary to the above remarks?  Institutionalization of knowledge is very, very dangerous.  That means putting our faith in a self-appointed few who suffer from the human condition and all of its self-interest, foibles, hypocrisies and rationalizations is a mental disorder we all suffer from. 

If your doctor tells you that your stomach acid is too high, it’s probably too low.

Scientists use DNA to assemble graphene transistors.  Amazing stuff.  Graphene has limitless potential across so many applications.  

Home Depot and law firm accused of shaking down millions of Americans.  More aggressively violent corporate behavior.  How are law firms like this even allowed to exist?  This serves no purpose to democracy and should be stopped.

American’s home foreclosed on for a few hundred dollars.  Ditto.  The predatory corporate state and local governments have teamed with financial predators to loot Americans and take advantage of their suffering.  Karma is a bitch.

China accused of looting African nation for mineral rights.   In many ways we have traded military war for economic war thanks primarily to Bill Clinton and Al Gore.  But, both parties are complicit.  The Democrats are far more of globalist corporatists than the Republicans who are more nationalist corporatists.  In some regards the Democrats are seemingly more communist in their thinking, coming from the left and likely believe that globalization serves a purpose of uniting humanity.  It has united humanity.   Under severe corporate and political repression.  Republicans are more generally right-leaning national fascists.  But, they meet in the middle with a common ground of the corporate state plutocracy.

Transforming panic into peace

Corporations exporting America’s energy independence.  More lunacy created by private, for-profit interests over that of democracy.

Microsoft’s concept videos from 14 years ago were ahead of  Apple.  Why didn’t they build any of it?  Execution and operational management is the number one failure I have seen in corporate strategy.  Corporate leaders generally don’t have the skills to execute a plan.  Just like politicians, they are talkers.  Ballmer is an incompetent talker who comes from the marketing side of the business where talking is all they do.  Microsoft failed because its leadership is a failure.

JP Morgan removes lending barriers in hot real estate markets.  More proof the real estate top is in.

One in five Americans struggles with enough food.  Obama’s healthcare mandate is a joke.  People don’t have healthcare because they can’t afford it.  A mandate from some power-mad bureaucrat in a far off land for people to buy something they can’t afford will have no effect.  Obamacare in its current form as a government-enforced, private for-profit corporation tax is doomed to fail.   By the way, when you pass a law, since when do you get to change that law as Obama has with delays?  If you want to change the law, you have to pass another law.  You can’t just say, “I was joking.”.  And then selectively decide what parts of the law to implement.   This is illegal.  Actually, some people have brought this up.  But not in Washington.  As noted on here many times, Herbert Hoover was elected as a reformer and turned into an appeaser.  He started the New Deal government programs while refusing to deal with the massive corruption in Washington and on Wall Street.  Collapse happened anyway and the programs went kaput with the economy.  The parallels between Hoover and Obama are stunning as I noted soon after Obama’s election.

Poor people are poor because they deserve to be poor.  It’s no surprise this is coming from Britain, which is in many ways the most repressive state in the developed world.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Key Climate Report Authors Struggle To Explain Long Lull In Climate Warming

Actually, this AP report mildly misstates reality.  The earth’s temperature has not risen for 17 years according to the UN’s IPCC panel.  Actual measurements show no warming for up to 23 years.   But regardless, a worst case is that the chief anthropogenic global warming scientist at the IPCC has admitted to no warming for 17 years.   This, at a time when unprecedented human-created CO2 has been pumped into the atmosphere.

Researchers in Germany noted some years ago that solar activity in the last 60 years has been greater than at any time in the last 8,000 years.   By the way, this time is when the vast majority of temperature increases that are cited as being caused by humans has occurred.  And, as noted on here before, it’s not just earth.  Ice caps across the solar system have been melting.  I realize Al Gore is full of hot air, but I doubt it reaches Jupiter’s moons.  As noted on here before, and linked to, a recently published report on the National Academy of Sciences web site ties global temperature cycles to solar activity.   But, science has known this for more than a century.  Yet, somehow this has been lost upon the supposed experts.  Why?  Because it didn’t serve their self-interested agenda.  Or, because knowledge is siloed and people who study climate don’t study solar physics.  Or, for that matter, they don’t study countless relevant topics.  So, they are essentially bread makers who, through their own ignorance and arrogance, believe they are qualified to perform open heart surgery.

The anthropogenic “science”, err, junk science using junk models, is failing right before our eyes.  Right now.  Just like Wall Street’s scientific models.  The failures are everywhere and well too broad for me to keep up with.  Physicists in at least half a dozen countries, some I have linked to in the past, have stated that global warming is over for some years now.   That includes Japan’s solar physics satellite that was anticipating a quadrupole configuration similar to that experienced during the last mini ice age.  And that includes the Russian Academy of Science staffed with some of the most brilliant scientific minds on earth.  Minds not part of the political UN human-caused global warming crowd that is controlled by a political organization.   The planet hasn’t warmed in at last 17 years, and by some measurements even longer.  Yet as I type this, CO2 levels continue to rise in the atmosphere.   What does that tell you?  CO2 is a dependent variable that is a function of temperature or other factors and not vice versa.   Of course, this is what all of the ice samples going back hundreds of thousands of years have shown.  Again, completely discounted by anthropogenic junk science.

I wrote on here half a dozens years ago we were headed for a cold, dry climate.  And that democracy loves cold, dry climates.  It’s happening very rapidly.  Just in the past few weeks solar activity has flatlined.  For how long, no one knows.  But this was off already very weak solar activity in the last half dozen years.   The top weather analyst in Britain is a solar physicist whose models don’t include any of the disproven nonsense in the IPCC models.  He has tracked their statements and proven them to be systemically-incompetent and wrong at turn after turn.   Yet, the true believers and fanatics still follow their religion.

Anthropogenic global warming is perpetuated by political, corporate and pseudoscience fanatics who would have minted untold tens of trillions off of their endless schemes of controlling others.   Oh, and personal fame.   Ah, there is the ego again.  Seeking attention, separateness, exaltation and adoration in addition to money, greed, control and power.   This is just another outcome of a class-based society.  Where a self-appointed ruling elite will do anything and everything to maintain their control over the rest of us.  To point their wagging finger of disapproval at the rest of us as a controlling parent scolds a child.   It’s amazing how many people actually want to be scolded.  ie Told what to do and how to think.   

Anyone who perpetuates a belief that the science is settled is not a scientist.  Nor are they concerned about science nor do they know what science actually is and is not.   Nothing is ever settled when it comes to scientific theory.  That’s why it’s called a theory.  True science is about discovery and truth.  It is not the basis for anything that is settled, an affront to all seekers of truth.  

As possibly the most brilliant scientist in the last half century once stated, science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.   How’s that working out for you when it comes to self-appointed experts in every aspect of our society?  We are seeing systemic failure in every aspect of modern capitalist society.  And the supposed experts actually created the failures or didn’t see them coming.  That includes across a broad cross section of science itself.  Institutionalizing knowledge creates ideology and religious high priests whose self-interest will do anything to protect it.   Institutionalizing knowledge is very, very dangerous.  Knowledge seeks to be free not to be controlled and manipulated for the benefit of a chosen few.

Science proves nothing.   If anything, it only disproves.   Discovery and the search for truth, the fundamental foundations of science, are never-ending journeys.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Wealthy And Abundant Society Without Money Or Markets

Title link - The Incan economy thrived without either money or markets.

Let me reiterate a very powerful reality that is completely underappreciated or not understood.  If the world of nations, society, community or individuals have the ability or know-how to accomplish something that is needed by the world of nations, society, community or individuals, and we have the able bodies and intellectual capital available to  accomplish those objectives, that “thing” is achievable.  Right now!  Period!  Money?  Money has nothing to do with anything.  In fact, the lack of money available today to address global, social and citizen needs is simply validation that money is the  artificial, limiting factor in human, social and democratic development.  

That people say there is no money to do this or there is no money for that or this or that nation is broke because they have no money or too much debt-based money are truly ignorant.  That dumbing-down or ignorance is very dangerous to the rest of us, to the human race and to the planet.  Especially when that ignorance is violently forced down our throats by the political and corporate class of predators.  

The United States, as just one example, has over 100 million people either unemployed or in underemployed make-work, doing-each-other’s-laundry jobs.   We have a vast, talented labor pool and the ability/intellectual knowledge/technical-know-how to solve every major social issue facing our nation today.  That includes homelessness, childhood hunger, lack of access to healthcare, a good education. sustainable energy and economic initiatives, pollution clean-up of toxic dump sites, garbage recycling and on and on and on.  That we don’t solve those issues because political idiots and private profit-driven capital doesn’t wish to - because they see no way to control it or profit from it - shows how ignorant our society’s corporate and political leaders truly are.  How dumbed-down our society has become.  And, mind you, corporate and political bureaucrats are wildly ignorant and that they are in control reflects on the ignorance of our society.   Bureaucrats are some of the most incompetent people in our society.   Class and its use of money to control others destroys the freedom of the human mind, the free exchange of knowledge and the mind’s ability to impact and change the world for the better.  We are choking on the ignorance, tyranny and repression of the dumbed-down corporate state.

“What is the chief end of man?--to get rich. In what way?--dishonestly if we can; honestly if we must. Who is God, the one only and true? Money is God. God and Greenbacks and Stock--father, son, and the ghost of same--three persons in one; these are the true and only God, mighty and supreme.” – Mark Twain, The Revised Catechism

It’s amazing how many people don’t realize money is used as a form of violence to control society and the people in it.  And how gold would make that control even more violent by allowing the very few who have it, or control it, to deny those who don’t.   

Does anyone in Detroit or East LA, where unemployment and underemployment is running at 80 or 90% in some areas, care about whether money is backed by gold?   All they know is that someone else is controlling money and they often have to do anything and everything to get enough money just to survive.  They spend their lives focused on money rather than focused on making their communities more livable, making their children more educated and making their lives more empowered. 

In many ways our current monetary system mimics a gold money standard;  those who have the money decide who gets it and the system steals from the poor and gives to the rich.  How again does gold democratize money?   Gold is honest money?  Meh.  Show me a time in history when gold was honest money.  It doesn’t exist.  Gold takes us back further into the gilded age of excess by the elite capitalist predators and the birthright aristocracy while their serfs run at a frantic pace on the hamster wheel to scrounge for enough money to survive.  Of course, all for the profit and benefit of our masters.

Money is an institution of the ego.   Thus, its existence is predicated on fear and control.   I have written on here ad nauseam that one day money will die.  Forever.  That money is a relic of times gone by that serves no purpose to a free mind and free society.  To the contrary, it enslaves the mind as Mark Twain noted above.   No man can serve both money and truth.  

The day that money disappears won’t certainly be an act of virtue by the state but more likely foisted upon the world as some unrecoverable crisis destroys the usefulness of money on a broad and complete scale.  I certainly don’t know if this cycle will be that time but as I have noted, more and more evidence is unfolding that we might be living through the end times of money.   We see crises everywhere that cannot be solved because money no longer serves a broad purpose for the needs of humanity, community, democracy and society.  We have young, energetic minds, unemployed minds and underemployed minds all capable of sharing so much with society yet there is no method for them to do because they have no money.  And those that are employed most often are not serving their own needs or the needs of their community.  So, instead we are choking on easily solved problems and human progress has turned into human devolution.  Why is money needed to solve social and citizen needs?  It’s not. 

People have a hard time visualizing what they have never experienced.  So, the general comment I receive when talking about this issue is that will never happen, or your views aren’t practical or there is no way the economy can operate without money.   That’s all nonsense.   What isn’t practical is relying on some artificial control mechanism, money, that is stopping society and its citizens from intellectual accomplishment or personal empowerment because they are spending every waking moment worried about having enough money to survive and then retire.   Do you need money to build a public transportation system?  Money to educate your children?  Money to build a house?  Money to perform brain surgery?  Money to grow food?  Money to solve any of the social needs of our society or the world?  The answer is clearly no. 

Not only did the Incas not have a monetary system but they apparently didn’t have a market-based economy either.   The only way these dynamics can exist is if society’s leadership has a moral code and value system that is well more developed and sophisticated than modern corporate capitalist society and its false gods of markets, money and associated hyper-consumption.   Free markets is a code word for looting and stealing democracy.   In fact, corporations and elites do anything and everything to avoid markets, competition or work.   That’s for the poor sonofabitches who do their bidding.  Feinting markets, competition or work seems to be serving the aristocracy quite nicely.  Why not let the rest of us in on the club?   

Does society want an economy where forces serve the needs of markets and corporations or the needs of society?  If it’s the latter, then society needs to tightly define those markets in ways that serve democracy and then regulate them.  Otherwise, private and corporate interests will define markets for their own benefits.   Like Wall Street’s creation of derivatives markets that serve no use to society but serve a great purpose to corporations that use them to steal from the public. 

Competition for food, shelter, healthcare and economic freedom turns the world into a dystopian reality.  Cooperation, on the other hand, builds a successful society where all people who wish to participate then benefit.   If you don’t want to participate, that’s fine as well.  But it is participation, cooperation and selflessness that has allowed humanity to exist and evolve.   Darwinism’s utility does not define the human condition.   In fact, Social Darwinism of class-based corporate capitalism destabilizes the human condition. 

Forcing people to compete for their own economic survival destabilizes humanity yet benefits our masters.   That is why corporate capitalism is collapsing.   It is Godless.  The human condition is not evolving under capitalism but instead is actually devolving into some dysfunctional, dystopian, hyper-competitive, consumption-crazed existence.  It places our minds in a constant state of fear.  We see evidence of this destabilization everywhere. 

We need a merit-based economic system not one that forces us to compete for survival.  Where merit, responsibility and empowerment are rewarded.  An economy forcing people to compete to stay alive is simply an extension of state violence.  It is no different than other forms of forced state violence like money, war, taxes, welfare, capitalism, communism, socialism, etc.   We need competition for ideas on how to solve social issues, how to best deploy those ideas, how to best educate all of our children, how to employ best practices in organizational structures used to solve social problems and provide to society, how to employ best practices in producing what we need and want and how to employ best practices innovation and research into science to fuel needs and solutions for society to name a few.   Much of these efforts can certainly be private efforts or local efforts or both rather than a big, bloated, repressive government mandates or big, bloated, repressive corporate mandates as is the case today.    

Public capital with a primary intent of human development and to provide for the needs and wishes of democratic society are the future whether that involves the use of money and markets remains to be seen.  By the way, public capital would lead to an unprecedented boom in private investment that serves the needs of individuals, community and society, if that is what society wished; something that has never happened under corporate capitalism.   Corporate capitalism exists to seek rent.  Not to invest in the education and empowerment of citizens, community or democracy.   Under this economic system, if there is no profit, there is no demand to solve social or democratic issues.  So, we simply end up with a greater and greater supply of needs and unresolved issues.   Of course, there is always someone seeking to profit or extract rent from the disadvantages and suffering of others.  So, social issue are often turned into profit-driven excursions because that the only method through which investment can occur; ie if someone can make money off if it.   Again, these dynamics are created through the artificial limiting factor of money that again leads us down a bifurcated, class-based society of those who seek rent and those who pay rent.  

A wealthy and abundant society does not require money or markets.  And no massive global trade apparatus; the vast majority of which is completely unnecessary.  The requirement of money and markets simply is a result of brainwashing of a dumbed-down, control-driven corporate state society.   If we seek to employ money and markets to identify solutions for democracy and for the individual needs of our citizens, then we need to democratize them.  And that means that they first serve the needs of our citizens and not the corporate state.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Vanity Height In Today’s Skyscraper Building Binge

I have written of the skyscraper indicator on here numerous times as a forewarning of impending doom.  Including into the  2008 collapse when China and the Middle East were building skyscrapers like mad.  The Chinese equity market collapsed, down 70% or so and Dubai experienced near collapse before being bailed out.  

This is a nice look at the skyscraper building boom that has taken place primarily in the Middle East and China.  The skyscraper building boom this cycle is unprecedented.  We have never in history seen anything like this on a global scale. The construction of modern-day Towers of Babel are without comparison.  Of course, this is far and away the largest financial bubble the world has ever seen as written on here ad nauseam. 

A few other esoteric dynamics that are screaming to me are the hemline indicator.  We have seen Hollywood wear the shortest shorts in history this year.  Essentially legless shorts that are shorter than the short’s pockets.   They may look good but that’s not the point. 

Another is the massive overbuilding of enormous homes and condominiums around the world.  Sometimes fetching in the hundreds of millions of dollars.   This binge is not based on global wealth creation but the global financial bubble.

And, finally, during this cycle luxury car makers have introduced dozens of new supercars that range in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. 

Again, all to feed the largest financial bubble in history.  Umm, finance doesn’t create wealth.  It consumes wealth.  Bankers gone wild. 

All of these measurements are similar in their measurement of the same dynamic.  That is, arrogance, hubris, and as the title cites, vanity, driven by class-based corruption. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Another Long-Time Thesis Created By The Dumbed-Down Corporate State Is Starting To Reveal Itself

What better day to post this than Friday the 13th?

Title link video here.  Farage missed his calling.  He could have been the next George Carlin.  Making people laugh, especially with such a disturbing topic, is a much more honorable profession than politics.   By the way, his responder that cites  99% of scientists agree is using an ego-driven intent to control.  In nonviolent communications methods, this tactic would singled out as an act of violence against Farage.  This act of violence, as is all violence, is clearly driven by ignorance. (That modern corporate capitalist society is so violent gives us some indication of how ignorant and dumbed-down corporate bureaucrats and politicians, who set the corporate state social value system and control our society, really are.)   This politician has no credible response so he uses violence as an attempt to control the conversation, and thus the other participant, and his own humiliation.  This is a typical ploy used in debates.  Debating, key to the political and legal process, is a ruse and a joke that doesn’t prove or disprove anything as logicians and philosophers have noted for thousands of years.  Politicians are some of the most ignorant people in society who use demagogy, pandering and other manipulative, violent intents of control to get people to outsource their thinking to them.  That is the only way politicians ever gain power.  That is, by us giving it to them.  And they use emotional violence to get us to do so; a major reason why our society is so violent.  It starts at the top.  Politics, politicians and political parties need to go away and be replaced by selfless public service and citizen government.  By people in government who have an intent of empowering democracy and humanity and not controlling them for their own egomaniacal purposes.  Humanity is suffering under corporate state repression, injustice and tyranny.  By the way, the same could be said regarding corporate governance that is controlled by the same dysfunctional personalities.

More amusement laying bare the wild distortions of reality.  Very well written and comical if it weren’t so disturbing.

As I have noted before the Republican political establishment outright rejects science and the Democratic political establishment takes an equally dumbed-down position of claiming some faux higher knowledge that is then used to manipulate science for their own controlling advantage.  Which is worse?  The end result is a dumbing-down of society regardless.

I know this is going to upset a lot of decent people who have been hoodwinked and will react with cognitive dissonance.  ie, By holding rigidly to their existing belief system by rejecting this  data as nonsense or somehow twisting the data to fit into their existing beliefs that humanity is the cause of global warming or some other attempt at control.  But attempting to control the outcome by not accepting reality will only make the mockery of science even worse.  It will only lead to more ignorance. 

The science behind anthropogenic global warming is absolutely ludicrous as noted on here time and again.   The only thing more ludicrous is the claim that 97% of scientists agree; turning discovery and truth into a manipulated popularity contest for purposes of control.  (Statistics is not science and truth is not defined by statistics.  A clear sign that anthropogenic global warming was a fanatical social and political movement.  .)  

Science across the board is in crisis as noted on here.  And as it pertains to this topic, science has been tainted by the Watergate-type scandal of political hijacking and manipulation of discovery and truth by a ruling class of bureaucratic, controlling predators and a general ignorance of what science actually is by people who are willing to believe anything that someone else tells them.  Especially if it supports their ego’s subconscious bias;  always driven by dubious reasons in all of us.   Why would you believe a politician who pushes an agenda of global warming but then not believe them when you hear they are illegally murdering people, spying on people and countless other crimes?  Seriously?  Would you believe Ted Bundy on topics unrelated to murder? 

Remember, a long-time thesis on here is that we will live to see the day that Al Gore gives back his Nobel Prize.  Figuratively, of course.   And we won’t have to wait long.  

The climate certainly has changed but not because of a change of four one hundredths of once percent of atmospheric C02 and not because of man.    Science actually settled this debate a long time ago.  C02 lags temperature in all of the core samples going back hundreds of thousands of years.   It’s a dependent variable that is a function of temperature and not the other way around.   There’s that damned pesky discovery and truth again getting in the way of an agenda.

This CO2 nonsense is a lot like the meme that cholesterol is killing you.  Neither ever supported an informed, qualitative view of reality.  But the cholesterol meme has probably been worth over a trillion dollars and counting to drug companies.  (In constant currency terms)  Even thought the evidence has now clearly and unequivocally shifted and mainstream scientific researchers acknowledge it, cholesterol medications, that have never shown any ability to lower heart disease risks, are still the most prescribed drug in the world. 

When it comes to money, the dumbed-down corporate state can continue to create endless propaganda long after their ignorance is exposed.   How much would the anthropogenic global warming meme been worth to financial predators trading carbon credit derivatives, mega corporations and the political aristocracy?  Tens of trillions of dollars would have been siphoned from your pockets to that of the ruling aristocracy if not stopped.  Yet, Obama presses on in support of these initiatives.  Clean, sustainable energy, which any informed citizen would support with empowering economic initiatives, is one thing.  That has nothing to do with any of this.  This is about control.  About corporations and politicians controlling you and me.

More on the topic of climate change later. 

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Modern Capitalist Society Collapse - Oklahoma State University Officials Accused Of Endorsing Prostitution, Drugs, Grade Fixing And Paying Football Players

Right now we don’t know what, if any, of these allegations may be true.  There are many reason why people may mischaracterize cheating on both sides.  It could be bitter former players.  Or there could be truth.  I suspect there is some level of truth to these allegations because they surface year after year at leading universities.  That said, we need to let the facts reveal themselves.   But in the mean time I’m going to take this moment to revisit some topics talked about extensively in the past.   What is happening at OSU and other universities around the country constantly embroiled in scandals involving cheating are clear signs of social collapse.  It’s amazing how many people don’t want to see reality.    There are countless people in the system who are wildly bullish on the future of this system.  And, there are countless people in this system who think the only issue at hand was a housing crisis and, now that they think this has passed, an issue of political will to make adjustments to Washington’s spending habits.  Regardless, this type of hyper-competitive and aggressive behavior on trial at Oklahoma State is endemic to corporate capitalist society.  

Many certainly skirt the rules under extreme pressure to win in our aggressive and hyper-competitive corporate capitalist culture.  That certainly includes winning in sports.   This behavior is no different than that exhibited on Wall Street or corporate America where winning often comes at any cost.  Cheating and gaming the system, so typical of hyper-competitiveness and aggression that is endorsed by the criminal class of political and corporate leaders (looters), is rampant in every  industry and most aspects of life.   It’s no different than the aggressive and hyper-competitive environment that has led to paying nonliving wages, providing no benefits, working in slave labor conditions, working under the longest work week in the world, trashing pensions, shipping democratic jobs off to countries that turn a blind eye to slave labor, etc.  It’s no different than the hyper-competitive and aggressive culture that forces Americans to compete like an animal on the African plains for food and shelter.  It’s no different than the hyper-competitive and aggressive corporate state politics where supporting your winning political team comes at any cost as the winners get the spoils of endless dirty money and power to do as they wish, often violently to others.  Or as Orwell wrote, in the future there will be no loyalty but to the political party.  It’s no different than our legal system that measures success by aggressive prosecution rates and the world’s largest prison population rather than discovery and truth.   It’s no different than the aggressive police brutality driven by the officer’s competition for control with his victims rather than his duty to selflessly serve society.   It’s no different than corporations, people living on the public dole or people working for the government who aggressively defend their right to other people’s surplus value or money.  It’s no different than the insanely aggressive military-industrial complex that pushes aggressive and hyper-competitive propaganda about America’s military superiority and the virtues of waging and winning at man’s most evil invention, war.  War, like corporate capitalism, is a form of aggressive competition against our fellow man.  It’s no different than corporate advertisers exploiting unrealistically-perfect (and airbrushed) swimsuit models that creates insecurity and thus promotes competitiveness between women rather than cooperation.  Women as defined by the corporate state’s value system can never meet those propagandized expectations and thus lovingly accept themselves as they are.   It’s no different than the aggressive and competitive parent who pushes their children into hyper-competitive cram schools, colleges and competitive sports so their parents can act out their twisted insecurities and failures by controlling their children.   It’s not different than the wildly aggressive thug, street-gang hip-hop culture or the explosion of aggressively violent children’s games or the explosion in youth aggression, bullying and shootings or kids now experimenting sexually at ages when I was playing with Tonka Trucks. 

The hyper-competitiveness, violence and aggression of our society is everywhere.  I do mean everywhere.  Almost any socially-specific or culturally-unique activity or behavior in modern corporate capitalist society involves hyper-competitiveness, aggression and violence.   People may not see it, likely because they aren’t mindfully aware of who they are or what they are doing.  In other words, reflective of the ignorance and dumbing-down of corporate capitalist society.  They may think they are doing the right thing because they are conforming to a violent system for their own self-interest.  But it exits.  People can habituate themselves to any type of environment and rationalize their behavior in that environment. 

Almost all corporate advertising is a violent assault on our citizens.  It is meant to create a perception in our minds that we are somehow unworthy or not whole or need their product or service.   We need it to be accepted as part of the winning culture.  This competitive and violent message takes our minds out of the moment and plays on the ego’s desire to covet or attach itself to worldly possessions and worldly beliefs of others.  This very fact is the basis for hyper-consumerism defined by modern corporate capitalist society.   Corporate advertising  promotes a culture of hyper-competitiveness and aggression that is based on keeping up with the Jones.  They have it so I need it.   This form of emotional violence creates a response of emotional self-abandonment by the ego of its victim.   It makes us desire to compete with our fellow citizens for attachment to worldly possessions and attachment to social values exalted by the ego.   In the process it shuts down the normal functioning or our mind by short circuiting a cooperative, loving response from our higher power or our own divinity.  How much cooperative and loving behavior do you see in the self-appointed corporate or political leaders in this nation?  Or for that matter, even at a Pee Wee football game where nearly toddlers are now allowed to beat the hell out of each other with helmets and pads.  And the parents are right there aggressively competing with the other parents.  Often verbally or even physically assaulting other parents.

Humanity has only survived and evolved through cooperation, not through corporate capitalism’s Socially-Darwinistic aggression and competition.   A culture based on competition instead of cooperation is a society based on violence and aggression.  Darwin’s theory of utility clearly is dubious when applied to  evolution.  It only explains mutation within species.  And with that, it certainly can be used to explain the mutated competitive, aggressive, predatory and victimizing megalomania that has evolved within the human species to succeed under the survival-of-the-fittest (most dysfunctionally competitive and aggressive) modern corporate capitalist social structure. 

Modern corporate capitalist society is collapsing because it destabilizes the human condition.   Because humanity is devolving rather than evolving under its endless violence.  Humanity’s own future is now at risk because of the social structure and value system that modern corporate capitalist society has created.   Whether those risks are destroying our ecosystems, destroying the natural world, destroying each other through hyper-competitiveness and aggression, destroying other nations, destroying our own divinity and destroying ourselves.   This corporate state social structure is inconsistent with our spirituality or our mind’s higher power and its mindful awareness of the connection and oneness with all life and with all people.  Of our higher power’s innate desire to cooperate rather than violently compete against our fellow man and against the natural world around us.  We are enslaved to a Godless (lacking our higher power’s human-values) existence.

In the completely ego-driven hyper-competitive and aggressive corporate capitalist state, it’s not about what’s right or virtuous.   Virtue and human values derived from our own divinity have no place in a world of aggression and hyper-competitiveness.   Vulnerability, one of our greatest gifts of connection and cooperation, is preyed upon.  Compassion and mercy are mocked as signs of weakness.  Love and kindness for those who are suffering exposes our fragility and thus are only for those who can be exploited.  Instead, it’s about the ego’s aggressively dysfunctional and self-centered need to separate itself from others and in the process draw attention to itself.   It accomplishes this through competition and aggressive behavior rather than connection’s cooperation and nonviolence.  All driven by the ego’s basic need to control the world around it at any cost and in the process deem itself worthy of being treated differently or separately.  To be superior.  To be rewarded with favor and special treatment.  All because of often subconscious ego-driven feelings of inadequacy.  What better system to accomplish this special treatment, separateness and favor than a class-based system.  That is, class-based corporate capitalism. 

It’s all about winning at any cost.   We all buy in.  We all participate by supporting this system of violence.  A system where those most willing to stomp on the face of their fellow man, their sports or business or political competitor, get to the top.   To be exalted as gods.  To gain the power, control and validation over the world and people around it that the ego is always unwilling to grant itself.  

The ego is the only known source of evil in this world and the hyper-competitive and aggressive corporate capitalist society exalts it.  We have literally devolved into egomaniacal madness.   We live in a world whose self-appointed egomaniacal leaders are literally disconnected from their humanity or their own divinity.   A world driven exclusively by ego, the most base, un-evolved aspects of the human mind.  Is it any wonder so many are addicted to alcohol, addicted to drugs, addicted to food, addicted to competition, addicted to winning, addicted to gambling, addicted to sex, addicted to shopping, addicted to work, addicted to consumerism, addicted to war, addicted to external validation, addicted to fame, addicted to external perceptions of success or in the case of the political and corporate elites, addicted to power and control over others.   Modern corporate capitalist society is careening into some type of dystopian dysphoria.

This issue at Oklahoma State ties in with my long-time thesis that wages in the service economy are going to collapse.  (ESPN video of Sport’s Illustrated’s OSU investigation and its claims of unprecedented corruption here)  Not because some sinister banker is going to willfully cause it, but because of the ignorance to what is accepted as fact in modern economics flies in the face of economic truth.   Sports adds zero wealth to society.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.  If you want to test this statement, go to the Sudan, find yourself a basketball, cobble together a basketball rim and backboard and start shooting.  When you create the wealth necessary to solve their problems of poverty and starvation by dribbling a leather ball, come back and see me.  

Service jobs consume wealth.  Paying athletes and coaches  obscene salaries, and universities spending fifty times as much money to pay coaches as they do science or liberal arts teachers is simply part of the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world.   This corporate capitalism-inspired idolatry of aggression and hyper-competitiveness contributes substantially to the ignorance necessary to create this obscenely egomaniacally-focused amusement and entertainment culture.  And it puts incredibly pressure to compete and win on those being paid millions of dollars to exploit young people in college athletics.  All of this contributes to the ego-driven dumbing-down of our society.  The search for discovery and truth has been replaced by the search for money and power.  And the path to money and power is through hyper-competitiveness and aggression. 

Corporate capitalism is dying.  The entertainment and amusement industry wages are all going to come crashing down. There are clearly definable economic and monetary factors that support this outcome.  More in the second part on my update re the coming collapse of service economy wages…. and the service economy itself. 

In closing, I’m also going to link to two detailed prior posts on this topic of the idolatry of hyper-competitiveness and aggression in modern corporate capitalist society.

How the Hyper-Competitiveness and Aggression Embraced by  Fundamentalist Capitalist Cultures Are Creating Modern Society Collapse

How the Hyper-Competitiveness and Aggression Embraced by Fundamentalist Capitalist Cultures Are Creating Modern Society Collapse - Part II

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