Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bomber-in-Chief: “I Go Shooting All Of The Time"

It’s quite obvious Obama goes shooting all of the time.  20,000 times to be exact. 

Bomber-in-Chief: 20,000 Air Strikes Have Conclusively Answered The Question Of 9/11: "Why do they hate us?"

Barack Obama – “I Go Shooting All Of The Time”  Does this guy really have any credibility left except with the Obama apologists?  Really? “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything”

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Orwellian Financial Market Dynamics Part Three - The Risk Trade Is Back On In A Big Way


Click on the graphic for a larger view

This is a rehash of many older posts but I’m including much of it for understanding for new readers.  After dismantling regulations on private, for-profit capital over the last few decades, the investor class, or mostly American and British looters, ride their swell of hot money around the world creating endless bubbles in its wake. (Traders love bubbles.  LOVE bubbles.   That’s why they create them.  Range expansion and volatility in tradable assets are a godsend to Wall Street and the City of London.  It’s a precursor to really effective looting.)   You can generally thank Bill Clinton,  Al Gore and Tony Blair for this although almost all politicians were certainly complicit in the deregulation of the global economy and its resultant systemic poverty and crisis.   Ahh.  Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, a love story.  The good old days.  I digress.

Anyway, one of the popular risk trades for looters over the years has been to borrow Japanese yen at essentially no expense because of low interest rate policies, and then load up on levered Australian dollars that yield a substantial interest delta.  Or tradable Australian assets which are experiencing massive inflation and, thus, yield astronomical gains.  This has contributed to creating massive bubble swells in Australian assets.   Yet it produces incredible riches for those pulling these stunts while leaving ultimate devastation in their wake.  You know, like our housing bubble, the Internet bubble, the commodities bubble, the China bubble, the emerging markets bubble and on and on.  By the way, politicians in every country are complicit in this by allowing this type of defrauding of us common folk to take place.

You see the Australian dollar to Japanese Yen ratio on the blue and red candlestick chart above.  And overlaid in green is the S&P 500.  See any correlation?  Hahaha.  How about nearly 100%.    Every upward move in the S&P 500 and the Australian dollar since the 2008 crash happened after a major monetization exercise by the Federal Reserve or the ECB.   That includes the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and now the 2013 rally.   That is why every financial asset is nearly 100% correlated.  It is strictly tied to useless money printing that has done nothing more than recreated a massive bubble in all tradable assets everywhere.  In every nation participating in this global looting fest.  And, every time assets, generally controlled by the elitist, financial or corporate class, have started to teeter since 2009, a new money printing program was unleashed to prop up asset prices.  Honestly, central banks have no choice.  If they quit, we’ll see a total collapse.  Now the carry trade between Japan and the U.S. is no longer working because of Fed low interest rate policies here but then it doesn’t have to work here for the S&P 500 or equities to rise.  Corporatism and looting benefits from the carry trades everywhere because it steals from the entire world. 

If markets continue their trend, each central banking action has had less and less of an effect on asset prices.  This is something I have remarked of numerous times.  ie, Federal Reserve, ECB or other central bank money printing to prop up asset prices does not and can not create wealth or fix the economy.  This compares to the generally-held ignorant beliefs in Washington and Wall Street that the Federal Reserve does create “Christmas”.    And, that rising asset prices create wealth as noted by Alan Greenspan some years ago.  This is simply the verbalization of Ponzinomics embraced by the criminal class who have destroyed our economy and our democracy.   It is essentially an endorsement of Uncle Milty’s Monetarism that became religion with the election of Ronald Reagan.  Monetarism married with Reagan’s trickle-down, supply-side economics has been a real winner - give the elitist criminals all of the money they can hoard then sit back and watch them shower us with their grace.   We can mow their lawns, do their laundry, work in stores where they spend their riches, become their nannies, work as political consultants supporting their endless political bribery schemes, administer their wealth-stripping Ponzi schemes on Wall Street, work in the entertainment and leisure industry to amuse them, become police officers to protect them and for those marginally less fortunate, be shoved onto the government dole for society to pick up the tab.  Oh, and my favorite, fight their endless profit-driven wars and kill untold millions of people around the world to further their insatiable need for more of everything.  Slavery is a wonderful thing… for our masters.

You can see above in the incredible rush into Australian  dollars over the last handful of weeks (quantitative easing 4) that the financial clowns are again feeling their oats.  The bullishness within the financial community is almost palpable.  Dick Bove just came out and made a prediction that banks are going to have an unprecedented 14 year bullish run.  That’s just one example of the institutionalized ignorance that exists today.  For that to happen, our economy would have to be under an ever-increasing force of more and more debt tyranny for the next 14 years.  If that happens, we’ll be living in the Soviet Union under tank and troop rule or all in debtor’s prison.    

By the way, have we ever seen a poster stock for any economic period crash while financial markets levitate higher?  ie, Apple?  Not to my knowledge.  Something to think about.   Someone no longer has $300 billion dollars in perceived wealth that has been erased from Apple’s valuation.  I wonder how that affects their desire to spend?  Do you really think global equities or other assets are any different?  Their valuations don’t reflect true value or any kind of reality.  They are simply illusions created by the global money bubble.  At some point they will follow Apple as all of Wall Street bubbles have. 

Remember, a long-time thesis on here is that the investor class is headed to the soup kitchen lines. 

Public banking and democratic money…….  would literally solve all of this; replace consigliere-inspired immoral exploitation of debt slavery and corporate slavery with morally-responsible economic commitments to community, society and democracy.  Solutions to this crisis of modern society are incredibly simple yet profoundly powerful.  I said simple not painless.   Because this system is built entirely on corruption, it would collapse under a public banking and democratic monetary system unless a transition to a just, democratic system is properly managed by a functioning, transparent, democratic government.  Something we don’t have today.  Capitalism or any merit-based economic model must be subservient to We The People.  We must democratize economics to ever truly free ourselves from our masters.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

How The Idolatry Of Hyper-Competitiveness And Aggression Embraced By Fundamentalist Capitalist Cultures Are Creating Modern Society Collapse - Part II

"A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."  -- Albert Einstein

Over the last few days I watched the two-part Oprah Winfrey interviews with Lance Armstrong.  I’m sure the OWN network will replay both nights either online or on their channel or on Youtube if anyone is interested.  I would encourage those interested to watch.  Not necessarily because of the content but because of the nature of the interviews and their relevance to the social values and dynamics created by the corporate state. 

After watching the interview, I want to repost a link to the piece I wrote on modern society collapse and the glorification of hyper-competitiveness and aggression by fundamentalist capitalist cultures.  I want to repost it because everything in the Winfrey-Armstrong interview was highlighted in that post.  And, using that as a segue, below I am posting part II on this topic. Armstrong rationalized his value system and behavior using the same principles as written verbatim in that post. 

The reality is Lance Armstrong is just another nameless face.  His situation is repeated time and time and time again in our dying corporate culture.  He is typical of the hyper-competitive, exploitative and outright aggressive (destructive) personality types glorified by corporate capitalism and our beholden patriarchal political system.   As noted on here in numerous posts on aggressive (destructive) personality types, these people use and take from others in failed attempts to ameliorate their inner demons.  To self-medicate through using and taking from others.  Armstrong’s situation is no different than the 2008 collapse of the U.S. financial system.   The personality types involved in the exploitative, abusive, predatory, hyper-aggressive, patriarchal Wall Street culture are exactly the same.   The outcomes of these values glorified by corporate capitalism and the corporate state are exactly the same; exploitation and destruction left in the wake.

Armstrong admitted to bullying (another predatory dynamic embraced by the corporate state that has been discussed on here.) , exploitation, force and hyper-aggression to destroy anyone who opposed him.  It didn’t matter what the consequences were or whether his actions were just and true.  Or whether he was destroying innocent people.  He was bent on maintaining his socially-gained power and destroying anyone who opposed him.  This exploitive, predatory, narcissistic behavior is typical of aggressive personality types glorified in the corporate war state and on Wall Street.

In the corporate state we are expected to become someone who conforms to the system of corporate capitalism and accepted social norms.   Social norms substantially determined by corporate capitalism.  Let’s be frank.  American culture and its values are dominated by and determined by corporate capitalism.  We are assimilated into the Borg and in the process expected to lose our own identity, our culture and our individuality.  The reality is democracy or democratic government plays a very insignificant role in our daily existence.  Individual human expression, a manifestation of our mind’s higher power or inner divinity, is subsumed to the sameness, roteness and meaningless goals of our corporate masters and their accepted social values.  Social values that oftentimes are diametrically-opposed to timeless human values of equality, dignity, empathy, kindness, love and acceptance.   Values derived from our higher power or that which makes us human.  So, rather than glorifying individual human expression such as our connection to nature, art, literature, science, discovery, knowledge, music, our children, community, friendships, relationships and other expressions of our inner divinity,  the corporate state encourage us to set goals that often make it difficult to actually connect to our humanity and our natural expression.   The corporate state robs us of our humanity.  It encourages and oftentimes even forces us to give away some piece of our human authenticity to conform to the system.  And, mind you, this can happen to anyone.  The self can rationalize anything in any situation and most often does as we see in our collapsing corporate culture. 

Instead of granting every individual their own higher power, the proletariat corporate state glorifies corporate work and capitalism, a form of indentured servitude involving outsourcing our higher power to bureaucrats, as the ultimate manifestation of human expression.  Corporations, by their very nature in the glorification of service and work are inherently proletariat. 

With work comes the corporate state’s rewards of career (serving our masters), money, power, advancement (authority), and the perception of greater control (destructive behavior) often manifested through the acquisition of more and more physical “wealth” and power.  These are the riches granted by the corporate state; power, control and money.  And to achieve those riches, the corporate state glorifies the violent social values of hyper-competitiveness, comparative advantage over our brothers and sisters, greed, vainglory, envy, selfishness and covetousness.   Selfishness is a right of passage.  Greed is good.  War and violence are better.  

Maybe more aptly described by Orwell in his vision of the future, “In our world, there will be no emotions, except fear, rage, triumph and self-abasement.  There will be no loyalty, except loyalty to the party.  But always there will be the intoxication of power.  Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory.  The sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.  If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”.    What better describes Lance Armstrong’s win-at-all-cost, power-driven, selfish megalomania?   It should be of no surprise these are the values glorified by our corporate masters and Wall Street predators.   Armstrong, as anyone who embraces the corporate state’s social value system, stomped on the face of countless innocent victims who he characterized as jealous, losers, liars, enemies and the like.  And, it should be of no surprise all of those people were innocent.  This is clearly indicative of the values embraced by our corporate masters and the corporate war state.   This is corporate capitalism.  And, it should be of no surprise that corporate capitalism embraced Armstrong and corporate advertising (propaganda) made him in their image. 

As sentient beings, our higher power is granted by the human mind’s ability to connect to a place that exists only in the human mind.  A place that is able to consciously experience selflessness, empathy, dignity, acceptance and love.  A place that allows us to grant ourselves and others unconditional worthiness just as we are.  A place that allows us to be still in the moment and grant ourselves grace.  To desire or covet nothing.  To simply just be.  A place that allows us, through the ability of compassion, acceptance and vulnerability, to connect to another sentient, living being with willful intent and conscious awareness.  To consciously and with intent chose to be kind.  Through some ability clearly not understood by science, to literally become one with the living world around us and share profoundly otherworldly experiences of unconditional selflessness, empathy and love.   It is our higher power that grants us divine human expression.  Yet, it is the unstable manifested self and all of its foibles and outright ability for evil that are exalted in modern fundamentalist capitalist society.  It is indeed an unstable perception of self that seeks hyper-competitiveness, comparative advantage over our brothers and sisters, greed, selfishness, vainglory, envy, selfishness and covetousness.   These are the values embraced by the Godless corporate state.

This isn’t some new age concept.  This is a reality that can be measured by science.  People who are disconnected from their higher power actually have different brain scans.  Because their mind isn’t functioning to its full conscious ability.   They are literally disconnected from a capability to be human that exists within our mind.  In most instances this detachment or dissociation is simply a reflection of an individual consumed by the manifested self.   This disconnection makes it difficult or impossible for these people to literally see beyond the self.   That part of their mind literally is not being engaged.  And, that means they are truly unable to connect with another living, sentient being that exists beyond the perceptions of self.   Or unable to connect to the world around us.  These people are often detached and seemingly aloof.  Disconnected from the terror and disaster they leave in their wake. 

Disconnection and dissociation are all around us.  Not only with the predatory behavior glorified by the corporate state but also within its victims.  These predators are not just in positions of power, which their disease is drawn to like a moth to a flame.  They may secretly seek to gain power but feel they have none in their lives.  That is, because they are disconnected from their mind’s higher power and unable to grant themselves their own divinity or worthiness.  So, they seek it through power, exploitation and victimization over others.  They seek externally that which can only be found within.  This may simply be an abusive parent or boss.   Or someone who abuses their pets.  It doesn’t need to be a Wall Street CEO or a politician.  Regardless, their condition could easily be classified as addicts.  As Armstrong admitted, they are addicted to control over the world around them.  Control that they believe will help ameliorate their inner demons or their disconnection to their own divinity.  They are addicted to power just like a heroine addict is addicted to opiates.  And, the predation, victimization and exploitation we see today is simply a manifestation of them acting out.  Getting their addictive fix.   

These are the users, takers, me-first, aggressive personality types, predators, exploiters, selfish, narcissists, psychopaths and people who use and take from others to achieve their own selfish needs and goals.   Goals meant to ameliorate their inner demons.   Corporations and politics are almost always run by autocratic leaders who possess these traits.   Any hierarchical organization is filled with these aggressive personality types.  Why?  Because a corporation or a political office or any institution of the manifested self or institutions of control.   Senior executives, politicians, hierarchical religious orthodoxy and the like are nothing more than bureaucrats.   Unthinking keepers of the status quo.   And being drawn to power and control, they use and take from others, often treating people as nothing more than chattel, to achieve their self-centered goals. (Mind you, one of the long-time theses on here is that we are going to see systemic failures in institutions of control or of the manifested self; governments, junk science, industrial food monopolies, universities, bureaucracy, the war state, debt, money, corporations, contracts, etc, etc, etc, around the world.   Who knows.  Maybe even the Vatican will fail.  At least as it has always been.  Regardless, that call continues to work out very handsomely.) 

Those who are disconnected from their higher power make the best capitalists glorified by the corporate state.  They may learn social norms like marriage and having children or friendships.  They learn this through the manifested self’s innate ability of mimicry rather than through our higher power’s loving intent.  They are truly unable to empathize or experience what love and selflessness really are.  To many of these predators, having children or a spouse or a friend is like taking out the trash.  It’s a social norm they learn through mimicry that allows them to achieve greater power over the world around them.   They may even experience tears but they are often tears of self-pity, even when talking of their family or others.  Self-pity and a lack of personal responsibility are hallmark traits of predators.   Think Wall Street.  Think politicians who have sold out our democracy or our economic determinism for benefit of the self.   Think the endless history of pedophilia and victimization inherent in the Vatican hierarchy for the last 1600 years. 

Love is not physical attraction.  Love is not that je ne sais quoi that we experience with certain people.   Those are all perceptions of the manifested self that are easily explained by the sum of our experiences.  Experiences that determine our mind’s perceptions of the physical world around us and our perceptions of who we are in that world.  Love is an unconditional state of mind derived from our higher power.  It is a recognition of every living being’s worthiness to exist with dignity and respect.   It is a state of mind that recognizes the literal connection we all share through our ability to access a place within our mind where the universe resides.  A state of mind that expects nothing from anyone yet gives openly and selflessly without condition.  It is a state of mind that those disconnected from their higher power can truly never experience either for themselves or anyone else.  They cannot experience their own divinity because they are detached from it.  Literally.  They are consumed by the manifested self.   And, those people are glorified by the Godless corporate state. 

If we are connected to our higher power or our own divinity, how can we consciously, and with intent, harm ourselves or anyone else?  Belittle anyone?  Use anyone?  Take from anyone?  How can we hate anyone?  Find anyone unworthy?  How can we use and take from others to accomplish selfish social, economic or glorified corporate capitalist goals?  How can we wage war?  How can we have conscious intent to murder another human being?  Even if they have committed a crime?  No.  These are actions of those disconnected from that which make us human; our own divinity.  These are people consumed by the manifested self or the ego.  Yet these are the values glorified by the Godless corporate state.  For without people like this the corporate state simply could not exist.   The lunatics running the corporate state have created an asylum.  And, they have placed all of us in it.  All to ameliorate their own addictions, disconnections and instabilities.

Modern capitalist society is collapsing because its values reflect absolutely no modicum of timeless truth.   It doesn’t reflect the divine values that uniquely make us human.  Modern capitalist society has abandoned human values, connectedness and community declared in our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”  Instead, it rewards those who are the most disconnected from their humanity.   The most selfish.  Those most unstable.  Those most willing to throw their fellow man under the bus for benefit of the self.  Those who buy into the “me” culture that became so socially-accepted under the complete deregulation of private, for-profit aka predatory capital undertaken by Clinton/Gore and their like-minded Republican cronies.  Those who would take and take and take to ameliorate their disconnected state of mind.   To use and take to self-medicate their inner demons.   

And so it is in the Godless corporate state.

So, as it pertains to Lance Armstrong, has this crisis in his perceptions of self and his megalomaniac belief systems started the process of him (re)connecting to his higher power or his humanity?  Or is he completely disconnected from his higher power?  Is he the worst kind of disconnected predator; a sociopath - as the still defiant Wall Street predators are.  Armstrong was a very heavy user and taker of others.  And, showed absolutely no remorse for trying to destroy countless innocent people.  People who did nothing wrong other than be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That is, within his crosshairs of violence, predation and exploitation.  No one knows.  That is, except Lance Armstrong.  But one thing is still very telling.  In the interview he remarks that he still wants to compete.  Frankly, that he still needs to compete to feed his addiction.  He still needs that power he gains at the expense of someone else.  He’s still addicted to power that manifests itself through his hyper-competitiveness and aggression.  The external validation, the winning, the fame, the adoration and the stomping on the face of his enemy glorified by the corporate state.   It’s one thing to challenge oneself for fun.  To discover what we are capable of accomplishing through dedication and excellence.   It’s quite another to be addicted to it.   Lance Armstrong has a long journey back to humanity.  Personally, I hope he makes it. 

For society to develop some modicum of sustainability, and we most certainly need to develop sustainable social dynamics before we can start thinking about sustainable economics, we must re-embrace timeless human values.  We must replace the corporate state with a culture void of state-endorsed violence, predation and victimization.  We must create a culture that allows emotionally-wounded and disconnected people an environment to heal themselves.  To be responsible for themselves.  Not an environment where wounded and disconnected people are rewarded with positions of authority in our economy and our government.  Modern capitalist fundamentalist society encourages the wounded self to act out or self-medicate by endlessly exploiting, using and taking from others.  That dynamic even includes war, torture and state-sponsored murder.   Wars on drugs, illiteracy, poverty, terrorism and other corporate-state sponsored acts of social violence have been perpetrated on our citizens and democracy rather than on behalf of freeing our citizens from the ills of a degenerate ruling class.  

We all suffer from the human condition -  We all suffer from the manifestations of the self and its foibles and demons.  We all can rationalize anything given the right circumstances.  We should seek to create a culture and a society where rationalization and selfishness are replaced by values requiring connection to our higher power; human dignity, selflessness, personal responsibility and compassion.   One where government seeks to protect and encourage the emotional growth and emotional freedom of its people rather than exploiting them for the instabilities often created by or enabled by the state itself.   One where we are encouraged to (re)connect with our humanity.  One where we are encouraged to take back our own divine power rather than granting it to a political or corporate predator.  In other words, freedom is first a state of mind.  Until that happens, modern capitalist fundamentalist society will continue its degeneracy of victimization and exploitation under the authority of self-consumed, irresponsible, rationalizing self-medicating predators, takers, users and addicts.

There most certainly is one basic fact that has been lost on the corporate state and all of its adherents and apologists.  That is, democracy is more than lip service mouthed by predators and users; it is an expression of human dignity, equality and decency.  We are all worthy.  And, that means no human being should ever ne able to take power or be granted power over another human being.  Only just, transparent, reasoned democratic law granted by natural law or our creator.  And those laws need to be applied to our economic system as well.  Including an economic constitution granting every American inalienable economic rights and human dignity.  A living-wage job or a living wage contribution to democracy and global justice for every American willing to be personally responsible. 

An impossibility?  The small handful of self-appointed power mongers in our nation only exists through your consent.  You create your own reality.  If you aren’t able to grant yourself the dignity and decency you deserve, how will you grant it to your fellow man?   The takers and users aren’t going to stop taking and using; the penetrating acts of self-discovery, personal responsibility and enlightenment are coming whether you are ready or not.  Because, as I cited with Martin Niemoller’s remarks, they are coming for you.  For your Social Security, your democratic social uplift programs, your property and your human dignity.  And, they’ll get all of it if you let them.  I seriously doubt anyone is going to be spared enlightenment or taking personal responsibility during the coming years of this crisis.  The political puppets so many outsource their higher power to aren’t here to save democracy or human decency.  If you want a better world, you are going to be literally forced to make it.  You are going to be forced to stand to account.  To grant yourself the worthiness you and your fellow man deserve or to continue to allow others to continue to stomp on the face of humanity. 

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

ECB President States Euro’s Darkest Clouds Have Passed While Spain Unemployment Rate Rises To Record 26%

The ECB president must be smoking something or his head is so far up his ass that it has snapped off and become permanently lost in the nether regions of excrement and asshattery.  The European bond market is not sharing his enthusiasm.  Nor are the countless millions suffering through his insanity.  While we have seen some stabilization in European debt for a few months, mostly because the ECB is using credit cards to pay off other credit cards, the overall European sovereign bond situation has progressively worsened over the last few years.  ie, Even though the current situation is stabilized the market is showing far less confidence in  progressively lower bond market highs in the last five years. 

Financial markets around the world are showing signs of distress and instability under the surface.  The currency risk trade is showing stress and possible signs of a permanent shift against the global financial predators,   the volatility in equity markets has literally collapsed to the lowest levels leading up to the 2008 collapse, volume participation has collapsed and the gold volatility index I have shown on here many times is at the lowest level since 1997.  Low volatility is a sign of either incredible apathy or incredible financial recklessness or both. 

So, let’s consider the collapse in volatility in gold to the lowest levels in the last sixteen years.  If you don’t remember 1997, it was a glorious years for the financial predators that Clinton-Gore and like-minded Republican corporatists unleashed.  We were just about to head into the Asian financial crisis that literally destroyed many economies, (Sixteen years later there are unfinished skyscrapers with vines and vegetation devouring them.)   the 1998 Russian financial crisis that led to the collapse of the ruble and a defaulting on its debts (This event almost literally destroyed the entire Russian banking system.  Think 2008 in the U.S. but worse.)  and the associated implosion of Long Term Capital Management, another in the endless incarnations of Wall Street Ponzi Schemes.    Those events, while not felt in the United States, wreaked permanent havoc on untold tens of millions of people.  All of these crises were caused by the same macro dynamics that exist today.   That is, deregulated private, for-profit capital looting the world and creating crisis in their wake.  And low volatility. 

ECB president’s remarks here

Spain unemployment here.

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How The Obama Administration Protected Wall Street From Prosecution

Probably a year after Obama’s first inauguration I went to listen to a handful of constitutional scholars speak.  Glenn Greenwald was one of them.   At the time I was dubious of his message.  He was still soft-pedaling to some degree.  I don’t think he was really on the team.  In other words, he seemed to be hedging his bets on the morally-bankrupt monopoly of the two party system and their birthing of fascism. 

There are no doubts any more.  Greenwald has drawn a clear line in the sand.  And, in doing so, he has actually jeopardized his “worth” to the establishment.  That took great courage and I have great admiration and respect for anyone willing to open their eyes and demand peaceful reforms to a system that is massively corrupt.  To a system that doesn’t even utter the words of poverty or unemployment in a society that is literally collapsing because of political-corporate corruption.  It is a courage not shared by the Obama apologists and liberal elites who remain complicit, even if only through silence, in the destruction of our liberties, the rule of law, reason, science, global peace and the Constitution.  Just like they did in Nazi Germany.   

Now, Glenn pens his latest;  an article worth reading as it pertains to the PBS documentary The Untouchables.

The real mystery from all of this is that it has not led to greater social unrest. To some extent, both the early version of the Tea Party and the Occupy movements were spurred by the government's protection of Wall Street at the expense of everyone else. Still, Americans continue to be plagued by massive unemployment, foreclosures, the threat of austerity and economic insecurity while those who caused those problems have more power and profit than ever. And they watch millions of their fellow citizens be put in cages for relatively minor offenses while the most powerful are free to commit far more serious crimes with complete impunity.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama Warns Britain To Stay In European Union

It seems our king believes America does not want Britain to leave the European Union.  I don’t remember any public servant asking my opinion or that of any of the sovereign people of this nation that he so humbly serves.  And, I clearly don’t recall the sovereign people of Britain asking our opinion.  I do know our corporate masters wish to see the EU maintained because American private, for-profit capital can run roughshod over democracy in the predatory EU state run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.  I, for one, clearly support all free people to take back their national sovereignty as protected by law.   I, for one, as a lover of freedom and democracy support the people of Britain drop-kicking the EU into history.  

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PBS Frontline - The Wall Street Untouchables

I just watched this new one hour documentary that ended fifteen minutes ago.  It is now available to watch online.  This brings back some old memories for me.  I wrote on my blog exactly what was going to happen to our banking system almost a year before the 2008 collapse in a few posts surrounding what I referred to as “The Game”.   Well before the 2008 collapse I contacted every leadership member of the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee.  ie, Both political parties.   I also contacted the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  My message was clear.  Our financial system is coming down.   Well, it was much more detailed than that.  But, I literally received no response from anyone other than the Board of Governors.  Their response?  Contact Congress.  Literally.  Unf*ckingbelievable.

In this Frontline documentary, the same contacts were made with the major Wall Street banks.  Board members were contacted by often frantic efforts of concerned employees in an effort to avert crisis.   The boards apparently did nothing.   

What is clearly noted in this documentary is either how systemically-incompetent the U.S. Justice Department is or how beholden they are to their corporate masters.  I have a very hard time believing the answer is the former.   There is ample evidence presented in the documentary that no wiretappings, no seizure of company documents and no investigation was ever done into fraud in the executive offices on Wall Street.  Literally, not a single investigation.  Now we don’t know that for a fact but there is evidence presented in this documentary to that effect.   In the Reagan-inspired S&L crisis, a thousand FBI agents and untold numbers of Justice Department members were involved.  In this, the worst financial/economic crisis in our nation’s history?  We know of no formal investigation after four years. 

In fact, the evidence is so drippingly obvious that this documentary presents a blogger who did his own investigation and uncovered over 35 informants of senior executive fraud on Wall Street.   A blogger.  The largest, deepest legal authority in the world with unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute couldn’t match wits with a blogger interviewing informants at a local Connecticut bar.   In fact, as noted in this documentary, the Justice Department has relied on the findings of outside lawsuits filed against Wall Street in its efforts to enforce civil penalties on Wall Street.   That shows they still haven’t done any serious diligence after four years.  Still nary a single criminal lawsuit filed against a single Wall Street executive as it pertains to this crisis. 

From the comments by two congressmen and a handful of legal experts cited in this documentary, it becomes apparent our corporate masters own our government.  But, then, after witnessing the actions of our politicians, who on main street seriously questions that reality? 

Change you can believe in.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Black Elite and the Legacy of Martin Luther King

I haven’t been at a computer today so this is late.  But I wanted to get this up.  I have felt compelled to write about the topic covered in this video for many years but have refrained from doing so.  I most certainly feel very strongly that the views shared by Glen Ford on The Real News are indeed filled with substantial truth.  

There are about five or so historical figures in this nation that I hold in very high regard.  Their desire for human dignity was so powerful they truly changed the course of history in this nation.   They lived through incredibly wicked social injustices and literally coalesced those oppressed into great movements against tyrannical and illegitimate authority.  And, there was none more powerful than Martin Luther King…  Well, Mother Jones, the most dangerous woman in America, might have given him a run for his money. 

I don’t believe in hero worship or outsourcing one’s power to another human being.  But, I do believe that we should honor those amongst us who are able to rise above the human condition and truly accomplish great things on behalf of human decency and dignity.   To truly accomplish acts of selflessness.  Whether that is our parents or anyone else who, in some small way, is able to make the world a little bit better for the rest of us.  I mean truly better.  Tangible results not political rhetoric or hollow promises. 

Martin Luther King wasn’t a perfect person.  Surely we are all complex, often even paradoxical as King was.  But he was probably the most positively impactful person in our nation’s history.  And, in countless ways that people don’t yet realize.  This was a powerful man with a powerful mind with a timeless message of human equality and human dignity for all people. 

On this day, we honor the dignity he fought so fervently to bring to all people.  A dignity that is currently under assault once again in this nation and around the world.   

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Apple iPad Screen Output Appears To Grind To A Halt

Below is a chart shown on here numerous times.  As noted when Apple was near its peak, it appeared to be in a blow off phase after rocketing out of its linear regression channel.  And that move appeared to be driven by unusual and large activity in Apple derivatives.


Apple is incredibly oversold.  But incredibly oversold can lead to even more incredibly oversold as history has shown us time and again.  Or even collapse.  Catching a falling knife is a fool’s game but the stock still has not broken its regression channel..  The stock still has a 90% drop from here to reach my long-time downside target.  Now, it may never get there but I see nothing yet that would have me change my analysis. 

There are all kinds of histrionics surrounding Apple.  Even the most ludicrous are that the products are passé.   They are the same products that the media and company hyped before.   But, as noted before, Apple’s move and company performance were driven by unsustainable fundamentals rather than some kind of prescient brilliance.  The brilliance is that the company could convince someone to pay a 400% premium for their name and marginally better technology. 

The stock market is a massive Ponzi scheme and so is Apple’s stock.  As I have noted before, there are no reflections of reality in global equity markets.  It’s simply a reflection of worthless money printing that has kept a corrupt financial system from being reformed.   Global financial asset prices have recovered while global wages have not.   That will again resolve itself to the dismay of political and corporate idiots who created this mess. 

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Day In The Life Of The Corporate State - Business Roundtable Proposes Americans Work Until They Die

Nothing is more glorified in the proletariat corporate state than work.  Nothing.   I have a few really interesting posts on this topic but it’ll probably be six months or a year before I put them up.

Thirty years ago there was talk of a four day work week. Heard that one lately? Didn’t think so.  As I have noted on here before, we work for one reason.  Because that is what our corporate masters want.  Our corporate masters want more so we have to work more.   

Even though our society is substantially more productive today than thirty years ago, Americans have the longest work week in the industrialized world.   The longest.  Stereotypes of Americans being lazy aside, (a form of bullying perpetuated by the fascist state)  the facts are it has been that way for a long time. 

The reality is our society doesn’t need the average American to work more than two days a week to produce what we need.  Of course, another way to look at that is that we work 40 hours a week and retire after about fifteen years of work.  That is, unless you love working and absolutely need that new car every two years.  Then nothing would stop you from working until you die as our masters wish.   Money?  That’s easily solved.  As I have noted on here many times, money will disappear one day.  Forever.  It isn’t even necessary.  And, you certainly don’t need to work forever to have access to  shelter, food and healthcare that are needed to survive.  As I have posed on here before, if our economy was completely automated and nary a single person had to work, would we all be broke?  Of course not.  We would be wealthy beyond imagination; science is the engine of progress.  So, how do you solve this dilemma?  It’s incredibly easy but most people have a hard time grasping this concept even though money is already showing signs of dying today.  Some day I will explain this topic in detail but for now I would ask you to bring this concept into your conscious mind and contemplate its existence.  If you noodle on it, I’m certain you can find snippets of knowledge quite easily. 

We already work more than anyone else in the world.  Now, if the Business Roundtable’s small-minded “geniuses” determine our future, you can expect to work until you are again wearing diapers.  Of course, if you are an African American male or a low income Caucasian male, you’ll work until you die because your life expectancy isn’t even 70 years.  And, that is the way it should be.   As Ayn Rand told us, work is an ultimate expression of human achievement.  Well, actually, it was corporate capitalism that she was so fond of.   And it’s obvious the Business Roundtable agrees; and that means so too will our bought-and-paid-for congress and president.   But, then Ayn Rand was a proletariat at heart as are the Business Roundtable members.  More on that some other time.   

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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Real Story Of The Corporate State - Seven Million Civilians Dead Or Wounded In Vietnam

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” – Martin Luther King

The real story?  Seven million civilians killed or wounded as a result of three million aircraft sorties.   Seven million people who never did anything to anyone living in the United States.   Three million aircraft sorties and the equivalent of 640 Hiroshima bombs unleashed on a civilian population.  All under the guise of an undeclared war.  Think about that.   Seven million people whose lives were turned upside down forever by an unconstitutional act.  

One has to question the intent of a policy that kills civilians indiscriminately and does so without any evidence needed by democracy to support war.  If the evidence was there, war would have been declared under constitutional law.  Who benefits from these actions?   I can only see benefit to the war capitalists.  The for-profit military-industrial complex and the for-profit banking and monetary system that lends them to money to create demand for their product.  And, the dimwitted, constitutional-shredding political apparatchiks who do their will.   Indeed, “War is the health of the state.”

I find it very interesting that today the supposed liberal intellectuals in our society do nothing while our corporate-political apparatus bombs the rest of the world into submission while simultaneously taking greater and greater democratic freedoms from our citizens.   Not only is their silence a form of complicity but oftentimes they even vehemently support such efforts of the state. 

This lack of moral conscience is eerily similar to Nazi Germany where German society’s intellectuals remained silent while the anti-intellectual thugs of the Nazi party targeted group after group of people as enemies of the state.  As I have noted on here a few times over the years, Martin Niemoller wrote of this morbid silence of the intellectual class in Germany:

  • First they came for the communists,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I wasn’t a communist.
  • Then they came for the Jews,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I wasn’t a Jew.
  • Then they came for the Catholics,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I was a Protestant.
  • Then they came for me,
  • and by that time there was no one
  • left to speak for me.

    Are Niemoller’s remarks a lesson for the countless undeclared wars and military excursions our nation is involved in around the world today?  And the continual denial of American citizen’s economic rights, food rights, living wage rights, health care rights, rights to organize against economic tyranny and rights of individual liberties?   Who amongst the supposed intellectual elites in our society speaks for the targets of the military industrial complex?  And who speaks on behalf of those who are now targeted domestically as potential terrorists oftentimes preposterously  because they support peaceful, nonviolent dissent against the corporate state?  Just as Martin Luther King was targeted four decades ago for opposing the corporate war state.  

    Were we really fighting communism during the Cold War and are we really fighting terrorism today?  Or are there other intents?  Intents hidden from democracy by a secret national security state?   With seven million civilians killed or wounded during the undeclared, unconstitutional Vietnam unWar War, a figure that rivals the greatest atrocities ever perpetrated throughout history, and countless millions maimed, killed, displaced or wounded in today’s endless undeclared, unconstitutional, dystopian, preemptive military-industrial complex activities, one has to be on planet Mars to question whether these actions are driven by democracy and a desire to protect and spread economic and social freedoms or to simply enrich the power and control of the corporate state.   It’s rather implausible that freedoms are spread through acts of death and untold thousands of depleted uranium weapons.

    In the corporate state, monied interests start wars and, by denying our citizens access to capital through private, for-profit control of democracy’s capital, poor citizens fight their wars.   Just as in our corporate-controlled economy, our military is essentially a conscription system just as was that of the British empire.  No jobs are to be found for millions because of the denial of their economic rights so the military often provides the only method of learning a skill or trade valued by the corporate state.  It’s the same reason people line up around the block to apply for slave labor jobs at Wal-mart.  Because democracy doesn’t own its capital.  It’s owned by private, for-profit capitalism. 

    We are slaves.  Slaves to the corporate state.  And we will be until democracy, not capitalism, controls & owns its money, its banking and its vast capital resources.  We must have a public banking and monetary system controlled by We The People. 

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?

I truly do think it is highly plausible this is going to end very, very badly.   Much worse than anyone in the mainstream would dare contemplate.  As noted on here many times, before this cycle ends there could be horrific revelations about our government brought to light.   Remember, last year before the elections Obama’s team leaked these murders and tried to paint them as noble and virtuous.  Even comparing his virtues, used to determine who to kill, to Thomas Aquinas.   My jaw hit the floor when I read such blatantly deceptive propaganda.   “I knew Thomas Aquinas.  Mr. President, you’re no Thomas Aquinas.”

If there is a sentient force of the universe, I seriously doubt it condones any murder as righteous or just.   Especially state-sanctioned murder on a grand scale, aka war.   You have to wonder if the state is glorifying murder through leaked propaganda, what exactly is so heinous that requires the blanket secrecy we see today?  It’s obviously far worse than murder.   

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is The G20’s Faux Unity Unwinding? Germany Wants Its Gold Back From New York Federal Reserve.

Now, there are a lot of conspiratorial comments that are going to come to pass with this announcement.  The AP reports that this came about due to an audit.  And, that the gold was originally stored in New York to avoid being taken by a Soviet invasion.  That is plausible for the same reason countries moved their gold during World War II.

The last time someone asked for their gold was the end of the last global currency regime.   The situation was clearly different but when the U.S. war state was busy turning Southeast Asia into a parking lot in the 1960s and early 1970s, France asked the U.S. for dollar payments to be converted to gold.  (We were still on the gold standard set up after WWII at that time.)  France asked for its gold, as then did other nations, because they knew the U.S. being able to honor its gold commitments was dubious at best.  The U.S. corporate war state needed more and more money to keep the global campaign going against the boogeyman of communism.   You know, like the global boogeyman of terrorism today.  And, that meant the U.S. would eventually break their commitments to the gold standard that limited their ability to print money needed to wage endless war.  And, to continue the U.S. government’s centrally-planned, massive Soviet-style over production of weapons systems that brought in untold riches to private, for-profit corporate capitalists running the military-industrial complex.  Sure enough, soon after France’s request, the U.S. flipped France and everyone else the bird and kept the gold for themselves thus defaulting on its commitment to the Bretton Woods agreement.  (Remember, I have said for years that I expect the U.S. to do this again by defaulting on/monetizing some or all of its foreign debts and my expected date for this is 2013.  And, so far, 2013 is looking mighty promising given the rancor over the national debt in Washington.)

Could this move by Germany be based on some level of mistrust?  It most certainly could but regardless of any conspiracy theories we don’t really know what is behind this move.  But, I consider it ominous to some degree.  One of our long-time theses on here is that the current global trade settlement system is in the process of failing.   

I wanted to get up a few timely posts that ultimately play into this dynamic and some level of distrust developing between G20 nations but don’t know that I will.   I still haven’t put up my follow up fiscal cliff posts.  I will.   As it pertains to this topic, let me at least say that the Japanese government just flipped the bird at all G20 nations with some recent government actions to protect their economy.  And, they cited that other nations shouldn’t be lecturing them on how to run their economy or their currency given how other G20 nations have all broken their promises made after the 2008 collapse.  Promises made that no one would attempt competitive currency devaluations.   I have mocked this notion time and again.  As I have noted numerous times, globalization is and has been for the last three decades all about currency devaluation.  That is how nations win the economic game of globalization.  So, the Austrian, corporatist, pseudo-economic, free-market dunces who point to trade wars as a cause of the Great Depression and who again state today that “free-trade” should continue unencumbered, all I have to say is that we have been in a trade war for the last thirty years.   And, frankly, as I have noted time and again, capitalism is an invention of the state.  Corporate capitalism and its offshoot, globalization, are the state’s version of economic warfare.  And, as I cited before in a verbatim Bill Clinton remark, he clearly cited corporate global trade as a war between nations.  That is not democracy or democratic economics.  As noted on here before, we are a free people and don’t need to compete against anyone for anything.   That we believe we do is simply corporate state propagandized enslavement to empire and corruption. 

I mocked those post-collapse G20 meetings at the time saying how none of these political idiots in attendance were going to fix anything.  But, that they had, in fact, created this mess.  And, that at some point they would all start to turn on each other.  That nations would break from unity and start to turn against one another.  Could this be the early signs of such an outcome?  I certainly think so. 

People who believe there is some global cabal or new world order meant to enslave and kill all of us are very, very wrong as I have noted before.  Are there globalists like Obama, Clinton and Gore who serve a failed ideology laid out by their corporate masters and by liberal idiots who wrongly believe we can avert war by economic trading with murderers, dictators and thugs?  ie, Appeasement of evil that led to the trading of, and eventual arming of Nazi Germany by western capitalism and the same dynamic has happened again today with western capitalism arming communist China.  Again, noted on here before.  Sure they are liberal idiots who espouse these views and they aren’t above using military force to further any motives.  But, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan were strict nationalists.   Each are very dangerous in their own right under a neoliberal economic system as is in place around the world today.  

But, let there be no doubt that when it comes right down to it,  globalization is about American hegemony.  Period.  It is about corporate America looting of the world and extending our military power to support that goal.   We are a corporate empire whose goal is to loot the world.  To enslave anyone and everyone we can in corporate American-inspired culture and propaganda and using the U.S. dollar to do it.  Just like the corporate-capitalist British empire whose intermingling of private capital, private for-profit banking and private corporations in cahoots with the ruling political class, looted and enslaved every nation they could.   By the way, this effort at global looting is the same goal of modern-day Germany, China, Japan, France, Britain and other neo-colonial and neo-mercantilist political states.  That is globalization.  It’s an anarchist, free-market, free-for-all created and endorsed by the corporate-fascist state.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Al Gore Sells His Failing TV Network To U.S. Puppet Oil Dictator For $500 Million

“We all know now that Al Gore is nothing but a bullshitter,” said the staffer bluntly.

There is so much to say here.  Most of those comments should be directed at those who outsource their thinking to politicians and swindlers but I will refrain with just a few choice comments.   That said, people are just people and outsourcing your thinking or beliefs to anyone is a fool’s game.

Those who practice hero worship of political figures must certainly re-evaluate their belief systems in who Al Gore is.   If one is honest with oneself, that re-evaluation should include a question of what the intentions are of Gore pushing his belief that global warming is manmade.  Gore would have minted untold riches in his corporate investment with a former Goldman Sachs executive in the carbon trading scheme.  And, with this recent sale of his TV channel to one of the world’s largest carbon polluters, we get a great indication that Gore really isn’t motivated by principle or concern for the planet but by his own selfish greed.  Carbon trading would mint corporations, including his, untold riches while taxing American households and destroying American jobs.  I would actually like to see a green economy, as most Americans would, but this is not the answer.  To the contrary, this method of trickle down Reaganism embraced by Gore and Obama is more of that wealth redistribution scheme that steals from the poor to give to the politicians and their corporate masters.

Gore is now purported to be worth $500 million.  That’s even more than Slick Willy.   Think about that.  These two men were broke when leaving office just twelve years ago.  Did they create the cure for cancer?  Solve world hunger?  End global poverty?  Create the next IBM?    To the contrary, they completely deregulated capital and destroyed the American economy in the process.  In the years following their political departure, the U.S. economy has produced zero new wealth as measured by our financial markets.  Yet Gore and Clinton have become two of the richest men on earth.  Politicians.  With no experience at anything other than spending other people’s money and telling fast stories.  Literally.

How did Gore and Clinton make their untold riches?  They called in corporate favors for their involvement in deregulating capital.  Globally.  We in the real world call that Rolodex cronyism; it’s who you know not what you know.  And, you thought science was the engine of progress.   Science is dead.  All one needs is a Rolodex, you know like the kind they push at Harvard and Yale, and a willingness to sell favors to the highest bidder.  Favors paid for by society.  More of that privatizing gains and socializing losses in the corporate state.  More proof points that reason, intellect and ability mean little in the dumbed-down corporate state. 

To my knowledge, Al Gore’s TV channel has never been profitable and has been or is in the process of being cancelled by cable providers including Time Warner, the largest cable operator.  On an open, working market, this channel would probably head to bankruptcy without a prospective buyer.  Because it’s private, I can’t guesstimate how much it might be worth in bankruptcy.  Maybe the tangible assets would be worth something.  I would guess maybe $5 million through auction?   Just a wild guess.  But instead it is scooped up for $500 million by an oil dictator?  What exactly am I missing here?

This is more likely the result of cronyism or payback for some special favors pulled on one side or the other over the years.  Or, some payment by Qatar that its emir believes will reap future crony rewards in the for-profit U.S. political system.  In essence it is a bailout, per se, that is part of the privileged crony network.  It’s really no different than Wall Street’s bailout while main street rots. 

Not only is selling his television station an obvious sellout in the sense that Al Gore keeps telling us that carbon emissions from burning oil are pushing us past the point of literally catastrophic climate warming, but the almighty dollar was much more important than his dubious principles.   But maybe more importantly, Al Gore sold his television station to a dictator who can now pump his propaganda into U.S. households.   To be fair, Al Jazeera actually has authored some decent journalism but it really is no different than selling the channel to the Soviet Union.   It is state-sponsored news.  It is Pravda.   It is the People’s Daily News in communist China.  Well, other than Qatar is an American puppet police state.   I guess that makes it A-Okay.

Does Al Gore really believe in human-caused global warming or does he believe in whatever serves his own selfishness?  Or is it simply another method of using others to appease his inner demons?  ie, To achieve power and authority regardless of who pays the consequences.  To seek respect from others because of the lack of respect he has for himself?   You know, like selling his TV station to one of the largest carbon polluters on earth because, regardless of the rhetoric, money was much more important than taking a stand based on what now appear to be very dubious principles and even more dubious beliefs.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tipping Points - Beyoncé Signs $50m Ambassador Deal With Pepsi

Over the last eight years one of the consistent themes on here is that we are in the largest financial bubble the world has ever seen.   That financial bubble which has liquefied the corporate world to the point of no historical comparisons has led to the illusion of unsustainable corporate profits.  Three of the contributing factors to that illusion of retained earnings, taken by force by the way, are through the dynamics of nonliving wages, denial of wage increases and continuously lowered benefits (A renter’s economy.  We rent our enslaved existence from corporations.),  the massive corporate tax theft that has resulted in the lowest multinational corporate tax rate ever (nearly a third of the largest companies pay no taxes) and through private, for-profit capital’s use of force to simply move our society’s democratic and public capital out of the country; an act of sedition against democracy enabled under the Clinton-Gore reign. (As an aside, I see Bill Clinton was awarded the honor of father-of-the-year today.  Huh?  His only daughter is 32 and married.   Just a reminder of who your daddy is.  Who’s your daddy?  Bill Clinton.  Obviously.)

No one is tied to this financial bubble more than the entertainment industry.  Those retained earnings, garnered through exploitation and force, have allowed the corporate advertising bubble to swell into a gargantuan monster the likes of which the world has never seen.  (Another long time thesis on here.)  Corporate ad money sponsors everything entertainment and consumerist.  Everything.  This ad bubble has enslaved society to a hyper-consumerist-entertainment propaganda campaign of corporate terror.  

Beyoncé’s Pepsi spokesperson deal is simply a result of that retained earnings bubble.  Not only that but she is endorsing a product that clearly has many health concerns as noted on here in many posts on sugar, caramel coloring, artificial sweeteners and BPA.  And, new evidence clearly ties these drinks to a much higher rate of depression.  That is good news for the pharma monopoly.   We solve our industrial food monopoly-created health crisis by popping toxic pills from the pharma monopoly. (Both the industrial food and pharma corporate monopolies are also bubbles.)  Of course, none of this even addresses the massive environmental consequences of a product producing hundreds of billions of pieces of environmental waste every year.  All part of corporate capitalism’s privatizing gains and socializing losses.   Our neoliberal lords live like kings and we get stuck with the bill for dealing with our health, our environment and our democracy.

Many parents and food rights groups have worked diligently to remove these products from our schools and are involved in an endless battle to  shield our children from the corporate food monopoly’s ad campaign attempting to addict our children to unhealthy, nutrition-less industrial food products.  As Dr. Mercola writes, the worm is starting to turn for “role models” who aren’t acting like role models.  And it’s not just one person.  It’s the entire entertainment-sports industry that is benefiting from the massive corporate propaganda ad bubble by selling  themselves to the highest bidder, often regardless of consequences to society.  Does anyone really think Beyoncé pounds down a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi every day?  Really?  It may be hard to pass up $50 million when someone waves it in front of you but how much money is enough?   This seems more of the grandiose excesses and self-centeredness we see glorified by the corporate state.   

Don’t let anyone fool you.  Hollywood, the media and the sports-entertainment complex loves fascism.  They are all major benefactors of the massive private, for-profit capital financial bubble.

Remember, Google and Facebook are inextricably tied to this very bubble as has been noted numerous times over the years.  That anyone can start a web site and place ads on their pages and make massive sums of money simply by having someone click on said ads is ludicrous.  Truly.  LUDICROUS.  It’s really no different than the Internet Bubble that valued worthless companies at astronomical valuations and left the rest of us holding the bag.   What intrinsic value is derived by clicking on an ad?  The click-through to revenue is ridiculously nonexistent and is really driven by the excess retained earnings our korporate masters have taken from labor or democracy and then handed it back to us in the form of dystopian propaganda enslavement.  And, when the ad bubble pops……..  

I wrote on here a long, long time ago that the entertainment-sports industry was headed for an earnings collapse.  A collapse.  Not a correction.  It’s coming.  Just the latest in another in a long line of looting created through political comingling with corporate capitalism. 

When this system gives, the world is going to be so different that most people won’t even recognize it.   The histrionics about 2012 were right about one thing.  The world as we know clearly did end.  But it didn’t end in 2012.  It ended in 2008.   What would our democracy look like with democratic money and democratic banking?  Astoundingly different.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Corporate Masters–The Untouchables

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Chris Hedges - (United) State Of Fear

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

One must appreciate that those who seek authority and power always use fear as the method of control.  This type of terror defines deregulated corporate capitalism.  It should then be of no surprise that by extension it defines the corporate state.  If we truly have an intent of discovery, we recognize that this type of intimidation and state-sponsored terror, recognized as fascist by Hedges, is clearly not something new.  The National Security Act of 1947 has essentially turned the United States into a permanent war-police state as was so presciently reported by Bill Moyers during the Reagan years in the documentary The Secret Government – The Constitution in Crisis.   This is a documentary every citizen of the world would benefit from watching.  Because it defines most every manifestation of the state to some degree.

Just a little reminder here before you read Hedges’ latest.   Our freedoms are granted by natural law. ie, Laws granted by nature of what your existence would be without the force of the state.  Our freedom and the laws protecting it, that the corporate state is literally destroying, are a recognition and deference to God-granted or nature-granted power and freedom given to every sentient being.  Or, as FDR remarked, every human being has the right to lead an existence free from fear.  Our freedom is not derived by the rule of man or the corporate state.  To the contrary, given the precept of natural law accepted by our country’s founders, it follows that any rights granted to public servants are derived from the consent of the governed.  You may have heard of such a ludicrous concept before. It's the foundation of The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence; both of which have been destroyed by the corporate state. 

Now, how again are illegal spying, illegal torture, illegal denial of due process, illegal murder of American citizens, illegal search & seizure, illegal rendition, illegal entrapment and the like granted by the consent of the governed?  No, those are powers of self-granted illegitimate authority has taken through force.  Through the violence of the corporate state.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  Nameless, unreasoning,  unjustified terror which paralyzes efforts to convert retreat into advance.” – Franklin Roosevelt

Truly.  I guess Obama and the national security state didn’t get Roosevelt’s memo.  We have all become slaves whose primary existence is to please our corporate masters.  Hedge’s latest is here

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

NASA - Solar Variability And Terrestrial Climate

It most certainly is about time our nation’s public space administration allow astro-science to bubble up and reach the public as it pertains to our climate. 

The most prominent long-term theme on my blog over the last eight years is that we are in a cycle of volatility.  And that volatility encompasses the world’s economic and social crises, our weather volatility, tectonic activity and more.  In fact, I have even remarked of human and animal behavior tied to this cycle of volatility.  If you think the economic and social crisis of our day are not interrelated to other natural phenomena, well, I would suggest you consider raising your conscious awareness.   Human society and economics are simply human manifestations of natural ecosystems.  They are absolutely no different than any other terrestrial ecosystem including, say, a forest ecosystem.  In countless posts almost everything that is happening in the world today as it pertains to social and economic crises was written on here years in advance of it manifesting.   It’s most certainly impossible to anticipate every exact outcome, but there have been some very specific calls on here that eventually came to pass.  I could be completely wrong but the dozens of macro outcomes we have discussed on here are all still in play.   

I have been rather nondescript about the sources of my volatility work but long-time readers have certainly pieced much of the sources together.  I most certainly haven’t left readers completely in the dark.  Five years ago I finally made a remark that I am intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial energy sources as the foundation for cycles of volatility.  And, there most certainly have been many posts that have encouraged readers to consider a greater reality and new possibilities as it pertains to the universe around us.  I have even provided a link to scientific research published by the National Academy of Sciences as to the discovery of bio-mineralized magnetically-charged iron in the human brain.  It’s up to you to imagine why the human brain is created with these features and what abilities may transcend this greater reality.  I’ll most certainly continue to post more of what the mainstream would consider as irrelevant or even ludicrous.   Frankly, I consider what the mainstream convinces themselves to be real as irrelevant and ludicrous.  Especially since long-time readers on here had some glimpse of the reality that now exists in advance of it happening and the mainstream media continues to still grope and grasp like a drunk in a dark room. 

It’s less important what anyone believes any theories I or anyone else may have than it is that people raise their conscious awareness to a greater reality.  You will best accomplish this without being tainted by what I may believe.  Our knowledge is vastly limited and declaring an all-knowing theory with extremely limited inputs and conscious intelligence, as is the case with anthropogenic global warming fanatics, is unreasoned, without merit and degrading to the discovery process of our own divinity and to true science.   But this most recent release regarding solar variability by NASA isn’t anything new.  Those with the proper knowledge base have known the sun plays a primary role in the solar system’s weather for the greater part of the last century.   

Al Gore’s climatology friends don’t study astrophysics or electromagnetics.  And, while it doesn’t certainly grant me any great wisdom, I studied quantum physics and electromagnetics substantially in my university studies.  And, what that does grant me is a knowledge base to realize Al Gore and his politicized science is nothing more than the bullshit Wall Street tried to pawn off with its anti-scientific science models that blew up in their faces.  Models that I said clearly would blow up before they did.  And, this is absolutely no different.  Al Gore, who literally shied away from science courses because he nearly flunked the two remedial science classes he took, is a disgrace to the discovery of truth and science.  But, liberal fanatics need their leader and since they too reject science in order to feed their confirmation bias, a star was born.   Politicians have attempted to hijack science and turn it into a popularity contest…  because that is what politics is.   Science is about discovery and truth.  Even if you are the only person who experiences that truth.  The mob in the hierarchy of scientific institutions is no different than that which exists in religious or political hierarchy.  Most people really won’t allow their mind to consider just how corrupt our society has become.  And, just how much politicization has destroyed science in the dumbed-down corporate state.   Politicization by the Luddite Republicans and equally ignorant and deceptive Democrats.  Science is now determined by social mood.  By politicians, religious ideologues, who turn truth into popularity contests to manipulate their flock.  

I can assure you, this cycle is far more interesting than the cyclical variability of the sun than is discussed by NASA in this post’s link.  There are far more forces at work than just the sun.   Not only is this going to be the greatest crisis this nation and modern society have ever experienced, as is another long-term thesis on here,  but it is plausible that nature’s volatility could easily be the greatest modern society has ever experienced as well.  

NASA’s announcement on solar variability and climate.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Here Come The Real Lunatics - Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment

Ahem.  Title link of the op-ed proposing a repeal of the Second Amendment here.

Even in the best of circumstances, law enforcement has little chance of stopping a crime.  In most instances, violent crimes are first defended by the victim.  Or as recently noted by the Ohio attorney general,  citizens, including teachers, are first responders to crimes.  Law enforcement is there to pick up the pieces ex post facto.  Often after deaths, rapes, stabbings and the like. 

You are the first line of attack against your person. And, given how violent our society has become courtesy of deregulated, predatory capital, the military-industrial complex, the entertainment industry and the corporate state, never has the need been greater to defend yourself against state-created social violence.

As I have noted on here numerous times before, I am as close to an avowed pacifist as one can possibly be without actually being one. I am not a complete pacifist only for one reason. I know that the sociopath and predator only understands force.  They do not respond to reason or empathy.  They can only be dealt with through force.  If Neville Chamberlain, just one of a long line of liberals who somehow believe appeasement of evil will make the world a better place, understood this, we might never have had World War II.  Of course, if western capitalists, including those in England, didn’t enthusiastically help Hitler re-arm, we might not have had World War II.  But, then if France and England elites weren’t so interested in extracting reparations from Germany for their loss of wealth in World War I, …….   

Ignorance is seldom consistent with freedom.  And, even considering giving up any freedoms of We The People as in the Second Amendment, is most certainly based primarily in ignorance.  Turning over your ability to defend yourself, hunt, participate in sport, collect guns as investment or other reasons for gun ownership offers what advantage that anyone can cite as an  example of incontrovertible truth?  What historical context or human rights context can one cite where ceding gun ownership to the force of the state has really solved anything?   If you remove gang violence in our nation, by the way, a manifestation of violence primarily created by the state, guns aren’t even the top cause of murder in this nation.   FBI statistics show more people were killed with hammers than assault rifles.  These are shocking realities given how many hundreds of millions of guns exist in private hands in this nation.  If we were only so lucky with, say, alcohol or health care and related deaths.   Or, if only the corporate state was so lucky to have such positive results in the number of unnecessary deaths caused by the denial of health care or in the number of people granted a living wage.   Three hundred million guns in private hands in our nation is not the problem.  The three hundred corporate monopolies that run our fascist government are.

If we actually lived in a democracy rather than an exploitative, fascist society, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  Because our society wouldn’t reflect the values of violence created and endorsed by a patriarchal state.  And, social violence in this nation wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today.  Before neoliberal economics, the military-industrial complex, the complete chaos of deregulated capital and the rise of global fascism, there were neighborhoods, often even poverty-stricken, in this nation where people never even locked their doors.  Ever.  

I am horrified by the violence in our society and the tragic loss of life.  That said, as a person of reason, I find it rather refreshing that law-abiding citizens have recently broken a record with law-abiding FBI background checks required for law-abiding gun purchases.  They are taking responsibility for their own safety as first responders.  Of course, the lunatics in charge of the asylum point to this as clear reason why gun ownership should be banned in this nation.  That we are a nation crazed by guns.  But, law-abiding citizens or people of sound minds don’t shoot people.  People who are destabilized by the corporate state’s pharma drugfest, the military-industrial complex, deregulated capital and the industrial food monopoly often do.  There are certainly other factors that contribute to violence but the state is most certainly the major factor.    

Cut the loopholes in background checks and have an open, reasoned debate where society can participate, ie not controlled by the state or the complicit mainstream media, regarding assault weapons.  Should they require special licensing, special proof of competence, fingerprint authentication to fire, being restricted in terms of ability or ultimately, if democracy believes it necessary, the consideration of an assault weapons ban?  But that debate must also include an honest assessment of the root causes of violence in our nation.  That is toady politicians and the corporate state’s destruction of our democracy, any semblance of democratic economics and our freedoms.  

The calls to repeal the Second Amendment, always perpetuated by radical liberal idiots, serves what purpose other than another effort to make people more reliant on the corporate state?   You most certainly do have another option.  To continue to turn over your freedoms to the corporate state and allow them to increase the illegal spying, illegal torture, illegal denial of due process, illegal murder of American citizens, illegal search & seizure, illegal rendition, illegal entrapment and their anti-democratic war on American citizens that has landed more people in prison than even communist China.  Obviously, all of these efforts involving the force of the state are meant to protect you.  You know, like repealing the Second Amendment and the other force-driven illegal destructions of constitutional law.

Asking the corporate state, a manifestation of violence itself, to protect you from a violent society that simply reflects the state’s violent values is the definition of insanity.  In the neoliberal insanity that exists today, if I were a teacher, I would certainly entertain the law-abiding purchase of a gun.  Because they most certainly are on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of violence.  If it’s not a gun it will soon be something else. 

If you want to really deal with the violence in our society, dismantle the corporate state and restore democratic authority and responsibility to We The People.  Repealing the Second Amendment plays directly into the hands of the corporate state and the dumbed-down bureaucrats who benefit from it. 

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Monday, January 07, 2013

Never-Before-Seen Planets Help Their Star Grow

This is truly amazing.  For me, this is one of the greatest discoveries in recent memory for many esoteric reasons.  And for those who believe our space program should be handed over to for-profit corporations…  well, we can thank our lucky stars that hasn’t happened yet.  There’s nothing wrong with profit but basic scientific research whose intent is only discovery and truth, as opposed to making a profit, can only be fully funded by public money.  Public dollars from around the world, including the U.S., helped build the facility and fund the research making this discovery.

While researchers in this story point to gravity as the feed for these molecular flows, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t also driven by some other force such as the recently discovered magnetic portals that we highlighted on here.  Magnetic portals discovered by public NASA-funded research.   I don’t know the sizes and distances involved here but they are likely at least as large as our solar system.   That being the case, gravitational overshoot as the only force involved is a hard sell in my book.  Additionally, gravitational overshoot to explain these molecular flows feeding a sun supposes a random, unintended consequence.  I find that to be an incredibly dubious explanation.  In fact, I find that nearly impossible to believe. 

There are certainly energy forces at work in the universe that we clearly understand nothing about.   How about we consider a new paradigm?  One that considers planets, in their most base form, as matter.  And, the basis for matter is energy.   You know, like that guy, Einstein, said.  So, when viewed from a different perception, planets are, in fact, simply massive concentrations of energy.  

We understand the gravitational aspects of mass or matter but I would surmise we may not understand all manifestations of that energy.  One hint of this is the electromagnetism that is exhibited by all planets, moons and the sun.  Oh, by the way, the same electromagnetism that human cells and the human body exhibit.  We clearly “see” this manifestation of energy in the discovery of magnetic portals as energy conduits between planets and our sun.   If one would be able to “see” this energy, our solar system would look more like the interconnected neurons in our brain than the disconnected “visual” perception of reality we associate with the sun and planets around us.  Just something to think about. Smile with tongue out  We have absolutely no idea what perceptions of reality even exist without the mind. 

If one takes a mild leap from the perspective of planetary energy, then one might gain a greater appreciation of sun, moon and planetary astrology and the possibility of how certain configurations of energy aka objects in our solar system and beyond might impact events and life on earth.   One example of this is the research I posted on here some years ago by a Duke University astrophysicist whose research paper showed an incredibly high preponderance of evidence that Jupiter and Saturn, gas planets like the ones shown in this post’s discovery, were responsible for  the cyclical climate changes on earth. A  consideration point for the validation of planetary astrology-astronomy.   (As I noted on here about 2.5 years ago, Jupiter was closer to earth than any time in the last 50 years. )  By the way, Al Gore and his human-based global warming climatology bureaucrats don’t study astrophysics or electromagnetics in their college curriculum.   In other words, their models are based completely on junk science by not taking into consideration the most massive forces impacting our planet.

Is it the sun that creates life as is believed by science today or is it life that creates the sun?  This recent discovery of planets essentially feeding the sun most certainly begs many questions for the inquisitive mind.  There is very strong evidence that much of the sun’s activity in our solar system is determined to some degree by the planets and not the other way around as is the prevailing scientific theory of bureaucratic hierarchy. 

It certainly isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that prevailing bureaucracy’s theories, that are often pawned off as truth yet are anything but, could be completely wrong.  It took Albert Einstein nearly two decades to prove his theories to the “leading” theoretical minds in science.  Mind you, they were much less influenced by the corporate state than modern climatologists and the politicization of science and the corporate state’s capture of university researchers that has become so common today. 

The reality is that most theoretical science will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird.   Especially the MASSIVE, PARABOLIC RISE in junk science that has become so common in the corporate state.  That includes the simple-minded climate bureaucracy’s theories about human-caused global warming that take absolutely no consideration of our planet’s own energy systems, electromagnetism, planets in our solar system, the earth’s dynamo and associated volcanism, sources of energy and excitation in our solar system and beyond.  Sources that impact the earth with more energy in the blink of an eye than humanity will for the next ten billion years.

Title link to video and discovery of planet’s helping their star grow.

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Friday, January 04, 2013

A Complicit Congress States CIA May Have Misled “Zero Dark Thirty” Filmmakers On Illegal Torture

The political trolls from both parties are joining forces for what could be rather dubious reasons.  This could easily be something much different than the headlines.   It could be that lawmakers are trying to ensure their involvement in illegal torture is kept secret.  ie, Cover your ass.  Because at some point, if things turn badly against either or both political parties or their countless secrets used to mislead democracy and possibly even perpetuate countless crimes, they could be prosecuted for crimes against humanity in a public tribunal.  Or they could have warrants issued for their arrest by the International Criminal Court in The Hague or courts elsewhere.   Don’t laugh this off.  Why else do politicians care to make the headlines as it pertains to the release of a movie?  Crimes against humanity don’t “expire”.   The Nazis did what they wished by subverting the law for nearly two decades until they were prosecuted by an international tribunal. 

Of course, there is the possibility that the CIA, what I believe evidence clearly shows is a criminal, anti-democratic enterprise, manipulated Hollywood.  That would be no surprise.  We know that has clearly happened time and time again.

I linked to the Washington Post for this story for one reason.   Look at the section where this story is printed; Entertainment.  That’s rich.  I’m not sure who believes the topic of illegal torture and crimes against humanity are entertainment but that’s par for the course in the dystopian mainstream media.  ie, The relevant story isn’t the act of illegal torture itself but the political concerns of its characterization in an entertainment venue.  A Brave New World indeed.

Title link here.

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