Friday, June 29, 2012

The End Is Nigh - A Few Comments About The Corporate Supreme Court's Decision On The Corporatist Unaffordable Health Care Act

I'm going to plant one more post in here before my Buffett/IBM post.   This is my 4th of July post.   Nothing could be more relevant to the 4th of July than the topics contained herein.   As I mentioned years ago, Thomas Paine, as an example, wrote of a just democracy and ideas of a system like Social Security, national health care, the unyielding hatred of  slavery, his writings on religious fanaticism, etc.    That's why Thomas Paine's writings have always been provided in my blog link list.   Thomas Paine was a man of great honor, compassion, respect and dignity who was centuries ahead of his time.   Access to health care is a basic human dignity and right.   Any argument to the contrary is a tyranny of the self's endless rationalizations and indignities.

First off, I love how everything in Washington is given some type of propaganda label.   "Affordable" Health Care Act.   By the time you are finished with this, you'll have a greater appreciation of just how affordable it is.   Ahem.

I put up a post within a few months of Obama becoming president that compared his election, the tone of the nation and our economic situation to that of the election of Herbert Hoover.  Remember, it was Herbert Hoover who started the New Deal.  And while I consider much of the New Deal to be some of the most humane and democratic works ever to come out of Washington, and FDR to be one of our greatest presidents, much of the legislation passed in the early years of the New Deal was massively corrupt.  Because Washington was massively corrupt and under the control of elites, fascism and banksters.  So, early New Deal legislation simply helped bring down the system of corruption.  I would ask you to keep this in your conscious mind as you read this post. 

I really don't think or worry too much about what is or isn't passed in Washington.  Because under the duress of the largest bribery bubble ever seen in this nation, nothing of  virtue is passed or even debated.  There is no democratic debate.  Only force.  I think one has to give serious consideration that everything passed in the last ten or even twenty years will eventually be repealed.  In other words, there is one incontrovertible truth in party politics - what's good for the party is seldom good for America.  And, long time readers will appreciate that I am anticipating both political parties will ultimately face extinction.   That is based on a mathematical analysis that I have yet to post.  But as I have noted, I will.

There is a reason why our president didn't pass a Medicare extension act that would have insured those the private insurance company refused to insure.  A simple, cost-effective solution that would provide a baseline of policy requirements that would have forced the private insurance companies to match or even beat.   Under such a plan, we most certainly would have had the best private health insurance options in the world because the private sector can offer better solutions when it is forced to compete.  And, Medicare would always be there as a public option for those who wanted it, needed it and to ensure corporations did compete or lose their markets.   It's quite simple why we have a brand new, 2500 page bureaucracy rather than an extension of Medicare.  The answer is corruption.  Corruption of our government by corporations.  Fascism.

Long time readers know that I am anticipating a coming bust or substantial reorganization in the health care industry.  I have written extensively and in detail about the tyranny in the health care field that is just as severe as the tyranny in our predatory banking system.   And how our health care system, rather than oftentimes treating people, is complicit in making our nation even more sick than it already is.  Obviously, these are unintended consequences of bureaucracies perpetuating junk science as opposed to the nonsensical views of paranoids that elites are trying to kill us all.  Although, I have no doubt that some elites would like to off a few of us. 

While there is still a substantial allegiance to "the party",  we are headed for some substantial future issues as it pertains to this health care bill.  Private health insurance companies are going to raise rates substantially by 2015.  I wrote earlier this week that my health insurance had increased by 600% in the last six years.  I expect before it's all said and done, from some comments by Aetna, that number will increase to somewhere around 1,200-1,500% by 2015.   That's in nine years.  That isn't inflation or money printing.  It's corruption, usury and tyranny of corporatism.  As, I have noted before, it was corporatism that caused the American Revolution.  We were enslaved to the English king's corporate fascist capitalism.  The great trading companies, banking interests and land companies anointed by the king of England that preyed upon the colonies.  It wasn't the tea tax.  That's preposterous.  That is simply an example of the endless brutality, predation and victimization of the king's corporate capitalist tyranny.   The acts of a king, a polity, corporations and a ruling elite in a far off land imposing endless misery and usury on people in the real world..........  sound familiar?  It should.  It is the United States, the Euro Zone and other bureaucracies around the world.

So, I wrote on here quite a while ago that I, along with many Americans, are essentially without health insurance but are re-insured against catastrophe.  ie, A high-deductible plan that is never invoked unless I am terminally ill or have a serious accident.   Otherwise, medical expenses are out of my own pocket.  What Obama hasn't told you is that in addition to the 50 million Americans who don't have any health insurance, there are another 130 million Americans whose policies don't meet the minimum requirements of coverage under Obama's unaffordable health care plan.  So, by 2014 or 2015, 13o million Americans are going to see massive, and probably, unpayable premium increases to raise their policies up to the minimum standards required by law.    That doesn't even take into consideration the penalties that are going to be placed on small businesses; a large percentage of which are marginally-profitable in the first place.  In other words, we are going to see a massive coming tax hike to line the pockets of for-profit health insurance companies.   And that tax hike is being enforced by the state. 

Obama and other bureaucrats can mandate any form of usury or tax they wish living in an ivory tower in some far off land.  You know, like the king of England in 1776.   It won't stick.  I can imagine we could easily have 100-150  million people or more who either refuse to sign up or cannot afford health insurance and are tacked with his plan's penalty tax.   But, that won't be enough to handle the onslaught of people now able to seek health care.   With 45 million people on food stamps and about 65% of all citizens with a marginally-livable wage already, you simply can't force people to buy what they cannot afford.   You cannot tax nor print your way to prosperity.   If it comes to health insurance of clothing and feeding your children, the choice is obvious.

The health care system is going to be turned upside down.  People paying $95 penalties and then granted unlimited access to health care is an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.  From those coming fallacies  maybe then we'll finally get universal health care for all Americans.  Who knows, maybe ObamaCare will be the tipping point that sends the entire system over the cliff and we'll finally see a restoration of democracy across countless seemingly unrelated dynamics as the system unwinds. 

By the way, as I have noted a few times in the comments sections of my posts on Salon, I think it's quite likely we will see the Supreme Court stripped of judicial review in the next decade or two.  It simply depends on how fast this crisis metastasizes to the point of being terminal.  That won't take a decade.   The constitutionality of ObamaCare brings this issue front and center again.  This change is long overdue.  Judicial review gives the Supreme Court, unelected and highly party-motivated bureaucrats who have shown a history of substantial corruption, unchecked hegemony over the other two branches of government and the American people.  This power was neither granted in Article 3 of the Constitution, nor was it supported by people of virtue when a corrupt Supreme Court took it by force.  Constitutional review was generally envisioned as a power shared by the three branches of government.  Many of our founding fathers were vehemently against this unchecked power when the Supreme Court stole it in a very corrupt case.  (One that was recognized to be massively corrupt at the time.)  Since then, that precedence allowed the Supreme Court to be the defacto 'decider' of constitutionality.  It served Washington politicians who never want to dirty their hands by taking a virtuous stand on substantive issues regardless of whether it served democracy.  Judicial review is very similar to the Supreme Court corruption that gave corporations the rights of people.  The nation had recently passed political anti-bribery laws for the first time in the mid 1800s that then forbid corporations and elites from legally buying politicians.  Something that had heretofore done on a regular basis.  Before that law, Congress used to send letters to corporations and elites telling them how much their services would cost.  They whored themselves out as a form of extortion as simply a matter of daily politics.  Fascism has always been part of Americana to some degree.  But, none to surprisingly, those  bribery laws exempted the Supreme Court.  Soon thereafter, corporate personhood was born out of a Supreme Court decision.  Coincidence?  Hahaha.  I suppose anything is possible.  I have written about this and other dynamics quite extensively over the years if you want to dig through my archives.

I have had some detailed discussions about judicial review with one of our nation's foremost constitutional scholars and it seems manifestly obvious that change in this arena is most certainly is coming.  It's just a matter of when the people restore democracy to our nation.  And, by the way, in case you consider this highly implausible or nonsensical rantings of a lunatic, you would be wrong.  Democracy does not own constitutional review right now.  It is in the hands of unelected bureaucrats just like the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve, a fascist public-private partnership, should be made a purely public institution under the Treasury.  And as I have noted before, that's where we are likely to end up.  With Wall Street no longer controlling the strings of the Fed or sitting on the board of its own governing body; a massive blight of corruption and fascism.   As a point of reference, France stripped their supreme court of judicial review a long time ago because it was inconsistent with democracy.  I think that happened about seventy years ago without looking it up.  And, they put it where it belongs.  With an independent panel of citizens, not lawyers or unelected party toadies,  under the jurisdiction of the people's branch of government.  That would be the Congress; the people's branch of representative government responsible for making laws.   How can you make a law without first understanding if it is constitutional?  That is what France has done.  The power of constitutional review in France is under the power of elected representatives who are accountable to the people.  Which is where the Federal Reserve and constitutional review in our country should also be.   Or at a minimum, constitutional review should be a shared power as was intended given no specific authority was constitutionally granted.  By the way, it wasn't specifically granted because doing so and giving it to the courts would have never allowed for passage of the Constitution given so many signatories opposed judicial review.  And, by the way, many of our states argue today under completely constitutional grounds that  the power of constitutional review is not a Supreme Court power or even a federal power at all but instead a power of the states; two of these resolutions were written by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.   I suppose you may have heard of them.  The Supreme Court's ungranted, self-appointed hegemony in judicial review could very well be living on borrowed time along with so many of the other injustices and corruptions of our government and our society.

If you support either political party today, you are essentially supporting your own tyranny.  You can rationalize that support all you want.  But, you are creating your own misery.  The lesser of two evils is still evil. 

We should have had a Medicare option.  It is affordable, it works, the infrastructure is already in place, and there is no massive tax increase required to pass.  (Here is an eye chart of the new unnecessary bureaucracy ObamaCare creates that an addendum to Medicare would not have created.)  But instead corporatism and bribery determined what we actually did get.  The health care system is headed for a serious crisis in more ways than one.   I'm sure after the Supreme Court's decision, Obama believes his unaffordable health care act is now vindicated and his legacy is intact.  The reality?  For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.  Karma is indeed a bitch.  

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Law Upheld As A Tax

This is going to be very interesting.  The supreme court gave the president something he didn't want.  Obama repeatedly and vehemently denied that this health care mandate was a tax.   Obviously, because passage of a new health care bureaucracy under the guise of a new tax would be very, very, very unpopular.   Especially when that tax was collected by the force of the state and then handed to for-profit corporations as is the case.  ie, Fascism, cronyism and toady politicians picking winners and losers in the economy.  (By the way, you haven't and never will be picked because one person/one vote is dead courtesy of legalized corporate bribery.)  But the constitutionality of this law is upheld as a tax and not under the guise of regulating interstate commerce as the president wanted.  This will have some repercussions.  We shall have to watch events unfold to see what they are.

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JP Morgan's Losses Could Be $9 Billion

Well, as we discussed before, we really don't know the extent of any of this because of the lack of transparency in taxpayer-funded and backed institutions such as JP Morgan.  We don't have that transparency because people like Jamie Dimon believe they are kings rather than public servants whose institutions they serve should have an intent to benefit society.  That's because power in our nation has morphed into authority rather than service.   Our leaderless leadership is the psychopathic state.

This potential loss of $9 billion creates an interesting dilemma.  Did Jamie Dimon perjure himself in his latest  congressional testimony?   Frankly, during that testimony Dimon perpetuated myths about his own brilliance which can easily be construed as bald-faced lies in and of themselves.   But beyond that, chief banking toady and major financial campaign cash recipient Spencer Bachus denied the request to have Dimon sworn in under oath before his testimony.   What testimony statements did Dimon make, regarding the mess he created, that may have been misleading or worse now that we find out the losses may be substantially more than the $2 billion he admits?  And, how does his lack of sworn testimony impact any statements?   Did Bachus give deference to unsworn testimony because Dimon's legal team encouraged it beforehand?  These proceedings are most often given under oath and denying sworn testimony dealing with financial crises is a rather odd occurrence.  What was the intent of granting this deference?

As I have noted countless times over the last seven years of this blog, the world is going to fix itself.  And, if politicians don't have the moral compass to do it, all we need to do is sit back and watch what will most certainly be the greatest spectacle in our nation's history.  Dimon, Wall Street and all unchecked and concentrated power around the globe are the dinosaurs before the great extinction.   Nature will take its own course.   Politicians have absolutely no idea what they are doing other than maintaining control for their own self-interest and that of the party.  Control is nothing more than an illusion. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Corrupt Congressional Financial Moves Go Way Beyond "Insider Trading"

Gee.  What a surprise of the great hypocrisy in the Parliament of Whores.   We have noted this dynamic numerous times including a post highlighting the video Congress doesn't want you to see.  Is is any wonder why Wall Street is never prosecuted?  Come on.  Quit deluding yourself.  The corruption in Washington is the very basis for the corruption - predation, victimization and bullying - in our financial system.   It is the violence and predation of the state from which economic violence and predation on Wall Street is derived. 

"Sometimes the law defends plunder and participates in it. Thus the beneficiaries are spared the shame and danger that their acts would otherwise involve. But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to the other persons to whom it doesn't belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." -- Frederic Bastiat

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Facebook's Gaffes Continue

I haven't looked at Faceplant's stock this week, but as of last week it was $33 and change.  In the last week of May I wrote that it's shares could see a rally in June and July.  Indeed, since then they have rallied from about $25 to their current price.  Mind you, none of that price appreciation has anything to do with any anything even though some are now coming to the defense of Facebook and remarking the selloff may have been short-lived.   Haha.   Okay.   This run-up in price is simply gamesmanship in the casino we call the stock market.   Fair value for the company is under $5 a share.

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My Most Recent Experience With The Predatory Health Care Bureaucracy

My next major post is going to be the Buffett investment in IBM that I have been promising for the last six months.   But while waiting on the corporate Supreme Court's decision on ObamaCare, I thought I would share my most recent experience with my health insurance company.    My premium increased 35% over my last quarterly bill.  No heads up or anything.   Not the first time that has happened.  My rates have gone up over 30% a year or so for at least the last six years. 

When I called my agent, she shared with me that my risk profile is “super low”.  ie, I am considered a great client, or should I say easy prey, because of my health and lifestyle.   That means I am fortunate enough to get some of the best insurance rates.    So, with this premium increase I changed my policy to the highest deductible allowable by law.  This is the third time I have done so in the last six years.  So, I guesstimate that were my deductible to have remained the same over that period of time, my policy would have increased about 600%.   Even with my many deductible increases it has still increased 250%.   I can’t even imagine what my increases would have been were I considered high risk.   Those people are the victims of state-backed corporate predation.  I would guess from talking to a few people who are high risk that my policy would have gone up about 1000% over the last six years.  By the way, for someone who is self-insured, this is the rule not the exception. 

I just want to wish Obama all the luck in the world collecting those mandatory health insurance premiums that are part of his legislation.   He’ll need it.  The moment I can actually ditch my insurance plan and become an indigent ward of the state under ObamaCare, I plan to do just that rather than participate in a corrupt, for-profit, predatory corporate health insurance racket enforced by the corporate state.

My agent, who is essentially a telesales employee working in a call center, making some marginally livable or unlivable wage because we are all enslaved to our corporate masters, told me that if she changed my plan to a higher deductible, I would no longer be grandfathered into ObamaCare.  That meant any new changes would impact me differently.  Hahaha.  I remarked to her that nefarious, nondescript statement sounded like canned propaganda direct from the marketing department.  A statement with an intent to instill fear into people seeking to lower their policy rates with higher deductibles.  A change that would cut into the hundreds of millions of dollars health care CEOs stuff into their pockets courtesy of poor sonofabitches like me.  When I asked what exactly it meant that I wouldn't be grandfathered into ObamaCare, and why I should pay a higher rate to “be grandfathered”, she couldn’t actually quantify how grandfathering benefited me.  Ahem.  In other words, some health insurance executive milking policyholders stuck this line of bulloney in front of all of their agents to read to policyholders to legally scare them into keeping their rates as high as possible.  It’s most likely nothing more than terrorizing people with fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to keep them paying higher rates and greater corporate serfdom. 

This whole fiasco really has nothing to do with ObamaCare.  As much as it is a horrible piece of legislation creating an entirely new bloated bureaucracy in Washington, the predatory health care machine was fully greased before he ever took office.  All Obama did was simply codify the force of the state in mandating for-profit corporate health insurance.  He is simply appeasing the predators.   Appeasing evil. 

The people who cheered when Obama's health care plan was passed were cheering because their "team" had won.  And, given they thoughtlessly support the ideology of their "team", that win must be worth cheering.   No one who reads this legislation, other than a health care bureaucrat, would cheer anything.  But loyalty to the party at the expense of reason, intellectual analysis and truth;  that's what our society has become in the dumbed-down corporate state.  So, we cheer our political teams onward to embrace greater corporate tyranny and injustice. 

Anyone who believes that Obama's smarmy health care plan, negotiated in complete secrecy under the duress of unprecedented lobbyist bribery, is a "starting point" for reforming health care is deluding themselves.   This is a massively corrupt, fascist (comingling of corporations and government) plan that isn't a starting point for anything but greater for-profit corporate serfdom and tyranny.  Medicare and Social Security as starting points didn't prey upon people nor line for-profit corporate coffers using the force of the state.  This plan is a sellout of democracy to the corporate state.

As I have noted numerous times, rather than a 2,500 page monstrosity of complexity and bloat that creates an entirely new corporate-led, state-enforced bureaucracy, we could have had a ten page addendum to a reasonably efficient public bureaucracy that already serves society reasonably well; Medicare.  That is, other than corporations who game the system and steal tens if not hundreds of billions through Medicare fraud.   Medicare is far from perfect and there are most certainly better solutions but it does work.   And, if everyone is using it, it will get better over time. 

Obama could have made Medicare available to all Americans at cost and the bill could have been so simple, I could have written it.   But that would have left his corporate masters with no piece of the health insurance serfdom profit pie.  Anyone who cannot afford Medicare could be given access at no charge and a tax levied on the richest Americans to pay for it since they are the ones bribing our government and setting policy in the first place.  Maybe if they had to pay for the poverty they created, they'd quit lobbying government to create it. 

At the same time, a plan could have been put in place to start transferring the health care plans of Congress and government workers into a single-payer, non-profit, public Medicare system.   Politicians, as public servants, should be forced to eat their own cooking.   They should be forced to use Medicare or what other Obamination of health care they force upon the rest of us.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Matt Taibbi - The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

It’s amazing how far we have come from the nonsensical view of 2007-2008 that this was a housing crisis.  We mocked that perspective repeatedly then and many times since.  This is a crisis of capitalism.  It is an economic crisis across all segments of the global economy as we have written ad nauseam. 

We discussed on here many years ago that I thought at some point someone may recognize Wall Street’s crimes as relevant under the RICO organized crime act.  That obviously hasn’t happened.  But then never in my life time would I have believed a sitting president would personally broker a deal to stop due process as happened with the state’s attorney generals.   A politician stopping due process by subverting the application of the rule of law.  I still can’t even believe that is legally possible.    But it happened.  And, this type of subversion of law has happened countless times courtesy of decades of political misfeasance, malfeasance and corruption. 

None of that has  stopped Taibbi from speaking the truth.  Wall Street is a criminal racket of predation, victimization and bullying.  And, that criminal racket is protected by and endorsed by the force of the state. 

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Infographic: SuperPacs Drawing Millions

Private spending on public elections subverts one-person. one-vote.  Companies and elites literally buy themselves a political party and a politician.   This isn’t something new.  Citizens United simply brought cronyism and corruption out of the closet and into the mainstream.  These smarmy dealings were simply hidden from public eye before.

Campaign time should be limited by law and all campaigns spending should be public and limited by law to some substantially small fraction of what is spent today.  Money subverts truth.  Money subverts merit. 

If I as a citizen want to run for office and not affiliate with a party that guarantees corrupt political money and political infrastructure, (the highest spender in an election is correlated to about a 95% win-rate) I should be able to compete on merit  and not money.    With the internet, free video and free real-time ability to broadcast debates, Congressional campaign spending could easily be capped at something like $50,000 per candidate.   Then the election shifts from money to truth.  To merit.   Were that the case, almost no one in Congress today would be re-elected.  Millions upon millions of Americans are vastly more qualified to be public servants than the Parliament of Whores that exists today.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Will Ecuador Give Assange Asylum

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JFK - Government Secrecy Is Repugnant To A Free Society. Obama Grants Secrecy To Fast And Furious And Corrupt Trade Negotiations

We have hit on this topic quite often, including a link to the excellent documentary titled Secrecy.   It is no coincidence that our personal privacy, protected by the Constitution, is constantly under attack by the corporate state.  That includes both the state and corporations.  While, at the same time, the hypocrisy is astounding as the same corporate state constantly and systemically hides behind illegitimate and unconstitutional claims of secrecy, privacy and privilege.   Our corporate state masters don't even attempt to give an illusion of public service.  

President invokes secrecy in Fast and Furious (comparable in many aspects to the abuse of power of Iran-Contra.  No Americans died in Iran-Contra.)

Mexico and Canada asked to join secret Obama trade negotiations granting foreign corporations unprecedented power by subverting our rule of law.

JFK  speech -  Secrecy in a free society and a free government is repugnant.  "No President should fear public scrutiny....." (A frighteningly prescient speech that reflects today's corporate state secrecy.  We have become everything JFK highlighted in this speech including subverting elections and democracy around the globe.  We are the Soviet Union.)

Obama is no JFK.  Democracy cannot survive secrecy in government.  Democracy is dead.  It was killed by Democrats and Republicans.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Man Confronts JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon - He Is A Crook, A Predatory, A Jobs Destroyer And Should Go To Prison

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Ministry Of Truth Speaks - Coke CEO Denies Any Responsibility To Obesity Epidemic

Life is rich in 1984.  I'm glad The Ministry of Truth has set up free.  It's clearly not just the banksters who are capable of taking responsibility for their massive corruption, massive incompetence, endless lies, endless deceit, endless predation and exaltation of the self over any form of truth.  Not only do we have an obesity epidemic, we have a sociopathy epidemic within positions of authority.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama's Law Professor On Why He Must Be Defeated In November

I ran across this video  while clicking on a ridiculous story feed that came across my desk.  I must say that there is little in this I disagree with or haven't spoken of over the last handful of years. 

Appeasement of evil is all we have gotten with Obama.  The false debate of right versus left is morally-bankrupt.  Both parties are massively corrupt corporatist entities that subvert economic and social democracy.   The search for truth beyond politicizations leads to the discovery of right versus wrong as the only virtuous reality.  And there is only one right.  That right is a reasoned debate over the future of our economy and our democracy that embraces timeless human values.  Values derived through our higher power or our divinity; that which makes us human - compassion, kindness, acceptance, community, dignity, equality, respect and the like. 

Only a democratic (one person, one vote) government and rule of law derived through timeless human values is right and just and true.  Neither Obama nor Romney nor either political party offers any modicum of truth or reality.  Both offer serfdom, slavery, violence, predation and injustice of varying degrees.  They only offer control.  And more of it.  All for the glorification of the self of elites, corporate bureaucrats and political toadies; the plutocracy that is robbing our nation and our citizens blind of its rights and its wealth. 

The corporate state must relinquish control to the just and democratic determination and empowerment of its citizens. 

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Massive Mushroom Cloud Over Beijing

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Organic Solar Makes Leap And Low Temperature Reaction For A Hydrogen Economy

The hand-wringing  over some post-apocalyptic world without energy because we have used it all....... are politicizations and histrionics void of reason and fact.   They are Malthusian manifestations of the dumbed-down corporate state.  

When political dunces start warning us that any future looks bleak as it pertains to science, it is a manipulated social movement reflecting no sustainable reality.  Politicians don't know shit about anything other than manipulation and control - peak energy and anthropogenic global warming are just two examples of the stupidity of the dumbed-down corporate state.  And, if you believe either, you need to get your head examined or wake up from the endless propaganda pump because you have bought into Orwell's 1984.  Contrarily, in the real world, void of political dunces and their endless manipulation, science and discovery are moving at a dizzying pace.

Organic solar cells make a leap forward.

Scientists discover clean, low temperature reaction to split water for hydrogen.

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Scientists Split Atom Then Put It Back Together

Have you ever had feelings of déjà vu?  Felt like you have been some place before even though you haven't?  Felt someone close to you was in danger even though you were separated by substantial distance?  Felt so close to someone that they became a part of you?  Maybe your mind isn't playing tricks on you. 

The world most certainly is not as it seems.

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Monsanto May Lose GMO Royalties In Brazil

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Breast Milk Kills HIV - An Allegory For Today's Neoliberal Society

There is no better scientist than nature.  Scientists have made great advances in keeping people with HIV alive.  In the end, most of our perceived advances in medicine are tied to cutting, medicating and radiating.    But we know that medicating and radiating oftentimes creates as many future illnesses and diseases as they cure.   I think a fair assessment of illness today is that we oftentimes take medication to defeat the prior effects of medication.  Or we take medication to defeat the effects of a violent society or sickness created by the toxic aftereffects of unregulated capitalism and its endless poisoning of our planet.

Eating industrial food pumped full of human-created goo adds human-caused sickness into our food supply chain that ultimately ends up in our bodies.   Living in an ecosystem made toxic by human-created goo adds human-caused sickness into our society.   Living in an economy run by psychotic and predatory authority leaves us vulnerable to human-caused sickness of our minds. 

Nature remains the undisputed king  of science as this most recent announcement on HIV and breast milk confirms.  Nature remains the best method of avoiding illness and oftentimes treating it.   That includes living as close to nature as possible, eating as much natural food as possible and living in a society that reflects the values that nature instilled in humanity; compassion, kindness, acceptance, community, equality...... 

There is little doubt we are doing a better job of making us sick than any effect created by nature.  Living naturally is the cure to what ails our economy, our society, our minds and our bodies.  If we do that, the medical community won't be overburdened by the chronic sickness of our minds and our bodies. 

Society as it is defined today, especially in neoliberal America, is dying.   It's dying because it isn't compatible with the laws of nature.   If it isn't compatible with the laws of nature, then we as part of nature, will eventually create/cause its demise.  Not through conscious effort but through an inability to sustain our minds and our bodies in a society not adherent to the laws of nature - the Godless corporate state.  As I have noted countless times on here, Darwinism (and therefore Social Darwinism as practiced here and in unregulated capitalism around the world) is a myth with enough holes in it to drive a Mack truck through.  

A society based on the concepts of Darwinism is doomed to fail because it is inconsistent with the laws of nature.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quote Of The Day

“One of the things that sets us apart from most living things upon this planet is our ability to communicate intelligently and with depth. Don't ever be discouraged from sharing your thoughts and feelings with others simply because of the brain dead ramblings of a few aggressive simplistic animals temporarily polluting the human gene pool. Man’s greatest progression is his ability for expression - and the love that fuels it.”

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Leaked Trade Agreement Documents - Obama Wants To Help Foreign Corporations Subvert America's Rule Of Law

You should really watch this video

A draft agreement leaked Wednesday shows the Obama administration is pushing a secretive trade agreement that could vastly expand corporate power and directly contradict a 2008 campaign promise by President Obama. A U.S. proposal for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact between the United States and eight Pacific nations would allow foreign corporations operating in the U.S. to appeal key regulations to an international tribunal. The body would have the power to override U.S. law and issue penalties for failure to comply with its ruling. We speak to Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, a fair trade group that posted the leaked documents on its website. "This isn’t just a bad trade agreement," Wallach says. "This is a 'one-percenter' power tool that could rip up our basic needs and rights."

Will this finally wake up the endless excuses put forth by the Obama apologists?   Blaming Republicans for everything.  Those who refuse to look past the rhetoric created through hundreds of millions of dollars of political propaganda used to create an image of a man that doesn't actually exist.  That is, except in the minds of those who created the propaganda.

I doubt even George Bush would have given up American sovereignty and with it our constitutional rights.  I simply cannot rationalize with any form of reason why a president who is supposed to be a constitutional scholar is operating in so much secrecy.   Why he is knowingly dismantling our rule of law and operating outside of constitutional authority on so many issues.

The signs were there.  When Obama said he was going to renegotiate corrupt trade agreements during the 2008 campaign and then it was leaked that Obama's campaign team told Canadian officials not to be alarmed because he was essentially lying.  Was apparently feeding Americans what they wanted to hear to get elected rather than any virtuous form of truth.  If we look at actions rather than rhetoric, that conversation may have actually taken place.  

The political world in the U.S. could get very interesting before November 2012.    We have what I would argue could easily be the two worst presidential candidates in my adult life.  Dumb and Dumber choices provided by the dumbed-down corporate state.

The rule of law is dead.  The Constitution is dead.  And the Democratic and Republican parties killed both.

In closing, this is an interesting perspective from New Zealand on this scam job.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Social Science Of Economics - Predation, Victimization and Violence Endorsed By The State - Part Four. North Dakota Voters Consider Abolishing Property Tax

Many Wall Street firms and other financial predators have teamed up with states to essentially victimize  property holders in our nation.  There is a substantial element of predation involved in the property tax dynamic.  First of all, fear mongering is used to pass major property tax levies.  Second, manipulation is often an element as bureaucrats threaten to cut classroom services and teachers first.  Obviously that is a well-known predatory political technique across every social and community program that matters to citizens.  When property taxes are late, the states have teamed with with predatory firms, including banksters, and the legal community to loot homeowners and slap on excessive fees that oftentimes make it impossible to recover.  These looting fees are always picked up by society in some manner.  Now some of this is based on political corruption, cronyism and a sense of entitlement by politicians at the state level.  That can be fixed.  But what can't be fixed is no person in this country should ever lose their home because they want to work and cannot find economic means or a living wage.  The property tax has this fundamentally-flawed issue behind it. 

If we get beyond the ad hominem attacks of the political parties meant to polarize and atomize citizen action, and listen to the concerns of citizens, there is ample truth reflected in the base of the Tea Party movement.  The base is often hard working, decent people.  Now, the actual Tea Party has been hijacked by corrupt Washington insiders, and the vast majority of the congressional members have already sold out to special interest money.  But, most Tea Party members, just like most Organize Wall Street members, have legitimate concerns about the massive corruption of our government by the dumbed-down corporate state. 

We live in a democracy not a capitalism.  We should live in a society that empowers all citizens to own property as was once the case.   The flip side to that empowerment is responsibility.  Ownership helps create a sense of responsibility and belonging.  One becomes personally invested in their own future.  That includes the future of our communities, our families and our nation.  Frankly, George Bush was right in the bigger picture about the ownership society.  I know that makes many partisan hacks respond with some vitriolic nonsense.  Everyone in our society can afford some level of housing or property were the system set up to empower citizens rather than prey upon them.  Granting the concept of ownership to a predatory financial system was arguably criminal.  But, then his Treasury Secretary was the poster child for Wall Street predation. 

Every citizen in our nation most certainly can be  empowered to own property.  That includes the impoverished, special needs citizens, the wealthy and everyone in between.   Owning property yet having a lifetime obligation of $100-200-$300,000 in property taxes is not ownership.  It's predation and enslavement.   Even homes of modest means in certain neighborhoods can have property tax bills this large or larger. 

Now, some will wrongly believe that property taxes are the only method of giving local control or that government would have to cut social and community services.  More nonsense.  Under the system as it is designed today, the property tax dilemma would need to be offset with taxes somewhere else, but that is easily achievable.  Easily.  Additionally, with a public banking/monetary system, as I have noted a thousand times since starting this blog, both money and interest would become public functions that assist in filling the coffers of our communities in lieu of debt and tax enslavement.    In other words, they would provide the impetus to abolish property taxes.  Easily.  Without a loss of social and community services. 

It has been years since I have written of this but as we discussed many times on here, Thomas Jefferson believed property was such an important democratic concept that he wished government to give property to every citizen.  That's right.  Give.  Everyone.  Democracy.  Not socialism or communism or other ad hominem attacks that would be used today by the dumbed-down corporate state wishing to control the narrative and atomize any reasoned call for change.  I'm sure Jefferson didn't envision the force of the state used to rip that property out of the hands of citizens who were oftentimes forced out of employment and economic opportunity by that very entity because of their complicity in corruption, predation, victimization and violence.    That is the country we live in today.  And, both the state and corporations are complicit in this violence.  Make no mistake, any time a citizen wants to work and wants to own a home and wants to pay their property taxes but cannot, the end result is violence against a citizen of this country. 

There are numerous methods of granting Jefferson's wish in some limited form.  Obviously Steven Spielberg's home isn't going to be granted under a government program.  But, a capped voucher or countless other creative ideas that would fly off of the fingertips of Americans would and could work.   It's not important to get caught up in the how's.  It's important to understand property ownership is possible for all Americans.  At the very least, a public banking system could extend a zero-interest loan on homes up to a certain amount, and provide a flexible mortgage whose payments are cut or even suspended if economic crisis hits for any particular citizen.  As I have noted before, a public banking system would never need to make a profit and loans could be kept on its balance sheet ad infinitum, if necessary.   Think this is unworkable?  We already did in under Franklin Roosevelt.  It was called the HOLC program; something I wrote about many years ago as a possible solution to this mess.  But Obama, Bush and both fascist political parties are too beholden to corruption to implement it.  Instead we see the violence of the state used to dump millions of Americans on the street. 

The world has to be absolutely nothing like it is.  Today's world is defined by violence, predation and victimization of corporations and the state.  Fascism.  A merit-based democracy is easily within reach.  The reality is, if you can dream any change in this world, it most certainly can be done.   Every single advancement by humanity once started as that very dream.  It's just a matter of will and virtue to make it happen.  Or, as is the case in the dumbed-down corporate state, the lack thereof.

Private, for-profit banking will never serve the needs of democracy.  It is an oxymoron.  A form of anti-democratic violence, usury and graft protected by the state since its creation.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Sister Buys More Drones Than She Knows What To Do With

Just another example of the Soviet-style, centrally-planned overproduction of weapons systems that is the military-industrial complex.   A control-based bureaucracy that spends more money on military expenditures than every other nation on earth.  Combined.  And, if we factor in the ancillary costs of military hegemony, including the NRC which is responsible for our nuclear arsenal, the State Department, endless undeclared wars and other covert operations, we spend nearly twice as much as the rest of the world on a bloated and massively corrupt military-industrial complex.

No money for our kids, schools, health care,  homeowners, impoverished, bridges or those without a voice but plenty of money to buy the constant, endless overproduction of for-profit weapons systems providers that perpetuate violence, predation and victimization around the globe.   We went well beyond the needs of national defense eons ago.  We can thank Ronald Reagan and pliant Democrats for unleashing the beast.  We have become the Soviet Union.

What is the number one export of the United States?  Violence and weapons.....  now coming to a neighborhood near you courtesy of our Nobel Peace Prize-winning El Presidente.

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JP Morgan Executives Knew Of Risky Bets Years Ago - It's Time To End Wall Street's Reign Of Terror

Is this really any surprise in the systemically criminogenic culture of Wall Street?  Honestly.  Is it really a plausible defense for JP Morgan's CEO and Chairman to claim stupidity for the actions of a betting parlor that reported directly to him?  As Sandy Weill's protégé, Jamie Dimon personally was substantially responsible for the effort of overturning Glass Steagall and other pieces of legislation meant to protect society from Wall Street's endless predation, victimization and violence.   Really, that's all these regulations are.   Or were.  When Wall Street's massive criminal behavior crashed the economy in the Great Depression, rules of law were enacted to stop their predation, victimization and violence against democracy. 

I want to know what we don't know about all of the criminal activity on Wall Street over the last thirty years.  Frankly since the Federal Reserve that enabled the Wall Street racket was created one hundred years ago.  Wall Street is the poster child for the evil that has taken over the halls of power in our nation and our economy.  And, I clearly do mean evil.  Unstable manifestations  of the self are the only basis for all evil.

There is no two ways about it.  Private, for-profit capital in our current banking system is not compatible with democracy.  Why are we trying to regulate the behavior of sociopaths and predators?  The only way to begin making capitalism or any merit-based economy compatible with democracy is a public capital structure - a public banking/monetary system.  It's time to end Wall Street's 100 year reign of terror.

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Tea Party Looney Rand Paul Endorses Republican Bully Mitt Romney

Unwavering virtue and values that cannot be bought, bribed or manipulated for sake of gain, power, vainglory, greed or control by the self.   I'm sorry.  I must have been dreaming.   This is why the political idiocracy should be prevented from tampering with our rule of law without the consent of the governed.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

The Social Science Of Economics - Predation, Victimization and Violence Endorsed By The State - Part Three. Republicans Team Up With Banking Criminals To Gut CFTC… Again

This is how elites, corporations and those who hate democracy dumb- down our government via political corruption in both parties.  This essentially makes our government an ineffective and feeble idiocracy that is unable to accomplish anything  other than doling out political favors for cash, bribes,future employment, paybacks (cronyism) etc.  In other words, our government is turned into a tool of predation, victimization and violence used to beat back democracy rather than being the champion of democracy. 

This then gives cover to lunacy and messages of hate, anger, violence and exaltation of the self.  That includes Ron Paul.  Paul accurately identifies many of the issues in Washington but then his solutions are to dismantle generations of democratic progress made in the efforts of protecting those without a voice, those who are the most vulnerable and other manifestations of democracy.   These are policies of violence against those most vulnerable in our society.  Yet Paul doesn’t  have a problem with unlimited spending in campaigns or politics which is clearly a subversion of one person, one vote; the foundation of democracy.   His ideology is driven by further exaltation of the self and unleashing even greater anarchy on our society through the dismantling of medical rights, Social Security, regulation, programs for the poor and those without a voice, etc. 

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NASA Discovers Unprecedented Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life

This is just latest in a long line of scientific data points to blow massive holes in the highly unscientific, simple-minded correlation models of the anthropogenic global warming polemic.  AGW is a religion.  It’s a hijacking of science by politicians for purposes of control.  And that religion is kept in place by the dumbed-down corporate state through control of reasoned dissent, scientific discovery and more advanced modeling.

Off topic but some great video.  High definition video of Venus transit earlier this week captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Social Science Of Economics - Predation, Victimization and Violence Endorsed By The State - Part Two. Is Mitt Romney An Economic Bully Enabled By A Corrupt Political System?

I’m going to start the series of posts I introduced last week with the recent news about Mitt Romney’s behavior while in school.  Let me state that this is not a politically-motivated or partisan post.  Long time readers will clearly appreciate that remark.  I find no truth in political parties or politics; both of which are institutions of control that subvert truth, reason, public service and democracy through endless lies, manipulations, distortions and false narratives.   It is leaders, not politicians, who exhibit virtue and selflessness.

The intent of these series of posts is to show how social factors tie to or even drive economic factors in our society.  And, how state-derived values are reflected in these factors in both our society and our economy.  Ultimately it is these dynamics that determine the success of our society and our economy.  Measuring nonfarm payroll, credit expansion, the purchasing manager’s index and other quantitative data points is void of the concept of quality.  Economics has missed the thirty plus years of disintegration of our economy because they are sorely ill-equipped and ill-trained to understand the qualitative aspects of the roots of economics; sociology, social anthropology, psychology and the associated human condition.  Therefore, there are many ills including various forms of violence and self-destructive behavior in our economy that go undiagnosed.  Or, frankly, endorsed by the state.  It is only a qualitative look at these factors that gives us proper insight into a legitimate economic analysis.  

Let me start this post by stating that Romney’s self-professed religion means nothing to any analysis.  I have cited how time and again religion is used as a tool of control by politicians.  Religion is the most manipulated and consistent form of control and tool of violence throughout  all of social history.  Virtue is defined by action and not rhetoric.   Especially political rhetoric.  The intermingling of religion and politics creates a double-edged sword of control.  And those who use both as a control point wield incredible power over decent people.  It’s quite typical for that power to appear magnanimous as its jack boot is firmly planted on society’s neck. 

The recent revelations of some of Romney’s behavior back in high school and college could easily be construed as the typical digging-up-dirt and mudslinging of power politics as practiced in our control-based political system.  But there are enough corroborated sources coming forward to consider this as having some merit to it.  The Republicans would have us believe that what happened thirty years ago doesn’t matter today.  Possibly true.  But possibly not.  As sentient beings, we are not defined by our past.  That is, if we learn from it.  But, if the behavior hasn’t changed, then prior dynamics most certainly have merit.  In the case of Romney, I think there is some reason to believe it hasn’t.  

People who show an inability to learn from patterns of destructive behavior, that are always derived from  issues with fear-based control, have a distorted perception of self.  In worst case scenarios that distorted perception can be a result of personality disorders and even traits of psychotic behavior, extreme narcissism and psychopathy.

Five years ago at the peak of the private equity bubble I wrote a big piece about the predation of private equity and the myths of their brilliance.   The idea for that post came from the endless episodes of CNBC’s sycophantic Maria Bartiromo fawning all over her private equity guests as masters of the universe.   They are in fact anything but.

In many ways one could describe private equity as a form of economic predation, victimization and violence endorsed by the state.  Private equity is a control-based institution that has many parallels to childhood peer victimization aka bullying.  In fact, I would label it as adult peer victimization enabled through state economic policy.  Private equity predation and  bullying is possibly consistent with behavior that is now being reported regarding Romney’s teen and college years   

Peer victimization aka bullying, which is clearly a serious form of violence, starts at a relatively young age and is obviously a big problem in school-aged kids in this country.  A BIG problem that oftentimes has lasting and severe psychological consequences on its victims.   It’s too much for this post but I suspect the systemic and severe issues with bullying and victimization in our youth is partly a measurable outcome of our society’s incredibly violent values.  Violent values that are also endorsed by authority within our economy.  Bullying and peer victimization may exist everywhere but in the U.S., it is an incredibly serious problem to a degree where it is systemic and very severe. 

Private equity does not create jobs or value or wealth in our economy.  It simply shifts wealth through looting and victimization.  It is a destructive form of economic predation and violence endorsed by the state.   Private equity most generally are not turnaround experts or business leaders as they are mythically portrayed through the use of propaganda.   Their core competency is that they are most generally very effective looters; a form of substantial economic violence.  Additionally, private equity is cronyism defined.   Private equity uses public resources – our nation’s taxpayer-backed bank financing and corporations – to loot taxpayers and democracy.    It is a very, very clubby business of good ole boys.  Not anyone can walk into good ole boy Jamie Dimon’s office and get a multi-billion dollar loan to loot another company.    Mitt Romney could. 

Austerity tells us there is no money in our banking system to feed, clothe, educate and shelter our citizens.  But there is plenty of money available for private equity cronies to loot.   This is nothing short of high crimes and misdemeanors against democracy in my estimation. 

I have noted on here for a few years that Mitt Romney seems a very disturbing personality.   Anyone who has spent his entire life seeking power, money and control at almost any cost, really concerns me.   In most instances some may say that’s none of my business.  But it is other people’s business when that person wants to be our president or wants to be granted authority to run our corporations.  That Romney made his money by starting and running a private equity firm, a very violent predatory business, disturbs me greatly.  Is this simply a manifestation of school years behavior of the bully that is now being portrayed by some former peers? 

Now Romney needs to be president.  Needs.  Clearly needs.  He is driven by the desire for greater control.   You can see it in his awkwardness when talking to every day people.  He’s not authentic.  He’s disconnected from the audiences he speaks to.   He’s unable to connect with people on a fundamentally genuine level.  He’s plastic man.  He cannot relate to people that his firm actually preyed upon in his business career.  That is why even ideological political voters, who consistently outsource their thinking to a supreme being, have not endorsed him in the numbers one would typically see.  But, it is clear the Wall Street elites, violent predators themselves, clearly endorse him as their man.   Romney’s economic success is in fact a manifestation of Wall Street.  It seems quite plausible, if not evident, that Romney is disconnected from his humanity and his higher power and is consumed by the manifested self and its endless need for control. 

As we step back and look at the broader context, there are multiple images of the self that everyone projects.  One is the image that those in public see.  Another is one our friends and family see.  Another may be only what our intimate partners see.  And, finally, there is the image that only we ourselves see.  If someone is connected to their higher power and their higher levels of consciousness, ie the values that make us human, authenticity amongst those images generally align.  If not, they can be completely different.   Think Ted Bundy.  A dashing, attractive and charming predator.   Now, I am surely not comparing Mitt Romney to Ted Bundy.  At least not directly, although personally I believe there is ample evidence that private equity is a predatory, violent, victimizing criminal racket regardless of what the “law” states. 

We see the veneer of Romney.  The veneer he wants us to see.  That image struggles with authenticity.  What’s underneath?  What is the perception of self that only he knows exists?  Something drives that insatiable desire for control, power, money and authority.  His need to be president and is willing to use untold millions of the money he has accumulated through his efforts in private equity to achieve that objective. That stories are coming out now about Romney having a clear pattern of bullying behavior in his youth does not surprise me in the least.   His entire career of looting companies using public resources for private gain is essentially economic bullying and victimization. 

This story is very consistent with many of our long time remarks on here that the most emotionally-unstable in our society rise to levels of authority, often self-granted authority, in a culture of predation, victimization and violence.  Where those most willing to throw their fellow citizen under the bus are  the most economically-rewarded.  And, that the violence we see in our society today is a reflection of these values embraced by the state.  In other words, the state rewards this type of behavior with greater and greater economic and social authority.  

Corporate predation is a reflection of the violent values of our government.  Is Mitt Romney a poster boy for those values?   While we don’t have many certainties other than a lifetime of public behavior, what we do know is that his values are defined by whatever flip-flopping rhetoric will help him achieve greater control and power over other people and the world around him.   And, the type of society and economy that Mitt Romney envisions, by once again deregulating Wall Street, embracing the predatory corporate state and dismantling our democratic social programs aka austerity will lead to a future of continued economic and social destruction.   Obviously the human condition is very complex but I think these are fair issues to consider for a person seeking the most powerful position of economic and social control in our nation.  Issues supported by ample evidence.   Enough evidence that anyone who understands the potential evils of a distorted perception of self would find it very difficult to take the risk of voting for Mitt Romney. 

Regardless, we as a nation cannot continue to elect corporate-controlled politicians from either party into public service and expect our economic or social policies or dynamics are ever going to change.  We have been on a downward slope of ever-increasing economic and social  destruction for more than three decades courtesy of the corporate state. 

Those who seek power and control are never to be trusted.  Never.  There is no benevolence in the tyranny of the self.  Only a reasoned, transparent, democratic rule of law should ever have authority or control over another human being.  Law enforced by public servants who actually have an intent and ability to act selflessly, not political toadies beholden to their corporate masters.  Granting people authority over other human beings is itself a form of violence, for those who seek that authority must, by the very fact that they seek such power and control, have an unstable perception of self.    An unstable perception of self that they seek to ameliorate through gaining greater and greater control and power (violence, predation and victimization) over people and the world around them. 

We are a nation of laws, not men. 

Story here and here and here and here

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Panetta: No China Threat From US Military In Asia

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The Truth About Facebook Is Revealed After Its Corporate Executives And Investment Banks Successfully Loot Society

Isn’t it interesting that this information only became available after the IPO?  Where was this type of honest appraisal leading up to the IPO?  It was drown out by the propaganda of Wall Street looters and the sycophantic mainstream press.  

This article is a reminder that the dynamics of the systemic looting in the Clinton era internet stock bubble are still part of predatory Wall Street’s lexicon.  Companies were hyped as game-changers, the future economy and technology powerhouses as they were brought public at astronomical values.  Pensions, retirement accounts and unknowing grandmothers were the victims.  

After popping to $42 on its first day, Faceplant’s stock is now down to $26 and change just a few weeks later. 

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U.S. Confirms It Is The Creator Of Stuxnet

Not exactly a big surprise.  This brings to mind a quote  I have cited before from the incredibly brilliant mind of progressive writer and activist Randolph Bourne; war is the health of the state. 

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Monday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio

Scorpio is demanding you to to dig deep and make a commitment to the transformation you/society/the world has been resisting.  It’s asking you to uncover your true values and stand to account.   The time ruled by political carnival barkers is just about over.   Are you a giver or a taker?  Are you consumed by the manifested self or will you commit to a world that embraces dignity, respect, acceptance, compassion, equality and values greater than the self?  Selflessness.   :)

Some people around the world won’t be able to see the eclipse.  Most in the U.S. will only see a partial as noted at the NASA link above.

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Washington Puppet Hosni Mubarak Sentenced To Life In Prison

We can add Hosni to Saddam Hussein, the Shah of Iran and countless other criminals propped up by Washington.  Hosni is just the latest in a long line of Washington puppets who preyed on his own country’s citizens in return for Washington bribes… er … aid. 

I wonder if his close personal friends, the Clintons, or at least that’s how Hillary described him, will be given visitation rights? 

How much money did we give to Egypt and Hosni?  $70 billion?   That’s not adjusted for inflation in today’s dollars either.  The vast majority of which was military aid he used to build a police state that beat down the people of Egypt. 

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Friday, June 01, 2012

Electric Moon Jolts The Solar Wind

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A123 Reports Massive, Unsustainable Losses Of Taxpayer Money

I’m well behind on some of my posts but want to get this up before too much time passes.  When Jennifer Granholm and Barack Obama, both highly qualified PhDs in chemical and electrical engineering, pissed away massive taxpayer “stimulus” investments on A123, a quote from my post at the time was:

But here is the best part about our brand new factory. First off the taxpayer money went to a foreign firm. I'm more than fine with foreign investment but not so fine with taxpayer money funding it. It gets much better. For every permanent job it creates, the government spent $500,000 of your money. Those jobs will probably pay about $50,000 per year on average. So the taxes collected annually by the federal government would be what? I suspect about $5,000. So that means the government's return on invested capital would be about 1oo years. Don't get excited yet. It gets even better. So we could re-employ all of the unemployed and underemployed people in this country if our President would raise our taxes by $17 trillion a year. That's on top of the $3 trillion in spending they already account for. So, all you need to do is work for free, live in a cardboard box, have no money to eat and spend your free time foraging for bugs.

Now it is two years later and A123 is still reporting massive losses.  These losses are so enormous that the public investment will never be recovered.  Ever.   It’s  mathematically impossible.   A123 most likely won’t even exist in the not too distant future.

The moral of the story?  Political misfeasance driven by the arrogance of Washington’s idiocracy;  that would be the endless supply of political dunces who are clueless to their own systemic incompetence spending our money on their brilliant ideas and bridges to nowhere.  Another example of the dumbed-down corporate state.  Merit is dying in our nation as our voices are drowned out, both economically and socially, by ignorant politicians rigging the system for incompetent corporate bureaucrats.

Politicians are simply bureaucrats who live off of the productive people in our society.  They are administrators we hire to keep the ship afloat while We The People go about the business of providing for our communities and our nation.  If our president and Michigan’s governor really understood the automobile market, they should have started a company to create the products needed or gone to work for a company that could employ their talents.   Instead they pissed away massive amounts of taxpayer money on this and other useless schemes.

Politicians are not to be trusted with making economic decisions they have no understanding about.  (That would be nearly everything)  Politicians are there to make sure Social Security checks arrive on time and unemployed people get their benefits and infrastructure are repaired and to make sure Wall Street and corporate looters don’t destroy our economy and society.  Aka administration.  Although they most certainly haven’t shown a competence in that either.  

Story link here.

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The Documentary U.N. Me

George Bush had at least one thing right.  He wasn’t a fan of the United Nations.  While dialog between nations is always more constructive than war or isolation, the U.N. is a morally-bankrupt bureaucracy.  It’s right up there with the EU, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the Chinese Communist Party, the ECB, the Saudi royal family, Hosni Mubarak, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and other unelected bureaucracies that oftentimes reign terror over people. 

Even though its founding intent was virtuous, I’m not sure the U.N. in its current form will ever be anything more than a cesspool for corruption.  The sovereignty of the United States lies in the Constitution not Somali war lords appointed to bureaucratic positions at the U.N. who then use their self-granted authority and power to loot. 

I have not yet seen this documentary but it opens today.  I am looking forward to its exposure of another source of concentrated, opaque, nondemocratic power that is used to loot, prey on and victimize innocent people around the world.

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