Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Fourth Of July Celebration Of Our Criminal Banking System’s Commodities Racketeering And Extortion

This article (link below)  is a few weeks old but it is very relevant to what we have been saying on here since starting this blog.  That is, commodities are a massive bubble created by Wall Street criminals.  And all of this commodities supercycle nonsense, Peak oil,  food shortages and so forth are simply lies perpetuated by Wall Street in their attempt to manipulate the public and prices. 

How does a banking system, which is granted special privilege by society to keep our money safe, ever become the equivalent of Enron by manipulating food, energy and industrial metals to extort their mafioso cut of commodities for their own profit?  Corruption of our government.  (It’s the same reason gold and silver are going up because the rise on those markets are driven by the same market-rigging fraud.) 

These banks are criminal organizations.  Just because they have bribed our government to subvert the rule of law regulating them or rewritten the rule of law to rig markets for legalized racketeering and extortion doesn’t mean their actions are above prosecution.  Why wouldn’t all of Wall Street’s senior executives and CEOs  involved in this racketeering and extortion scheme be indicted were the same laws still in place that prosecuted Enron?  It’s the exact same con game.  

Enron manipulated energy markets and rigged prices by withholding electricity to make it appear there were shortages.  They even caused rolling brownouts in California that killed people who couldn’t afford the massive energy cost spikes (caused by Enron traders manipulating price courtesy of deregulation.) during heat waves.  And Enron executives laughed about it in wiretapped conversations.  Sound familiar?  It should because Wall Street was implicated in the Enron scheme and many major firms paid massive financial penalties for their criminal involvement just as we see them paying similar penalties today for criminal schemes across multiple rackets.  But they escaped prosecution in Enron just as they are today because they are protected by a corrupt political system.  Control fraud as William Black’s book points out.       

That a mainstream media source is now printing what we have been saying for years finally lays bare the truth for all to see.    (Albeit, this story garnered no attention with the public or politicians.  That is because the public is being misled and politicians are the enablers to this fraud.)  This story is sickening.  And, mind you, it can be applied to food, gold, oil and countless other commodities manipulated by criminals. 

This is one of the greatest frauds of our time and we seem to be the only source in the financial community who has been writing about this for years.

That impoverished people around the world are suffering under manipulated commodities pricing is one of the greatest crimes against humanity in the 20th century.  This clearly rises to the level of treason against the people of the United States and to the level of a global court for crimes against humanity as was used against Nazi Germany criminals after World War II.  

Anyone who says commodities are rising because of the inflation created by the Federal Reserve printing money are useful idiots who have no idea what they are talking about. 

The Wall Street Journal only gives a preview of subscriber content but Googling the title of the article will allow you to read the entire article.  The Wall Street Journal allows readers from Google searches to read subscriber content at no charge.  So click on the first WSJ link in this Google search result.

The political and banking fraud in our country is massive and much worse than anything most people could even fathom.  Now isn’t that something to celebrate on the 4th of July?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 4th Of July, The State And The Horrors Of It’s Most Perfect Invention - War

How far political authority in the U.S. has swayed from our founding principles.  As we have said countless times, war is man’s most evil invention.  The propaganda machine in the U.S. glorified war but there is never any glory in any violence or unnecessary death.  Contrarily, as Randolph Bourne so brilliantly penned in his essay a century ago ‘War is the Health of the State’

The U.S. is bankrupting itself morally and financially by perpetuating the war state and its policy of global political hegemony and belligerence.  As is reported in a newly released report, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are dead, hundreds of thousands injured and trillions of dollars spent.  For what?  The U.S. political engine is following the path of the Soviet Union’s political engine into self-destruction.  Self-destruction is the end state of the unstable mind.  And we can easily draw the same parallels to the construct of the U.S. political engine which is headed by unstable thinking and policy.  It is headed in the same direction and with it taking society and countless who die in its name.

Soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution.  How many people who have died in these wars were enemies of the United States’ Constitution?  Seriously? 

This 4th of July, we should re-establish uniquely American priniciples.  Principles which made this country great.  Principles taken from us by self-interested and corrupt politicians and the fascist state.    Principles that still exist in the hearts and ideals of most Americans. 

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President Obama’s Economic Approval Numbers Drop To The Lowest Of His Presidency

Today the President tells us there are ways we can create new jobs.  This after 2.5 years of his Presidency where the number of unemployed in this country has risen.  If he has a way to create jobs, why are we just hearing about this 2.5 years later?  The answer is that it’s all rhetoric until we see actions to the contrary.

With a Republican House, the 2012 elections just 16 months away, roiling global debt markets and a runaway corporatocracy in Washington, what is the chance President Obama will pull an economic rabbit out of his hat?

Otherwise, even the True Believers are jumping off the savior-syndrome bandwagon of our President.

There is good reason for these poll numbers.  Maybe financial market turmoil was worse immediately after his election but the economy is now worse structurally due to 2.5 years of his failed policies.  There is more debt, more ridiculous spending, more fraud and abuse, more manipulation and destruction of our rule of law, more government red tape, more manipulation by the corporatacracy and less people employed than when the President took office.   Change you can believe in. 

If the world doesn’t end in 2012 with the return of Mayans on space ships, we are going to likely see some amazing fireworks and possibly even a new President that no one ever thought could be elected.   Who shall that be? 

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Banking Index Advance-Decline Data Hits New Twenty Year Low. Will Price Eventually Follow? Price Not Just For The Banking Index But Price Of Any Financially-Manipulated Asset Including Stock Indices, Real Estate, Emerging Markets And Commodities?

While most people would classify this remark as ridiculous, we have written for years that U.S. economic activity peaked in the late 1970s to early 1980s.   And the right data supports this perspective.   Maybe I’ll show and explain some of this in the future.  I haven’t given it much thought yet.  Even though there may be more people employed today, their employment has no impact on the creation of capital in this country.  They are simply employed because employment is necessary to collect their share of national income to clothe and feed themselves.  We’ll delve into this last point in more detail some time later this year but this bears repeating given the title of this post.  If capital formation peaked thirty years ago, why would it not be possible that some prices could eventually return to levels not seen in decades?  Especially if nothing is done to fix the horrendous subversion and corruption of democraxy.  This is impossible because?  Because your mind won’t allow it?   

I’ve never shown this chart before.  It’s not exactly a secret but I thought I’d give readers a little present.   That is, if one considers horror a present.   I share this little present to celebrate change you can believe in; the wonderful financial reforms our politicians have passed for our corrupt banking system and the economic “recovery” our financial and political overlords can’t seem to cite often enough.   Well, and I share this little present to celebrate Republicans and Democrats and the cesspool of fraud they have created. 

The “recovery”, as it is termed, is really nothing more than politicians, lobbyists and bankers pilfering more money while the rest of America suffers through often unspeakable economic misery.  Not that politicians or bankers cite this as a recovery for political or propaganda purposes.  We all know they cite the recovery for the children.     

In the Brave New World of junk Orwellian economics where finance, a tax on society’s capital, is glorified above any capital-producing activity by brilliant Ivy League-educated clowns such as Hank Paulson, Timmy Geithner, Barack Obama, George Bush, Lloyd Blankfein, Billy Clinton and Jamie Dimon and batting back and forth worthless paper instruments is now the key to our economic future as glorified by ivory-towered clowns at Ivy League business & finance schools, what does it say that the banking index advance-decline data, which includes the criminal Wall Street banks, is hitting a new twenty year low?  Does this mean the mythical free market believes that Wall Street is doomed?  The free market that Wall Street glorifies while it fearfully hides behind its crony oligopoly of taxpayer-funded Federal Reserve money.   Is it simply a matter of time until price follows to a new twenty year low?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?   

This all happens while both political parties jockey to gain an upper hand in the game of bribery by the finance industry’s campaign contributions for 2012 while both parties do absolutely nothing to address economic misery impacting millions of innocent Americans.  Misery that said politicians and bankers created for their own emotional instability, greed, power and control. 

As we have said incessantly, there is no recovery.   There never was.  There never will be without a new economic model.  This is not a recession.   It is an end to the world as we know it.  It is a cliff we sit upon until we reach the new normal some place in the nether regions below or until we get real leadership in lieu of authority that is willing to restore some modicum of economic democracy to this country.   Ultimately, that leadership will come from you or it will never come.   Your leadership will demand leadership in government policy or there will be none.  Your leadership will rebuild our democracy or there will be no democracy.  Your leadership will rebuild our economy or it won’t recover. 

The unstable mind is a wonder to behold.  Look at the glory of its magnificence in the creation of the Humpty Dumpty American banking system, fascism and systemic political corruption.

All of this said, remember something we wrote about incessantly before this crisis started and numerous times after it started.  The most severe  shocks on the back half of this crisis are going to come from outside of the United States.  

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though. 



Banking index in black.  Banking index advance-decline data in blue.  Bbbbbooyah!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Jimmy Carter- Call Off The Drug War. I Have A Better Idea – Call Off All Of The State’s Usurpations Of Our Liberties.

The best weapon against drug use is a human mind that has an opportunity to create the necessary human needs of safety.   In other words, a reasonably centered mind. 

Most crime is economic.  And the greatest crimes in our country are not drug use but, in fact the crimes of the state.   Crimes that perpetuate and actually increase poverty.  Poverty is simply a form of violence perpetuated by the state and by corruption.  In a country capable of sending a man to the moon, there should be zero poverty.  Zero. 

Those that should really be in prison are those who perpetuate violent economic and political policies of poverty; something we have hammered on this blog.  That we ever incarcerated or even clogged our court system with petty use of narcotics is a crime in itself.   Casual use of marijuana is no crime any more than is the casual use of alcohol.  And addiction is no more of a crime than is cancer or a broken arm.  It is simply a reflection of a mind in need of treatment. 

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” - Gandhi

As we cited years ago, that the U.S. has the largest incarcerated population in the developed world is a symptom of state-based or state-sponsored crimes against our society.  

That we have rampant drug use, gangs and organized crime in our country is an unintended consequence of tyrannical economic policies.   The breakdown of the family unit, the huge rise in drug use,  the high illiteracy rate, the rampant rise of emotional depression, the enormous rise in obesity, the institutionalization of a perpetual poverty class and more are all tied to state-sponsored crimes against society.  They are a result of denying a society their democratic right to society’s capital and to human development so that a relative handful of economic criminals can rape and pillage our society while leaving poverty and devastation in their wake.  

Self-rule and self-determination have been rapidly replaced by power grabs by the state, especially since the Reagan administration. 

When government is not used as a force for good, it is invariably replaced by the state, which is a force for evil. 

If society wants to reduce drug use, poverty, obesity, the illiteracy rate, the reliance on government poverty programs and on and on, the best method is not another state-enriching state-based war program; a war on drugs or war on illiteracy or war on obesity or war on poverty or any other state-enriching state-based war, it is to eradicate all such wars and to return our democratic and economic rights to We The People.   It is to empower a free people to do great things.  We are a great people capable of the same greatness that those before us were capable of.  We simply need to be empowered to do so.  That invariably means returning usurped economic and human rights back from the state and restoring them to community and to individuals. 

Carter is on the right track as he was as President.  But he doesn’t go far enough.  Carter should repudiate the rise of the state at the expense of our democracy.  Title link here.

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New York AG Sues Federal Government Over Natural Gas Fracking

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Banking Miracle

The mainstream press is starting to get a handle on what is going on in our massively corrupt banking system.  After thirty years of Reaganesque banking deregulation of  this monster, it’s about time.

Countless self-interested commenteurs and useful idiots tell us that it is impossible to return to Glass-Steagall or that it would not have stopped this crisis.  Ridiculous lies and ignorance.  Joe Nocera provides a fresh look at Glass-Steagall and calls it a banking miracle.  I applaud Nocera for having the moxy to write this article in the belly of the beast, New York City, but let’s get real.   We don’t need a miracle to enforce the constitution, the rule of law, sound economics and democracy.  We need leaders who are willing to stand alone against the mass of fraud and corruption in our politics.   Seldom do the convergence of politicians and leadership cross paths and surely it hasn’t with Obama, Bush, or Clinton.  Or Pelosi, Boehner, McConnell, Reid, Gingrich or Ryan.   Let’s get real.  We won’t see anything accomplished until we clean up the corruption in government.   And that won’t happen until we ditch the two party system or see a complete economic catastrophe.

We posted the original Glass-Steagall Act that was a few dozen pages comparative to the massively corrupt 2,000 page and growing 2010 financial reform bill.   The 2010 bill protects Wall Street’s franchise on corruption through loop holes, legalese complexity and fuzzy red tape.   The 1932 bill simply eradicated corruption.    Period.  And as Nocera points out, banks kept their mouths shut because their CEOs were damn lucky they didn’t end up in prison. 

Nocera is the first mainstream journalist I have seen who has both the understanding and the guts to effectively intimate that investment banking should once again be eradicated, a position we have espoused for years.  As we have noted before, investment banking is an evil and destructive force on our economy.   But it is one glorified by politicians, Wall Street and Ivy League business schools; all of whom are complicit in this great fraud.  

Society’s capital should be held in democratic institutions owned equally by all Americans.  We should have a public banking system that serves human development and democracy.  Not a private cabal of crooks who are constantly attempting to subvert our democracy and our freedoms by using our own capital against our democracy to bribe our government.   If nothing else, we should return to banking as it existed fifty years ago.  That is, community banking with no banking beyond state borders.   

Vote for leaders in Washington who eschew the corrupt two party system.  Bust up the banks. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

David versus Monsant0 – Truly An Orwellian Horror Story Of Good Versus Evil

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The New York Federal Reserve Refuses To Tell Government Investigators How Much Money Was Sent To Iraq… And Ultimately Stolen or Lost

I seriously doubt anyone loses pallets of cash weighing dozens to hundreds of tons.   I don’t know exactly how much money weighs and how it was denominated but it took more than one c-130 cargo airplane to haul it all. 

Lost?  Hahaha.  How the hell would anyone lose something so obvious that every corrupt and greedy element in Iraq would be watching?   I think we can quite safely assume the obvious; it was stolen. 

Who was the dunce who decided to send billions of dollars on pallets to be handed out like candy?   Or maybe the question should be who were the criminals who encouraged this to happen so they could steal it? 

This gets more fun every day.  Ahem.  That’s a badly timed joke.  The New York Federal Reserve seems to always be involved in some aspect of the kleptocracy.  No surprise since it is charged with regulating Wall Street; a job it does so well. 

So, who stole $17 or $18 billion?  The marvelous example of democracy that is the puppet government in Iraq or any number of the Hessian contractors hired by the war state?  

Link here.

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Crime Continues To Pay On Wall Street - JP Morgan Uses Society’s Money As A Settlement Bribe In SEC Fraud Charges

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Greece Administration Gets Vote Of Confidence – The Kleptocracy Ups The Ante In An Attempt To Rip Off Greece

Well, that wasn’t very easy.  The vote barely passed.  But, I wonder how much of that was calculated political dissent.  In other words, taking a straw poll of votes before the official vote, how many dissented for political reasons knowing the vote would pass?  A vote of no confidence might have meant all hell would have broken loose for some period of time in financial markets. 

Now comes the new austerity vote.  That’s next Tuesday.  The IMF is attempting to push the EU into having a defined austerity plan for the entire loan sum before it grants the interim loan that was to be decided next Tuesday.  

Remember, the IMF is a front for American hegemony granted under the role of reserve currency.   It doesn’t matter who smiles for the cameras as the IMF,  (Christine Lagarde  of France is jockeying for the front position as I type this.) because the United States has the deciding vote at the IMF.  In other words, zilch gets done at the IMF without the approval of the United States. 

So…   I have been hammering for years on here about the criminal nature of public-private partnerships, public asset sales of cash-strapped governments and demands for austerity which force governments to unwind and sell public assets to financial criminals.  The Biden Commission is currently involved in this very con in the United States as I type this.  Just as we said would happen years ago.   The kleptocracy is attempting to steal all of our democracy.  Useful idiots will tell us that the U.S. must embrace austerity because we are broke.  This is complete bullshit as we have cited countless times.  And, for those who believe this is our only option, you need to use your brain for a little more than a hat rack or for regurgitating bullshit spewed by con artists.    

The IMF is a tool of the fascist state.  It is demanding austerity so that American and European (second in voting rights at the IMF) kleptocrats can force distressed sales of assets owned by We The People of Greece.  And then have the kleptocrats pick them up on the cheap.  That is, the only entities left with the ability to buy our publicly-owned assets at distressed prices are the kleptocrats themselves – the people who stole society blind - Bankers, private equity, investment banks, etc.    The IMF is a fascist tool that serves little meaningful purpose other than manipulation by unstable thugs and crooks.

So, how many kleptocrats in the Greek political system know that a vote for austerity will ultimately benefit them personally either through opaque dealings already in place, promises of future benefit or employment by financial mobsters or other criminal con games?  This happens constantly in the United States and we can be assured it is happening in Greece as well.

The people of Greece need to stop the great rip off.  

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Cycle Of Volatility – Is Ocean Life On The Brink Of Mass Extinction And Other Related Rantings

While humans clearly aren’t the cause of global warming as we cited with our post showing that all of the solar system is experiencing climate warming and severe storms, that doesn’t mean climate change isn’t real.  You’d have to be a Luddite dunce even bigger than Algore to deny our climate and weather are experiencing change or volatility or both.   In other words, all of this political folly for and against human-caused global warming is ridiculous nonsense driven by bureaucrats who know nothing about science.   Yet, they defend their positions by attempting to marginalize opposing views using the fallacious argument that “the scientific community is in agreement” or other dubious attempts at control.   It’s time to get politics,  bureaucrats and money out of basic science.  Period.

The changes in the ocean and many ecosystems are something that have piqued my interest for many years.   While I am dubious or worse about the causes and conclusions drawn by this report, there is no doubt that we are witnessing unusual phenomenon in nature.  And we would be foolish not to consider the possible consequences regardless of the cause.   The ego is good at deceiving humanity into believing we are masters of our own destiny and that science is the new God; both of which we have criticized as nonsensical positions on here before.  We clearly have no control over our planet and the universe and just so happen to have lived in times of relative calm, none of which is our doing, over the last fifty or so years. 

We have also discussed how nature seeks biodiversity as a mechanism to protect against disaster and catastrophic population and ecosystem collapse.   Not only does this apply to ecosystems that industrial farming and genetically-modified foods are subverting but it also applies to economics.  It is the exact reason why our economy is failing.  That is, lack of economic diversity caused by manipulation and monopoly by a very few. 

It would be nothing for the planet to knock off a few billion people in response to unintended consequences of our actions or events beyond our control.  Collapsing bee populations or introducing frankenfood (GMOs) and billions of tons of chemicals into nature or mass collapse of any ecosystem could have devastating and unintended responses as are starting to creep up today as nature adjusts to changes in the biosphere.  

Nature creates a stasis and harmony over millions of years and we clearly do not understand the first thing about how or why.  It is only the ego or self-delusion of man to believe he can tame volatility or the natural world or attempt to upset that stasis without unintended consequences.  A maxim man must learn to live by is to first do no harm or suffer the consequences. 

"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." -Albert Schweitzer

These are issues that clearly should be a concern as we have cited numerous times over the years.     

The application of energy and matter to biological life is generally a concept that has no real consideration by modern mainstream science.  Therefore,  if the basic keys to the universe as we understand them are not  even taken into consideration, and the countless keys we don’t even yet recognize are therefore not even factored, then as we have said before, most of what we call science is junk or simply the extent of prevailing knowledge or thought at any given point of time rather than any type of universal truth.   And I could cite countless examples of how junk science is being exposed today.  

Or as we have written, this is a cycle where self-delusions of the human ego will fail.  That means junk science, junk economics and junk politics and all of their associated institutions of ideology are being exposed.  Even simple things like our cell phones, our carpet, our mattress, our food, much of our medicine, and our television are now being called into consideration as potentially unsafe sources of toxins or worse.  Ditto with economic and political institutions that are sources of endless propaganda and junk science rather than any universally-accepted form of reason or truth. 

Volatility always precedes a change in trend.  That not only applies to financial markets, but it applies to sociology, climatology and on and on.    Science that focuses on chaos, stochastics, natural phenomenon, volatility, etc clearly understands this dynamic even if political idiots, economist dunces and criminal banksters don’t.    And as part of our theme that we are in a cycle of volatility, we have said for years that we are likely or almost certainly headed for a period of global cooling; something we would expect as climate becomes more and more volatile.   Something that the qualitative interpretation of astronomical and terrestrial data supports.  Well, as do many longer term data points including a clearly not-well-understood 170 astrological cycle that has been understood on some level for at least the last one hundred years.  

As it pertains to ocean life on the brink of collapse, we can consider that many of the factors, most of which are clearly not understood AT ALL by science let alone politicians and bureaucrats, that affect our climate are also affecting our oceans.  And we clearly see this with bureaucrats trying to tie the acidification of oceans directly to and only because of human-made global warming.  And because the same factors are affecting both, we could be seeing a change in trend here as well that would again be counter to projected science cited in this report.  (Just as we are currently in the midst of a change in trend in our economy and associated corruption of our politics and a fraudulent banking system.  The same forces of nature that affect our planet affect our cognitive abilities and therefore, economics as we have remarked before.   Hence our long term thesis that we are experiencing the same Age of Enlightenment that happened many centuries ago as the concept of freedom from elitist tyranny became a reality for the first time in modern civilizationAnd the global volatility that is sacking crook after crook in in countries around the world should therefore be no surprise because it completely supports our Age of Enlightenment cal that we have been ranting about for many years.

By the way, it’s not necessarily any type of causation or anything we can clearly and scientifically tie to such, so much as we can be sure that it is correlation, but it appears democracy loves periods of global cooling.  So, maybe there is too much despair that the crooks have won the war by defeating We The People.  Contrarily, we have said they have won nothing.  That they won the first battle using the element of surprise but just as we can cite numerous times throughout history, justice eventually prevailed after initial victory of evil using the element of surprise.  All in due time. 

But one thing we can look forward to since crooks have honed the modern propaganda machine is that as long as the con game continues, they will eventually be telling us that we should all start burning as much carbon-based fuel as possible to start heating up the planet.  

Maybe I can win a Nobel Prize for that recommendation.   It’s just as valid as Algore’s Nobel Prize as it uses the same logic.

It’s good to be the king.  Not much longer though.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Greek Vote Of Confidence Tomorrow

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How Police Are Turning Military

Well, you know it’s gotten to the point of obvious when Politico has this story on their site.  Politico is so completely indoctrinated into the status quo.  Not a lot of critical thinking at Politico.  Contrarily, Bill Moyers, President Eisenhower and many others were raising this issue decades before when they were asking prophetic questions. 

It is ridiculous to remark that the police are turning military.  The police have been turning military since the Reagan administration.  Today, the police in the U.S. are full bore military. 

Reagan gave the military-industrial complex and the war state unprecedented power, validation and money.  Of course, we were told that is what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union but in fact we wrote on here many years ago what caused that collapse and it had nothing to do with the U.S. bankrupting itself by outspending the Soviets.   And, ironically, it is the same dynamic that caused the 2008 collapse of the U.S. fascist state.  The Reagan myth is simply a convenient political belief perpetuated by Republican dunces because it serves a political end.

The militarization of our police force serves the fascist state.   And that militarization then attracts an element which often no longer has a primary intent of serving as peace officers and public service but instead a primary intent of power and control.  So, abuses become systemic within the system.  And, mind you, for many non-privileged, police brutality and constitutional abuses are now a systemic part of what used to be peace officers.  You need proof?  Simply go to Youtube and view all of the taped police beatings.  Beatings, which by the way, many local bureaucrats are now trying to keep out of the public’s hands by attempting to pass laws subverting transparency.      

Just as we remarked before that when the Soviet Union collapsed, the massive war state bureaucracy needed to find a new enemy, and that enemy was terrorism, (Why the most powerful military the world has ever seen spent trillions to find one thug.)  so to are the peace officers of this country an outlet for the same war state bureaucracy - the fascist war state bureaucracy reaps  billions and billions of dollars of military-grade weapons sales to peace officers by turning them into paramilitary troopers. 

A very good Youtube video which highlights some of the statistics and concerning issues about the militarization of our peace officer corp including a Cato Institute study.  

And for those still brainwashed by political parties, this is not a party issue.  Both political parties are equally complicit.  That includes our current Nobel Peace Prize president who has sanctioned more bombing of civilian populations and more state-sponsored killings than the prior president. 

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Gold Market Volatility Index Update

The same graphic as we have shown before.  At the end of last year when we posted this, gold volatility fell to its lowest level in recent history.  Since then volatility has risen mildly while price has been reasonably stable.

Gold is a bubble driven by the same fraud that is driving every other tradable asset.  The financial industry mints massive profits by providing greater and greater gold derivatives products that allow greater and greater leverage, manipulation and speculation in gold.  

Anyone who believes gold is going up because people realize it is a safe haven are buying into a very dubious belief system.  The biggest buyers of gold are some of the most corrupt entities on earth.   But then those who advocate gold could never tell you that because it doesn’t fit into all of the bulloney they’ve pumped into other people’s heads.


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Economics 101 - Burger King To Start Selling Spam

Okay, get the giggling out of the way.  This is an esoteric but serious post.  It’s probably the most newsworthy event I have seen this week.    

Spam was a popular and economical product invented during the Great Depression.  Is this a sign that today’s depression is starting to tighten its grip around the globe?  At a minimum, it is a sign that people are buying down in their purchases; something we were a first to remark was going to happen both with aspirational consumer purchases and with consumer staple products.   In fact we wrote this was going to happen years before Adweek wrote of it.   (By the way, we have been writing for years of the even larger issue of the coming collapse in the advertising bubble as well.  And its impact on Google.  Financial clowns who draw linear trendlines with regards to Google’s growth are only able to do so because their systemic incompetence is constantly bailed out by monopoly access to subsidized taxpayer money courtesy of the Federal Reserve.   By the way, this is the same type of analysis Algore used to determine humans are the cause of global warming.  A lot of data points starting to coalesce around the ad bubble popping but that’s not the intent of this post.  Mind you, it is coming.  Guaranteed.) 

While Burger King probably can’t and won’t sell a Spam sandwich for less than the $1 it charges for its cheapest burgers, it can trade down on its input costs by selling a product essentially made of meat scraps and fillers thus boosting profitability while also providing a unique customer experience. 

While I haven’t called the factory lately for my bulk order, not too long after the financial collapse a few years ago Spam production was booming.   Given its relative tastiness for pork lovers and comparatively cheap cost, we can safely assume Spam production likely remains robust. 

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change You Can Believe In - Philadelphia Federal Reserve Survey Implodes To The Lowest Reading Since The Ponzi Scheme Crash

Hey President Obama, great news!   Also great news for all of those Republicans dunces busy trying to dismantle our society.  Hey Mr. Bernanke, how’s that second half jobs outlook working out for you?  You know the one you made last week?  Systemic incompetence is the norm in any bureaucracy…  which is why companies and government should be limited in scale and power.   

Just remember, as we have cited on here, the largest political party in the U.S. is now the independent voter that comprises almost 50% of the voting public. 


Link here.

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The Cycle Of Volatility – The Balance Of Power In Greece Shifts To ‘We The People’ As Political Crooks Are In A State Of Chaos

With Greece’s prime minister disbanding his cabinet and with resignations in the ruling party, Greece is now officially in a state of chaos.   That doesn’t mean society is in a state of chaos.  Contrarily, it is the state in Greece that is the initiator of most violence against the peaceful protests of the sovereign people of Greece.

Make no mistake, the only reason the prime minister sacked his cabinet (His time as prime minister is likely over.  Whether he survives some time longer is irrelevant.  He has lost control and has no power.)  and the only reason that we see political resignations are because politicians fear the sovereign people of Greece and/or losing power and control.  Is that such a bad thing? 

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  -- Thomas Jefferson

Remember, volatility always precedes a change in trend.  It looks like the crisis in Europe has now passed the point of no return barring some miracle.  There are no political answers for this mess.  There never have been.  And that means all of the blathering and bloviating by politicians is and always has been completely worthless; a point we have made on her countless times.  The people of Greece will determine their own future.  Sovereignty and democracy are gaining the upper hand in Greece.  The implications for this shift are enormous.  

So, if Greece decides it doesn’t need to pay its debts, then why should I as a citizen of Spain or Portugal or Ireland pay their debts.  Or why should any nation who receives IMF loans?  And if U.S. banks haven’t paid their debts but instead are bailed out, then why should I as an American citizen pay my debts?   And then why should the U.S. repay China?   If you default on me, how am I going to repay my obligations to others?  Who is then left as a counterparty to repay all of the massive financial Ponzi schemes including all of these naked bets (criminal bets might I add) by mostly American financial firms that countries are going to default?  

Now, at this point, what country trusts another country to repay or even make any arrears payments or terms of credit for trade?  And what business anywhere in the world will trust repayment of credit by individuals or other businesses or even governments?  At this point, all of the bulloney about your personal credit score that the corporate Gestapo holds over your head?  Who cares?  So, what then becomes the primary source of payment for economic transactions?  Why, that would be the local currency or in cases of less than democratic and massively corrupt states like China or Russia, underground currencies accepted for international settlement that are highly liquid aka mostly dollars.  And, for international settlements, that would be cold hard cash.   And that would be mostly dollar cash until and if the rules to the system are changed.  And what does that mean in a world void of cash?    It means the world would be scurrying for cash and dollars.  And the implications for globalization?  It would be completely dead.   Sound crazy?  We have already seen this dynamic happen numerous times to varying degrees. 

Now that scenario may play out exactly as typed above or it may not.  But make no mistake, globalization in its current form is dead.  We were the first to say it and there is absolutely nothing that will change that fact.   Nothing.  Because globalization is based completely on fraud and the self-interest of elitist and political crooks.   Self-interest as a foundation for any economic endeavor may be fine within a very rigid framework that subsumes this dynamic as a secondary or tertiary motive but when it is the primary motive, failure is always imminent.  (Adam Smith clearly did not advocate this in The Wealth of Nations although neoliberals surely want to believe that to be the accurate interpretation.  Nor was Adam Smith privy to modern day mathematics, science and gaming theory that can be used to devise an elegant and very simple framework of what a functioning economy could actually look like.   A democratic economy.  In other words, those who blow incessant bullshit about Adam Smith and free markets are religious zealots whose flawed interpretation of Smith’s limited, unscientific and often flawed remarks can’t see the truth beyond the end of their self-interested nose.) 

When an economic model requires me to bail you out at my own peril, you can bet the system is built on sand.  And not only is the U.S. economy’s based on said voodoo, but this is the foundation of globalization.  We can expect that because globalization is an American invention allowed only through the status of our reserve currency.   And that is why France and Germany tried to muscle in on this dynamic with the euro.  Because they wanted part of America’s game of power and control.  Globalization is based on fraud.  The funny thing about fraud is that once its exposed as legal and endorsed by the state, corporations and the privileged, the innocent and those on the outside soon learn to play by the same crooked rules……   Well, I think you get the idea.  That is, karma is a bitch.  It’s all just a matter of time.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Greek People And Democracy Are Enemies Of The State

As the Greek people’s democracy and freedoms are stolen from them by crooked politicians and European bureaucrats, thousands of Greek citizens demand politicians resign.   The state responds with violence.  Control is the only tool of the state.  Control is achieved through fear, terrorism, intimidation, manipulation and outright violence.

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Empire Manufacturing Index Implodes – Bernanke Needs A New Crystal Ball. Obama Needs A Miracle For Appeasing Evil.

“Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty” -  Gandhi

Link here.

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Bernanke Suffers From Cranial-Anal Inversion Syndrome Again – Blows Economic Mumbo Jumbo In Recent Remarks

I have nothing personal against Ben Bernanke.  Actually I supported the Federal Reserve’s intervention into financial markets to stop the complete collapse of our banking system back in 2008.  But I didn’t support the extension of criminal behavior, incompetence and  monopoly financial institutions post that bank crash.  Bernanke has become nothing more than an enabler of Wall Street’s criminal fraud and by conclusion the political fraud that banking criminals use to manipulate our government and subvert the rule of law.  

Literally, every thing out of Bernanke’s mouth in this video is nonfactual.  First of all, I would like to know what exactly he sees with a second half pickup in employment?  That is, beyond his Ouija Board.   Does he just get to make up his views or does he have supporting scientific or reasoned documentation?  It’s ridiculous that a head banking bureaucrat can stand up and make such broad statements without telling us how he came to those conclusions.   Tell me what economic data or clearly articulated economic dynamics are going to drive this pickup?  Secondly, Bernanke goes into a diatribe about this recovery being subpar because the housing market is muted.  That is completely ridiculous and an economic farce.  As we have uniquely remarked many times, housing will NOT lead the U.S. out of recovery when we finally push aside these idiots.  Housing does almost nothing to increase the capital stock of society.  There may be ancillary businesses that do moderately increase the capital stock but housing is a consumption item.   The fundamental economic underpinnings of the U.S. economy were collapsing through the housing bubble; a point nary a single financial blogger or economist that I am aware of seems to understand.   For housing to recover, the U.S. FIRST must increase its capital stock.  What do they actually teach in college economics curriculum?  Seriously.  No wonder our economy is a mess.  It’s built on Humpty Dumpty theories espoused by learned idiots who make up theories accepted based on correlation rather than scientific truth.  Then they go out and blow this bulloney into congressional testimonies, Federal Reserve policy, new college curriculum and corporate economics teams.  And if political idiots actually understood what economic effects their legalized bribes by corporate American and their henchmen of economists had on our economy, we never would have had a housing bubble; another reason to keep these clowns out of our lives with an economic constitution.  Finally, Bernanke blows that our fiscal problems are long term in nature.  Another ridiculous lie.  They are long term if we keep listening to economic idiocy espoused by a class of bureaucratic dunces, elitist criminals, corporatists and the war state.  Once again, to repeat what we have said many times before, the U.S. economy has roared many times in history with high debt loads and it can again.  The problem is not debt.  Bernanke needs to find a job serving up some tasty hamburgers along with all of the other political idiots because his faulty belief system is pushing us further into the morass of lunacy. 

This great nation will recover when we embrace what makes this nation great.  That is, community and freedom; both economic and personal.  That would be a restoration of economic and political self-rule.

A reminder via a prior video we put up on here before highlighting Bernanke’s Cranial-Anal Inversion Syndrome

Cranial-Anal Inversion Syndrome explained for those seeking a college-level equivalent course in economics.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Final Reminder – The Most Dangerous Man In America’s Free Online Viewing Ends Today

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Stock Up On Your Arsenic-Laced Chicken For Summer BBQs Courtesy Of The FDA

But, to be sure, it is only in low levels.  Is that a joke?  How low does one need to go to avoid cancer and the other side effects of incredibly poisonous arsenic?  And, you had to know, some corporation bribing our government was making money off of lacing our chicken with one of the most poisonous toxins on earth.  (By the way, this is par for the course for much of the industrial goop that is on our grocery shelves courtesy of fascism.  Once again, please watch the documentary Food, Inc.)

Oh by the way, the natural gas fracking we have remarked of on here and the associated documentary Gasland?  Well, in additional to the dozens of other poisonous compounds, corporations are pumping arsenic into wells all across our country to extract natural gas.   And because the natural gas industry wrote the legislation, they wrote exceptions into the bill that  shield them from EPA prosecution for crimes against our country.  Enjoy those eight glasses of clean water you are supposed to drink today. 

Our Orwellian government is completely mad.   The more secrets that are exposed, the more mad we realize they are.  We need to permanently get politicians out of our private lives unless there is complete transparency into anything they do that We The People agree to via a democratic process. 

One term limit to any political official would be fine by me.  Since when do we need professional politicians?  Politicians are much better at doing things like lying, legalizing bribery, sending our jobs overseas, turning our country into a police state, kissing babies, making false promises, turning water into wine, bombing civilian populations, telling us how religious they are, making advances towards congressional pages, showing us their weiners on Twitter and other generally accepted political behavior.  There has to be some demand for this in the private sector if we limit terms.  Well, on second thought, maybe there isn’t.  That’s why they became politicians in the first place.  There is no place for them to act out in society.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Change You Can Believe In – The Tyranny Of Statism. President Obama Seemingly Never Met A War, A Bombing Campaign, A Corporate Welfare Program, A Bailout Of Corrupt Bankers Or A Waste Of Taxpayer Money He Didn’t Like

I guess the change candidate Obama promised and We The People got was the most spend-happy statist president in 130 years - even worse than George Bush – although Bush was probably better at taking from the poor to give money to the rich. 

A very telling statistic.  Lobbyists, the war machine and corporations are surely getting their money’s worth of a government for sale to the highest bidder.  This president loves to spend other people’s money regardless of whether it benefits the war state, the corporate welfare system or any other special interest

In Oceania all spending is good spending.  Orwell would be proud

Rather than re-empower a nation economically, return economic rights and our democratic destiny to the people of our country, which would solve both our economic crisis and solve the profligacy and outright ridiculousness of bureaucrats like Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, our president, in classic neoliberal tradition, believes he alone has the answers to our plight by stamping yes to every spending bill that crosses his desk.   We no longer elect a president.  We elect royalty.  And that is manifested in his absurd belief (confirmation bias) that he alone should spend all of our money and apparently that the presidency has no limits to its authority – something George Bush perfected with ridiculous conclusions by White House lawyers willing to shit all over our rule of law. 

Our president seems to know little of history, even less of economics and almost nothing about democracy.   We don’t need any government spending nearly 70% of national income.   We toil and bureaucrats spend all of our money?  Joseph Stalin would be proud.  And so would those southern plantation owners.  We need a government of the people, by the people, for the people. 

When every American who wants to work is able to find employment with a living wage, then I won’t protest too much if politicians piss away some of our money on nonsense.  But our president’s jobless jobs propaganda program has netted less people employed today than when he took office.  His homeowner loan modification program has similar results.  His health care reform bill is 2,500 pages of the best red tape bought and paid for by lobbyists and the war state continues to spy on Americans, destroy our rights and bomb the world into submission.   So, if his spending doesn’t benefit our community and our democracy but instead enriches the corporate state, and if he isn’t going to fix the economy, keep people from foreclosure fraud, ensure the future of democratic social programs or somehow provide real democratic employment opportunities that pay a living wage, then might our president might care to read one of our prior posts on here - “It’s Not Yours To Give”.  

The link to the original article cited in our prior post has no longer works so here’s a new link as well.

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“The Most Dangerous Man In America: Daniel Ellsberg And The Pentagon Papers” - Watch One Of The Most Important Documentaries Of Our Time Free On June 13 & 14

The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good citizens. Others, as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders, serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it, as God. A very few, as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men, serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.-- Henry David Thoreau

We have mentioned the Ellsberg documentary a few times since its release.  It came to my city without fanfare and was shown only for a week at an obscure theatre that often shows movies or documentaries with a moral conscience.    The Pentagon Papers fiasco happened before my time but its message is timeless and incredibly prescient to efforts of the state today.   The state or that part of government that is outside of the view and oversight of democracy is endlessly corrupt and will do anything to perpetuate its power and most often by conclusion, its evil. 

This is a movie that clearly documents and points out the endless lies and corruption of democracy by political administration after administration and the struggle the press and whistleblowers endured to expose this fraud.   Secrecy is an evil in itself.  To use it as a shield from prosecution for criminal activity, which is arguably being done today by American politicians, is a relatively recent invention of political con men that completely subverts our constitution and our rule of law. 

Daniel Ellsberg was a brilliant golden boy of the war state four decades ago.   That is, until he started to think for himself and realized the endless slaughter of human life served no purpose other than to perpetuate an illegitimate bureaucracy.  The state did everything it could to send Daniel Ellsberg to prison for the rest of his life for exposing its endless deceit.   Today, there are many parallels with minds motivated by conscience who have revealed egregious secrets of the state.

Link to Ellsberg’s blog and web site here.

CNN interview with Ellsberg- “All of the Crimes Nixon Committed Against Me Are Now Legal”

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A Cure For Cancer? The Documentary “Burzynski The Movie”

The medical establishment is a bureaucracy just like the government, major monopoly corporations or even establishment religion.   Any bureaucracy first seeks to perpetuate itself rather than to seek truth.  And that means there is enormous resistance to change that often requires crisis, contrarian thinking or a groundswell of generalized acknowledgement that the bureaucracy is wrong in order to affect change.   And as a bureaucracy, there is tremendous herd behavior within medical research and mainstream medical thinking.  I know from much of the medical establishment’s own research, that billions are spent annually on completely worthless treatments.  Billions.  But, there is so much self-interest that treatment methods that are complete failures and have no substantial measurable outcomes are perpetuated.  We’ll call out a few on here at some time in the future.  And we’ll substantiate them using the medical establishment’s own research. 

One day the world will look back on much of what the medical establishment classifies as treatment to be as cruel and inhuman as practices used thousands of years ago.  Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the science or understanding for many serious illnesses such as cancer.  So, the medical community does what it can.

But, make no mistake, the drug industry, for one, will fail to exist at some point.  Drugs simply are an attempt to illicit a response from our natural healing system that allows the body to cure itself.  But the side effects and unintended consequences are substantial.   As new technologies become available to stimulate the body to heal itself, the use of drugs will completely disappear.  Completely.  That may be a decade from now or it may be one hundred years from now.  But, it will happen. 

I typically wouldn’t even post anything like this but I am going to make an exception after watching this documentary.  But I’m not going to place my reputation behind endorsing this documentary.  Maybe it is all quackery.  But maybe it’s not.  It makes perfect sense to me that when a corrupt bureaucracy and legal system subverts the search for truth that someone would take their case to the court of public opinion as is done in this documentary.  If I had severe cancer or knew anyone who did, I would at least want to be aware of this research and do my own diligence.  There is an entire cancer treatment bureaucracy serving tens of billions of dollars in profit and hundreds of billions of investment that would do anything to perpetuate itself.  And first on that list would be to discredit anything not serving that bureaucracy.   There appears to be some substantiated and amazing stories of recovery.  Now, given I have not done any diligence nor am I a subject matter expert, this all comes with a waiver.  That is, do your own diligence.

The documentary is free to watch until Monday midnight. 

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Moody’s Puts Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo On Ratings Watch. Banking Index Back In Bear Market Territory. Wall Street Banksters Have Trillions In International Exposure.

I think we have a pretty good handle on what is going on in our banking system.  For new readers, we beat the bear drum incessantly and called the top in the banking index within a few percentage points before the 2008 collapse; we issued an ominous depressionary warning about credit markets just a few days before financial markets collapsed;  we remarked numerous times in late 2008 when countless Wall Streeters were calling a stock market bottom, that a bottom was not in as many experts on Wall Street choked down more and more losses; when Citigroup reached 99 cents we called off our bearish stance on banks and said the future of banks would be determined by exogenous factors aka intervention; and we wrote that a stock market rally was coming in early 2009 before ample liquidity shoved tradable asset prices through the roof again.    Then over the last quarter of last year we said the global trading pariah was repatriating money from emerging markets.  Shortly thereafter, capital flows confirmed the largest exit from emerging markets since the 2008 collapse.  Then in the first quarter of this year we said we were once again bearish on banks and that profits had peaked.  Soon thereafter bank profits were being reported that were padded against lowered loan loss reserves -  a criminal act of corporate negligence comparable to Enron’s shady accounting practices.  Banking stocks have been moving in the wrong direction since.  All while 2011 had Wall Street (dumb money… but endless oligopoly money)  the most bullish since the 2008 collapse.

Now we see that global equity markets are either down for the year or have gone no where as in the U.S.   Moodys has temporarily awoken from a stupor of malpractice to place three Wall Street firms on credit watch.  Ya think?!  Giving incompetent Wall Street criminals money to pad their insolvent balance sheets while they area allowed to keep gambling away society’s capital is one of the greatest crimes in American history. 

And just a little reminder, our position that  Goldman Sachs’ business model is completely unsustainable and that without transformation the company could be toast, is still in play.  A far cry from the perceived group-think that Goldman Sachs is run by the most  brilliant minds on earth.   That’s the same nonsense from the same incompetent bureaucratic toadies who awarded Al Gore a Nobel Prize for junk science, our President the Nobel Peace prize for blowing up people and all of the other generally accepted bureaucratic bulloney of our time.

That industrial company equities are languishing below their 2000 peak while the banking index roared to new highs post 2000 is simply a graphical representation of the wealth-transferring financial predation that now completely consumes  our economy.  Pushing around paper, junk financial science, economics as a professional crime and trading away our future both in financial assets and intellectual assets to often evil and corrupt countries has become the lunacy of elites who subvert virtue, compassion, justice and the rule of law in favor of their endless psychotic attempts at manipulation.   The human tragedy and devastation left in the wake of Wall Street CEOs makes John Wayne Gacy and the BTK Killer look like alter boys. 

Obviously all of this is enabled and endorsed by Ivy League economic idiots whose ridiculous ivory-towered theories would land them a home on a heating grate were they to actually have to participate in the Mad Max post-apocalyptic economy defined by the junk economics they espouse.   We have kids selling crack on the street corner because of these economic policies.  Ain’t no jobs in Compton, Detroit, New Orleans and countless rural areas of massive American poverty and ain’t no banking money to create jobs there either.  But plenty of banking money to speculate and pay Lloyd and Jamie hundreds of millions of dollars or finance the exportation of American intellectual capital – most of it publicly-owned capital – an act of treason, class warfare, racism and tyranny perpetuated by the relic of times gone by; a private banking system.  Put another way, the graph of the banking index shown below is a representation of the criminalization of America by a corrupt ruling class of bureaucrats and a completely fraudulent banking system. 

The chart of the banking index includes the massive predatory Wall Street institutions.  Yet for a country whose political class glorifies finance (a tax on society)  above all other economic endeavors, (because criminal banksters spend more of society’s money bribing politicians)  do you see a recovery?  That’s a joke by the way.  

We have remarked numerous times that the banking index has not retaken its May of 2010 high and that is an ominous sign when America’s corporate profit engine is driven primarily by financial Ponzi schemes; the biggest of which is the massive con game we call globalization.  And we were a first, if not the first, to call globalization as dead back in 2008.   All we do now is wait for idiots to quit spending every ounce of other people’s money they can possible get their criminal hands on.

Something broke in May of 2010 and many global markets have not recovered beyond those highs over a year ago.  I have written what I believe broke.  That is, demand.  So, markets in the U.S. in particular have been rising on artificial demand (unsustainable) driven by derivatives leverage since as we have discussed quite a few times.   All of this because the 2010 financial reform bill never really reformed anything.  Instead it is nothing more than political propaganda.  As we harped before the 2008 collapse, we need a return to Glass-Steagall at a minimum.  And has we have remarked since, Wall Street should be completely banned from trading all derivatives and from any type of financial speculation.  Period.

For new readers, our downside target for the S&P has always been the 1995 price pivot; or 400-450.   There is substantial reasoning for that price but we changed that some years ago to 200-450 on the S&P mainly because of political corruption and the lack of financial and economic reform that will make this crisis all the more difficult before it ends.  200-450 would take us back to the early 1990s, which interestingly is the same place the banking index went during the 2008-2009 collapse.   Even with trillions of dollars wasted on saving a crooked economic and financial system, the banking index is still languishing at 14 year old price levels.

I am a big fan of ABC patterns as we have discussed before. They are in some ways a linear representation of the Fibonacci spiral with the B component of the pattern being the eye of the spiral and the A and C components being the leading and lagging spiral.   (As we have compared this economic storm to one of nature’s most devastating storms, the Fibonacci spiraled hurricane.)  The ABC pattern also plays a substantial role in time symmetry and the theory of middle sections we have remarked of on a few occasions.  And most importantly, the pattern is repeatedly countless times in financial markets.

While the ABC pattern marked on the banking index chart below highlights the 12 year 1995-2007  move, it is quite apparent we are in a new ABC downward pattern that started with the 2008 collapse being the A wave and this countertrend move being the B wave.   You’ll notice the time compression associated with volatility, another one of our themes, as markets retraced twenty years of gains in the matter of two years.  There is ample evidence that time itself is actually nonlinear and that plays a major role in my theory of volatility cycles. 

The next wave down in the banking index will likely coincide with the S&P’s final collapse and the complete obliteration of any remnants of globalization and the complete exposure of the massive fraud of our political system. 

Curiously, as a side note, the U.S. economy can be described by one massive ABC pattern going back to the recovery of the Great Depression collapse, another Wall Street/political corruption-created  Ponzi scheme.  The pattern plays out as follows: 

A:  The rise of labor and the middle class and a period of relative prosperity for those who had access to society’s capital.  B: The rise of the war state, the monetization of military profligacy, international meddling and the runaway inflation associated with these dynamics into the late 1960s into the early 1980s.  C: The collapse of labor and by conclusion the middle class and the reliance on credit to survive in parallel to the rise of the fascist state, the financialization of the American economy, the investor class (crooks), the lobbyist bubble, the debt bubble, the criminalization of America and the corporate takeover of democracy.

I’ll show this to you graphically some time and we’ll discuss it in more detail.   

We must consider that what is believed to be impossible is more than likely probable. 


20 year banking index graph above.


The banking index has spent most of the last fourteen months in bear market territory post the equity market’s 2010 April-May mini crash.

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The Corruption Never Ends – SEC Looking At Goldman Sachs’ & JP Morgan Involvement In Libya

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Are Corrupt Regulators Turning A Blind Eye To Monsanto’s Roundup And Birth Defects?

There is zero scientific evidence that genetically-modified foods increase yield.  Zero.   Patenting food is a crime against humanity and was completely rejected by the U.S. court system until corporations took over our courts.  

I have done a lot of research there is nothing beyond marketing hype that there is any increased yields for genetically-modified crops.  And if Monsanto, as an example, reads this and wants to provide me independent research that is corroborated and confirmed to be independent by an independent scientific oversight body or testing lab, and I can confirm the authenticity, I will recant that statement and post the information on here.    Otherwise, I would like to personally invite the CEO of Monsanto to kiss my pasty white ass. 

Contrarily, there are endless questions and concerns about Monsanto’s Roundup, which is poured on genetically-modified Monsanto seed crop in massive sums.  Not all questions and concerns are clear cut but nonetheless, they are concerns.  Here is the latest.  Millions of tons of this chemical are being dumped on our food and apparently regulators around the world, apparently on the payroll of corporations or receiving financial gain for lying, have known about Roundup and birth defects for over a decade.

Title link here.

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The Wheels Continue To Fall Off Of Global Finance - Greek Austerity Drives Massive Protests

One has to remember that Greece is a tiny nation to appreciate the scale of these protests.   They are enormous.   It would be comparable to millions of people protesting in Washington. 

It’s just hilarious to see the bureaucrats in the many European statist organizations continually giving commentary about what will or will not be tolerated in Greece.  None of them have any legal rights over the sovereignty of the Greek people.   It’s all noise of self-interested bureaucrats.  The people of Greece will decide their own future whether that is visible today or not. 

It’s important to consider a distinct possibility of how this all will eventually play out.   As globalization implodes, we could see the system of global finance collapse like dominos.   One malicious external debt default could lead to another and another as countries around the world default on their foreign debts.  If you are going to default on debts owed to me, then why should I be obliged to pay my debts owed to someone else?   Essentially, we already see this in many countries where it is happening on a smaller scale.   Individual bankruptcies in the U.S., people walking away from their homes and businesses, etc.   Why is it really any different on a global scale between countries?  By the way, there is precedence for this so it’s surely not far fetched.

These dynamics would see a return to where, for many years, we have said economics is returning.  That is, globalization will be replaced by localization.  That means global finance will be replaced by local finance investing in local economies.   Remember, we have remarked since well before the 2008 collapse that this dynamic of unwinding is coming not only to banks but to corporations, countries and individuals.  And for all of those clowns who said we live in a new global economy and we aren’t going back to local politics or local economics, well, watch and learn.    Too big to fail is not just a Wall Street phenomenon.  Remember, we have said this cycle is the end of big. 

Link here.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Public Opinion Refudiates Junk Economics – It’s High Priest In The White House Austan Goolsbee Resigns After Complete Failure

If there was ever a ridiculous economic advisor with nonsensical economic beliefs as bad or worse than any held by the Clinton, Bush II and Reagan economic dolts, it is the junk economic views of Austan Goolsbee.

Good riddance.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

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Our Fantasy Nation – I’m Going Off The Rails On The Crazy Train

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Frankendodd, The Massive Obomination Of Financial Reform (Corruption) Bill Is Dead

We wrote on here soon after its passing that the financial reform bill of 2010 was a sham.   It was an opportunity for Wall Street to rig the game in their favor with 2,000 pages of complexity that would disable competition and create massive barriers to competition and entry into their domain through red tape.   To no one’s surprise, our corrupt government is in the process of hollowing out whatever small modicum of good there was in the legislation in order to curry favor with lobbyist bribes. 

Our economy remains under the jack boot of financial predation enabled by a massively corrupt political system.   Obama will not be re-elected.  Since employment statistics have been collected, no sitting President has ever been re-elected with unemployment over 8%.  U6 unemployment remains at 16% and U3 unemployment remains above 9%.   Underemployment is running closer to 25-30%.

Link to frightening story here.

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How Politicians Are Stealing From Social Programs To Give To The Rich – Austerity In Its Current Form Is Simply More Corruption

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Friday, June 03, 2011

The Cycle Of Volatility, The Con Game Of Human-Made Global Warming (Solar System Climate Change) And The Politics Of Fear

Let's follow up the con game of our last major post with an update on human-made global warming as espoused by scientific geniuses like Al Gore.

We are one of the supposed mindless deniers of human-caused global warming on here.  That's because we are stupid, thoughtless idiots who eschew science and the undeniable evidence that humans are incapable of good.  Therefore, we need the state and authority to run our lives for us.  You know, brilliant people like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Bush, Timmy Geithner and Hank 'the Hammer' Paulson.  (The cumulative consciousness and awareness index of this group doesn't even register above zero.)  We want to shut down all of the businesses in the United States and tax the people into submission to reduce CO2 emissions. And most importantly, we want Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to destroy our economy even further by rigging up their next Ponzi tax scheme of trading carbon credits. Of course, we want all of this wrapped under an umbrella of complete state control.  Resistance is futile.

Contrary to popular belief, the known and unknown natural forces of the universe as well as those originating on our own planet impact our existence at an intensity level in the blink of an eye greater than the impact of humanity over our entire existence; something we have discussed on here often.

We know human-caused global warming is an ideology because we have people who can't explain the first thing about the science or climate telling us that the science is incontrovertible. When we have Arianna Huffington, President Obama, Al Gore and other people who are about as unqualified as unqualified can be in the fields of science telling us that human-caused global warming is a certainty, we have a new religion on our hands. And they are its preachers.  There is no reasoning in the discussion of religion as is the case with any other fear-based ideology.  Ultimately, when the human agenda of control takes over, we see herd behavior with an intent of marginalizing dissent. And the true believers will do just about anything to accomplish marginalization while getting their point across.  In the past, that was burning people at the stake, stoning people to death and waging endless holy wars to name a few.  Today, as in Nazi Germany, the preferred method of marginalization is the propaganda of fear.  This is the role of the bureaucrat. Or, as we witnessed in the 1960s movie The Planet of the Apes, this is the orangutan personality; the keepers of the faith.  And just as in the movie, they use the gorillas to enforce their propaganda wars on our freedom.

 The keeper of the faith or of the ideology doesn't seek truth, they seek adherence to an ideology.  They mock dissent regardless of its legitimacy.  Frankly, this is something we as humans are quite good at. It's the same dynamic that drove the Nazi movement, the same dynamic in which religious zealouts and nationalistic nutjobs beat innocent American citizens who were Muslims or possibly even looked like a stereotypical Muslim after the 9/11 attack.  It's the same dynamic that drives politicians to use endless baiting to swell up hatred and fear regarding race, sexual preferences or any other characteristic which may define someone as "different" from the perpetrator. Mind you, this type of goading is a favorite of politicians. That's why they are perfect proselytizers for the anthropogenic global warming scam.  Well, for any scam if we are being honest.  Politicians, unlike the infrequent leader who holds political office, are by nature con men.  

There are certainly valid claims that humans are poisoning the planet, a position that is undeniable.  Neoliberalism which relies on corporate self-regulation and deregulation has led to a cesspool of poison on our planet.  Even the body burden test we have remarked of on here, shows we are absorbing much of that poison with unknown consequences.  That certain human illnesses are now reaching epidemic proportions, yet only doing so in industrialized countries, most certainly is because of this dynamic.  Deregulation is resulting in our society effectively poisoning and killing itself.  We have written on here before that we clearly support the adoption of green technologies and sustainable economic development. But, I do not support these efforts in a top-down managed economy as Wall Street and global political idiots seek to mandate as a crippling tax by by taking away our freedoms in favor of bureaucratic decision-makers.  Bankers and politicians are drivers behind the human-caused global warming movement because it enriches their power and authority.  There are billions of dollars and endless power at stake in this scam.  You can be assured power seeks money and they will script any message to make sure they get it.   We explained this clearly in our last major post where Wall Street crooks have created millions of unsustainable jobs that eventually collapse along with their latest Ponzi schemes.  Those in society who support this top down bureaucracy with rabid fervor and a lack of facts are simply acting out, most often unknowingly, as useful idiots to the corrupt elite. 

There is well too much evidence from physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists, paleoclimatologists and the like that our world is substantially impacted by the earth's dynamo and associated magnetosphere, the sun and its magnetosphere, deep space energy sources, planetary alignments and on and on to deny their involvement in our planet's weather cyclicality.  Or for that matter, human behavior and evolution.  In other words, the weather models used by Al Gore and his bureaucratic band of marginalizers are models made by chimps for the consumption by chimps. And frankly, we don't have the scientific knowledge of the world and universe around us to produce accurate models.  (A reason why Wall Street's quantitative finance will collapse)  That doesn't mean we should stick our head in the sand and allow our planet to be pillaged and polluted at will as fascist political elements, especially Republicans in the U.S. who advocate even further dismantling of our regulation, would seek to do.  

The planet and the universe has their own agenda and we clearly don't understand it. That said, it is prudent business to adopt green technology in a manner that benefits our planet. And it can be done without taxing society to death or raising the costs of doing business. In other words, if the embrace of green technologies was driven by a bottoms-up economic model (aka democratic capitalism or democratic economics of some sort)

But one thing I think we can understand is this top-down mandate. Without a top-down mandate, Al Gore would not have raked in $200 million dollars as a purveyor of junk science.  A bureaucrat with no skill other than his Rolodex and his position of authority has become wealthy beyond that of any former politician in our country's history.  And he has done so only because of his authority.  ie, Crony capitalism.

I don't link to any of these data points below as fact because there is little fact available on this topic.  We should raise our awareness and continue to study the world around us in an attempt to better meet the needs of humanity and the world around us.  You know, science.  Or what used to be science.  But just to ram the stick in the proverbial eye of political idiots a little bit further, it appears people on a few other planets are excreting too much carbon dioxide just as we are.  I guess we aren't in a period of globalization so much as it is solar systemization.  Who will collect the cap and trade tax from those evil heathens burning coal on Jupiter and Pluto?  We should expect as much from those damn Martians.  Send in the politicians to do the right thing.  To do what Martians are incapable of doing on their own yet politicians are so qualified to do; right the wrongs of us stupid "little" people in favor of the enlightened political mind.

I have a great idea.  Let's load up all of the Wall Street idiots, including every CEO, and send the off to Pluto to trade carbon credits.  

Pluto experiences global warming.

Global warming on Pluto baffles scientists.

New storm on Jupiter hints at climate change.

Global warming on Neptune's largest moon.

Mars melt hints at solar causes for global warming.

Sun blamed for warming earth and other worlds.

And one of my favorites to date from The Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics:

Empirical evidence for a celestial origin of the climate oscillations and its implications. (The orbital periods of Saturn and Jupiter.  That age old voodoo of astrology is far from dead.  Contrarily, it's age-old premise is regaining traction as science.)

The entire solar system is experiencing climate change.  And it ain't because of coal-fired power plants on earth.   Although coal is a substantial pollutant when burned as it is today.  Human-made global warming is nothing more than an elaborate hoax.  A con.  And you are the mark.  Just like peak oil and all of the other cons.  Every single bit of it.  Politicians have hijacked science for their own greed and power.

Most people don't wish to entertain how corrupt our political system is.  They will.  When their self-interest is no longer served by the status quo.  That list is growing my millions every month.  Nothing any politician says can be trusted until we have a return to self-rule, the rule of law, democracy and total transparency into politics.

History will look back on our times and laugh at the endless hoaxes and con games by politicians and the fascist state.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Good Banker

Interesting comparative of a bank CEO, whose bank is  geared to serve the economy, albeit, there is a substantial economic argument to be made that no bank should be as large as M&T, to that of Wall Street CEO goons cited in the article.

JP Morgan’s CEO is quoted regarding derivatives.  It’s quite obvious from his remarks that he is either a complete and incompetent idiot or he is a criminal.  Or both. 

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