Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camille Paglia–Liberalism Lacks A Profound Sense Of Evil

This isn’t the title of the article but Camille makes this very statement in the article.  And I think this statement is much more profoundly accurate than the watering down necessary for public consumption.   Her article is very similar in spirit to a post I put up some time ago on the topic of evil. 

If evil was still called out as evil, the world would be a much different place.  But, there is a “sect” within the liberal community in particular that rejects evil.  This is substantially  driven by belief systems that life is random, life is meaningless,  life has no purpose and thus there is no greater power and meaning to our existence.   So, for state liberals the state becomes that greater power through which life is impacted for humanity.  In other words, this is a belief system that fundamentally believes people should outsource their internal guidance system and their own divinity to the state and state actors who benevolently act on their behalf.   This is part of the Godlessness we are experiencing today.

Belief systems get in the way of our ability to experience truth.  These belief systems have made it hard for many people to actually see evil.   Instead, evil is simply that Johnny had a bad childhood.   Well, that is mythical nonsense with no basis in proven science that doesn’t accurately account for the evil we are witnessing today.  As I have noted on here many times, Natan Sharansky, Soviet dissident noted, "In dictatorships you need courage to fight evil; in the free world you need courage to see evil." .   Outsourcing one’s internal guidance system is an act of fear driven by the disconnected ego.   And it is the basis for much of state liberalism.  It is also fundamentally behind much of the evil in this world.  And, as a result, the refusal to actually see evil within these flawed belief systems.  This is behind the rampant anti-Semitism we see in the world, the constant blaming of Israel as the oppressor of Arabs in Gaza who, by the way, elect terrorists, rapists, murderers the sort as their leaders.  And rely on the fanaticization and funding by the 500 million caliphate controlled Muslims in the Middle East.   Well, and the west’s liberal sympathy their propagandized  manipulation of   events they portray.   The Palestinian situation really must be framed as 500 million fanatic, caliphate-controlled Muslims who hold a million Arabs in diaspora exile in Gaza in order to to lob constant attacks against 5 million Jews.  All with one intent.  To murder all Jews.   Just like Hitler.  It should be no surprise that liberals supported Hitler as well.  Certainly I’m not stating they  supported the Nazi state’s murder of millions of people, but by then their support for granting greater and greater state power at the expense of their own internal guidance system, it was too late.   The monster they had created had grown uncontrollable.  Just like we see around the world today.

This inability to see evil also is responsible for the subjugation of mass amounts of humanity to state power that is now standing with their jack boot on the neck of humanity on every continent.  That includes the wholesale state violence against working class people on every continent.  Paglia notes other examples of lunacy in her most recent penning.  It’s everywhere.  And as I have noted on here in the past, it is going to collapse.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

European Central Bank Terrorists Threatened To Bankrupt Ireland

The shithole that is the ECB, the EU and all of the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who have literally stolen any semblance of democracy from Europeans is simply not sustainable.

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“The Momentum Of The U.S. Dollar Advance Is Unprecedented”

A long-time thesis on here is the U.S. dollar is putting in a major bottom.  I have written time and again that people who kept screaming the dollar was going to collapse had no idea what they were talking about.   Just another outcome of a propagandized world that rejects science and the truth. 

It’s really no different than Leobardo DiCaprio, who himself cannot even spell science, producing anti-science documentaries on human-caused global warming.  Well, it’s time to stick a fork in that pig too.   I certainly appreciate that humanity is poisoning itself and the planet but that’s a separate issue global warmists seem to confuse with actual climate or, maybe more likely, wish use to manipulate and place fear within the public to terrorize humanity with their false meme.  And I certainly appreciate that the U.S. is a shithole of rotten corruption.  But whoever said that had anything to do with the direction of the dollar?    What nation on earth isn’t a rotten shithole of corruption?  What next?  Are we going to hear the U.S. is manipulating the dollar higher and that is the reason dollar bears are wrong?  That seems to be the common defense for being wrong.  ie, Our world is being manipulated so it isn’t my analysis of any particular situation that is wrong.  It’s everyone and everything else that is wrong.   If that is the case, one should have known that and thus known the dollar wasn’t going to zero.  And if that is the case, then one never would have actually said the dollar was going to collapse.   When do the circular rationalizations create a vortex of useless claims and counterclaims?

Nah.  More likely that dollar bears just had no idea what they were talking about.  Just like most everything else that flows from the mouth like vomit from prognosticators, pundits, experts and other self-appointed genius.  I guess we are learning across all aspects of our existence what I have intuitively understood my whole life.   There is almost no authenticity in this system.  Most claimed “experts” have no f*cking idea what they are talking about most of the time because their bloviating bullshit is almost always driven by self-interest and projecting my own personal success rather than actually providing an honest, helping hand to their fellow man.  They wish us to believe they understand what they are talking about because in some way they are going to profit from it.  So, none of us should ever listen to them.  And that means you should really start listening to yourself.   Of course, that is exactly what is going on.  That’s a good thing. 

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Hong Kong’s Massive Protests Against Communist China

There are many people in this world who are busy defending their current or next oppressor.   Whether that is conservatives defending corporate power over democracy or liberals defending China and Russia as poor, exploited victims of American empire.  The acceptance of false prophets and golden calves are everywhere. (No that is not an end-times religious statement.  Just a fact of those who are always seeking some external guidance system or savior over their own higher power.)  I know the world has gone mad when people like Oliver Stone produce these  ex post facto documentaries of the Soviet Union as a benevolent giant that American power mischaracterized for its own self-interest.  I certainly have noted on here long before Stone’s lunacy that the Cold War could very well have been created by the US for benefits of extending class-based and political power.  And there is ample out-of-the-mainstream data that supports this perspective.  But anyone who refuses to acknowledge the evil disease that is state-forced communism is creating a delusion in their own mind that simply doesn’t reflect reality. 

When I first started writing about the coming collapse of China, including its own coming civil unrest, it was in the midst of what was characterized as the greatest economic miracle in history.  It was anything but.  And we will witness that very fact soon enough.  But it certainly was an awesome spectacle that exposed many silver linings in a world of unprecedented evil.   Over the last few days massive crowds have turned out in Hong Kong to reject the Chinese communist’s control over their sovereignty.  China, like the US, can never go back.  Their system of rule is finished.  Once China granted its people a taste of something other than communism, rations, the Borg controlling all aspects of their lives, etc, they started placing the nails in the coffin of communism and its massive centralized bureaucracy.   The only way they will ever be able to put the genie back in the bottle is through state violence.  As I noted long ago, war is coming to China.  It’s simply a matter of whether that war will be an internal one or an external one.  Will it be a war of will or will there be blood?   An internal war will be driven by the people and an effort to throw off the evils of communism.  An external war will be driven by the propagandized guise of a foreign enemy as the source of the Chinese people’s coming crises. 

It looks like the first salvo is the former.  Just like is happening all around the world.  A new Age of Enlightenment.   But let’s not forget that the communist party has more members than there are people in Britain.  And, those people enrich themselves solely through the perpetuation of state violence.   The communists are still in control and perpetuating their own brand of violence as recent headlines below tell us.

China plans nuclear subs near US coast

China hacks US companies

China and Russia close military technology gap

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Friday, September 26, 2014

ProPublica Exposé: The Federal Reserve’s Crooked Omerta Culture Of Silence

This exposé by ProPublica is right on time.  By coincidence, the day after I penned the last article on Omerta culture, this exposé shows up.   You really have to appreciate an ability to read between the lines and understand how bureaucracy works when reading this to appreciate how profound this piece of journalism is.   With 46 hours of taped exchanges, we may actually find out much more in future releases. 

I was just talking to someone two days ago about business with a quasi-government institution.  In that regards it is like the Federal Reserve.  He remarked that his team of consultants was told to “slow down” because they were making this institution’s employees look bad.   One of the first things I ever wrote on here was that bureaucracy first exists to perpetuate itself.  Not to serve any purpose to society.  Government will never close any existing bureaucracies regardless of whether they serve any purpose.  They may combine them into other bureaucracies but that simply creates larger monoliths of incompetence and ultimately corruption.    Interestingly, we see that today with Homeland Security now moving to focus on climate change.  WTF?  What can these moochers and parasites get their claws into next? 

This article by ProPublica is a treatise for countless posts placed on here.   It highlights Federal Reserve Omerta culture, the incompetence of hierarchy, the incompetence of large, institutionalized bureaucracy, the crooked protection racket that exists for state actors, the endless cover-up of crooked behavior and on and on.   There is little doubt to anyone who opens their eyes that regardless of what crooked laws protect it, that the Federal Reserve exists only to protect the Wall Street cartel, a criminal bureaucracy itself.   The Federal Reserve is an undemocratic, unelected, unaccountable, nontransparent group of incompetent thugs who protect a ruling class of incompetent thugs in this nation.  It’s no different than a Soviet Union bureaucracy.  

Why does society need regulators to oversee criminal institutions and organizations?  We need a public banking system that could be overseen by watchdog groups free of charge.  Or, by community citizens who could rotate on the board of directors of a local public bank just like citizens do today for jury duty.  With the board of directors constantly rotating with everyone in the community, there is simply no way for systemic corruption to develop.    We don’t need big, bloated government agencies and incompetent regulators if we have public capital instead of private, class-based, rent-seeking capital that society has to constantly protect itself from.  And we don’t need unions to organize against ourselves to protect us from Godless corporate elements.  Corporate capitalism is a criminal enterprise by design and so is private banking.  They are both creations of European monarchies meant to enrich those of title and class.  They are the Godless antithesis of Enlightenment Principles.   While history has been rewritten by the status quo, and we are fed a big pile of propaganda bullshit about how corporate capitalism is akin to democracy, the reality is corporate capitalism and private banking are the very reasons we fought the Revolutionary War.

This is a good place to insert a reminder that I have written of many times over the last nine years.  That is, I am on record as stating the American people will take down the Federal Reserve and Wall Street this cycle.  Forever.  Neither serve any benefit to democracy, human expression or liberty.  To the contrary, they work diligently to destroy both.    We need a system of public capital whose primary intent is human development.  All humans.  Crime in this nation would collapse with a change in our socioeconomic system from one of control to one of empowerment and truth.

More of that hope and change you can believe in.

Final note.  If you want to listen to a podcast discussing the contents of the entirety of these taped discussions, This American Life has a podcast doing so.  They also have the original confidential internal report the Fed concealed from the public on its incompetence and corruption.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The NFL Reflects The State’s Omerta Culture Of Violence

In a post a couple of years ago I wrote that it is possible that the NFL may not actually survive longer term.   The NFL has become a gladiator sport and as noted many times, including that post, our dying corporate state created society has adopted many social values and pastimes that involve amusing itself to death.   Professional sports is one of those amusements.  Beyond professional sports, let me count the ways.  This is an esoteric topic and a reflection of class,  hierarchy and violence associated with institutions of the ego.  I will continue to post more depth on this topic.   Including why this dynamic of amusing ourselves to death is a creation of class and the state.

I have put up some very lengthy posts on the personality type of aggression (dysfunctional) that is rewarded and even glorified in this society.  And, also passive and passive-aggressive personality types which are equally dysfunctional and also substantially a result of our violent society.    The assertive personality type is the only functional one.  And, dare I say that I suppose no one escapes childhood with that ability.   In other words, it only achieved via mindfulness and through an endless journey of inner discovery and responsibility for our own emotions and the beliefs they create.  

This culture of aggression is necessary for both corporate capitalism and empire to flourish.  The glorification of war, violent sports, violent battle of competition between corporations and nations in economics, politics, forcing people to compete for food, shelter, money and countless other institutions of the ego glorify aggression.    Corporate CEOs want to hire people who have well-developed sociopathic qualities.  In other words, those who will do anything to compete aggressively on behalf of corporate interests.  Even when that involves violence against humanity, employees in other corporations,  coworkers or the natural world.   24 hour news is substantially based on argument and debate.  These too are forms of aggression.  As noted by Socrates, I believe from memory, two thousand years ago, debate appeals to the base animal instincts and emotions of the ego and proves nothing.  Ambition aka “to get ahead” of your fellow man and in the process stomp on his face to please class and hierarchy, which corporations, politics, a standing army and other hierarchical and class-based institutions of the ego glorify, is the manifestation of an unstable and disconnected mind.   These are examples of a dying social system. 

Now onto an example of the aforementioned aggression that pervades our society.  That is, the systemic culture of violence that is now being exposed in the NFL.    To implicate the NFL as causational in this is absurd.   This violence is everywhere and it is a function of state violence.   The only way to get beyond our culture of aggression and violence is to see this culture disappear.   How that disappears, whether it is collapse or mindful replacement, matters not.   But the universe will not wait forever.  What humanity refuses to have the courage and values to do, it will eventually do itself.

The NFL is under attack right now.  And, frankly, the reasons are just.   There is no reason to single out the NFL as any more violent than any part of our society.   Is the military-industrial complex not magnitudes more violent?   Its hidden secrets of massive violence against women, our society and the world make the NFL look like preschool daycare.    Ditto for the politicians who endlessly use military violence wantonly and ignorantly.  

But what is under attack that that the NFL can take responsibility for is the culture of Omerta that defines all institutions of hierarchy and power.   It is everywhere in the world.  Not just the U.S. by any stretch of the imagination.    It is specifically part of any club of entitlement.  Lawyers, police, doctors, Wall Street, the Vatican, Congress, Islamic theocracies, corporations, religious hierarchies, universities, big union leadership, the state and on and on.  (As I noted on here years ago, the solution to our dilemma is not to replace the Jamie Dimons of the world with Jimmy Hoffas.)  All have essentially been left to regulate themselves.  And, that creates a secrecy that buries corruption, violence and aggression and allows this violence to perpetuate itself.   The Vatican has had an Omerta culture of pedophelia and child abuse within its ranks for 1600 years.  Of course, the largest and most violent Omerta culture is the state.  So it should be no surprise that all of the aforementioned Omerta cultures and many more are granted their power through the force of the state.

Lawyers reporting to a bar that is staffed by lawyers to hear cases of crimes and wrongdoing hides the massive corruption in the legal establishment.  Ditto with police who do their own internal investigations.  Need I even mention Washington?  And, Alan Greenspan operated under the belief that a market is best that regulates itself so they dismantled Wall Street’s regulatory structure.   And, who is regulating the Omerta culture of the Federal Reserve?   The NFL is now too being exposed as an Omerta culture of silence.   And their recently announced “internal” investigation whose leader is hand-picked by the head of the NFL is no different than than the hand-picked investigatory panels in government used to investigate countless failures in government.  Or the Vatican’s internal investigations into pedophelia and abuse that have covered up massive crimes for 1600 years.    These internal investigations have absolutely nothing to do with finding the truth but rather to protect the Omerta culture.  The NFL, a tax exempt organization of privilege and class, is essentially run by a central bureaucracy and just about 32 plantation owners.   Obviously, Green Bay is a different scenario given it is owned by the city and more recently by the public directly.   But the recent fiasco with the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA exposed this plantation owner culture.  The owner viewed those who worked for him as property and chattel whom he graciously handed money to out of the kindness of his heart.  Or so he remarked.  This is no different than how many corporate executives and business owners view their employees. 

The violence in the NFL, that we now know has been shoveled under the rug forever, has been accomplished through managing perceptions and managing the flow of information.   The NFL has created a managed image purely out of marketing propaganda that has no reflection of reality.  Who else does this?  Corporations.  The state.  Hitler, Stalin, Monsanto (every major corporation on earth), the corporatocracy, the Chinese communist party, etc.  And, as the Washington Post recently exposed, the NFL does this through a huge, outsized and complex security apparatus.  When I read that article, I was surprised at how much comparative there is between the NFL,  corporate capitalism, the corporate state and Nazi Germany when it came to its outsized security apparatus used to project a propagandized “created” view of reality.  Is this any different than the policies of the state?  Of the national security state?  Class, hierarchy and the violence that comes with it is highly consistent throughout history and throughout countless bureaucracies around the world.   That is because these are institutions of the ego and, thus, reflect the sameness of the ego’s endless foibles and even outright evils based on its primary intent of control driven by fear.    

When Barack Obama and Congress personally became involved time and again over the last six years to subvert the wheels of justice for what happened in the 2008 Wall Street collapse, is that any different than what is happening in the NFL?  It’s the exact same Omerta culture of silence.  That culture perpetuates violence on behalf of those who benefit from it.  That is, the state and its manifestations of class and hierarchy and resultant privilege.   The rabbit hole goes all of the way to the basic precepts and tenets of the state and and its institutions including corporate capitalism.   There is absolutely no way this system is going to reform itself.  It exists for only one reason.  That is, to perpetuate violence on behalf of hierarchy, class and privilege protected by the state.

Contrarily, a good dose of sunlight and citizen government or citizen watchdog regulation and true criminal punishment for those who should be punished, that is state actors and not the useful idiots who do their will, would clean up all of this self-interested corruption.  Right now our society is wildly corrupt due to this Omerta dynamic created through self-regulation of class and hierarchy.  Were the truth to actually be brought to light, and if lawyers, doctors, politicians, police, Wall Street and the like answered to citizen-led watchdog groups or true classless citizen government, as espoused by Enlightenment Principles, I am quite confident a large proportion, if not the majority, of state actors in positions of hierarchy would be in prison under the very laws they incarcerate record numbers of  Americans under.

Lastly, the calls from people to have the NFL be the lightning rod to solve social issues is an undertaking that is gargantuan in nature.  Can the NFL make positive changes?  I suspect any changes it can possibly make are more to ameliorate its Omerta culture rather than stopping social violence that it too glorifies.  To do so would require it to dismantle its security apparatus that is used to hide truth and perpetuate propaganda.   I am dubious of any structural changes within the NFL other than window dressing given it is a private club of ultra-wealthy people with one primary intent.  That is, to make money by the propagandized marketing of a culture of violence. 

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Roundup, Celiac Disease And Autism - Could Half Of All Children Be Autistic Within A Generation?

Maybe the most prescient quote ever uttered captures the effects of the disconnected ego, it’s wild arrogance and the endless suffering it creates for all life.  And then allowing it to ameliorate its own Godless condition by granting it hierarchy, control and power over humanity through state violence -

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

One of the major themes on here is that we are living through a scientific dark ages.   I suspect most people have little true appreciation of how profound that statement is.   The amount of junk science in this world almost certainly exceeds, by an astronomical amount, that of honest discovery and truth.  Power literally controls almost every aspect of science.  Whether that is corporate or government influence or outright control, it is everywhere.  Universities are prostitutes for federal government and corporate grants for research.  Corporate researchers are prostitutes for their own ambitions within a corporate control construct.   One must appreciate the impacts of this control.  Science and many, if not most, scientists have become useful idiots for hierarchy, class and the state.  The ego’s intent of control subverts our mind’s higher power and its intent of discovery and truth aka the purity of untainted science.  One will appreciate this more and more as belief systems (ego-driven control) built around junk science collapse in coming years.  Many are already in collapse as I type this.   Roundup and the broader industrial food complex are just two of the benefactors to this junk science courtesy of a wildly corrupt, centrally-planned economic control system.  

The world is just now starting to awaken to what corporate and political power has done to us by subverting the purity of science.    “Science”, as practiced by the state, is literally killing humanity and the planet.  And, employing their “science”, they have enslaved us into a level of ignorance across all aspects of our existence that is palpable.  The state of our mind’s unknowingness and inquisitiveness that is so necessary to discovery and truth in all aspects of our existence has been destroyed through propaganda and manipulation on a scale never before seen by humanity.  There is no unknowingness anymore.  “Experts”, including scientific experts, rolled out by political and corporate whores tell us what to think on every aspect of the human experience.  They provide endless junk science, logic and rationalizations to support their memes and lies.  Science is not derived through logic and rationalism.   There is no truth in logic and rationalism alone.   It is derived through our ego’s connection to the creativity of the human mind’s higher power (the place within our mind where love, kindness, empathy, dignity, equality, justice, mercy, forgiveness… aka truth resides).  Logic and rationalism without a connection to that higher power has created a world of incredible corruption and evil.   This entire dynamic is really no different than the Islamic caliphates who tell the masses what to think in the Middle East.   Both are driven by the disconnected ego.  Both are driven by the state and its violent enforcement of class and hierarchy.  

While I do not suffer from Celiac Disease, when I eat daily  quantities of modern wheat, I definitely experience quite noticeable symptoms.   I’m not a researcher in this area so as always do your own diligence.  But over the last few years I have switched to organic flour, organic bread and sourdough bread for the moderate quantities of wheat that I do eat.   I’m not anti-wheat in moderate quantities because most of the evidence, some of which is compelling, is young, not completely understood and not incontrovertible.  I’m anti-industrial food because the evidence is incontrovertible.   As an aside, for those interested who have not yet done any diligence, fermenting bread dough seems to play some potential role in reducing inflammatory symptoms as well.   Inflammation is far different than what Roundup may be doing to our body’s ecosystem.   Sourdough organic bread is my choice if it is possible to make my own because it certainly is no more expensive than industrially-produced, nonorganic bread.   Many people with Celiac Disease can tolerate sourdough or fermented bread.   This shouldn’t really be surprising.  The ancient world fermented or cooked many natural ingredients that were otherwise intolerable or inedible.  

Statistics, if accurate, have shown that impoverished people in Britain and the U.S., as two examples of industrial food monopolies with large poverty populations, have eaten a diet of more than 50% calories from wheat for the last century.   If this is anywhere near accurate, and it certainly is whether the actual statistics are that high, one can imagine the potential consequences of industrial wheat-based food production and what we clearly do not yet fully understand.   But, are told is safe by a corrupt system of “experts”. 

I linked to the glycophosphate-Celiac Disease published research of Dr. Seneff back when it was first released.   Now, she has just done a video interview with Dr. Mercola.   I would suggest everyone consider watching Dr. Seneff’s interview.  The link is here.

And, just because….  although it is not new, here is one of her speeches on aluminum,  glycophosphate (Roundup) and autism.   This video is excellent as well.  Frankly, it’s much more powerful and disconcerting given the topic and consequences.  Dr. Seneff states that half of all children could be autistic within a generation if her research is accurate.   Becoming more informed of what is in your best interest is no one’s responsibility except your own.  That dynamic is exacerbated because our institutions of science and government have become so completely corrupted. 

Both of these interviews are frightening but the good news is the dark ages are now starting to lift.   In the battle of good versus evil, the ego’s intent of control is being destroyed by our higher power’s intent of discovery and truth.   Bad news for institutions of the ego around the world.  That includes the state, politics, corporations, religious fanatics, etc.   This is consistent with a long-time theme on here that we will likely experience massive failure of institutions of the ego around the world in this cycle.  Just one example is that every major corporation in this world today is propped up by state violence.   Every single one.  It doesn’t matter if that is in China or Africa or Europe or the U.S.  That certainly includes the industrial food monopoly and the sickcare system.  Both of which are implicated in these videos. 

If state predators have their way, apparently some would like to use more of that junk science to tell us when to die.   If half of all people are born autistic, maybe they’ll just tell half of us to die soon after we are born rather than actually fix the issues their corrupt and evil policies create.  Sort of a Soylent Green for kids.  Hitler and the British aristocracy and their labels of untermensch and useless eaters would be proud.  Let the state determine who is a burden to society and thus should be exterminated.   While I could be wrong as to what the intent is, it appears to me Emanuel’s article may be nothing more than the first step in driving the issue of state-determined death into the public lexicon.  The ignorance of the state certainly has taken over ever other aspect of our existence.   We certainly are in the midst of peak state power.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arab Society Has Collapsed And Won’t Recover In My Lifetime

As I have noted ad nauseam on here, there are a lot of apologists for the violence of Arab Islamic states in the Middle East.  They blame the U.S. for all of the chaos in the world.  So, in the process they are busy defending the oppressors of hundreds of millions of innocent people.  These positions are based in bias and beliefs and are very wrong.  That includes Obama and his ludicrous remarks a few days ago that ISIS and its fanatic violence did not reflect Islam.  I don’t have any beliefs that Islam is inherently evil as is now becoming popular in mainstream counter culture but I certainly know that it has been used by evil to perpetuate evil for over a thousand years.   That said, it’s little different than the power and violence the Pope wielded in Europe centuries ago.   Or the power the state wields today.

I wrote all of this chaos was going to happen around the world before any of it exposed itself.  I certainly didn’t use U.S. policy as the foundation of that accurate and lonely position.   The chaos in the world is everywhere.  Are the U.S. and other states involved in vile and often secretive policies to try to control the chaos?  Certainly.  That includes corrupt Arab states themselves fomenting violence against their own people and against other Arab states and against Jews.  Is the U.S. the cause of this?  Certainly not.   Arab social culture is a shithole of primitive, violent, misogynistic terror and repression.   Class and hierarchy has used the Islamic religion to rationalize murdering tens of millions of its own faith in astronomical numbers for more than one thousand years.   The only thing these factions of hierarchy and class hate more than Jews, Christians, gays, women, atheists, apostates, western culture and the U.S. is each other.   For reasons of fear-driven ego and its associated belief systems, a large part of the world refuses to see reality or is afraid to rise above political correctness and the ignorance it perpetuates.  This is no secret.  As noted last year by an Iranian official, the greatest threat to global peace is the violence between Shia and Sunni Islamic fanatics.

I wanted to provide a link to Arab society’s systemic collapse penned a few days ago.   A friend passed this along and it is very consistent with may comments and themes made on here over the years.  Beyond my many theses on the state, violence, hierarchy, class and institutions of the ego, that includes the fact that the world is experiencing a new Age of Enlightenment, there has never been an Arab democracy and that Middle East states are going to experience collapse in this cycle.   And this was all written before any of this violence revealed itself. 

The top-rated comment to this article, in italics below, is spot on. 

Until a few years ago, I was pretty well convinced that the US was a destabilizing force in the Middle East, but now I suspect the Russians and US and the British before us are just moving the game along, especially when the status quo threatens contemporary western culture and existing world power structures. It is possible that the feckless W administration may have blundered around the Arab world, driven by energy interests, and stirred up base rivalries, but did he fundamentally create the current state of chaos? Exacerbate is a better explanation. Can Obama prevent the worst aspects of an emerging Caliphate from becoming a platform to attack western culture? Perhaps with some deft interventions, at least he can lessen the negative impact of the most extreme elements. Unfortunately for the Arab world, it's looking more and more like extreme cage fighting, where the rest of the world looks on helplessly while the Arab world perfects internecine warfare. Was the region better off under strong-man secular dictatorships? The west didn't think so before, but now it's having second thoughts.

Enlightenment is an invasive and violent process.   It strips the ego of its illusory belief systems created out of fear-driven rationalizations and logic used to defend its ignorance.  And, in the process, exposes the emptiness of what is left standing naked.  That is, a state of fear with no place for the ego to find solace its its own  self-victimizing beliefs.    This process seems necessary for people to find a path back to the truth that resides within them in lieu of the ego’s belief systems.  In many regards, the Middle East is birthing an awakened truth for the first time in modern history.   Maybe the first time since the advent of civilization.  Those who resist truth, be they victims or victimizers, will continue to try to recreate a world based on ego and its manifestations of control, fear and associated violence.   Until they reject their own state of fear, they will simply perpetuate their own suffering until they finally acknowledge their own divine truth.

The Middle East is on a path to awakening from the dumbed-down systems of ignorance that have been used to suppress and repress its masses.  Just as the rest of the world is.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Fails But Europe And The World Remains Mired In Secession Movements

I have written ad nauseam on here over the years about the state, class, hierarchy and the elements of discord and outright violence, predation and exploitation that states create.  Nine, six even three years ago, most people may have labeled my writings as extreme or out of the mainstream.  Not today.  It no longer works to label people who agitate for peaceful, nonviolent (non-state, community-based) solutions to the countless issues facing humanity.  Issues created through state violence.

While many people aren’t yet at this point yet, they will realize in due time that the state cannot fix the issues facing humanity.   

There is a very mainstream view amongst state liberals that all we need is more power granted to the state to solve our issues.  That is what created Hitler, corporate domination in democracies, the British empire and the Soviet Union.  And that is what has now created what I would classify as the destruction of the United States.  The elites in this nation and around the world have worked diligently to overturn our founding principles into one of state domination by class and hierarchy and the privilege that is afforded to those constructs through state violence. 

In these times one has to ask oneself why does the state exist?   And it takes digging deep within to often find that answer.  The state exists for one reason.  To perpetuate violence on behalf of those granted privilege by the state.  Contrarily, why does self-rule exist?   It exists to preserve, protect and serve the rights of man.  All men.  And to do so without state constructs of class, hierarchy or violence.  These rights aren’t granted by state actors, hierarchy, class or privilege.  These rights are granted to us naturally.  They aren’t ours to try to take back.  They are our birthright.  We grant these rights to ourselves and allow public servants to enforce those rights through our consent.   One more time, we grant these rights to ourselves.  And when we don’t, we allow others to take them from us.  Freedom from state violence and oppression requires diligence.  It is not granted to the weak and Godless.  It is granted to those who recognize their own divine right through the power of our own divinity.  

There are so many things I have written about with regards to this dynamic that at the time were considered extreme, lunatic or fringe.  Although they were all nonviolent.  That is, a restoration of State’s Rights.  A restoration of a form of governance granting the vast majority of power to local self-rule.  A restoration of an Articles of Confederation-type system pushing Enlightenment Principles down to empowered citizens.  Stating that this cycle could be coined the end of big.  Stating that large state constructs including states themselves will shatter this cycle.  That we are likely witnessing the end of corporate capitalism and could be witnessing the end times of the state.   No one else was writing these things when the world was seemingly experiencing unprecedented prosperity.   But look at how the world has changed.   People are awakening everywhere to the truth that always existed. 

This system of governance in the U.S. and around the world will never be able to solve the issues facing humanity today.  Ever.  This system of governance created these issues.  We will see mass change in governance around the world.  Possibly even systemic failures and attempted reorganizations of nations around the world.   This is the most profound moment in the history of human social evolution.  Ever.  Another long-time thesis on here.

There is extreme prejudice and ignorance in many who view the U.S. as the reason for all of the violence we see around the world.  That isn’t based on any type of factual analysis.  Rather it is driven by bias and beliefs.   The U.S. is trying to control much of the chaos, oftentimes for its own self-serving benefit, oftentimes for the right reasons, but is not the cause of it.   The Middle East chaos would be happening without the U.S. because it is the home of the most repressive, violent, exploitative organized states anywhere on earth.  The cauldron in the Middle East is created by the shithole of state violence and state theocracies in the Middle East.   These predators have turned Islam into a form of fascism similar to Nazi Germany and they use it to exploit and control the masses with incredible brutality in many ways even worse than Nazi Germany.   Ditto with the chaos in and around the former Soviet Union and its breakaway states.  China too is probably the most ethnically-diverse nation on earth and most of those populations are experiencing or have experienced genocide on a mass scale and are on the receiving end of mass state violence.   State violence around the world is often cloaked in many ways people simply will not acknowledge.  They refuse to see evil.   Instead, they place their faith on false prophets.   This is what is behind the support of China and Russia in lieu of the U.S.   Useful idiots who place their faith in other states rather than in their own higher power and granting themselves and those under the repression of these states the natural rights they deserve.  The communist party in China, as just one example, is extending its violent grip of the people under its control in what most believe is its transformation to a modern society.  That truth will reveal itself soon enough.   

Some highlights created by the Scottish drive for independence in the last few days include:

One in four Americans open to secession.

The next eight places in Europe that could vie for independence.

Europe’s secession panic.

Super rich in rush to buy gold.  I threw this in based on my endless analysis of gold.  The predators who control the world also control gold.  And that is the way it always has been.  More people worshiping false prophets and the Golden Calf rather than the truth that resides within them. 

This cycle is not getting better and it is not going away.  Nor are the secessionist movements which are simply part of the awakening to the great evil in this world.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

China Shovels Money Into Its Too Big To Fail Banks … Again

Title link here.  States around the world are trying to print useless money at any cost to save themselves from a fundamental issue of too much useless money printing.  If it sounds paradoxical, that’s because it is.   Who ever said the state was brilliant?  The US has seen housing prices go up 25% a year in some overly heated markets.  China has seen housing prices go up 25% a month for years.   I met someone half a dozen years ago whose father was an officer in the Chinese military.  He had bought a $200,000 house on a $4,000 annual income because he received special favors as a communist party member.   That was six years ago.  How much is that condo worth on paper today?  You ain’t seen a real estate bubble until you see one in China.  This is unprecedented in scope and scale.  Imagine how much money had to be printed for this to take place?  Take Federal Reserve policies and multiply them by 30x, 50x, 100x? 

Another interesting story here.  New trade agreements allows China to sue Canada to change its laws.  More of that good ole state violence at work. 

China faces its hour of truth.  This is a nice look at what has been discussed over the years on here.  It may show up as premium content that you have to register for.  If so, simply type China faces its hour of truth into Google and the search result will give you free access.

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Germany’s Grass Roots Energy Revolution

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Monday, September 15, 2014

China’s Gold Demand Implodes

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything about gold.  But, I have written extensively about the shiny metal over the years.   I have accurately called major moves in gold through the use of my trading system, including nailing close to the absolute top in gold.  I have talked endlessly about the clear flaws of those who view gold as “honest” money and discussed the cruel history of gold as money.  That is, gold has always been used by those who control or own most of it to victimize those who don’t, be that the state or state actors or banks.   Gold as money is a feudal concept that values the god of ownership over the freedom of people.   In a feudal society, people are repressed and ownership of gold, resources and assets is a brutal and cruel indicator of wealth.   In a free society wealth is not derived through the hoarding of scarcity, assets or resources such as gold, equities or land but rather the “monetization” or capture and socialization of that which free people do naturally.   That is, produce, create and invent.  A free society is an abundant society with enough for all to share.

Where exactly did anyone learn that gold is honest money?  Someone who owned or controlled a lot of gold told you that.  Most likely a state predator or someone who worked on behalf of taking from those who have little through state violence.  The attachment to gold is driven by ego and all of its vanities, selfishness and outright evil.   Those who spout the benefits of owning gold are the same people who have accumulated large quantities of it through state violence or participating in the exploitation of humanity.  Pure self-interest.  The same self interest that drives gold miners around the world to literally destroy millions of acres of land, communities, water supplies and ecosystems with their horribly toxic mining methods.

Gold is a religion.  It is an ego-driven belief system created out of fear and ignorance.  That fear-based belief system keeps people from connecting to the greater truth that resides within every sentient being.  Fear you say?  Yes, fear.  How many people who hoard large amounts of gold would give it all away to those who have nothing?  Their attachment to gold is driven by fear.  And the thought of them giving their gold to those from which they have taken everything places their mind in a state of fear.   This fear-based belief keeps them ignorant and creates blind spots in their ability to experience truth.   This fear and attachment to gold keeps people from connecting to their higher power, to Allah, God, their own divinity or whatever you are most comfortable calling the place in your mind where unconditional love and human values resides. 

Attachment to gold is nothing more than worshipping the Golden Calf.  Democratic money is liberal and abundant money.  It is fiat money.   It is not fiat money controlled by class, hierarchy, corporations and the state.  Frankly, that monetary system has never existed and it most likely never will.  Because money is an institution of the ego created by the state for one purpose and one purpose only.  Control.  The only system of trade that is just and true is barter.  Something that I have noted many times is likely to be the world’s next trade settlement system. 

All of these words have come across this blog time and again.   And so have the words that the day would come to pass when China would no longer be able to afford to keep buying gold.   Yet this very belief is what has driven gold’s high priests to state that the future of gold prices remains bright.  The gold high priests mocked such a position when I was first writing those words.  Now China is starting to reveal itself.   Now gold’s high priests have a new fear being losing their gold.  It is that China may not be the future demand for gold that so many told us they would be.  The gold bulls continue to believe that gold is going higher.  As I noted some time ago, the participation rate in the gold futures market has literally collapsed and is down 90% by some measurements since it’s implosion from its all time high. 

Can gold worshippers push gold back beyond old highs with rapidly waning liquidity around the world?   Well, where is that money and leverage going to come from with so many global economies now spinning off less and less profit and quite a few now in outright recession and depression?  More gold bailouts by central banks, the very institutions gold worshippers tell us that gold will protect them from?   How paradoxical is that belief system?  Gold has been bailed out by central banks time and again through their endless pump of liquidity to prop up asset prices for the benefit of the aristocracy.   So maybe money and leverage needed to push gold higher come from stocks?  Bonds?  Real estate?  Who exactly is going to be the counterparty trade that allows the status quo to offload these or other “investments” at such stratospheric valuations?  Do tell.     Who is going to take the trade for Apple at a valuation of $700 billion or Facebook at $200 billion?   Those who believe states like China and Russia or elites converting all of their cash to gold don’t tell us that doing so would trash every nation’s economy that tried to do so.  And, the last time I checked, you can’t eat gold.  I suppose some outlier that I am not aware of is possible but the data I see doesn’t support gold retesting old highs at this point in time.  

It appears over the last handful of months that the earth under China’s massive Ponzi Scheme may finally be shifting uncontrollably.  Speak of which, who the hell is still offering to give China dollars at the pegged yuan exchange rate?  The minute there is any whiff of  risk, China is going to have to break their peg and watch their currency implode.  Interestingly too, Switzerland, a country that the aristocracy loves for its secrecy and culpability in endless financial and war crimes against humanity, has been considering a return to the gold standard.  I have written about this as well.  That the return to the gold standard would collapse any economy that attempted it by suffocating the money supply.   Well, and I wrote years ago that we may see a day when criminal elites attempt to return the world to the gold standard to lock in their gains while sending the rest of us off of an economic cliff.  But they would fail.  

Gold could easily collapse to its 1998 lows.  Or, if money loses its ability to conduct commerce and trade, as is clearly possible, gold could become essentially worthless.    

All of what is written above is a synopsis of what was anticipated on here over the years.  Gold is not honest money.   Nor are those who control it and the propagandized memes and beliefs they create, actually anywhere near honest.   One cannot serve two masters.  It is either money, greed, gold and attachment to worldly possessions or truth. 

 China’s gold imports start a staggering dive.  Is this temporary or the start of a new trend? 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pope States WWIII Is Already Upon Us While Obama States The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been

The diametrically-opposed statements of the Pope and Obama highlight a major dynamic in the world today.  That is, the tyranny of belief systems.  The only way Obama can make a ludicrous statement that the world is less violent than it has ever been is that his ego has created a belief system that keeps him from recognizing the truth unfolding before his very eyes.   Belief systems are illusions created by the ego out of fear and ignorance.  They subvert the truth that experiences offer us.  They also disconnect us from the Divine.   The reality is the world is experiencing an unprecedented evil, suffering and violence on all corners of the globe.   And, Obama, or more broadly, the state and its actors, plays an instrumental role in perpetuating today’s violence. 

Many years ago I wrote that we were entering a war cycle.  That was well before any of the lunacy in the world we now see actually presented itself.   Well, it’s now starting to bloom.  The Pope’s comments that the world is on fire is a confirmation  of the overarching theme that has defined my writings for the last nine years.  That is, the world is in a cycle of volatility, and that volatility will manifest itself in all aspects of our perceptions of reality.  That includes the natural world.   How self-evident that has become on so many levels.

Humanity has the power to stop the war cycle and I will eventually post what I am confident is necessary for that to happen.    Right now, I wouldn’t bet on those dynamics coming to pass.  More suffering is on the way courtesy of the disconnected ego and its self-victimizing beliefs.

Title link to Pope’s comments

Link to Obama’s comments

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

British Political Thugs Pull Out The Demagogy For Scotland: There Is Something Special To Be Ruled By Authority Of State Violence

I’m not sure what is so special to be ruled by landed gentry who steal everything from society and give nothing in return.   Or to watch lords, queens, viceroys, princes, earls, dukes, barons and other useless, self-appointed assholes extract their lifestyle through renter economics while you get to slave away at McDonald’s.   Let me add in there CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, corporate presidents, boards of directors and other self-appointed privilege  in the corporate state are no different than the titled aristocracy of the state.   What lords and barons are to state violence, corporate titled authority is to corporate violence.  How would the world ever survive if someone wasn’t always granting themselves special privilege that others weren’t privy to?    How would the world ever survive without such theft and cronyism?

I’m the boss.  You do as I tell you.  Why?  Not because what you are told is virtuous or even beneficial to society.  But because I tell you.  More of that telling us what to think rather than how to think.   How interesting would life be if economic entities were based on truly free, uncoerced organizational constructs that were spontaneously and voluntarily created out of agreed to social principles and existed only at the whims of all of the people who were in “employment” of them?   That would be economic democracy.   Then there would be no self-appointed corporate authority or self-appointed corporate king and their courtiers ruling an empire.  An empire where you are their wage slave.   It’s really no different than living under dukes, queens, barons, viceroys or whatnot.  The whole precept of private capital and labor that defines the contentious and violent foundations of corporate capitalism is truly a form of evil.   It’s just as sinister as communism or any other ism.  

Once again, government exists as a form of self-rule.  It is locally-focused and determined by We The People.  The state, contrarily, exists for one reason and one reason alone.  That is, to perpetuate violence on behalf of these state actors be they corporate authority or political authority or corporate political authority. 

There is nothing special about being part of the United Kingdom.   That’s nothing more than political demagogy manipulating people’s emotions.  The very term Kingdom connotes tyranny.  There is something special to determining your own economic fate, your own free will and connecting with your community to help create the fate of the human family and the world around you.   That is essentially a stateless world.  A world defined by communities rather than the manifestation of state violence in some far off halls of power determining your fate without you even knowing they are doing so.   That’s why Scotland is even having this vote. 

In many ways this vote from Scotland doesn’t really matter.  If it passes, it will be profound and could start another chain reaction around the world.  That includes in other parts of the United Kingdom including Quebec.  We could even see New Zealand, Australia and Canada sever their relationships with the British crown.  But it’s really much more profound than this as I have noted ad nauseam for the last nine years.  We are living through a new Age of Enlightenment.  People are reconnecting to their own power.  People want their freedom.  And it is the state who stole it from them.   That dynamic is only going to intensify.  It’s not just about economics.  It’s not just about the horrendous mess politicians and corporations have made of our lives.  It’s far more profound.  And it isn’t going away regardless of what happens in Scotland’s vote. 

Title link here.  (Interestingly, Reuters changed the wording of this title from British PM Begs Scots: Don’t Rip Our “UK Family” Apart In Independence Vote)

A similar article is written in the Scotland Herald.  Sometimes the comments to online journalism are the most telling. 

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Sunday, September 07, 2014

England Blinks And Offers More Bribes To Scotland To Stop The Momentum Of Its Independence Movement

A discussion point talked about on here ad nauseam is how brutal and corrupt Britain is and always has been as a hierarchical, class-based state.   Britain as a nation has outright murdered tens of millions of people in its own holocausts going back centuries.   In modern times the British empire has murdered more people than the Nazis as I have linked to in the past.  

Any state that still has royalty and birthright privilege as defines Britain just as it does the brutal and useless thugs in the Saudi royal family, is an affront to humanity, dignity, equality, justice and freedom.  Welfare for the rich, welfare for class and special privilege granted through crony rank and title like lords, queens, viceroys, prince, earls, dukes, barons and other useless, self-appointed assholes is only possible through state violence.   In fact, the reason why the U.S. has become such a repressive nation is because it looks more and more like Britain in its adoption of corporate and private banking power we fought the Revolutionary War to rid ourselves of.  I have noted in past posts how, at the time of the Revolutionary War, homelessness, poverty, addiction, joblessness and “voluntary” conscription to military service was rampant in England but nonexistent in the colonies.

It should be no surprise that even in a time of supposed freedom that exists in Britain in modern times, that both Ireland and Scotland still fight to rid themselves of English rule.   There is a clear reason for this.  It will be a glorious day when the supposed queen and her family of moochers and parasites and other titled  clowns in England are made to work at Sainsbury for minimum wage to survive just like everyone else.  That is exactly where they would be working because they have no skills other than being a parasite.   And, mind you, being a “gentleman” in England means eschewing work.  That’s for poor sonofabitches that English royalty exploits for their surplus value.  It should be no surprise that England is home to the vile invention of corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  

This is something I have noted many times over the years is going to happen.  That we are likely to see the possibility of states shattering into smaller and smaller pieces.  Now it is upon us and we can see it manifesting itself globally.  China too is ripe for that as well given it is quite possibly the most ethnically-diverse nation on earth and the ruling class of predators in that nation have been involved in ethnic cleansing ever since the controlling communist thugs took over. 

The world is shattering into pieces and shards.  And it is because of state violence.   Really, it has only been over the last century that globally the state has been able to tighten its grip on all of humanity.  Before the twentieth century masses of people lived without the state being involved in their lives.  Even if they lived within a state, there was little, if any, true involvement in their own determinism.  Now, the state has its jack boot on the entire world.   Every new “problem” that humanity experiences, as defined by the state, involves a solution of greater and greater state violence as the answer.   The state’s days are numbered.  And it could come much faster than most anyone imagines.   We could easily see states fall like dominos in coming decades. 

Title link here.

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Fascist American State: Snowden’s Leaks Expose Government Plans To Spy For Corporations

The U.S. is a corporate empire.  The outsized military we have is not to spread democracy but to ensure corporate control and the expansion of U.S. corporate exploitation, victimization and predation around the world.  This has been talked on here time and time and time again.  Does anyone in this nation with an intent of discovery and truth not appreciate this by now?  I doubt it.  

Anyone who believes subjecting themselves to a “career” serving corporate power is a manifestation of freedom is willfully ignorant.  I wouldn’t bet on this mythical career being a sustainable future dynamic.   People never had careers as wage slaves until the advent of corporate personhood. 

What is worse?  The subjugation of humanity to a tyrannical form of forced state socialism or communism like the Soviet Union or China or the forced tyrannical subjugation to five hundred or a thousand or a few thousand corporate bureaucrats who dominate every aspect of our lives.  Yet, who care even less about serving the needs of society than a communist bureaucrat might?  Because their first intent is exploitation (violence) aka profit.    As noted on here many times, corporations can only exist in perpetuity by extracting rent.   There are many reasons to believe corporate tyranny in the name of profit is even more brutal and violent than communism.   Did any neighborhood in the Soviet Union look like Detroit?  We have tens of thousands of neighborhoods and communities that look like post-apocalyptic war zones.   In the end, what’s really the difference?  All isms – communism, socialism, feudalism, capitalism – are simply manifestations of state violence.  Does it really surprise anyone that the government would spy on behalf of profit-driven corporations?  Corporate capitalism is a form of state-created and enforced economic warfare against humanity.   It always has been.  There are no historical examples of anything different for those who ignorantly wax poetic about the good ole days.

Corporate capitalism is by definition fascist.  Corporations and private, for-profit capital only exist through the force of the state.  The comingling of those forces that rely on each other for their existence are inherently fascist.   Can we get beyond playing useful idiots for corporate dominion over our economic freedoms?  A start would be the repeal of corporate personhood; one of the greatest crimes against humanity perpetrated by the United States Supreme Court.

Glenn Greenwald’s expose here.

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The Life Of Joan Rivers

Comedy is such an instrumental part of our existence.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.   If Hamas, Hitler, Mao and Stalin would have laughed more, they would have hated less.  Joan Rivers was far and away one of my favorite comedians.  For me, the only other comedians that were of the same caliber were  Greg Giraldo and George Carlin.    Fundamentally the question of our existence is if we left the world in a better place than before we entered it.   In a world devolving into the madness of the disconnected self, Joan is a reminder of how many make profoundly positive impacts on the world around them.  And how they do so by rejecting the dumbed-down ignorance of social conformity and political-correctness.

Another of my favorites, Camille Paglia, on Joan Rivers. 

The Comedy Central Roast of Joan

And, Joan – The best of her career

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Billary Chases Billionaire For Handouts, Eric Cantor Goes To Work On Wall Street And French Socialist President Hates The Poor

One of the long-time themes on here is that both political parties in this nation will collapse.  There is no way they will morph into something different like the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement.  To believe that is to not understand how that is impossible.  Political parties are registered corporations that only maintain their authoritarian grip on our nation by embracing the comingling of aristocratic money and politics.  This guarantees party hacks, some of the most vile excuses for human beings, are elected through mass propaganda paid for by private money.    That is why both political parties have infiltrated and tried to disarm both the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement.  There is a mathematical game theory explanation of how this outcome is almost certainly guaranteed.  That is, failure.

Many of our founding fathers wanted to ban political parties and now any halfwit knows why.  If there were no political parties, each candidate would have to run on their own merit rather than on the coattails of party money.   There is no way Hillary Clinton or Eric Cantor could ever get elected as public servants if their ability was actually the determining factor in their election in lieu of endless dirty money. 

As noted on here many times, at some point in evolution of humanity, politics will disappear.  It is a useless institution of the ego of state-created class and power.  Frankly, as noted on here also, at some point the state will cease to exist for the same reason.   I’m sure most people would never believe that to be possible but I suspect more and more are considering its possibility given what we see around the world today.  All of the violence we see in this world today of any scope or scale is a result of state violence.    One must consider the greatest evil in the world is the state.  The state exists for one reason.  That is, to perpetuate violence on behalf of class rank and privilege that enrich itself through that violence.  Corporations, bankers, royalty, lawyers, politicians, religious lunatics, bureaucrats of any sort, etc. all derive their power only through violence.

Hobbes’ views on social contract theory are now being proven to be bullshit babblings of a statist aristocrat.  And because it benefited the state, his views had been adopted as a prevailing theory and taught by the state.   I didn’t sign any contract nor can anyone imply that I submit to one simply because I was randomly born into some geography.   I never made any such contractual choice to be “ruled” by an authoritarian system of the most vile examples of humanity like Bill & Hillary Clinton, Eric Cantor or their corporate masters in corporate capitalism.  I wonder how many of Carlos Slim’s wage slaves, from whom he has stolen nearly $100 billion, believe in social contract theory?   Especially if they knew there was a fairer alternative. 

Billary chases Chris Christie to Mexico to see who can first drop to their knees and unzip the pants of the world’s richest man

Eric Cantor gets sacked from Congress but goes to work for an investment bank with a guaranteed income of at least $3.8 million.  I have made it clear countless times on here over the years that I believe there is ample evidence that investment banking should be illegal.  And, in fact, it essentially used to be.  New York Magazine gets it right with their report on influence-peddling which is just a politically-acceptable, propagandized characterization for crony corruption and the rule of moneyed interests that subverts the rule of law.

And, why we don’t know if it is true or simply just propaganda to sell a book, it appears France’s socialist president may hate poor people.  I would imagine this has a high possibility of being true.  State liberalism is based on bigotry, narcissism and self-hatred.  And, anyone who runs away from their parents and their heritage to climb any kind of social ladder of conforming authority over humanity in politics, corporations or whatnot is usually a self-loathing scumbag.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

It’s Coming–The Box Office Crash

I wanted to put up this report because one of the long time themes on here is that we are going to witness a collapse of 80-90% in the wages in sports, entertainment, advertising, television and other amusement industries.  Depending on how the future of American empire unfolds, we will see the same dynamic unfold in real estate, lawyers, retailing, economics, insurance, finance, universities, the investor class and on and on.   That includes as much as a 90% reduction in the amount of money going into stocks.  That coupled with the massive leverage of derivatives, debt, money printing and magnified ignorance, and we could see volume of tradable assets literally collapse.   We are already starting to see many markets operate on fumes.   I would argue the market for a $30 million dollar house is no different than a stock market overvalued by many, many times.   Liquidity for that market is already thin and at  some point, liquidity for that market will collapse.    Don’t kid yourself to believe this is only a U.S. phenomena.  This is a global phenomena.   All of this coming to pass is a mathematical certainty.  It’s just a matter of the timing.  All of this is nothing new on here.  It has been discussed many times.   And I will explain it in excruciating and simple detail in due time. 

When I was a kid in the 70s and we still had a marginally-functioning economy rather than a trickle down, supply-side theft scheme, professional athletes had summer jobs.  And they had them because they needed them.  They were the working man’s heroes because they were working men themselves.   Bond trading, which now pays Bill Gross and others millions to hundreds of millions of dollars a year, paid so poorly it could not be the basis for full time employment.   Literally.  Top college football coaches made $50 thousand a year and now they are paid $5 million a year.   It seems normal for Algore and Bill Clinton, two bureaucrats who have absolutely no skills that benefit humanity, to be worth half a billion dollars between them.  Money they obviously took from society without any benefit I am aware of.   Or, for someone who throws a ball for a living to make $30 million a year while 55% of Americans, all of which have or can develop skills to benefit humanity, are on government handouts.  

I could go on and on but we have become habituated to a system of ignorance (class-based, trickle-down voodoo economics) over such a long period of time that it all now seems normal to most.   At least it seems normal to those who support this system and to those who are under sixty-ish.    Yet, it’s nothing more than a belief system based on ignorance.   The reality is money and economics as we know it are both collapsing and have been for decades.   But today all of these professions give the color or appearance of great success and everyone is encouraged to pile into these professions by corporations, politician,  millionaire university presidents who became millionaires by ignorantly pumping this ignorance, and by social conformity or groupthink.

Most people will never accept any of this as possible until it happens.  That’s because it is too frightening to ponder.   Instead, most people think with their eyes.  Another outcome of being told what to think rather than how to think as dumbed-down consumers supporting our corporate state masters in today’s dystopian reality. 

We are told that unemployment is now down to 6% and that the economy has recovered.  The stock market is at all-time highs.  And Obama told us just a few months ago that the world was experiencing unprecedented peace.   Obama (and the world) still dithers while the world burns.  (Don’t ever look to Europe to ever take a leadership mantle in any world affairs.  They are mired in their own massive, liberal-created mess of political-correctness and tolerance for evil as was the case with the rise of Hitler).  I’m sure, as is the case with Obama, in some large part, this is driven by ego.   Here is a person who actually seems to believe much of the savior complex as his true believers initially labeled him.  How can the world be in crisis when I am its savior?   How else do you explain his false beliefs about what is happening in the world?  It is clearly the disconnected ego’s intent of control that subverts discovery and truth.   How’s that working out for you? 

Nothing is believable anymore.  That’s very, very good news, actually.  Because we can never create a new reality until all of these belief systems are shattered.  It’s working out exactly as it should.  Truth, while in very short supply with the status quo, is in greater and greater abundance with most of the people they exploit. 

The Hollywood Reporter has just published a story that box office receipts have crashed this past year.  Adjusted for inflation, they are at a 17 year low.  And the economy has actually been relatively calm.  What’s going to happen when things aren’t so calm?  We could easily see receipts fall to 30 or 40 year lows or something equally catastrophic.   Seeing box office receipts drop by 10-20% is catastrophic when margins may only be 10 or 20%.   To go see movies, people can’t take out seven year lease loans, with the highest monthly payment rates in history,  with horrendous credit reports, and with marginal ability to pay them back at the first signs of economic weakness as they have to temporarily reflate the car market.  It’s all an illusion. 

It’s coming.   The global economy and global social factors are all unfolding exactly as I have written they would.  Just much, much slower than I predicted.  For now. 

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