Friday, June 28, 2013

South Africa To Protest Obama’s Rent-Seeking Corporate Capitalist Crimes Against Africa During Visit

How the worm has turned.  When Obama was in Berlin years ago, hundreds of thousands of people showed up to cheer him.  A few weeks ago there were just a few thousand invited attendees on his trip to Berlin and a large delegation of protestors calling Obama the head of Stasi 2.0. or police state 2.0.

I wrote on here soon after Obama’s election that this possibility existed.  ie, That the U.S. society had no confidence in our government and that the only confidence left existed with Obama.  And that his lack of forthrightness in fixing the issues our nation faced could eventually come back in the form of future crises that would be laid at his feet.  And at that point we could see a crisis of confidence in our government.   We are now there.  Later than I thought but we are now there.  Neither political party serves the public good.  And now only the blind refuse to see. 

If you take the time to listen to this video, (link at the bottom of this post) you will hear a consistent message.  That is, the IMF, World Bank and UN Security Council, all controlled by the U.S., are used to enforce American corporate state will and American corporate hegemony around the world.  And that many African tyrants are aligning themselves with Obama.  Oh, and another small issue, Bush’s AIDS initiative in Africa has been rolled back by Obama.   Sorry.  Shit happens.  We don’t really care about saving hundreds of millions of lives.  But, if you allow us to plunder your country, you’ll get a nice framed photo with our king, Obama.  

The U.S. is a corporate empire.  And a private, for-profit military-industrial complex is part of that corporate capitalist empire.  Our mission around the world is to use force to pave the way for American corporate hegemony so that a ruling class can plunder the world.  This is EXACTLY how corporations were used in the king’s capitalism of the British Empire in 1776.   There is absolutely no difference.  Umm, it was the East Indian Trading Company (a private, for-profit capital corporation) that, under the force of the king’s flag,  under the force of the king’s private, for-profit bankers and under the force of the king’s military might, that England used slave labor in India to corner the market on opium that was then used to turn China into addicts.  That was how then the British crown and its corporations were able to plunder China of its riches.  An addicted nation exchanged opium in payment for its exports to England.  Of course, all of this was done knowingly by the crown.  And, while they were at, they had no problems importing opium into their own country to turn poor bastards into addicts as well.  Obviously for profit.  The opium trade was British capitalism’s most profitable trade.  By far.  The list of offenses of corporations didn’t just start ten years ago.  They are endless. 

But the crown had the monopoly on the global drug trade.  Which makes me wonder how much of the drug trade into the U.S. may possibly be touched by the CIA.  Maybe  none.  Maybe most of it.   The solutions to the drug trade are very easy.  Which makes me wonder even more.  Iran-Contra exposed CIA involvement in running drugs into the U.S.  It’s much easier to plunder our nation when everyone is stoned and incapable of working or demanding their rights.  You know, like private, for-profit capital did in England. 

The concept of a permanent corporation only was ever created as a method of looting the world.  Consistently and permanently.   Just like today.   People who tell us that this nation was founded on free market capitalism are idiots, liars or con men.  Our economy before 1776 was not a corporate capitalist economy.   That is preposterous.  The British Empire was a corporate capitalist economy.   It’s no surprise the magnum opus for capitalism was written in England in 1776 – The Wealth of Nations.   How the invisible hand of self-interest by private, class-based interests would create virtue for all of society.  Ha!  That is why drug addicts, homelessness, global plunder and endless war defined England at that time.  And then they tried to extract their rent from the colonies to pay for this privatization of gains and socialization of losses.  And why for hundreds of years the Irish and the Scots have been forcibly trying to get out from under this class-based society of thievery.  Margaret Thatcher trounced the working class and returned full-fledged class-based corruption to Britain as Reagan did to the U.S. by deregulating class-based private for-profit capital.   The Godmother and Godfather of La Cosa Nostra thievery. 

Private, for-profit capital is rent-seeking.  It doesn’t matter if that is a drug company seeking to hook Americans on a “legal” $300 billion a year drug addiction or a handset maker seeking to fill our garbage dumps with the massive overproduction of the latest cell phone fad or a beer maker advertising that consuming their product will attract women or a Wall Street firm extracting their mafioso cut of our wages and profits or the military-industrial complex waging endless wars of profit or genetically-modified food and drug suppliers seeking to enslave society to their Orwellian Frankenproducts or foreign companies seeking to set up shop in Africa for the extraction of gold, diamonds and natural resources.  These are all violent and predator forms of rent-seeking corporate capitalist activities that enrich a small political, private investor and elite class while preying on countries, workers, democracy, freedom and “consumers” aka citizens. 

Specifically, the U.S. and China are waging economic war on the continent of Africa.  That is why Amerika has troops in 35 nations in Africa as noted on here before.   The corporate state doesn’t give a shit about the people of Africa.  They created endless strife and death for centuries by rent-seeking exploitation of that continent and left it in complete chaos. 

Predatory corporate capitalism is used to colonize and pillage the world as it did under the British, the German, the Dutch and other empires.  As it has always done.  Always.  Without exception.  By the way, communism did it too as noted on here before.  As does socialism.  Any ism created by the state uses state violence to achieve its ends and in the process defeat freedom and liberty.  Capitalism is an invention of the state that serves the state.  And that is why it is under attack with people marching in the streets on every continent against this type of class-based, statist injustice.   It isn’t America that’s dying.  It’s corporate capitalism.  Because it is inconsistent with the laws of the universe.  And the universe is now responding that it has seen enough.

After the Revolutionary War it was Alexander Hamilton who brought class-based, private for-profit capital from Europe to the U.S.   This after millions had fled Europe to get away from it.  By the way, against the wishes of Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a free society. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marc Faber View On Gold’s Decline Is Similar To That Of Wall Street During 2008: Buy The Dips

Marc is one of my favorites as noted on here many times.  He  has gotten a lot wrong this past cycle including remarks that the Euro was honest money and China was essentially going to inherit the world.  Both of which were positions I mocked at the time.   Why?  Because the qualitative understanding of quantitative factors has never supported these belief systems.  He has eventually come around to reality and “righted” his views of reality as an adaptable mind always does.  It’s not about always been right.  It’s about being able to adapt and admit our beliefs are inaccurate.  It’s amazing how many people are still rigid thinkers in this environment.  they are still Republicans.  Still Democrats.  Still believe gold is honest money.  Still believe Obama is their savior.   Still believe humanity is the primary cause of global warming. (Although the U.N.’s chief climate pinhead now admits the planet has not warmed in 17 years and the rigid beliefs of those who are so fanatically certain they know what they are talking about, even though they don’t even have a basic scientific understanding of what other factors may be in play, still rabidly and rigidly support their saviors at the U.N.  That includes Obama.) Rigid belief systems are driven by a subconscious intent to control.  And that is driven by the ego and its endless subconscious deceits that attempt to subvert discovery and truth. 

Faber spoke a few days ago on Bloomberg.  As usual, he’s good for a few chuckles and contrarian insights.  He makes a few remarks about gold that bring up a topic I discussed a lot on here before the 2008 crash.  That is, sentiment.  I wrote that sentiment would eventually fail as an investment indicator and it did.  Sentiment was horrible the entire way down in 2008 yet asset prices kept collapsing.  Every Wall Street schmo that they could waltz out on CNBC and Bloomberg kept telling us to buy the dips and they kept getting crushed.   And I kept saying the bottom was not in.  Because I wasn’t using sentiment to catch a falling knife. 

Well Faber is attempting to use sentiment to time the gold market with his comments.  Once again, everyone else has been remarking gold has been oversold (bearish sentiment) for months and they have been buying gold only to get their asses handed to them.  Faber notes that commercial hedgers or miners have their lowest short exposure in gold futures since 2001.  And that is a good reason to buy gold.  Okay.  That’s great.  Who cares?  In the mean time gold miners are writing down their assets and losing money based on the plunging price of gold.   Miners are covering their bets because they are getting their asses handed to them.  Because they were wrong.  Faber is using miners as smart money.  Just as many use the sentiment on Wall Street as smart money.  Neither are true.  They are big money.  But, both are at the mercy of exogenous factors neither control.  Gold miners need a liquidity bailout just like GM and JP Morgan did.  I know how this chafes many gold money advocates but gold is reliant on bailouts from the very organizations they abhor; central banks.   

I noted on here before its 2008 collapse that gold is a proxy for liquidity.  That gold is imploding right now should give everyone an indication of what I wrote was happening for the last year.  That is, liquidity is draining out of the global economy at a record pace.  Much more broadly than 2008.  The entire global economic system is on fire.  And Bernanke is not going to save it because he seemingly doesn’t understand what is going.  Increasing the quantity of money is not a panacea for this global monstrosity.  He’s simply trying to save the system as it currently works.  That gig is up.  Forever.  The problem is not that we need more printed money.  The problem is that corporate capitalism and global finance is dying.  That’s why this is a global crisis. 

So, back to Faber’s remarks.  They sound eerily similar to the buy the dip equity market crowd in 2008 under the same precept he is using today.  As I noted on here before, gold needs a bailout.  Just like equities got in 2008.  Just like gold got in 2008.   I noted on here within literally just two or three days of their bottom in 2008 that the only investment that looked attractive to me were gold stocks.  Ain’t seein those same factors at work today. 

While I can’t accurately predict the future bottom in gold, the next stop is likely around $850 as I noted before this current wave of falling prices.  Miners will keep covering their shorts as price continues to drop.   And they’ll keep losing more and more money.  Until the price of gold bottoms or until they go bankrupt.

This is a cycle that is going to destroy countless institutions of the ego as is a long time thesis on here.  And that means the ego-driven beliefs that support those institutions that are so pervasive in the world today are going to literally be blown to bits.  They are going to be destroyed.   Money itself is an institution of the ego or an institution of control.  As noted on here before, if it fails, gold is going with it.   Obviously, were that to happen, sentiment will be very bearish on gold when it goes to zero.  Just like happened with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.  Sentiment was very bearish as they went to zero.  A contrarian would have been buying using sentiment alone.   And would have lost everything.

Sentiment is not the primary reason to ever buy or sell  anything.  Without liquidity and without demand, sentiment is useless.  There is no net demand for gold right now regardless of what you read on some gold-pumping blog or web site.  If this economic-financial-monetary system fails again, there will almost certainly be no more attempts at reflation.  That means no more bailouts for gold or stocks or bonds or banks or corporations or politicians or elites or private, for-profit capital.  And that means greed will have been sufficiently punished when speculators lose everything in the Ponzi scheme we call globalization.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supreme Court Smites Defense Of Marriage Act

Well, every once in a while justice is served in our nation.  Generally when it doesn’t involve money.  Or when money is to be made off of any potential outcome.  Cynical but very true. 

Sometimes we are a democracy, sometimes a republic and sometimes a nation of laws.  We vote democratically for  many issues, we vote through republicanism for many issues and sometimes we don’t vote at all.  In other words, it’s not a popularity contest as to whether human rights are granted to all people equally.  We don’t vote on slavery.  We don’t vote to determine who gets what rights.  Attempts to grant special privilege or rights to class, title, label or rank is an afront to human decency and freedom everywhere. When it comes to issues of human freedom, we are bound by natural laws.   If my rights do not infringe upon others, then my freedoms are granted by divine right.  And no man or any law has any right to deny me those freedoms.  That is what our Constitution is there to protect.  Divine right and natural laws.  It is the covenant between my freedom and government.  Without it, government has no legitimate right to rule.  It really doesn’t matter what your religious or personal beliefs are.  Even hate, bigotry, small-mindedness and ignorance are protected by our creator or by nature and our rule of law.   That includes the endless hate, bigotry, small-mindedness and ignorance of most politicians. 

Gay, straight, conservative, progressive, liberal, fanatic, lunatic, dipshit or whatever other meaningless label you want to use to describe yourself or others, we all are granted the same human dignity and worthiness.   No man has any right to interfere with that dignity and worthiness.  We are all equally free.   

Good riddance to another unconstitutional statist law that is  the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Obama Encourages Public Servants To Snitch On Coworkers To Perpetuate Undemocratic Secrecy Of The State

I have noted on here many times that I believe Bill Clinton was probably the worst president in our history.  There are many factors that support that perspective.  Some will be covered in my next major post on global finance.  And there are many similarities between the current administration and the Clinton administration. 

As a free society, we should have policies determined by democracy in place to protect public servants wishing to alert and educate society about wrong-doing and inappropriate use of power.  Obama has a plan that is just the opposite.  Not a plan determined by democracy to protect democracy but by the whims of man to protect the secrecy of the state.  Not only is it a HUGE stretch to try to tie espionage to Edward Snowden as Obama is trying to do, but he has personally created an environment of fear in government by using a program called Insider Threat that comes directly from his office to encourage public servants to snitch on coworkers who may wish to expose wrongdoing.  This is the exact same tactics used by the Nazis and the Stalinists.  There is zero difference.  It is a fear-driven authoritarian program that is meant to enforce top-down conformity to power and control rather than bottoms-up democracy. 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Soldier’s Last Words After Being Forced To Participate In War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity

Am I my brother’s keeper?  Or is our separateness only a perception?  An illusion?  Am I really my brother and he is me? 

I honor the place in you where the universe resides.  I honor the place of love, of light, of truth, of peace.  I honor the place within you, where if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.

50 million people on food stamps, 25% real unemployment, 50-70% underemployment, millions kicked out of their homes, the world’s largest prison population, endless self-medication in the form of addictions, $300 billion in legalized drug addictions, epidemic obesity and unwellness created by industrial food sickness and addictions, a society enslaved to debt, endless person-on-person emotional and physical violence, unprecedented corporate looting of the public treasury, a military-security budget larger than the rest of the world combined, epidemic suicide and self-harm, unquantifiable death, disfigurement and emotional trauma caused by endless war.  And on and on and on.   All while Washington squeals with glee at record corporate cash lining the pockets of politicians.   This is private, for-profit capital in its most pure glory.  That is, purely deregulated to reveal its true inner self.  Pathological. 

After many pleas for help, another divine spark of the human mind extinguished by the Godless, disposable corporate state.   Rest in peace, my brother. 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Edward Snowden: British Spying Is Worse Than The U.S.

The concept of the state and its endless nontransparent violence is certainly not specific to the U.S.   If New Zealand or Canada or East Timor had the world’s reserve currency, 320 million people and was home to a vast number of the largest corporations in the world, its politicians would be doing whatever they could get away with.  Big Brother exists anywhere polity exists because all people who seek dominion over their fellow man be it corporate capitalism, political government or religious fanatics, are generally pathological.  That Britain is heavily Big Brother doesn’t surprise me in the least.  This is a culture that has always been driven by social values of class, empire and private capital aka violence.  That’s the reason we fought a revolutionary war against Britain.  To rid ourselves of class, title, the king’s corporations, private capital, empire and the endless violence of the state. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Democracy Is Dead Courtesy Of A Corporate State Military-Industrial-Security Complex Coup

I want to post a follow up on the state and its endless violence given the the overabundance of lowbrow knuckle-draggers who have been brainwashed by the state.  And, thus are still coming out in support of these secret statist spying programs.  Or for the Marching Morons who say it’s okay for the state to do as it wishes as long as it’s not directed at Americans.  Secrecy in our government has been building at a substantial clip for more than half a century.  And now that we finally see some transparency that hasn’t been stymied by politicians or the mainstream media, those who hide those secrets are trying to mischaracterize their activities as transparent or serving democracy or both.   Let’s be honest with ourselves.  Secrecy of the state has nothing in common with self-rule.  How can it? 

The shine is truly coming off the dime.  Humanity has reached a tipping point where the stand against the endless violence of the state has gained critical mass that will likely turn out to be unstoppable.  In another nearly unprecedented open display of courage, yesterday an Irish parliamentarian called Obama the hypocrite of the century and a war criminal.   When have we ever seen such open and growing criticism of the state around the world?  Even by public officials?   (Notice how the response to her comments is an attempt to marginalize her by bringing shame upon her behavior without actually addressing her  issue of war and death.  Well, except for his dystopian statist response that peace is achieved through war.   WTF?  A manipulative political con man.  Truth isn’t hard to find.  But one must have the courage to see it.)  

The CIA and NSA are out of control and clearly not democratic institutions as currently constructed.   Frankly, I’m not sure that they can be constructed as democratic but I am open to possibilities I may have missed.  Maybe like having CIA officials wash the feet of the people they have tortured and the families of those they have murdered. 

As noted on here before, through the FOIA, hundreds of former Nazis worked for the CIA in the U.S. effort to build its secret statist propaganda and spy programs after World War II.  This is part of the statist mindset of permanent war that developed after World War II.  It goes much deeper than that.  FOIA documents released on the late 1990s reveal that the entire precept of the Cold War was based on a single  informant, Nazi intelligence general, Reinhard Gehlen, who fabricated massive lies and supposed Nazi intelligence files on the Soviet Union about the Soviet’s aggressive intentions towards the west after World War II.  It is apparent with transparency through the FOIA that Gehlen conjured up these stories and files to make himself important and avoid prosecution in Nuremberg.  The U.S. intelligence, or lack thereof, community and politicians bought it hook, line and sinker and put him on the payroll. 

It’s arguable the Cold War was based completely on lies.  And that the Soviet threat was completely fabricated by a Nazi intelligence general simply to save himself from execution.  If that is true, and the 1999 FOIA releases and further investigations by some enterprising Americans show it is, we spent equivalently what would amount to as much as $40 trillion in todays terms on a Cold War that possibly never needed to exist.  Instead, it was based on massive security, military and political incompetency in the U.S.  that was eager to increase its power base.  Just like today’s massively incompetent idiots who are running our nation off of a cliff for a boogeyman that doesn’t exist because men of megalomania find purpose and meaning in the violence of the state.  More importantly, how many people died around the globe because of skirmishes between Soviets and the U.S.?  Quite honestly, it appears many of these were driven by the U.S. military-industrial complex that then created a paranoid response by the Soviet Union.  Just like the boogeyman unconstitutional wars of today.   Not that the Soviet state were angels by any stretch of the imagination.  Especially under Stalin.  And, what would our economy look like today were it not in the endless mode of Soviet-style military overproduction?  No poverty?  No crime?  Economic opportunity for all?  An education system that was funded?  A prison population a small fraction of what it is today?  Who knows. 

Instead, because of this massive incompetence and megalomania that exists in the state, we are ruled by the military-industrial-security complex that has essentially overthrown democracy through a bloodless propaganda and secrecy coup that was easily accomplished in the dynamics created by statist activity and nontransparency.   And as commander-in-chief, the White House has been turned into the war room for a military dictatorship with nearly limitless grabs of power.  All in the name of the state and the protection of freedom through violence. 

As noted on here time and again over the years, Bill Moyers reported all of this in his documentary Secret Government – The Constitution in Crisis in 1987.  It’s no irony that while Moyers was running this investigative story,  the Reagan White House was involved in its own statist imbroglio that was the Iran-Contra-CIA Crack Cocaine Running Scheme (Part 1 of 4) that was swept under the rug.   None of this is new.  It all started with the signing of the National Security Act of 1947 that created a permanent war complex, secret government, the CIA, the NSA and that authorized the United States to be in a permanent state of war with the world.  This was signed by a horribly flawed puppet politician of the name Harry Truman.  A Democrat, by the way.  Who was then succeeded by a Republican who warned us of the power of of the military-industrial complex upon leaving office.   Party ideology is a simple-minded dumbing-down that is created by outsourcing one’s intelligence to someone who is generally pathological.

Isn’t it obvious that we are in a permanent state of war?  How many wars, all undeclared, have been been in or funded or started in the last 60 plus years?  It’s dozens.  Literally.  And this has caused so much loss of life and tragedy that it can’t begin to be calculated.  How do you place a dollar value on human life?  You cannot. 

Now we see the tip of the iceberg of this state violence freak show becoming public and entering society’s conscious mind for the first time.  The effects of this conscious awareness cannot be overstated.  Because conscious awareness creates the power of intent.  The more that is exposed, the greater the intent.  

The  national security state is try to couch this incident as isolated.  Utter bullshit.   The murder and mayhem created by this Orwellian beast is literally almost without bounds.  Yet, we as Americans have learned to glorify Godless war and the projection of this beast onto the world through Hollywood, mainstream media and state propaganda.   The ego endlessly deceives itself with rationalizations.  That our government is doing good around the world.  Maybe our government is.  But the state?  Hardly.  Yet, who in America doesn’t love a good B-52 carpet bombing of the world’s supposed evildoers?   At least evildoers as determined by the secrets of the state.  We are told they are evildoers.  But, where is the corroborating evidence provided by an independent source?  One often wonders where Hollywood and the mainstream media ends and state propaganda begins.

Anyone who tells us the CIA or NSA are necessary secret organizations that engage in necessary covert violence, including murder and mayhem, around the world is a statist.  ie, They believe in the state’s ultimate power to perpetuate violence.  And they don’t believe in the primacy of human freedom.  They believe in the primacy of the state over that of human freedom.   In other words, that people are not free but instead are subjugated to the power of the state.  Therefore, are simply chattel owned by the state.  And, that the Constitution is therefore just a piece of toilet paper.  There is no other explanation.   There are rationalizations but they are all based on statism.

Are people around the world not due our respect and dignity just as much as our own citizens?   Are the people of this world any less worthy than Americans?  Do they love their children less than we do?  Do they deserve a life of freedom and self-determinism any less than we do?  Do we expose them to the indignities of state violence because we want them to be free?

Must we become like those who wish to do harm to others in some dystopian effort to protect human dignity?  Employing the same violent statist practices projected onto anyone we perceive as a threat regardless of the evidence, or lack thereof, achieved through moral and just law?  Do we not have a moral and ethical obligation to humanity regardless of whether they are protected by our Constitution as American citizens?  In fact, because people around the world are not protected by our constitutional rights as U.S. citizens are, should we not, as a nation that truly embraces freedom, hold ourselves to an even higher standard of morality and ethics?  Because we understand that freedom is exceptional?   There is no feeble mockery of upholding the Constitution or rule of law for those outside of the U.S. who are on the receiving end of state violence.   The state doesn’t have to conjure up justifications and rationalizations of why they are on the receiving end of their violence as is necessary for U.S. citizens because we are supposedly protected by a rule of law.  Instead, people outside of the U.S. receive the full frontal violence of the state when dealing with organizations like the CIA and NSA.  Because the CIA and NSA’s external projections of violence are unbounded by our written rule of law, the Constitution. 

How many terrorists are there in the world?  200?  Seriously?  500?   It is, in fact, the continuous violent radicalization of the state and secret state organizations like the CIA and NSA that have radicalized a response around the world.   It is the terror of the state that creates terrorists.  I’m not just fingering the U.S. but all statist activity around the world. 

If the CIA, NSA, politicians, corporations and military-industrial-security complex were not engaged in violent statist activities around the world, who would want to harm Americans?  Who?  Do people want to bomb us because our supposedly Christian leaders follow Jesus of Nazareth’s pacifist guideposts for a moral life given on the Mount?  Do people want to bomb us because we are good and kind?  Because we are compassionate and merciful?  Because we follow a code of moral honor to protect those who cannot protect themselves from injustice and violence?  From statist injustice and violence?  Do people want to bomb us because we embrace human dignity and thus practice only defensive military policies?  

Do we practice what we preach in the domestic policies for those unable to protect themselves in our own nation?  If so, then why do we have 50 million people on food stamps, children going to bed hungry, the largest prison population on earth, am unbelievably high rate of emotional uncenteredness, a health care system that doesn’t work for a large percentage of Americans (and is about to get worse), an educational system that only works for those who have money, and a lack of living wage jobs for a large number of Americans.   Democracy is dead.  Yet the corporate state thrives.

There is nothing we can ever trust out of the mouths of pathology.  And those who seek dominion over their fellow man are almost always suffering from severe pathology.  Transparency and law are the only way democracy or self-rule can survive.   The CIA and NSA are nontransparent organizations that employ policies of “the end justifies any means”.  ie,  Driven by the whims of man rather than the just and moral rule of law.  It’s time to dismantle the CIA and NSA or make their activities accountable to a just and moral  transparent democracy.  And it’s time to rid ourselves of political parties and change the laws, constitutionally, to stop the endless hijacking of democracy by political and economic class.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Meet Albert

If this story and video doesn’t make your eyes well up, I don’t know what will.  Albert says he has only one skill.  Actually, Albert is being too modest.  He has many skills or values beyond shining shoes.  Not the least of which are selflessness, authenticity, compassion and unconditional love (acceptance) in the truest sense of the word.  What greater “skills” can there possibly be?  Albert is the perfect example of what exists within the human mind when we let go of our ego-motive and ego-derived perceptions of who we are.   When we release our ego’s perceptions of everything we believe to be true.  There is nothing left except I am.   And what am I when I release all of my fear-driven perceptions of reality? I am love.  That’s it.  

Can you imagine a society where leaders embraced Albert’s timeless human values?   I can.   I have seen Alberts everywhere in this world.  There are billions of people who share these values or want to live in a world that shares these values.  Often they simply feel helpless to create that world under the oppression of class-based violence and control.   Those who grant themselves class rank and its privilege, illegitimately might I add, don’t often share human values. 

It's no great irony that corporations and the Godless corporate state deem Albert as generally useless as they do anyone who provides limited ability to extract capitalist rent and isn't able to endlessly overconsume to keep the corporate state alive.  Aka the “objects” of their austerity.

When I grow up, I aspire to be more like Albert and less like the social values of a dumbed-down, corporate state conformist enslaved to ego-driven class, status and title and its outcomes of money and materialism.  There is a reason why asceticism is the basis for all of the world’s great religions.   The magical and mystical gifts of life and emotional-well being can never be found through ego-derived attachment.   They are derived by embracing our higher power and its timeless human values of kindness, mercy, compassion, honor, dignity and equality.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Endless Violence And Dumbed-Down Existence That Is The State : Obama Hails Secrecy As Transparent While China Asks The U.S. To Explain What That Means

As a reminder for new readers, as noted on here numerous times the state is that class-based political bureaucracy which exists outside of the transparency and consent of self-rule or democracy or republicanism or society based on a natural-rights-driven rule of law.  ie, However one wants to define freedom.  It is the pernicious, nontransparent, secretive class-based rule of man that exists in any political bureaucracy.  In pure democracy or republicanism or polity based completely on law, the state would not exist.  There would be no nontransparent, violence-based rule of man.  In a pure totalitarian polity, the state or the pernicious, nontransparent rule of man would be all-consuming.  The reality is that most polity lies somewhere in between.  That is, the state coexists with some amount of human rights or democracy or rule of law within most political bureaucracies.   Statism, a topic talked about incessantly over the years on here, is and has been on the rise in the world as class-based political violence and patriarchy seeks to maintain and expand its grip on the world and the people that live under its oppression.   Now onto the rest of the post.

China asks the U.S. to explain surveillance or secret transparency.   And as if to trump the blather of China, Obama’s Orwellian 1984 “Doublespeak” hails secrecy as transparent.   And finally, the military-industrial-security complex secretly seeks to control and subvert democracy as it braces for climate and energy shocks.  Well, and anything else that threatens the military-industrial-security complex’s Soviet-style control. (A frightening article of how dead transparent democracy is in America.)

As Obama goes on a propaganda tour we learn that secrecy is transparency…..  You know, like the extensive secret transparent spying file the FBI had on Martin Luther King.  Or like the secret transparent email accounts used by Obama’s staff.  Or the secret transparent accounts of what happened in Benghazi.  Or Obama’s secretly transparent TPP trade agreement that destroys America’s constitutional liberties and economic freedom.  Or the secret transparent conference calls where White House politicians decide who to murder next with drone strikes.  Or the secretly transparent undeclared and unconstitutional warmongering unleashed upon the world.  Or the secret transparency of the 9/11 Commission.   Or the secret transparency of the 160 meetings with an IRS official in the Whitehouse.  Or the secret transparency of Iran Contra.  Or the White House’s secret transparent bullying of other governments to force genetically-modified foods into their countries.    Or, the secret transparent billions of dollars handed to politicians by anyone who has the money to bribe politicians for policy outcomes.  That includes China under Clinton in the secretly transparent China-Clinton money trail.  Of course, when politicians make their secret transparent exchange of money legal, it’s not bribery anymore.  It’s a secret transparent exchange of money under the moniker of lobbying.   The list of secret transparency in Washington is endless.   I can see now how the secret NSA spying program is transparent as Obama doublespeak clearly has educated me to my ignorance.  Just more examples of that good ole-fashioned rule-of-law-driven democratic self-rule.

To use but one example in the endless usurpations and violence of the state, if there is one thing that is certain, the Chinese communists have, and will continue to, steal everything and anything they can get their hands on about U.S. military, government and corporate data and technology.  Just as the Soviet Union did.  And that violence has only one intent.  That is, to serve the state.   And for its own part, the United States creates its own statist drama and violence directed against communist China and even our supposed allies.  With friends who spy on you, who needs enemies?  These actions on both sides give purpose and meaning to the state’s reason for being.  That is, violence.

The state exists to serve itself.  Period.   It seeks to perpetuate its own existence and power and does so through violence and force.   Russia, China, the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere, are all involved in statist dances of violence against one another and against those it oppresses within its own borders.   What purpose do these dances serve to human decency and human progress?  Not a damn thing.  The state exists to serve itself.  So when dumbed-down idiots hop on their high horse to cheer the behavior of their favorite state team winning in the endless statist wars, be they economic, cyber, verbal or military, they are perpetuating ignorance, violence and misery against their fellow man and doing so for purposes of only feeding the power and control of those who oppress them.   Obviously not mindfully or consciously.  And, as such, destroying the power of humanity, human dignity, freedom and democracy. 

The existence of the state guarantees a self-fulfilling prophecy of state violence to counteract and respond to other state’s violence.   As opposing forces, one could not exist without the other. (As noted on here many times over the years, this is why the military-industrial-security apparatus in the U.S. needed to find a new boogeyman after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  ie. It needed an enemy to maintain its existence.) In other words, the existence of the state creates pull or demand for its own existence and its endless violence.  So, That is, war, spying, espionage, economic exploitation, predation, class injustice, poverty, imprisonment, political dissidents, legalese statist laws, threats,  more oppression of people living under the control of the state and on and on, as examples of state violence, will always perpetuate and create an endless array of statist responses by other states.   This is pure insanity that defines the statist’s unstable megalomania that seeks control and power, at any cost, through violence.

The enemies created by the state would never exist without the actions of the state.   Instead, the state uses circular reasoning to create an endless array of circular outcomes perpetuating its madness and existence.   The answer for every issue that comes to the attention of the state is some form of violence or force, be it covert or overt.  That is, war, spying, espionage, economic exploitation, predation, class injustice, poverty, imprisonment, political dissidents, legalese statist laws, threats,  more oppression of people living under the control of the state and on and on.  Even outcomes that many people believe involve democratic progress are really statist laws that have unintended outcomes of violence.  I could cite quite a few in the U.S. that were hailed as laws of major progress in our nation yet have had untold unintended consequences, but it would send some people into a tizzy of irrational, emotional responses.  Of course, this is the dumbed-down, emotional manipulation of political issues that the state depends upon to maintain its violence and purpose for being. 

The only way to end the violence of the state, is for the state, as a violent institution of class and ego, to disappear. 

Can you imagine a world without the state?   There would be no need for spying, no need for nuclear weapons, no need for the military-industrial complex and no endless economic violence against those it oppresses within its borders and within other states.  There would be no wars, no economic exploitation, no need for laws to protect us from false flags, no misogyny, no bigotry and no force of the state needed to supposedly rectify these and other injustices.  Because all of these and more are driven by either overt or covert and often sinister violence courtesy of the state.  Remember, corporations and capitalism are inventions of the state.  Economic oppression and lack of economic freedom is a clear example of state violence.   The U.S. – China relationship, of which most is economic, as just one example, is defined entirely through statism and its violence from both sides.  

If society were truly based on the liberalization of natural rights, ethics, reason, law and civil discourse that always had an intent of vetting issues and disagreements to logical, ethical and human-centric outcomes, class-based state violence would cease to exist.   And so would all of the endless stupidity and mindless obedience that its policy supporters bring with it.   No country in human history glorifies state violence any more than the United States and its glorification of military-police-security aggression and economic warfare in the form of state-created and endorsed corporate capitalism.  And no state has butchered more of those it oppressed than the Chinese communists.  A true battle of wits between two states.  That is, dim wits. 

The entire world is seeing the rejection of statism as people rise up in the name of human dignity and worthiness.  Never in the history of humankind have we ever seen such a global uprising.  As noted on here many times, capitalism and the military-industrial complex are dying.  The state is on the losing side of trying to maintain its class-based, nontransparent violence against humanity. 

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NSA Agent Caught Snooping On Video

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Edward Snowden Answers Questions Live Regarding The U.S. Police State

This is an excellent thread that is ongoing today.   Thank you to The Guardian and Glenn Greenwald.  But, most importantly, thank you, Edward Snowden.  I pulled one of the Q&As that Snowden responded to.  Edward is obviously an incredibly aware person who is more than capable of defending himself from the endless lies and deceit - meant to marginalize dissent and discredit legitimate concerns - that politicians employ through the mainstream media’s bully pulpit.  When he was asked about being called a traitor by politicians in the U.S., here was his published answer.  The last paragraph is especially prescient in calling out the likes of Peter King, Dick Cheney and Diane Feinstein.  Three of the statist howling monkeys distraught over Snowden’s whistleblowing of the police state’s actions.

US officials say this every time there's a public discussion that could limit their authority. US officials also provide misleading or directly false assertions about the value of these programs, as they did just recently with the Zazi case, which court documents clearly show was not unveiled by PRISM.

Journalists should ask a specific question: since these programs began operation shortly after September 11th, how many terrorist attacks were prevented SOLELY by information derived from this suspicionless surveillance that could not be gained via any other source? Then ask how many individual communications were ingested to achieve that, and ask yourself if it was worth it. Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we've been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it.

Further, it's important to bear in mind I'm being called a traitor by men like former Vice President Dick Cheney. This is a man who gave us the warrantless wiretapping scheme as a kind of atrocity warm-up on the way to deceitfully engineering a conflict that has killed over 4,400 and maimed nearly 32,000 Americans, as well as leaving over 100,000 Iraqis dead. Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American, and the more panicked talk we hear from people like him, Feinstein, and King, the better off we all are. If they had taught a class on how to be the kind of citizen Dick Cheney worries about, I would have finished high school.

View the entire Q&A here.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Republican Party Is Stuck On Stupid


That said, let’s be honest with ourselves.  The Democratic Party is much more sinister.  Because its violence is covert and wrapped in a pretty red bow of deceit.  With the Republican Party, what you see is what you get.  Corporatism, patriarchy, misogyny, Social Darwinism, outright disgust for impoverished people, the public mockery of science, reason and knowledge and on and on. 

With the Democratic Party, it’s there is a much more esoteric deception.  And that means its violence is much more sinister.   In other words the old idiom, ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’  has substantial meaning when contrasting political idiots in our nation.

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Right Out Of Dystopian 1984: Big Sis Denies Existence Of Big Sis

The propaganda machine is in full response.  The toadie bureaucrats of the corporate state are playing out a kafkaesque campaign 0f misinformation of its disinformation.   How do you know a politician is lying?  Their lips are moving. 

Sure, there is no Big Sis.   There is no dystopian corporate police state.  That’s why the Department of Homeland Security is building a $4 billion new headquarters that would make the Gestapo proud while millions of our American citizens rot.  That is why untold millions of corporate state contractors, IT providers, technology companies, construction companies and government workers are getting wildly rich preying on the American taxpayer by building and monitoring massive surveillance systems at thousands upon thousands of locations within our nation’s borders collecting untold amounts of U.S. citizen’s private data.

Would someone tell me how this is any different than the Gestapo or KGB showing up at your front door and forcibly beating your door in, entering your property without due process or probable cause? And then rummaging through your personal information aka your property until they find something to finger you with.   Anyone can be targeted.  Yeah, I can clearly see now that there is no Big Sis.   The God-given or natural right of privacy is under a frontal attack by the state.  The state has no legitimacy in any secret efforts to subvert due process, personal privacy and personal property without probable cause.  Probable cause determined through the rule of law and not illegal state activities and associated secret courts.

Treason, unconstitutional crimes and crimes against humanity are real.   Statist fear of terrorism by Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and other Americans exercising their democratic rights to dissent against statist usurpations of our democratic and constitutional rights has never proven to be real.  Even if it were, does anyone think the state is going to stop what would almost certainly be a very small sect of lunatics when every Tom, Dick and Harry knows the state is spying on them?   

The state exists only to serve itself.   That the state has prosecuted more people for breaches of state secrets in the last five years than all other time in U.S. history combined isn’t a coincidence.   Our self-appointed masters have much to hide. 

Evil always scurries into the darkness.  It cannot exist in the light.  Democracy cannot exist in the darkness.  It can only exist in the light.   We did fine for the last 230 years without Big Sis.  It’s time she retires and we dissolve the Department of Homeland Security. 

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Friday, June 14, 2013

We Live In A Psychopathic Kyriarchy Where Our Rulers Really Are Unempathic Predators

“Sociopaths love power. They love winning. If you take loving kindness out of the human brain, there’s not much left except the will to win.”  -- Martha Stout, doctor & psychopathy expert

I talked about this dynamic of “the will to win” many times including a very lengthy post on modern capitalist society collapse being driven by hyper-competitiveness.   This competitiveness that is so fundamental to corporate capitalism is an anathema to human freedom.  Yet competitiveness and winning is all that defines corporate capitalism, the corporate state-endorsed pastimes, our educational system, Wall Street and Washington politics. 

That people are forced to compete against their fellow man for food, shelter and healthcare is one of the greatest crimes against humanity of our time.  It only exists to please our corporate state masters.   We are conscripted into an economic system that forces us to act violently against our fellow man to simply stay alive.  Against our fellow man in our own nations and across the world by the class-based system of capitalism. 

The grip of capitalism and the corporate state on the ego and belief systems of most people in capitalist societies is nearly all-consuming.  This propaganda and brainwashing is so deeply ingrained that most people cannot even imagine how the world could be any different.  Countless people truly believe this is freedom and democracy.  Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people around the world, are so emotionally-attached and invested in capitalism’s belief system that its collapse would be so profound as to literally shock the cumulative human consciousness into a complete reset.   Something to ponder in your spare time because there is ample evidence that is what’s going to happen.

There is a world of unprecedented prosperity and abundance within the reach of humanity.  Prosperity and abundance that does not require endless capitalist overproduction and associated overconsumption that violently rapes the world.  Never in the history of the world has humanity achieved such knowledge and such extraordinary ability to create our own reality void of poverty, famine, death and many diseases.  Never have we had such an ability to positively change the world and achieve truly unprecedented prosperity.  Yet, never in the history of humanity has misery and suffering been so prevalent.  Billions of people.  Not just poverty and famine but uncaring Godlessness and emotional uncenteredness.  This misery and suffering is violently enforced by control-based institutions of the ego  that deny prosperity and emotional freedom via hierarchy and class.   Via class-based corporate capitalism and the corporate state.  

Does anyone actually believe that Obama or Bush are selfless public servants?  Or that the European Union is comprised of selfless public servants?  Or the Chinese communists?  Do they solicit your ideas and vet them to then implement on democracy’s behalf to empower citizens and improve our quality of life?  Are you kidding me?  They are class-based lords who believe in a sense of entitlement that is above the law, believe in a right to tell you how to lead your life and a right to then pass statist laws that force you into their system of conscription.  Our supposed democratic public servants have more in common with the communists running China and the former Soviet Union than they do with their own citizens.  And our citizens have more in common with the people who lived under those repressive regimes than the politicians who seek to rule us.   

I’m not an anarchist but I’m not anything else either.  I’m a human being and therefore reject labels placed upon us through the use of covert violence, control and manipulation of transient and illusory social constructs.   But one must appreciate the concepts of anarchism to understand how to build a functioning free society.   That is, nothing is more sovereign than the freedom of every human being.  That starts with emotional freedom and its associated desire to be personally- responsible.   From there, we work backward to empower everyone with democratic communities and support structures to enable every human being to become empowered and responsible.  To become centered and whole.  To become free.  To provide for all of us the necessary support structures we need to be emotionally-free and to lead lives based on timeless human values.   Health care, emotional wellness care, services for special needs citizens, living wages for everyone, access to society’s capital to empower creativity and inventiveness and on and on and on.  These are meant to be democratic support structures to empower human development and freedom.  Not to control and prey upon the people of the world through class and hierarchy. 

Once one understands this, politics, corporations and other hierarchical institutions of the ego that suppress freedom and empowerment are recognized as violent structures that instead create misery through the use of predatory and exploitative control.   These institutions must be transformed from statist and class-based institutions to democratic, class-less entities with hierarchy removed so that no man may ever have control over another human being’s destiny.  Only my own conscience, my own personal responsibility, my own empowerment and laws based on natural rights, ethics and reason should ever have sway over another human being.   The endless usurpations of untold numbers of statist laws like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and the Patriot Act are based on statist class and its associated violent use of force used to maintain control.  

Self-rule is freedom.  That is democracy.  And self-rule of an empowered and responsible mind seeks minimalism in its regulation.  Because the empowered and centered human mind is capable of its own self-regulation.  Of its own self-rule.  Not the choking misery of one million pages of statist laws that we have today.

Will society ever be perfect?  No.  But it can be imperfectly perfect just as we are.  It can come a hell of a lot closer than it is today.  In fact, it can become so much better that we would never even recognize the horrors that define our current reality and belief systems that perpetuate it. 

Prosperity, peace and harmony are not defined by conscripted work, the attachment to worldly possessions and endless statist laws used to enforce control and tyranny.   To the contrary, the attachment to conscripted corporate work, the attachment to the false corporation state-induced identity and the attachment to endless overconsumption that capitalism creates has a depowering effect on the human mind.  It requires the human mind to outsource its power to others to accept these illusory social values.   This has a destructive, destabilizing effect on the human condition.   Our minds can never be truly free under this system of exploitation, predation and violence. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Latest Survey Says Dummycrats Clearly Want More Unconstitutional Spying and Invasions Of Their Privacy

This all reminds me of Nazi Germany where the liberal elites played a key role as enablers to the rise of evil and the police state.  80 years later, they are still enablers to evil and the rise of tyranny around the globe.

Even the most ardent, brainwashed political troll will have a hard time supporting Obama with a straight face by the time this rot runs its course.

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Supreme Court Turns Against Our Political And Corporate Masters–Human Genes Cannot Be Patented But Other Genes Still Can

This is rather surprising and will have very profound implications for the corporate state predators who have or are currently seeking to patent human beings.  For once, the Supreme Court stopped the actions of political idiots.  That is, selling our genome to their corporate masters for their self-interest.

"We hold that a naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated,"   Ya think?  Gee, I’m glad we have someone to tell us the corporate state can’t patent and own us.   I was beginning to wonder if it wasn’t so obvious to our corporate state masters.  Now can we get the Supreme Court to rule on the more obvious reality?  That is, they aren’t allowed to enslave us either?  Hmm, I can think of a few examples.  You know, like through the creation new life forms with completely unknown and unintended outcomes.  Like genetically-modified organisms.  Or, like violating our constitutional rights to privacy?  Or, or, or?

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Predatory, Psychotic Private Capital Protected By The Washington Mafia Loots The World

The scams and schemes of the corporate state are endless.  There is literally no viable way to quantify the known and unknown impacts on our society and the world.  When Barack Obama or the stooges at the CIA or NSA try to tell us no one is spying on Americans, that is utter bullshit.  You don’t build a completely secret, Big Brother internal spying apparatus that costs tens of billions of dollars and involves untold tens of thousands of people to just “accidentally” spy on  Americans or other innocent people around the world.  That was the congressional testimony last year.  Accidentally. 

Ditto with what Wall Street acknowledges when they are caught.  It’s always the tip of the iceberg.  Wall Street literally front-runs everything that involves money.  They insert themselves into the monetary supply chain for everything and rip off democracy in the process.  Even things you don’t think about.  Your mortgage.  Can you borrow from the Federal Reserve at zero percent on your mortgage?  Well, if we had a public banking system, you could as noted on here before.  But, you have to pay your cut to the extortion racket.  They rip off our schools, our cities, our states, our national government, our citizens, our children, our schools, our universities, our public institutions and on and on.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  They always have. 

Now Wall Street has finally been fingered in manipulating energy prices just like Enron.   It’s about effing time.  But let me you tell you, it tens of thousands of times worse than Enron.  Literally.  I hammered this issue over and over and over again for the last eight years.   During that time we had countless bloggers and financial industry idiots tell us that was nonsense.  Even the CFTC under Bush did an investigation and said there was no manipulation.  Lies, lies, lies… well, and enough stupidity by people who don’t know what are talking about to allow the rape of society and the world to continue.  It is so easily provable that Wall Street is manipulating all commodities.  For God’s sake, they were floating around tankers of oil owned by Wall Street firms in the 2008 collapse.  JP Morgan controlled half the copper supply at one point.  Ditto with lead, natural gas, gold, platinum and on and on.   If you are a politician and don’t see this, you are too stupid to represent society.  Or, the more obvious answer is you simply turned a blind eye because it was in your self-interest.

And yesterday the New York Times ran a story that the assholes are implicated in once again ripping off our elderly.  Duh.   People everywhere are finally starting to understand the scope and scale of corporate state corruption.  Private, for-profit banks are a state-backed extortion racket that literally rips off everything it touches.   It has always been this way.  Ironically, it is because private, for-profit capital or capitalism is dying that we see it so clearly now.  I’ll explain that statement in depth at some point.  But for now, it’s quite obvious for anyone with an open mind and an intent of discovery and truth that literally every single thing private, for-profit capital or the corporate state touches is eventually turned to rot, filth and evil.  Obama’s answer?  Thousands of pages of legalese bullshit called Dodd-Frank that is meant to provide an employment protection racket for Harvard lawyers like himself and to provide so much red tape that Wall Street can never be challenged by any competition.  How many lawyers would a startup institution need to hire to traverse Dodd-Frank?  An army of them.  We will never go back.   The revolution will not be televised.

In the last thirty years alone, private, for-profit capital in the U.S. has ripped off society so much that we could have purchased shelter and given a home to every American as Thomas Jefferson wanted to do.  We could have done away with the personal income tax and primary residence property tax.  We could have provided healthcare for every American.  We could have provided an education to all American children we could all be proud of.   We could have provided a living wage job for all Americans.  And we would never have EVER had a single child go to bed hungry.   They stole it all. 

Capitalism does not create wealth for democracy.  It takes democracy’s publicly-funded wealth, science and invention and monetizes it for the very few then leaves democracy with the bill.  Class-based capitalism and the Godless corporate state are dying just like socialism and communism, other Godless control mechanisms created by the state. 

The answer is class-less public capital – democratic banking and democratic money.  Or, frankly, the end of money and with it, the beginning of true freedom.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden–The U.S. National Security Police State Hacks Everyone Everywhere Just Because They Think They Are Above The Rights Of Man

Well, I embellished his remarks with my own adjectives but the point he made is clear.  The U.S. government shits all over humanity’s rights to privacy and their actions have nothing to do with the boogeyman of terrorism of a few dozen fanatics.   Hacking everyone everywhere is, in fact, is a form of state-based terrorism perpetuated upon the world by the Godless corporate state.   It is a world where men have destroyed law.  We are a nation of men and not laws.  

I’m certainly not surprised by some revelations that Obama is spying on us.  Hell, they have been for years.  For decades.   The state has spied on people since the advent of the state.   That Obama rationalizes it as mildly intrusive or that no one is reading or listening to our correspondences is babble.   They don’t have to.  They built a $5 billion dollar facility in Utah to capture every electronic communication transmitted in our nation and maybe the world so when they want to target someone they don’t like, they can go back to that stored data and listen-read any private correspondences at any time to build a case against anyone they want to target using the million pages of legalese bullshit that defines our injustice system.  If the state wants to target you, they will find some form of legalese bullshit to prosecute you.  More of Obama’s use of our Constitution and the God-given rights of man as toilet paper in the White House commode better known as the Oval Office.

Many people will rationalize the behavior of the state and will support its victimization and violence be it spying, murder, mayhem, war, torture or making Edward Snowden out to be a “criminal” just as they did with Bradley Manning.  Edward Snowden is a hero whose actions were to protect human dignity and human rights.  What exactly is the state doing with all of this spying?  Hmm, killing people?  Manipulating other governments to buy Monsanto seeds?  Stealing secrets?  Waging war?  Torturing people?  Stealing other country’s resources?  Looting the world?  Threatening and intimidating innocent people?  Bribery?   I’m sure they channel the pacifist, love thine enemy Jesus of Nazareth in their group prayer sessions right before they issue their fatwas.  

Edward Snowden said something very profound in his public statements that shows a level of mindfulness that almost never exists.  I’m not going to talk about it today because it’s a topic that requires a lot of typing but I will try to come back to it at some point be that a month or a year. 

The state pays people handsomely to sell their soul to the devil.  Edward was 29 and was making $200,000 a year to spy on anyone and everyone the state told him to.  Even if it was illegal or its victims committed no crime.  Bribery of conscience or morality is how evil flourishes.  Most victims weren’t terrorists.   Big Brother and the corporate state want to crawl up inside of your ass just because they can.  Because it serves their megalomania and narcissistic addiction to power and control.  The state exists to serve itself. 

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide May Be Most Important Factor In Development Of Autism

I suspect there is little doubt that the growing epidemic in Autism is somehow a modern capitalist society induced dynamic.  In what ways, we really don’t know.  I would not be surprised that no existing theories are accurate.  But there are definitely triggers in modern capitalist society we should be aware of that affect our mind and brain’s development.  We certainly know systemic depression and emotional instability exists in large part because of both our horrendous diets and the massive emotional dislocations caused by modern capitalist society. 

Modern capitalist society has its coping mechanisms to endless emotional dislocations.  And rather than treat the core issues facing our society, the corporate state’s answer is to drug people up to the point of creating a zombie society.  That is, people incapable of feeling anything.  What better way to enforce a culture of corporate-enslaved work than to turn the human spirit into brain dead automatons or robots.   The Soviet Union had their own coping mechanisms of dealing with a state-based culture that beat the human spirit into nothingness.  That is systemic alcoholism.   Zoloft and Prozac are our alcohol and we have somewhere around 50 million people taking them.  They solve nothing but simply mask the instabilities and emotional uncenteredness created in very large part by modern capitalist society. 

The United States Soviet Socialist Republic; the USSSR, is failing for the same reasons the Godless Soviet communist state failed.  Because it destabilizes the human mind and destroys the human spirit.  No one more clearly exemplifies this instability than the megalomaniacs who run Wall Street, Washington and corporations who show clear signs of complete emotional instability and complete lack of human spirit. (empathy, compassion, connectedness)  The rest of us are living through the “acting out” that is the hell that exists within their minds as they pull the strings to our lives first to the right and then to the left and then back again.  Over and over and over.

Monsanto title link here.

While I’m at it, let me link to a few more articles recently published on Mercola.

Cholesterol drugs may make our heart health worse.  Duh.  Talked about on here many times.  By the way, they probably affect our brains, kidneys, muscles and God knows what else.

I was just speaking to a 92 year old relative who has been a bee keeper for a long time.  His colonies all died last year.   The lower order animal and insect life on our planet are telling us something very important and no one who controls modern capitalist society is listening.   And the only reason they aren’t listening is because predators, takers, psychopaths and megalomaniacs who seek authority and control over others don’t have a primary intent of discovery and truth.  Their mind is driven nearly exclusively or exclusively by the ego’s intent of control.  They are therefore incapable of the selflessness and mindfulness that discovery and truth requires.

We may see food supply collapse within a decade due to bee colony collapse disorder.

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Friday, June 07, 2013

The Corporate State’s “Big Data” Drive For Big Profits Is Turning Government Into Big Brother

Last year I mocked this new swill being sold by major IT & consulting companies called “big data”.   Now AP is running a story that shares that perspective.  Because big data translates directly into loss of privacy in the Godless corporate state.  Corporations and the state must have our constitutional privacy rights destroyed to implement the covert violence that is big data.  It should be of no surprise that corporations are working hand-in-hand enabling the state in destroying those constitutional rights. 

The big data view of the future being pumped by IT providers a self-serving view of the world that private, for-profit capital wishes to create.  Actually, needs to create to drive greater profits. 

Let’s get something straight.  No corporate or government bureaucrat is going to predict the future using big data.   Big data is based on one thing.  Control.  Or the illusion of it.  Corporations and governments intruding into every aspect of our existence to create an illusory reality by controlling as much of the world as possible.  Essentially of contriving a reality they wish to create through the illusion of control.  Big data is big baloney.  It is a form of covert violence against freedom. 

Big data is built on a premise that omniscient bureaucrats at big corporations and big government will autocratically disseminate their edicts from on high to create an dystopian future they control.   That is, the Godless corporate state.  This as opposed to the uncontrived interactions and spontaneity, or chaos, that freedom creates.  That the universe’s natural laws are based upon.  Hierarchical, bloated, autocratic institutions are an anathema to natural laws and natural rights.  The type of perceived control big data wishes to autocratically force onto the global ecosystem cannot and will not succeed.   It is inconsistent with nature’s laws.

No corporate bureaucrat or political toadie is going to predict and control the future.  In this world of chaos and volatility we are experiencing today, that certainly should be self-evident.   A long term thesis on here is that this cycle could be termed the end of big.  Omniscient data-driven bureaucrats at big corporations and big government (dead wood) autocratically disseminating their edicts from castles to create a dystopian future of control is actually failing as I type this.   Giving them greater control through more data will do nothing more than increase our level of misery.   The Soviet Union was based on big data.  A police state spies on everyone and collects as much information as it possibly can to maintain control.   The corporate state’s equivalent lenins, stalins, kings, queens, thugs, dicktaters and  feudal lords who are interesting in maintaining their own empires are running out of runway.   We already saw this with the big data that defined Wall Street’s new quantitative finance.  A view that Wall Street bureaucrats would interpret big data created by IT professionals, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists and the like  that would transform their business into a utopian risk control racket.  Umm, that system has already blown up. 

There are a lot of circle jerks pushed by the IT industry that always needs a new game to sell to corporate and government clients.  And given these constant machinations are endorsed by IT providers - the big accounting/consulting firms, the software providers, the hardware providers, networking companies, etc, you have a massive corporate bureaucracy that is able to haze clients into an endless line of bullshit whose intent is to simply sell more schtuff.   Big data is just another in the same long line of circle jerks.  

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Monday, June 03, 2013

Gold Market Update - More Fun To Come?

Isn’t it ironic that those who own all of the gold or those with very large investments in gold are those who want to use it to control our monetary or financial system?   Do we see something wrong with this picture?  Those with all of the gold are its largest advocates for its use as a monetary system as has been the case since the beginning of time.  Gold is like politics.  They are both systems of control from a time gone by that serve no purpose in a free world.  Gold was first used as money at a time when class, title and birthright privilege ruled through violence, exploitation and predation.  Those same forces are the drivers of gold markets today.  And because class ruled the world, human achievement, expression and advancement was beaten into submission.  Gold was used as a primary tool to accomplish this.   Historical dark ages or times void of human progress were defined by class tyranny.  During those times the value of money was derived through scarcity in order to control people.  The effect was to stifle human expression and ingenuity and enslave humanity into a culture of work.  Sound familiar? 

In a free world, we understand that money derives its value by being abundantly available to all people so that we may monetize all positive human achievement, science and expression for the betterment of humanity.  Gold itself has no meaning in a free world or a free mind.  In a free society or free world, we must understand gold has no value beyond that which is economic.  ie, Electronics or whatever purpose science, necessary utility or human-progress-based innovation derives.  But the existing legacy system of class-based control still tries to value gold as money for the same reasons it has always been valued.  By the way, gold is prohibitively expensive to ecosystems, local economies and the environment to mine.  It makes coal strip mining look like paradise as noted on here before.  (Do you want them doing this in your back yard?  If you own gold, you should be taking responsibility for creating misery and economic catastrophe in impoverished mining communities.) Gold mining corporations go around the world and destroy local economies and ecosystems in order to satiate this corrupt system’s demand for gold.  Gold ownership is driven by a belief system based on a tyrannical history that now translates into a modern-day belief system where scarcity is supposedly going to provide some level of economic hedge or “honest” money as gold advocates like to tell us; completely made up  beliefs based on propaganda and deceit. 

The one thing I have learned in life is how much cultures and people in those cultures delude themselves with what they believe.   There is very little incontrovertible truth in this world.  Almost none of it is derived by cultural beliefs.   Nothing is more indicative of this than the gold market.  The gold market is a religion.  It is an institution of the ego that is therefore ideology-driven just like nearly everything seems to be in a world that has become fanaticized by bureaucrats, politicians and hierarchy. (all institutions of the ego)   Most gold advocates and advisory services are run by religious zealots and fanatics.  Let me be frank.  They delude themselves with endless bullshit and nonsense that is neither true nor accurate.   And their flock of brainwashed Kool-Aid drinkers, who outsource their own thinking, eat it up.   Gold pumpers are just like mainstream financial pumpers in a world gone mad; gold money is the only true money and it’s always a good time to buy because the next bull market is just around the corner.

Now the gold fanatics, ideologues and high priests are caught with their pants down; not exactly an unusual position for this crowd.  What are they going to tell their flock now that gold has imploded again?  They were wrong and they take responsibility for causing investors to lose their asses?  Of course not.   Instead the gold community is abuzz with conspiracy.  It’s someone else’s fault; the perfect deflection for the endlessly victimized and endlessly unaccountable ego.  The devil made me do it.  The Federal Reserve being the causational factor seems to be the most popular conspiracy. 

Buying gold is making a deal with the devil or the existing corrupt culture.  You have to be in the system or culture to be an owner of gold.  It may be “counterculture” to own gold but what the gold bulls clearly don’t appreciate is that being counterculture is still part of the system.  Counterculture is not based on truth.  It is based on resistance to prevailing culture.  That resistance is in response to, and would not exist without the existing culture.  Resistance and counterculture are reliant on prevailing culture. But one of my long-time theses is that the existing system or culture is finished.  Whether that is a culture of private banking and private money creation, political corruption, the corporate state or corporate capitalism, they are all intertwined.   Therefore, counterculture gold is almost certainly not a safe haven…..   Counterculture will disappear if existing culture disappears. 

Buying gold as a hedge or as “money” is based on a belief that the existing system is going to re-adopt gold as money or that gold is a form of money (Which it is clearly is not.  It used to be when the state recognized it as such.) that will protect “investors” or, frankly, rentier capitalists, from the debasement of a paper currency.  Gold investors don’t appreciate the blind spot in that belief system.  ie, They don’t understand their investment is tied to the continuation of this culture or system.  Or frankly, that the concept of financial “investor” itself is part of the existing predatory culture.

Gold is not and has never been democratic money.  Gold’s scarcity has always been used by those who have it to deny those who don’t.  And that has the effect of making those who don’t to run faster on the hamster wheel to get it.  That pleases our masters who enrich themselves when their servants run faster on the hamster wheel.  ie, Lords, masters, kings, thugs, dictators, banking criminals, dickheads, corporate capitalists and psychopaths love gold.  And by denying their servants gold (or money in today’s world of undemocratic money, economic slavery and private banking), they focus everyone’s primary intent on ways of getting their hands on it to stay alive; work harder, cheaper and more hours. (beg, borrow and steal)  Gold, just like private banking and privately-created money, is the money of class who use its lack of abundance to maintain power and control over those who don’t have it.   The only thing worse than private banking is private banking backed by gold.   Nothing would please the status quo more than the lock in their looting gains created by massive inflation by returning to hard money policies created by a gold standard.  Policies that would send our economy into depression as far as the eye can see.  The status quo certainly may try to return us to this type of criminal system as noted before.  In other words, don’t be surprised to see central banks or politicians advocate a return to gold money because it would benefit those who have stolen the world’s wealth.

Democratic money is abundant money.  No person in democratic society who is willing to participate, give back or work, ie, in some way consciously being personally-responsible and accountable, should never be denied access to enough money (resources) needed for shelter, food, healthcare, etc or Maslow’s basic human needs.  That is democracy and democratic money.  That is freedom.  If you think gold is where our monetary system should be going, then you have outsourced your beliefs to looters and predators and the gold culture they have created that is used to deny people their economic freedom.  You are part of the existing culture.  Even if you consider yourself counterculture. 

The one percent effectively owns all of the world’s gold.  The one percent is who controls the trading in the physical and paper gold market.  The one percent is responsible for levering gold derivatives and futures up to what has been estimated to be over 200,000%.  Gold has gone up because a corrupt financial system and the one percent who control it drove the price to the moon with huge leverage and free central banking money.  All while money is denied to countless tens of millions of Americans and billions more around the world.  Dealing in the gold market is dealing with the “devil”.   Without that devil or corrupt culture, gold leverage and prices will collapse.   As I’ve noted before, if you think central banks and the one percent are going to solve this crisis and maintain their levered control over the ninety nine percent, you should own gold.  Because central banks and the one percent who mooch off of the treasury through central banks control almost the entire supply and demand of the world’s gold.

Gold has already told us what it is going to do without being propped up by central banks and the one percent moochers, parasites and looters.  It told us in 2008 when it collapsed.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.  Then MF Global tanked and took quite a few high profile gold bulls money and gold with it.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.  Commodities, including gold, peaked in 2011 and early 2012 and have been falling ever since.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.   Fundamental demand for gold peaked almost two years ago as noted on here.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.  Liquidity was draining out the global economy at an unprecedented rate in the last year, and as noted on here, gold is proxy for global liquidity.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.  Gold stocks peaked almost two years ago and had been falling substantially ever since.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.  Gold positions in the futures and derivatives market had fallen more than 50% as noted on here sixteen months ago.  Still, gold bulls kept buying.  And, my gold volatility index hit a sixteen year low as noted on here sixteen months ago.  I wrote specifically this was very bad news for a bullish story regarding gold.  Still, gold bulls kept buying.   As noted on here many times, central banking monetary actions were not saving the global economy or pushing enough liquidity into the real economy and that was bad for gold.  Still, the gold bulls kept buying.

Now that gold prices have seen a massive tanking and gold stocks have been obliterated, we are told by gold bulls it’s all a conspiracy by secret forces hell bent on destroying honest gold investors.  Hahaha.  Honest?  You have to be a fool to have been buying gold over the last sixteen months based on the facts discussed on here.  Facts.  Not ideology or religion.  It’s not a conspiracy.  The markets were telling us what was going on.  You can’t be a fool and make money.  Well you can when credit markets are working but they aren’t.   So, what this recent fall in the price of gold has done is separated the fools and forced them to be accountable.  And, what do they do?  They tell you it’s someone else’s fault.  I’m being pretty hard here to make a point.  Quit outsourcing your belief systems to other people and learn to believe in yourself and the world will work out just fine.   

Gold went up based on corruption and it certainly is going to go down based on corruption.   That many people believe buying gold is a way to hedge or invest against a system of corruption is more than a little representative of the ego’s unconscious shadow and its blind spots.  The gold market is and has been rigged by the ruling class who owns all of the world’s assets just like stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, elections, politics, corporations, the military-industrial complex, the economy, etc have been rigged.  If you made money on gold going up, you made money because the system is corrupt.  You were benefiting from corruption.   If  the ego tries to bargain with a corrupt system, someday it is going to pay the consequences.   There is no bargaining with evil or corruption.  As an aside, that is why politics is such a dirty profession attracting evil people.  Politics is an institution of the ego.  ie, It has an intent of control and subverting truth.  So being an institution of the ego, evil gets to bargain and win in politics. 

Some people now say gold is a great buy.   Gold ETFs, commodity-trading firms and major banks with massive commodity holdings have been dumping gold positions by the tens of billions of dollars.  Is it now a time to buy?  That analysis is a simple-minded one based on the market being oversold.   These were the same people telling people to buy assets as markets kept getting more and more oversold in 2008.  More oversold than at any time in history.   Oversold became more oversold yet there was no rally in assets until markets were bailed out by tens of trillions in free money by global central bankers.  Oversold is not a reason to buy.

I measure gold demand in a few ways.  Not all of them are direct and two are very esoteric.   I’ve told you one of them.  That is the gold futures and derivatives market.  Gold buyers in the futures market were tanking sixteen months ago (the peak in gold prices) as I noted at that time.  They told you gold was almost certainly going to take a major hit.  Which it did.  My other three demand metrics were confirming the same sell signal.   Yes the market is wildly oversold today but it needs a catalyst.  It needs to be bailed out as happened when gold was collapsing in 2008.  It needs the one percent to step back in and become buyers again.  Being oversold means nothing without substantial demand.  I haven’t looked this past week but up until then there were still no large buyers in the gold futures market.  The current price is holding its own but without large buyers, buying any tradable asset is a fool’s game.  We may eventually see an impulse rally up to 1550 or so an ounce but that could very well be a setup for a greater fall down to $800-$850 unless factors and demand change. 

If you don’t know what you are doing, you are going to get your butt handed to you in financial markets.   It’s challenging enough if you do know what you are doing.  Financial markets, including gold, in this environment of extreme corruption and predation are not for widows and orphans.  More importantly, they are not for the uninformed, unsophisticated speculator or trader who doesn’t understand what they are doing.   If you bought gold at $250 an ounce in 1998, you are still raking in.   But then most people didn’t do that because they were busy speculating in stocks in the midst of the largest speculative bubble ever created in this nation.  The herd or existing culture is always late and wrong.  Buying gold and other counterculture moves were lucrative at that time because the culture or system was still functioning.

Now, back to the physical versus paper market for gold.  This is a favorite argument of the gold bulls.  They like to tell us the real or physical gold market is seeing vibrant demand.  And owning physical gold will protect you.  I specifically pointed out the flawed logic behind this nonsense almost two years ago.  The price of real estate in the housing bubble was driven by paper demand and leverage.  Just like gold.  People kept buying homes and banks repackaged the loans and sold them so they could sell even more homes.  This created massive leverage in the paper market that drove demand and price in the physical real estate market.  When that Ponzi scheme ended, physical real estate took it in the shorts.  Gold is no different.  As far as remaining physical inventory that is available to buy, is it scare?  In some places and in small lots it might be.  Who cares?  There are massive sellers in the large quantity market and the only buyers for that are central banks and the one percent.  The gold market is not a highly liquid, large market.  A handful of large inside players can distort that market substantially.  It’s no different than the Hunt brothers trying to corner the silver market 30 years ago.  With the global liquidity we have seen this cycle and the deregulation of global finance, being a Hunt brother in this environment is no great shakes.  Anybody with enough money or enough leverage can corner any market.  That is how Wall Street has manipulated financially-traded assets everywhere.  The moochers and parasites are manipulating everything.  This is what happens when you deregulate private, for-profit capital.  It will do anything to anyone without conscience or remorse.  Deregulated capitalism is perfectly psychotic.

I remember reading a handful of years ago there was a oil sheik who had figured out the London gold exchange had more gold paper contracts than it had gold.  So, he knew he could cause a “run” on gold prices by taking physical delivery of enough gold contracts that the exchange couldn’t cover.   What does that have to do with honest money?  That is the type of manipulation and corruption that drove gold higher.   The market for physical gold is reasonably small and can be reasonably easily manipulated by large buyers.  There may be people in the gold market who view themselves as honest but gold is and always has been a corrupt market.  Our egos are all capable of telling ourselves endless lies.  Mary and Bill running down to the  local gold exchange to purchase a one ounce gold bar with their $9 an hour job aren’t causing these distortions or controlling the gold market. 

No one really knows when or where gold will eventually go five or ten or twenty years from now.  There are too many unknown and future factors.  We could see gold run to $2,500 or $250 or both.  Or zero.  ie, If central bankers burn all currencies to the ground, gold will likely go with it being tied to the culture of money.   Or if class-based, private for-profit capital fails, gold will likely go with it.   Almost everyone who is a gold bull would laugh at that possibility.  You know, the same way the elites in Rome would have laughed at Rome’s coming collapse.  Or stock market bulls would laugh at the prospects of a market crash and a Great Depression just months before 1929’s fateful turning day.  Or the stock market bulls would have laughed that the internet bubble was going to collapse just a decade ago.   Not only did many of these people laugh, but they chided, goaded and mocked those who recognized a greater truth.   The future price of gold depends on how fast this class-based money bubble and this culture dies.  But given gold's massive leverage and reliance on a corrupt private capital culture, the counterculture ownership of gold seems likely to die with it whenever that fateful day arrives. 

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